Din No Monshou - Chapter 1

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Episode 1 – Start Beating

When I wake up, I am unable to move as I expected.
I could somehow move a hand or a foot.
However, the body is undeveloped. Such an illusion.

Did I suffer a serious injury to both the hands and feet?
What do I do about the medical expenses?
My father….is impossible.
Rather, the guy is likely to finish me off in my sleep with a vase.

And my imouto is excluded.
She has no money for looking after a person.
I twist my head looking for the bill, and overhear a voice from above my head.

[Is there truly not a problem?]

It’s a man’s voice.
It is a low tone, making me anxious.
Someone calls out to him.

[It’s alright.
One month has passed since he was born. As you can see, he is energetic. ]

It is a gentle and calm voice.
It seems to be a woman that had called out .
I am soothed and the man exhales deeply.

[Hmm…I was worried because he doesn’t cry at all.]
[It is the proof of perseverance.
If it is this one, you could possibly revive the house of Din. ]

The house of Din.
What is that?
I am unable to understand the situation well.
When the man laughs feebly, he extends a hand out to me.

[Although he’s my son, he is also the son of Sefina.
Although she has fallen, she made her success in life by the sword and magic.
He is different from me who was a low life from the beginning. ]

While ridiculing himself, the man pats my head.
From such movements, my hairs stand on end for a little.
I don’t have a preference to be touched by men.

[Looking at his face, I see a resemblance to my wife.]
[I agree as well, but who does this black hair resemblance?]

The man brings his face closer and touches my hair.
Strangely, the man’s hands seem large.
Is it my imagination?

My eyesight is weak and I could see nothing until just a little while ago.
However, since the man was approaching me,
I am able to grasp his features.

To say it in a nutshell,
A good young man — Though he seems timid?

His eyes are blue and he has striking gold hair.
For some reason, he is wearing western clothes from a different era.
Although the man seems old to some extent, I don’t feel he is declining from age.

Behind the man who has a serious face,
A finger is raised as the woman recalled something.

[Which reminds me, I heard the conversation from before.]

The man turns around with an unpleasant look.
I assume it is something the woman was not meant to have said.

[An excellent person married to an inferior person.
The child who was born from the two has black hair.]
[In that case, surely I am inferior.]

The man let out a sigh.
Seemingly wanting to say something, an explanation is expected.

I’m anxious about the man who seems sad.
And to sum up,
The woman looks puzzled.

[Why are you giving him up?
Should not Shadiverga-sama become a superior genius too?]
[It is impossible. As I am not young anymore.]

Through listening to the conversation, I learn the name of the man.

His name is Shadiverga. (Someone please help: シャディベルガ)
His family name is probably ‘Din’. (TL: From what I know, has an Indian Origin.)
In other words [Shadiverga ・ Din].

It is quite a good name.
It’s such a naming sense seen when an illegal in a host club is exposed. (TL: Google. You know you want to…)
When the report comes, by all means, I want him to insist that it’s his real name.
I wonder if it’s not an alias.

However, this man named Shadiverga,
He has an extremely timid appearance.
There is the impression that he is not living up to his name.

I recall my high-school days.
Shadiverga tightens his facial expression, to address the woman.

[The name of the child has been decided on with Sefina-sama.
It is because I would like you to live your life to your satisfaction.
I gave him the name which means [The Surging Waves] in the home-town of Sefina.]

Shadiverga takes a shallow breath,
In order to declare his resolve.

[Regis. This child’s name is Regis Din.]
[It is wonderful.]

The woman praises it honestly.
Then Shadiverga draws on my cheek and I am embarassed.

[Is it?
Well actually, my opinion was refused.
It was decided by Sefina.]

Where is the name that was decided together?
Is it not a complete dictatorship?
To Shadiverga who has a bitter smile, the woman responds with a fresh smile.

[Because your wife is so strict.
The day when Shadiverga-sama comes to hold authority in the night will never come.]

Towards such a remark, Shadiverga can find no words to say.
On the other hand, the woman looks proud.
Shadiverga shrugs his shoulders as though he was fed up.

[Good grief. Sefina has nothing but quirky servants.
Wokinsu is the prime example.]
[Am I to tell your wife you spoke my name carelessly?]
[I need to pay attention.]

Apparently, this woman’s name is Wokinsu.
The crystal-clear voice is beautiful.
But there is a strange and mysterious atmosphere.

Wokinsu is a servant,
Shadiverga’s relationship with the employer is that of the husband?
Unexpectedly, the power balance is funny.

[I will go to Sefina.
Don’t take your eyes of Regis.]

I try to flee as Shadiverga begins to walk.
Before anything more is said, I’d try to leave.
But at that moment, my view is abruptly shaken.

Shadiverga has used something to suspend my body.

After the feeling of floating for an instant, I fall to the floor.
By visual estimation, around one meter.
Saying from the results, I am landing on my face.
It is ridiculously painful.

[… Desu!]

This bastard.
He drops the cradle in which I lay.
Absolutely not allowed.
Authorities express it is best to carry with all ones effort and express opinions to eradicate all opposition.


Wait a second.
In a cradle?
Why am I in such a thing?

Why am I not able to stand?
Power does not enter my neck.
Possibly, my neck bones are broken?
But there isn’t pain and I do not seem to be hurt.

For the first time, my body enters my line of sight.
And a strong question appears.

Why was my hand so smooth?
It was as though….

[…. I’m sorry! Regis, are you okay?]

Shadiverga hastily lifts me up.
He lightly shakes me while cradling me.
Please stop because the vibrations hurt.

And, at that time,
The appearance of the female – Wokinsu – enters my eye.

It is dubious if she was 20 years old, or younger.
However, her age is a mystery and cannot be specified.
The silver hair which reaches her shoulder causes me to think of aesthetic jewels.

She is dressed in serving clothes, made of black and white. (Tl: Maid-sama arrives? :D )
Coupled with her cute appearance, it suits her very well.
To such a Wokinsu, calling out would be embarassing.

[It is not good, Shadiverga-sama.
Not good when the neck is not stable, so make sure to embrace the hold body.]

She snatches me from Shadiverga.
A sweet fragrance like vanilla tickles my nose.
My cheek is pushed against a soft chest and it is very pleasant.

Usually I should go wild with joy, like a barbarian with a spear.
However, there is no such evil thought from me now as though I am now a sage.
Because I am undeveloped, it is difficult for lust to appear?
I don’t know.

[The future of the Din houses rise.
It rests on the shoulders of Regis.]

Wokinsu swings my body a little.
Although it is a minute vibration, I am anxious and my voice comes out involuntarily.

[… Au]
[Oh, you answered.
Do you understand what I said?]
[There is no way. He shouldn’t know a basic word yet.]

It is hard to say that I understand all of it.
It would be better to cover it up.
Even if I expose myself, I would be considered a heretic.

As of yet, the expectation is that I would be understanding nothing.
For the time being, I have learned one thing.

More or less, it seems my wish has been granted.
Unconsciously, I clench my hand into a fist.

I may be able to experience a new life.

Because, I thought it had ended already.
It is because I had given up that it was all useless.
Realizing the situation, I am almost in tears.

A new life.
What a sweet sound.
I am in a good mood and express gratitude although it is a principle that I do not usually pray to God.

Therefore, pay attention, God, and listen carefully.
It’s probably something I will only say once in my life.

–For my reincarnation, I’m extremely thankful!!

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