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Chapter 1663: Could Also Be Picked Up From The Bin

“So the little boss knows Master Rom.” When the customers saw this scene, they came to a sudden realization, and looked at Cyril pitifully. This was fate.

“Master Rom pampers Little Boss so much.”

“Yeah. Only the little boss can make the legendary weaponsmith call himself a cleaver seller.”

“You’re right when you’re cute!”

Everyone talked among themselves softly as they looked at Amy with a smile.

Cyril stood at the side awkwardly, and forgot to shut his mouth, which he had opened wide in shock. At that moment, he was so flustered he didn’t even know where to put his hands.

He thought that this little brat’s mindless words would infuriate Master Rom, and that would give him a chance to perform.

However, he didn’t expect Master Rom and this little brat to know each other!

“Isn’t this the hateful uncle?” Amy turned her head to look at Cyril after greeting Rom and frowned.

“Little Amy, do you know him?” Rom, who was already going to forgive Cyril, asked with a smile.

“Mm-hmm. This uncle is super hateful. He even made things difficult for the kind Teacher Luna and the beautiful Big Sister Gloria. Anyway, he’s just a bad guy through and through,” Amy said in disdain with a nod.

“I…” Cyril stared wide-eyed at Amy. He didn’t expect to suddenly receive such a huge blow at this important juncture.

“Master Rom, hear me out. Things aren’t like what she said. I… I am actually a nice guy…” Cyril quickly explained.

“Tsk. He’s no nice guy. He’s simply an old wastrel, and is very hateful,” Vivian said with disdain with her lips pressed together as she squeezed in.

“Looks like Jeffree’s going to have a headache,” Michael said with a smile.

Rom looked at Cyril and frowned slightly. It looked like this fellow was worse than he thought. It was not a coincidence that he behaved so cockily in front of him. If it weren’t that he was afraid of being hammered to death by Rom’s followers, he probably wouldn’t be here apologizing so sincerely.

Cyril’s heart pounded quickly. His legs were already shaking, and he almost could not hold back the urge to kneel.

“Although I don’t know you, it seems that whatever you did wasn’t in a moment of folly. As an adult, you should be responsible for your own actions.” Rom looked at Cyril, who had his knees bent to kneel, calmly. Then, he added, “Also, I hate it when people won’t stop bugging me, especially men. Either you leave on your own, or wait for someone to chase you away.”

Cyril straightened his bent knees, and died a little inside. He glanced at Joey and Joss on his left and right, and knew that he was done for. He bowed to Rom, and quickly walked towards his horse-drawn carriage.

He had to go home immediately right now because that was the safest place to be.

Everyone watched Cyril leave sorrily. He was really done for this time. Master Rom’s words were akin to sealing his coffin up with a few more iron nails hammered in.

“Master Rom, it’s been a while.” Michael brought Vivian and his wife forward.

“City Lord!”

Everyone noticed the city lord’s family and bowed in respect.

Rom also smiled and nodded to Michael as he said, “Sir, it’s been a while.”

“Dispense with ceremony. I came here today to eat. I’m Mamy Restaurant’s customer just like everyone else.” Michael waved his hand with a smile, and told Rom, “I will be lining up at the back first. We’ll talk again inside.”

“Sir, please, go ahead and stand in front. We can be behind you.” The customers standing behind all stepped back, and made a space behind Master Rom.

“You don’t have to make way for me. We will line up as per the rules.” Michael waved with a smile. “Chaos City is a city with rules, and Mamy Restaurant is a restaurant with rules. We’ll follow the rules.”

Upon hearing that, everyone smiled. They were all very willing to abide by Mamy Restaurant’s rules. Everyone came together to create and maintain a very special atmosphere because of the delicious food.

Over here, racial tensions and status differences seemed to have become insignificant.

It was because of those strict yet acceptable rules, and also because of the delicacies that made one feel blissful.

“Hello Big Sister Vivian, Uncle City Lord, and Beautiful Auntie.” Amy greeted them. After that, she bade Rom farewell, and skipped towards the entrance of the restaurant.

“What a cute little girl.” The city lord’s wife, Monica, watched Amy skip off.

“She’s Boss Mag’s daughter, Amy, and is also the little boss of Mamy Restaurant. On top of that, she’s also Luna’s student, and is truly the treasure of Mamy Restaurant,” Vivian introduced.

“How cute. She’s way cuter than you when you were young,” Monica said enviously. “Her mother must be elated to have such a cute girl.”

“Mother, I’m still a baby…” Vivian said with complicated feelings.

Michael turned his head, and said, “Says who? I think our Vivian was very cute when she was little. Look at her large eyes, large nose, large ears…”

“Alright, Father, you can shut up now.” Vivian rolled her eyes. “Am I a pig?!”

“Exactly. There was a period when you kept calling yourself piggy girl when you were young,” Monica said with a chuckle as she covered her mouth, as though she had thought of something funny.

“I can attest to that. Your mother isn’t lying,” Michael agreed.

“Alright, alright. I know. Luckily, I wasn’t born in winter. Otherwise, I would start suspecting that I was picked up from the snow,” Vivian said helplessly.

“Even if you weren’t picked up from the snow, you could also be picked up from the bin,” Monica reminded her daughter with a laugh.

Vivian paused in her tracks, and looked at Monica as she seriously said, “Mother, I’m not bringing you here anymore.”

“Then I’ll have no choice but to come with my husband,” Monica said with a smile as she wrapped her arms around Michael’s arm.

Michael shrugged to express that there was nothing he could do about it.

Vivian looked at them, and fell silent for a while. After that, she said, “Alright, if that’s the case, I’ll… I’ll join you guys.” She put on a bright smile and held Monica’s arm.

“When the time comes, it will happen.” Mag watched Cyril escape sorrily in his horse-drawn carriage inside the restaurant, and shook his head with a smile. Amy’s coincidental stirring had dashed Cyril’s last hope of solving the problem on his own. Now, he could only return to face Jeffree’s rage.

Amy walked into the restaurant, and hung her bag on Ugly Duckling. She looked up at Mag, and said, “Father, I met the grandpa who was selling cleavers outside the restaurant. He’s so pitiful. He traveled such a long distance to sell cleavers. Why don’t we buy a few more cleavers from him?”

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