Din No Monshou - Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: A drunkard

The next day.
The noble city was strangely noisy in the morning.

A horse-drawn carriage was moving without stopping on the street.
The turmoil outside woke me up so I went to the hall.
When I saw a maid cleaning there, I tried asking her.

「Did something happen? 」 (Regis)
「…..Yes, everything. The magic shop that is located close to the noble district to the north exploded. 」  (maid)
「What!?」  (Regis)

A sense similar to an electrical current could be felt running through my whole body.
The magic shop located close to the northern noble district.
That is unmistakably Edgar’s shop.

「Ano… there something wrong?」  (maid)
「I’ll be going out for a short while. Please keep this a secret from father.」  (Regis)
「Aa–, Regis-sama!? 」  (maid)

Ignoring the maid who was trying to restrain me, I went outside.
The commotion occurred just a while ago so it shouldn’t be too long ago when the explosion happened.
I dashed off at full speed towards the northern noble district.

As soon as I entered the central city, I was assaulted by an awful smell.
Billowing clouds of black smoke could be seen rising into the sky.

Naturally there were many onlookers crowding the scene, making it hard for me to move forward.
I had to wade through the crowd but was somehow able to reach the magic shop.

「Edgar–! Where are you!?」  (Regis)

The site looked disastrous.
Did someone use a strong fire magic here?
A crater that might have been caused by a strong blast was found in the interior of the shop.
The empty property beside was somehow involved in it too. The entire place was completely destroyed.

「Where are you!? Answer me! 」  (Regis)

I understood it in my mind.
If she happened to be in the shop at that time, it was certain that she was already blown off.
There is no way that she could have survived.
However I didn’t want to think that she’s dead.

「Edgar–!」  (Regis)
「You’re noisy. It’s already painful enough due to my low blood pressure so stop making so much noise in the morning. 」

Someone tapped me on my shoulder all of the sudden.
When I looked behind, Edgar could be seen standing there without a single injury on her body.

「Are you all right? 」  (Regis)
「Naturally. Although my shop was blown to smithereens. 」  (Edgar)
「….I’m glad. 」  (Regis)

If it’s just the shop, you can always rebuild it again, but it’ll be the end once you die.
You will never be able to get it back.
I’m really glad that Edgar is not injured.

「So how did you survive? 」  (Regis)
「Iya~, I passed out in the bar yesterday. I fell asleep without going back but I was woken up by that explosion this morning. That was when I returned. 」  (Edgar)

I took a look at the shop once again.
It seemed to be beyond repair.
All the store goods appeared to be damaged and were scattered all over due to the explosion. I didn’t even want to think about the total damage.

「Umm, I guess I have no choice but to earn money by trading for the time being. 」  (Edgar)
「…..No, you don’t need to do that. 」  (Regis)

I said it flatly.
Edgar tilted her head in wonder on hearing what I said.

「Why is that? Do you want me to starve to death? 」  (Edgar)
「That’s not it. I’ll definitely rebuild this shop here once again. By all means. 」  (Regis)

When I declared it to her, Edgar heaved a sigh as if she was troubled by it.

「Even though you are from a noble family, the house of Din is a fallen noble isn’t it? If you have that much money to use on something like this, you should just use it for the people under your territory obediently. 」  (Edgar)
「It’ll be all right. I will not be using a single cent. I’ll squeezed it directly from the guy who destroyed this shop. 」  (Regis)

The culprit seemed to have fled the scene, but it’s as clear as day as to whom the real perpetrator was.
The attendant must have informed Horgos on how they were humiliated in the presence of public.
Hence, this fatal blast was carried out as a form of retaliation.

「The methods carried out by the nobles are somehow always underhanded. Well, Durf seems to be the most outstanding one among them though.」  (Edgar)

Edgar scratched her cheek lightly.
Even though her own shop was destroyed, she didn’t appear to be really shocked by this.

「You don’t look depressed. 」  (Regis)
「I can’t afford to let something like this get to me every single time. Rather, it reminded me of the tension I felt during my mercenary days again. I should be thanking him instead. 」  (Edgar)

Edgar took out a bottle of liquor from her bosom.
Taking off the lid, she gulped it down.
Is she a heavy drinker? She didn’t seem to be drunk.

「—-But well, it was quite painful to have my shop completely destroyed. 」  (Edgar)

*Whew* She breathed out.
Edgar might be in silent but she was definitely angry.
Or rather, I should be the one to be enraged.
He’s using such an unscrupulous method as a means of revenge.

In addition, even though the targeted person, Edgar is safe, the people around have gotten seriously injured.
There were several people who have been taken away for treatment.
Using any methods just to achieve something by all means—is seriously a despicable word.

「I will definitely crush him….」  (Regis)
「You don’t need to be so grumpy in the morning. There is a villa around here so I will be staying there for the time being. 」  (Edgar)
「A villa? 」  (Regis)

Was it something like a vacation-like personal residence?
That idea crossed my mind in an instant but considering a merchant’s occupation, it might be something like a warehouse.

「Aa, well it’s something like that. Why don’t you come and take a look at it? 」  (Edgar)
「Will it be all right? 」  (Regis)
「Of course. But before that, I’d like to get something to eat first. I’m starting to feel famish now after finishing the sake earlier. 」  (Edgar)

Aa, this person is useless.
She’s a typical drunkard.
She is the type who will only succeed due to her abilities such as swordsmanship but is destroyed by alcohol instead.
After a certain incident, I had decided to never drink alcohol again.
I conveyed my honest opinion to Edgar.

Yes, there are ‘magical properties’ in alcohol.
There are times when it’ll heal people, but there are times when it will end up harming the person instead.
I have made a huge blunder with alcohol in my previous life as well.



—I think that was when I just turned 20.
I was drinking liquor alone at home in the evening when my mood became high.

After mixing in various kinds of Western wine and spirit with high alcohol percentage, I guzzled it down.
Of course I got drunk instantly.
However, before I got helplessly drunk, I ended up getting myself entangled in trouble.
Despite being someone who is always a downer, I became a high-spirited hip-hopper.
It would be fine if only I had given up at that time but, I was hit upon an absurd idea.

Yes. My lovely younger sister, let me convey my elation now.
Then, when things go well, I forced her to pour the alcohol for me.
The expectation and anticipation for the alcohol itself were held in my chest.
At that time, my sense of reason was already blown off.

With all my resolve, I kicked the door open and went straight to the corridor.
After that, I started shouting my lungs out like the spirit of a drunken man as I ran. I ended up becoming famous in the neighbourhood for 『squealing on Christmas Eve like no one can』.

「F-F-F-Fly away–!! You, can, not, stop, me. Hihaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Meeerrryyyy, Chrissstmaaass–!!」
(Rin: He was shouting this out in English)

I think I might have blurted out something like that.
Aa, by the way the police came to my house after that.
He had insisted on putting me under custody several times.
It appeared that the first job that he was appointed to was to restrain me. I really pitied him.

He must have ran all the way here by the look of his face. The muscles on his face seemed to be twitching.
Just when I assumed that it was fine, the disaster happened after this.
I, who had broken the chain and opened the door to the society, had gone out without looking around my surrounding.

No one can stop me anymore. Or rather, try stopping me if you can.
I was overcome by such thoughts.
In order to carve my first step in glory, I went straight ahead.

Regrettably, the first step that I had taken was wrong.
There was a staircase there. Moreover, the wax was freshly painted and I was wearing tight socks with holes at that time.
There was no way I could hold out.

As a result, I fell down the stairs with great momentum.
In the process of rolling down, I ended up pulling along the telephone wires in vicinity and crashed into a vase.
After taking a majestic tumble down the stairs, I finally noticed that there was someone was standing there.

Ooo, was my younger sister reaching her hand out to me when I was on the verge of death?
With tears welled up in my eyes, I looked up at that person.

It was father.
No matter how I look at it, that was definitely father.

I had already broken off all the connections with my parents when I was unable to find an employment at that time.
This is bad. At this rate I will definitely be kicked out of the house.
I smiled at him gently, while I was in the state of an eminent crisis.

Turning my whole body once and I made my final signature pose to my father standing in front, who had a cold look on his face.
I conveyed my gratitude.

「Tehe, the Rolling Riceball」  (past Regis)
(Rin: おむすびころりんis a famous piece of folklore but has different variations. Two of the examples are here and here though I have no idea why Regis said that out of the blue)

I wonder if that was when I accepted the kick from my parents for the first time.
I was given an intense kick to my abdomen then handed over to the police for causing a commotion by squealing all over the town.
『I wonder how many times was it…….』 It was impressive to see the head patrol officer in tears—-



I will never allow such failure to repeat itself again.
I don’t mind taking a meal with her but definitely not liquor.

Even if Edgar were to recommend it, I decided to firmly refuse it.
As I made such oath in mind, I went after her.

Halfway through, I suddenly remembered something.
If my prediction was proved right, there should be some kind of reaction taking place soon.
I softly chanted under my breath to prevent the passer-by from hearing it.
This is a detection magic that I learnt from Walkins before coming to the Imperial City.

「Enemies intending to cause harm and be my adversary, get scorched in the space of the demon’s network —-『High Detection』」  (Regis)

A vast magical power spread out from the center of me.

【High Detection】

All right. I succeeded in acquiring it.
It was done pretty well considering that it was my first time using it.
The thin layer of film created by the magic power expanded itself as if in search of something.
I breathed out in relief after checking the surrounding area one by one.

「Nn, what’s wrong Regis? 」  (Edgar)
「No, it’s nothing. 」  (Regis)

Edgar seemed to be worried but I shook my head denying it.
At that time, my stomach started growling in hunger.
Come to think of it, I haven’t eaten much yesterday night.
It might be an opportunity for me to treat Edgar to something.
Coming to such conclusion, I followed Edgar in high spirits.






At the central part of the city.
Edgar and I were having our meal at the public bar.
It seemed like this person has totally forgotten that my age is still of a single digit.

The only thing in this person’s mind was only liquor.
She should have just fought with that liquor bottle instead of a sword.
Edgar chewed on a bread and guzzled down a cheap liquor.

「Hey, does Walkins-san has interest in woman? 」  (Edgar)
「What on earth are you asking there all of the sudden. 」  (Regis)
「Iya, it’s just that, it seems to be likely if I were to force myself. 」  (Edgar)
「I don’t want to hear about something like that. Or rather, is that what Walkins is to you?」  (Regis)

Despite having such good looking face and body, she was literally giving her heart and body to Walkins?
Could it be due to the suspension bridge effect that her interest started heading to a strange direction?

「T-That’s not it. I was just genuinely interested to know the basic things about Walkins-san.」  (Edgar)
「Like her swordsmanship? 」  (Regis)
「That is also one of them. I don’t mind doing anything for her… long as she desires it.」  (Edgar)
「………Someone please help me stop this drunkard. 」  (Regis)

It was definitely the effect of the bad liquor that was affecting her.
That must be it.
How should I know if Edgar has fallen in love with Walkins!?

「Iya…..but Regis might be good too.」  (Edgar)
「You should be drinking water to get rid of your intoxication if you have the spare time to hit on a seven year old.」  (Regis)

Stop looking at me with those glazed eyes!
Even if this was a joke, it might give me a strange feeling.
Could you be more aware of your own appearance!?
She is certainly to be really popular if she were to rid herself of the dangerous aura around her.

「…..Phew, I’m full. 」  (Edgar)
「I’m good too. So what should we do about the bill? 」  (Regis)
「I’ll be treating for this. They’re cheap. 」  (Edgar)
「It’s fine. I’ll be paying. It doesn’t feel right to have a woman pay here. 」 (Regis)
「No no, I should be the one treating here. 」  (Edgar)
「No no no, I had said it earlier to leave this to me. 」 (Regis)
「No no no no」  (Edgar)
「No no no no no—-」  (Regis)

In the end, we managed to settle this by going Dutch.
Although, the unit price for the liquor that Edgar was guzzling down was actually high so if I were to pay for it, I would need to spend about 90% of what I have in my pocket.
Even the drunkard beside me could be heard crying, 「Ueee, it’s expensive~」 but I decided to harden my heart and ignore her.
Didn’t I tell her to leave it to me from the start!
Once our wallet and mind became lighter, we left the place.

「…..Uaaa, I can see four Regis. How dare you use body imitation magic on yourself.」  (Edgar)

Edgar staggered and leaned on my body.
Don’t get drunk so easily if you want to drink alcohol!
I wonder if there are any slogans like this in this world.
Edgar seems to be a maudlin drinker who picks a fight with someone when she becomes extremely drunk.

「My important shop is goneee. But, if I put everything that I have into it, I will definitely be able to rebuild that thing again. 」  (Edgar)
「It’s not that thing」  (Regis)
「Eeehh, so Regis thinks that I’m not suitable to be a merchant—?!」  (Edgar)
「All right all right, I do not think so. 」  (Regis)

I felt like I am caring for the drunkard now.
No, it doesn’t just feel like it. I am doing it now.
Why must I be taking care of a drunk woman at this age?

Even so, the guards didn’t seem to have approached us for interrogation too.
Since one corner of the city was burnt, I had expected them to approach Edgar, the magic shop owner to inquire on the circumstances.
I looked around, feeling dubious.

—It’s still all right for now.
However, a magic power that seemed denser than earlier could be felt approaching.
It might be bad if I don’t start moving now.

I wonder how both of us might look like to the people around.
I certainly don’t think we look like a former mercenary and a boy with high mental age.
We might just look like a dead drunk woman and a kid to them.
Edgar doesn’t seem to be in an inarticulate state when she gave my sleeve a tug.

「Then I’ll guide you to my villa. 」  (Edgar)
「Aa, I thought of seeing it at least once. 」  (Regis)

It was a lie though. I don’t think anyone will throw himself willingly into a place that is so full of uncertainty!
However, I just nodded in the end by looking as innocent as possible.
Edgar was walking unsteadily as she swayed to and fro while I followed her to the same destination.

Roughly about ten plus meters plus behind us.
A quiet murderous impulse seemed to be enveloping that area.
I might not be able sense it at all if I hadn’t use my detection magic.
It was really weak to that degree.

Even though I knew the source of it, it wouldn’t be a good idea to cause a ruckus here.
I went along with Edgar while feeling that cold murderous intent behind.

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