Chapter 417


Despite always liking to don white robes, Situ Li wore robes of a slightly warmer tone today . His gaze was calm as he silently watched the events at the banquet .  All the preparations have been made, and I have already informed Yun Ruofeng of when to sneak into the Prince Hao Residence .


In the nuptial chamber, Su Xi-er ate fruits and pastries while listening to Ruo Yuan and Hong Li’s conversation, reminding herself to be patient as she waited for night to fall . Even when it was 8 . 30 pm, the cacophonous noise from the banquet had yet to cease .


A moment later, someone knocked on the door, and Wu Ling’s voice followed . “Ruo Yuan, come out and get the sweet red date soup . Princess Consort Hao has to drink a small bowl before the nuptial night to represent happiness . ”


One bowl in the morning and one bowl at night would symbolise the hope for sweet and blissful days for the rest of one’s life .


Ruo Yuan’s heart skipped a beat when she heard his voice, standing up and quickly opening the door to take the bowl of soup, only to close it just as fast . Wu Ling was stunned .  What’s going on for her to be so rushed? I only came to deliver a bowl of soup .


Hong Li went to take the bowl from Ruo Yuan and tested its temperature before passing it to Su Xi-er . “You have to drink this, so that things will always be sweet . ”


“Mmm . ” Su Xi-er took the bowl and drank it spoon by spoon .


The bowl was very small, allowing Su Xi-er to finish it in six spoonfuls . Ruo Yuan took the empty bowl from her and placed it on the table .


“Prince Hao will be coming to take the red bridal veil off in just a bit!” Hong Li’s face was bright with joy as she exclaimed . She then walked to the window to look at the festive red lanterns in the main courtyard .


Suddenly, a faint fragrance wafted in, prompting Ruo Yuan to sniff the air . “What’s this? I smell a faint fragrance . ”


Just as the words had left her mouth, she felt her body losing strength . Hong Li turned around to look at her, but fell to the ground unconscious before she could say anything . Furiously shaking her head, Ruo Yuan managed to squeeze out a few words before dropping to the ground . “Princess Consort Hao, there’s something wrong with this fragrance!”


In fact, Su Xi-er had already started to hold her breath when she detected the fragrance . She didn’t reply to Ruo Yuan in fear of breathing it in .  This fragrance will cause people to lose their strength, but it won’t endanger their lives . What audacity to dare to cause trouble during my wedding!


Su Xi-er lifted her bridal veil, revealing her deep and cold gaze . With just a few steps, she had already sprinted out of the nuptial chamber .


The night breeze blew against her crimson wedding dress, making it look like a blooming peony, and adding a trace of charm to her exceptional beauty and noble aura .  


However, a person emerged from the woods just as she walked out of the room; it was Yun Ruofeng . He looked at the woman standing in front of him and couldn’t help but utter, “You’re still as beautiful as ever . ”


Su Xi-er narrowed her eyes . “Prince Yun, what high spirits you must be in to come all the way to Beimin instead of properly resting in the Prince Yun Residence . ” He stealthily came here without exposing himself to a single soul, even tricking Lianchen into thinking that he’s still in the Prince Yun Residence .


Although Lianchen has become more resourceful and astute, he still loses to Yun Ruofeng in terms of being scheming .


“Lan-er, I am here to take you away while Prince Hao is surrounded by officials and unable to come . Regardless of what you think, I can’t standby and watch helplessly as you leave me . ” Yun Ruofeng softly said as he slowly walked towards her .


Su Xi-er could only feel a sense of cruel irony when she heard the name ‘Lan-er’ . She swiftly raised her hand, planning to pull out the golden hairpin from her hair and throw it at Yun Ruofeng .  That night, he bestowed me an arrow . Tonight, I shall return the favour with a hairpin to the throat .  


However, before she could even grab the hairpin, she found herself lacking strength .


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