Din No Monshou - Chapter 19.2

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After taking careful aim at Stalin, I threw the ball of flame.
Even though he tried to guard against the attack immediately, he ended up missing the real target.
There was no way he could distinguish the small fireball that was hidden inside the big ball of flame on the spur of the moment.

The best place to conceal a tree would be in a forest.
So the best place to conceal the fire would be inside the flame itself.

Thus, the highly concentrated magic that I have launched then hit the guy.
Moreover, the place that was hit was an area that was unprotected by the armour.
To be more specific, it was the only exposed region on his body. His face.

「…..Gu, guoooooooo! 」 (Stalin)

Even though his voice was muffled, he certainly did raise a cry.
The attack earlier has hit the vital point.
In addition, the recoil received was great since it was a critical hit.
I chanted once again to prepare for another attack.

「Orbs of light engulfing the Flame Demon of light—-」 (Regis)

Stalin ran away desperately the instant I started my chanting and regained his posture immediately.
Even though the attack earlier should have put an end to this, his recovery was far too fast.
I couldn’t hide my surprise at the reaction that he gave too.

「F-Fast–…..!」 (Regis)
「….I can guard my face, with just one hand. I can still use, the other one, to kill. If the area here, is not targeted, I can fully withstand, this level of flame. 」 (Stalin)

I see.
So he was bracing himself to receive some injuries whilst aiming to kill me.
Considering that he was able to reach that decision in that instant, I could tell that he is a skilled assassin.

「Penetrate through and defeat the enemy—」 (Regis)

My magic would be activated after another word.
However, he should be able to endure it completely.
As one would expect from the one who was famous for working behind the scenes in the Imperial City.
There is a possibility that the same mistake would be repeated again but, could I execute my power without making a blunder?

Nonetheless, when it comes to the number of repeated mistakes committed, mine exceeded twice the norm.
So, what should be done so I would not fail again?
Conversely, how can I catch the enemy off guard?
How can I escape from the hunter’s influence in particular?
I was supposed to be well-informed of it more than anyone else.

I cancelled off my 『Gun Fire』 stance and refined a new pose.
At that moment, Stalin’s face twitched.
He seemed to have noticed my intention.

「—–I cancelled it」 (Regis)
「…..Wha–, you. What are you planning-!」 (Stalin)
「Demon’s blood overflowing my body, turn the flame into a blazing Hellfire—」 (Regis)

This is a ridiculously powerful fire magic.
Stalin guarded his face with one of his hand.
He seemed to be convinced that he would be able to receive it if only it were a small fireball.

But it would be a joke, if he were to think that he could receive this magic with such defence.
I’ll let your body get a taste of it.
A super condensed hellfire-!

「—-eat this, 『Astral Fire』-!」 (Regis)

The flames that were shot out hit Stalin directly in his face.
It was a scene of utter fiery cruelty.
It wouldn’t be possible for him to resume his attack after receiving that thing directly.

「……..Ga, gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」 (Stalin)

He screamed at the top of his lungs, paying no mind to the audience anymore.
Collapsing to the floor, he struggled desperately.
However that is an inextinguishable flame.
That’s the kind of magic it is.

It’s a magic that consumes a stupidly large amount of power.
It certainly pays the price as an 『Everlasting Flame』.
It is my arch-nemesis, and also my first ever acquired magic that made me experience the most tormenting backlash.

This magic gave me a strong headache and made me feel nauseous even now.
Nevertheless, something like this will not make me give up.

I should deal a fatal blow here.
I tightened my grip on the knife and approached Stalin who was suffering on the ground.
That was when it happened.

(…..Hear this, child of the fallen.)

A voice resounded directly in my brain.
It was coincidentally the same voice as the one suffering on the ground right now.
But Stalin shouldn’t be in the condition to be able to do this now.
I realized who it was instantly.

「… this, Stalin’s counterpart? 」 (Regis)

It was the person who had attacked and inflicted a serious injury upon Shadiverga.
I drove him away after that with my thunder magic though.
So you appeared again, just as I expected.

(…..Cancel off that flame, immediately. This is an order.)
(Haa? Are you making fun of me!?)

Even though I tried to answer, there was no reply coming from the other side.
Apparently it wasn’t possible to reply from my end since this was just a 『Telepathy』.1

I had thought of reconnecting it again using Mega Telepathy since there seemed to be a serious meaning underlying the message earlier.
It didn’t seem as if Stalin would be revived anytime soon too.
Although, I should just listen to it without being provoked by whatever that he intended to say.

(……Look up, the audience seating overhead, on the right. I am, there.)

When I looked up the arena as instructed, I found a man in black, in the shadow of a pillar.
There’s no doubt about it. It was the same assassin who tried to kill Shadiverga that time.

My lips twitched the moment I sighted that guy.
The reason being, what the guy was holding in his hand was—-

(…….this is, the house of Jirgens’, proof of inheritance. In addition, it seems to be, a symbol of bond, with the house of Din. That fallen noble. This degree is fine, I’ll be using, this knife then.)

After saying so, he applied pressure on the knife’s handle with both hands.
Though the craftsmanship of the knife might be excellent, it is not something meant to be used in combat.
The knife will be broken immediately if he were to do that.
I could feel the temperature of my body soaring up high.

(……If you don’t cancel off, that fire magic, I’ll break this, right now.)

「Wha-!」 (Regis)

(…….Make your choice. If you win, I’ll break the bond, between the fallen noble, and that filthy noble)

This is too despicable.
I looked away from that guy and glared at Durf.
Durf laughed when our gaze met.

He pointed at me as if he was making fun of me with the noble beside him.
As I thought, that guy was the main culprit.
He is seriously someone without an ounce of shame. He was making fun of me and was getting a kick out of this by pulling this underhanded method to defeat me.

「Regis, is there something wrong? Are you injured!? 」 (Shadiverga)

Shadiverga tried to encourage me at that moment.
It might be the wrong time for him to do this but, it didn’t seem like a bad time too.

I am currently facing a serious dilemma.
Walkins, who was standing beside Shadiverga, looked at me anxiously as she prayed.

—-Ah, that’s right!
This is not a task that can be handed to her.
I aligned my sight with Shadiverga and chanted the invocation.

(…..Magic deployment)

I connected it to Shadiverga’s image, enabling me to send my magic to him.
I chanted in my brain following that.

(…..Come forth from my body, make your appearance, the circuit of magic—『Mega Telepathy』)

The line was connected after some noises.
He seemed to have noticed certain changes to himself.
He covered his ears, so as not to miss it.
Well, what he was doing was pointless though.

(Hey father.)
(……Aa, so I can speak with you like this. Magic sure is convenient. So, what’s up Regis? You couldn’t make your decision?)
(No well, there is something that I want to know. Can you answer me?)
(…..What is it?)

The tension in his face grew.
Though the question might sound unpleasant, I relayed it to him slowly.
I did it earnestly. Since this is something important.

(—–Me or Jirgens’ knife. Which is important?)



The answer was immediate.
Shadiverga replied before I could finish my words.

I became dumbfounded that my mouth dropped ajar.
Shadiverga replied naturally as if the answer was plain from the start.

(Didn’t you hear me? It’s you. I’m saying that you’re much more important that the knife which is the symbol of bond between me and Sefina.)
(But, isn’t it a symbol of unity between the house of Din and the house of Jirgens?)
(That’s right. But you know, Regis? Sefina and I are of the same opinion.)
(…..About what?)
(Any parent who abandoned their child for a knife, is not an adult whom a child can be proud of)

I became silent without realizing it.
I see.
There was no hesitation at all. He declared it sincerely.

While I was smiling bitterly in my heart, Shadiverga continued.
Even though the voice sounded gentle, it was overflowed with his pride as a father.

(Besides, if you’re talking about the symbol of unity, you’re one of them too.)
(You’re a child born to Sefina and I. Regis Din. Regardless of how one might call it, aren’t you a symbol of unity between the house of Din and the house of Jirgens as well?)
(……That’s true.)

What he had just said made me happy.
Even I would be embarrassed if something like this was told to my face.
As I was ruminating on Shadiverga’s words, I received another words of encouragement.

(That’s all. Whatever that you plan to do, will be forgiven. Sefina will definitely permit it too. —–Win this, Regis!)
(Aa. Thank you. Father.)

I cut off Mega Telepathy.
I have received the motivation.
Most importantly, I’m really glad to be that person’s son.
My hesitation disappeared too.
Only I could present my answer here, after this.

「…..Now. 」 (Regis)

I glared at the assassin amidst the spectators.
Did you think I will succumb to such intimidation?
Besides, now that such suggestion has been brought up, all my preparations are in order.

The next step would be to just set it in motion.
I glanced at Shadiverga for a split second before declaring it with all my heart.
He gave me a thumbs up as he smiled.

Aa, I got it.
I will answer to your expectation.
Just watch how your son overcomes the enemy.

I took a deep breath.
Then I expressed my will in a voice loud enough to reverberate through the arena.


「――『Astral Fire』, cancel-!」 (Regis)


Shadiverga tumbled off his seat in that instant.

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