Din No Monshou - Chapter 20

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Translated by: Rinkage

Chapter 20 – Conclusion

Eh…..What the devil are you doing?
I could hear these voices coming from the audience’s heart.
Even those who were rooting for Durf appeared to be dumbfounded with their mouths agape.
The flame that tormented Stalin disappeared.

He threw off his burnt armour and stood up.
Even though he did say that it was resistant to fire, it appeared to have certain limits too, if it was set ablaze directly.
No matter how you look at it, the armour that was made from the supposedly high-quality materials had become damaged.

With this, the endurance competition had become even.
That said, the enemy’s chance of success was probably the one that had increased.

「W-What in the world are you doing, Regis!?」 (Shadiverga)
「…………」 (Regis)

Shadiverga cried out in a fluster.
There were no changes in Walkins expression as she had her hands clasped together.
Stalin readied his swords again.
The moment I stood myself facing that guy, the voice resounded in my head once more.

(……Don’t resist. I’ll return this knife to your father-dono, once you die.)

Ah, just as I thought.
He would be using that knife to threaten me until I am killed.
Did you two plan this in advance?

Stalin swung his sword at me, but I accepted that strike without avoiding it.
As a result, in addition to the severe impact, I received a slash on the left side of my stomach.

「…..Ga-, gu–」 (Regis)

A burning sensation.
My nerves felt as if they were burnt.
But I would not succumb to such an attack.
I stood upright immediately.
On looking at my state, a sense of anxiousness could be seen in Stalin’s eyes.

「…..This is the end. Face your despair in the underworld, fallen noble.」 (Stalin)

*Chakkiri* He clashed his swords together and began chanting.
That must be a magic that would be impossible to deal with.
The sense of despair I felt earlier came back once again.

「…….The flash from the prison feast that drove me to madness. The Dark God of Ugliness dwelling in the two swords—-『Chaos Stroke』」 (Stalin)

The outline of his figure became blurry.
I tried my best to focus hard, but it didn’t seem to work regardless.
It was completely fuzzy, just like a mirage.

Stalin then came at me with his swords.
But, I didn’t try to resist.
If I were to strike back right now, everything would be wasted.

He swung his sword horizontally at me, aiming for my neck.
I didn’t want to end my life though, so all I took was an evasive movement.
But, it wouldn’t be possible to completely avoid his slash.

A skilled mercenary would not be able to see through this attack.
Even more so for someone like me who didn’t have much experience in close combat.
The attack ended up hitting the area around my collarbone.

The sharp pain I felt was far worse than the last one.
As expected, I couldn’t endure it, causing a groan to escape my lips.

「…Gu, gua」 (Regis)

I collapsed to the ground as is and climbed to my feet immediately after.
However, the sword was already waiting there for me.
I am going to be killed.
The moment that sense of death crept into my mind—-


It was howl that sounded like a mad dog, loud enough to even wake the dead.
That gallant yell didn’t seem to have come from the ring, but—-

「Edgar Christanval, at your service!」

A loud crashing sound could be heard simultaneously with the voice.
Four rows of the audiences’ seats seemed to be destroyed, and screams arose from the people in the vicinity.
The sudden entry of the intruder had broken the silence of the hall.

The sneaky assassin who had taken my family’s knife as hostage was blown off to the end of the hall.
But he was quick in resuming his posture.
He stood up in an instant, and glared at Edgar.

「….Tch, a surprise attack? 」 (Assassin)
「You guys were the ones who had attempted the assassination. Don’t tell me that you’re going to say that it was cowardly of me? 」 (Edgar)
「….Bitch, can’t you see this knife here? 」 (Assassin)
「Aa, it’s a pretty knife. It even made me feel like taking it as is. 」 (Edgar)

Edgar smiled provokingly.
At that time, a knife with a flashy decoration could be seen in her hand.
Then she hid it again with a calm expression on her face.
On seeing that, the assassin’s eyes widened in shock.

「….T-That’s impossible. The knife should be here—」 (Assassin)

The item in your hand…
When did you swap it?
That must be what he was thinking.

My thoughts appeared to have been proven correct when he started examining the knife in his hand in a hurry.
However, Jirgen’s knife was indeed still in his possession.
At that moment, a small shadow overcast him.

「Thank you for dropping your guard. 」 (Edgar)

Her voice sounded so cold that even the air around seemed to shudder.
Edgar subsequently threw her knife at him with all her might.
The assassin flinched back in that instant.
Naturally, he couldn’t avoid it.
The sharp knife pierced into the area around his right shoulder.

「…Guaa! You bitch!!」 (Assassin)

Nevertheless, could it be that he was already used to the feeling of pain?
Even though he had a grimace on his face, he pulled the knife out of his shoulder.
It would actually be a fatal injury for someone who fights with dual sword.

That knife was, in fact, the cheap copy I bought when I first came to the Imperial City.
If you were to disregard the family crest engraved on the original knife, both knives look exactly the same.
In order to create the opening for her, I handed it to Edgar in advance.

「This is not the end. Here I go! 」 (Edgar)

Edgar whipped out a straight sword while the assassin silently pulled out a knife in response.
Right and left. One standing on each side.
It was exactly the same as when Shadiverga was attacked.

He was supposed to have injured his right shoulder, yet you wouldn’t be able to tell it at all, from the way he carried himself.

There was not a single opening in his stance, as he glared at Edgar.

「….Do you think, you can win? Considering that, you’re a fool, who can’t even beat my brother.」 (Assassin)
「Hou? Then, does that mean that you’re stronger than your brother?」 (Edgar)
「…Of course. I was supposed to be the one, who should be participating in this duel. But, I had to leave it to my brother, due to this pointless injury of my body.」 (Assassin)

The assassin proclaimed.
Stalin is currently holding his sword to my neck.
It appeared that the power that he has hidden, is stronger than this guy.

By the way, Stalin is looking towards the audience seats in silence now.
I guess he must have thought that he could kill me anytime he wanted.
He was observing the situation while holding the sword close to my neck.

「…Someone hindering? But, just watch. My younger brother, will shatter your hopes.」 (Stalin)

Ah, so that’s how it was.
Reinforcement had come so my confidence was supposed to have soared up.
But, are you trying to give me a short-lived elation by making me see all these?
Then, after looking at me condescendingly when I have fallen into despair, you would kill me subsequently?

There was no way my younger brother would lose to Edgar.
That must be what he was thinking of.
That confidence of his must had come from his past results.

Stalin brothers.
Even if the younger brother is defeated, the older brother is still around. Even if the older brother is defeated, the younger brother will take revenge.
I am well-aware of the danger posed by that coordination.

The audience seats were in a state of chaos.
Nobles could be seen scrambling for safety, colliding into one another in the process as they tried to escape from the two people.
Their current condition reminded me of a dozen baby spiders scurrying around.
What happened to all that noble pride that you guys had always been flaunting?

Edgar seemed to have the same thought as me.
She chuckled when she noticed the pandemonium that was breaking out around her,
Then, she looked at the assassin with a dangerous glint in her eyes.

「Well then, shall we have a match? 」 (Edgar)
「I’ve said it before. I cannot afford to waste my time, for a maggot like you, who couldn’t even win against my brother.」 (Assassin)
「You’re free to say whatever you want. Besides, whoever said that I was actually serious in that underground match the last time? I made a blunder at that time, but I will show you my real power now. —-I will certainly be serious.」 (Edgar)
「….Hmph. Then show me what you’ve got.」 (Assassin)

The assassin drew close to her with a quick movement.
He then swung his knife with the half-injured side of his body.
Edgar avoided it by a hair’s breadth.
Then she jumped behind, taking a distance from him.

The assassin began charging at her again.
But, before he could do that, Edgar activated her magic.

「Burst open the flame of sword, pierce through the sky. Burning fire pass through the crimson wedge ―― 『Enchantment Fire』」 (Edgar)

At that instant, the flames that burst out could be seen enveloping her straight sword.
Possibly because Edgar had used quite a high firepower, the fire clad sword erupted into a pillar of fire.
Her eyes became like those of a mad dog, looking extremely violent.

The last time she invoked this magic, she was using a sword cane.
And she was using a sword cane as her weapon, too, when she fought against Stalin previously.

But, it is different now.
What Edgar is currently wielding, is a huge straight sword.
It was probably something that was used when she was a mercenary.
Despite the difference in size between her stature and the length of the sword, she was swinging it without any trouble.

What a ridiculous strength!
I wonder if she had recalled the time when she was working as a mercenary. A warlike smile suddenly floated across her face.
On the other hand, the assassin sneered at her.

「…Just a deceptive appearance. The attack power of the sword itself remains the same. 」 (Assassin)
「What’s more, a high enchantment magic—-」 (Edgar)
「….What!?」 (Assassin)

Edgar raised her sword high over her head.
She gave off an intimidating feeling as if she was going to slash the sword as is.
Then she started chanting an especially powerful incantation in that state.

「Come forth the God of Flames, I wish to protect oneself. Repel all the wickedness from this one sword—-『Holy Burster』!!!」

All the flames released were gathered in the sword.
The pillar of fire enveloping the sword that erupted earlier shone red.
In the end, the sweltering heat with unthinkable high density subsequently dwelt in that huge sword.
What had happened made her look as if she was brandishing a treasure sword made of red jewels.

The appearance of Edgar was like that of a fire spirit, giving off a mysterious feeling.
The remaining spectators who had not fled earlier, raised a cry and started running about, trying to escape.
In the midst of all the screaming, Edgar raised her spirit.

「Here I go! Vanish from my sight! 」 (Edgar)
「You son of a bitch. For you to have released that much of flames—-」 (Assassin)

A hellfire emanated from the huge sword.
Just looking at that intensely burning flame seemed to hurt my eyes.

The assassin unconsciously took a step back.
However, Edgar was faster than him.
It took her only a split second to move close to him and swing her sword down.

The assassin tried to defend against the attack once more with both knives.
But, such weapons would not be able to stop the attack.
The materials used to form the knife itself were melted by the heat, shattering the knife’s blade and the sword was swung right at the assassin without any resistance.
—-A seemingly explosive sound resounded through the arena.

「…..Gu, guaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」

The upper body of the assassin was slashed.
He was probably wearing the same heat resistant armour as Stalin.
Nonetheless, the armour was tragically burnt into nothingness, literally, revealing only his bare skin.

It seemed that he had barely survived that attack.
Unfortunately, he was trapped by the flames in the audience seat, unable to move anywhere.
He had received the attack, yet he still lives.
It would seem that he has a terrific vitality.

But the outcome of the fight had been decided.
There was a look of fatigue on Edgar’s face after unleashing that single unexpected blow.
She breathed out in relief on looking at the collapsed assassin.

「…..I have cut off your tendons. You will not be able to work as an assassin anymore. It’s just as act of killing each other so don’t think too badly of me.」 (Edgar)

She cancelled the magic and put away her sword.
Then she approached the assassin and picked up a blade.

It was a knife with luxurious looking decorations, which is also the symbol of bond between the house of Jirgens and the house of Din.
After retrieving the knife, Edgar faced towards me and shouted.

「—-That guy is the only one left! Go and win this, Regis! 」 (Edgar)

A reliable word of encouragement.
That’s right. I don’t need to hold back anymore.
I clenched my knife firmly.

At that moment, a metallic sound could be heard from my neck.
I could hear someone clicking his tongue above me simultaneously.

「…Tsk. That brother of mine. I don’t want to think that I’m born from the same womb as that trash. 」 (Stalin)
「…………」 (Regis)
「…..Well whatever. This match’s victory will be mine, once I kill you. Die this time, boy.」 (Stalin)
「Hey, you know. 」 (Regis)

That was when I butted in.
What did this person say just now?
Even though I wasn’t too concern about the human relation of other people, those words made me feel highly irritated.
I was no longer able to tolerate what he said anymore.
Stalin tilted his head at my words.

「….What is it? Last words?」 (Stalin)
「There’s just something that I wanted to ask you. What is a family to you?」 (Regis)
「…Just another person. We’re getting along, since our interest coincide, to keep on living.」 [Stalin]
「You’re a shallow bastard, aren’t you?」 (Regis)
「….Hmph. What are you, trying to say?」 (Stalin)

Stalin distorted his eyebrows.
Why did I become the object of your scorn? You must be wondering about that.
Even for someone like me, who has spent my life living like garbage, understands the importance of my family.

But, what about you, Stalin?

「There’s nothing in particular. Perhaps, regardless of what I have to say, we’ll never reach a mutual understanding.」 (Regis)

The memory of my sister’s face suddenly rushed unexpectedly into my mind.
She was someone dear to me.
I had wanted to become someone who appears more honourable in front of her.
Nevertheless, before I could do that, my existence had already ceased to exist in that world.
I don’t want to taste the same sense of loss again.

「—That’s why, I’ll defeat you and protect my family.」 (Regis)
「…That so? Then just embrace your own illusions, and I’ll send you to the afterlife as is.」 (Stalin)
「Can you even hit me? With that sword of yours?」 (Regis)
「….What?」 (Stalin)

He gazed at me suspiciously.
The flames from the astral fire spell had disappeared, and I am currently on the brink of being killed any second.
In truth, this guy should have killed me at his first opportunity.
However, he ended up watching his brother’s fight against Edgar leisurely, instead of dealing the decisive blow.

Just watch.
Even though we were fighting in a place where the force of the fire was weak, the flames from Cross Blast had spread close to us now.
The heat wouldn’t pose any danger to his life, but this element alone was more than sufficient for me.
The final stage of the match is sweet, so I should bare my fangs this way.

In order to put an end to his life, I took a side step.
Having noticed my movement, Stalin made a horizontal swipe with his odachi.

At that instant, I bent my knees just a little, evading the attack by swaying to one side.
The sword wound up passing by overhead, with just a small gap in between.

「….What the heck!?」 (Stalin)
「It’s the effect of heat haze. Due to the temperature here, the refraction of light is simulated.」 (Regis)

After getting out of range of the sword attack, I took a fighting stance once again with my knife.
One wrong step and he would end up on fire. Did he think he could easily swing his sword around as usual when we were surrounded by flames?
At the very least, it would not be possible for him to land a hit on a moving target in this kind of condition.

Even my knife wouldn’t be useful in this state.
By chance, even if I do manage to land a hit, it would only be a minor graze.
We were not in a place whereby we could easily hit the vital points.
The damage I might inflict would be far from defeating him.

That was the reason why, I had not been fully using my knife to fight until now.
I reduced the impact of Cross Blast on me by escaping to another position.
And the time has some.
Now is the time for me to activate the decisive magic for this match.

「You might die if I were to end up striking your vital spot, so it’s best if you were to defend yourself.」 (Regis)
「….Quit, bullshitting!」 (Stalin)

Stalin tried to close in the distance.
However, the flames around obstructed his path, preventing him from reaching me directly.
On noticing his intention, I forced the magic power out from my whole body.
I began chanting in one breath, pushing all my dormant magic powers to the surface.

「Break the Heaven and Earth strike. Let the pole star fall all the way till it reaches the core —–『Meteor Breaker』!」 (Regis)

Due to the wind’s pressure, the flames became even more intense.
At this very minute, I had consumed all my magic power just to invoke this magic.
It is a magic that both Edgar and this guy are good at. An 『enchantment magic』.
Even among those type of magic, this spell, in particular, is an exceedingly hard to learn top level magic from the 『Expert Edition』.

I had not only exhausted all my magic power during training, but also suffered severe pain as though my body was being crushed.
I wouldn’t have mastered it, if it weren’t for the fact that I had repeated that process over and over again.

Indeed, truth to be told, there were numerous times when I had lost my consciousness.
I wonder how many times I almost died while I was training with Walkins.
Even those who research enchantment magic tend to shy away from this spell.

If I had not mastered that yesterday, I would’ve been tortured by an acute pain today in this match.
I was glad that I was able to make it in the nick of time.

This magic would abnormally strengthen one’s body.
It would convert all magic power in the body into power, and discharged them through physical attacks.
However, the amount of risk faced might not actually be worth the price.
It was an extremely absurd magic.
But, even so, that was why…
It was a magic most suitable for me.

「—With this, I’ll, defeat youch!」 (Regis)

My tongue got tangled up.
My arms became numb.
It felt as if my head was splitting into two, and there was an intense pain in my stomach, as though it was being knocked around like a sandbag.

It seemed that, among those who had used this magic, there were people who ended up dying due to the aftereffect too.
But, it wasn’t as bad as that ‘illness’ I had.
This was nothing compared to what I had suffered through in my previous life.

I successfully activated it and stared at Stalin after.
Was my form frightening to him? His eyes were opened wide in shock.

「….You, in that state—」 (Stalin)
「Here I go. 」 (Regis)
「…Ku! 」 (Stalin)

Stalin tried to retreat.
However, he was blocked off by a wall of fire behind which he would only find death.
He was literally surrounded by a sea of flames.

Well, I had spent an extraordinary amount of magic power and invoked Cross Blast earlier.
Although it wasn’t a high-level magic, it could barricade the ring with a wall of fire.

Back, then right and left.
There was no place for him to escape.
Did he finally give up? Stalin faced himself to the front again.

I gradually approached him while gathering an enormous power in my body.
Upon noticing me drawing close to him, Stalin’s face twitched.

A strong sense of death.
I could understand it well since I was also hovering between life and death. It was an instinct.
He became frozen stiff by fear.

「You can’t seem to move, can you? I have been waiting a long time for this.」 (Regis)
「….D-Don’t come close!」 (Stalin)
「This is a good opportunity. I’ll have to pay you, and your master back.」 (Regis)
「……Stop iiittttttttt!!」 (Stalin)

Stalin started charging in at me.
He was at a loss on what to do, but he had finally decided to attack.
He raised the odachi over his head, hoping to take my life.

In return, I thrust my knife out.
As a result, my knife stabbed into Stalin’s abdomen as his whole his sword grazed the area around my chest.

This is it.
It was the time for me to release the power that was reinforced by Meteor Breaker all at once.

「—-Eat this! Meteor Breakeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!」 (Regis)

I transferred all the power charged into the knife that was pierced into him, and raised it again with all my might.
Hereupon, his legs floated up into the air, and the raging flames in the area enveloped his body like tentacles, consuming his flesh.

With just a single knife, I lifted Stalin up into the air.
Even though his body was penetrated by the knife and he was being burnt by the flames, he still had slight consciousness.
As if he was trying to put up his last struggle, he relentlessly scraped my cheek with the sword in his hand.
But, it was of no meaning since there wasn’t much force in the attack.

That was, his last attack.
I turned towards Durf and glared at him.
A grievous look of pain that puts me on the brink of death in the fight was portrayed on my face.
But, how might it look like in his eyes?

Durf could be seen trembling in the audience seat, mumbling in fright.
What am I going to do now?
That was probably what he was saying.
He suddenly cried out at me with a shaky voice.

「S-Stop! Stop it!!」 (Durf)
「Stop what?」 (Regis)
「I’ll admit that it’s my loss! J-Just don’t do it!」 (Durf)
「…Do you think I can accept that?」 (Regis)

I replied coldly.
Upon hearing my response, he broke out in cold sweat and shouted in a shrill voice.

「….Okay, I got it! I will give up on Walkins. You can do whatever you want to that trash. S-So, that’s why—-」 (Durf)
「Shut the fuck up. It’s too late for you to say that.
Father was seriously injured because of you.
Walkins felt unpleasant because of you.
Edgar’s shop was destroyed because of you.
And, you seriously irritate me—-」 (Regis)

Thereupon, I cut off my words momentarily.
I took in a deep breath to prepare for my next words.
At that moment, I released all the resentment held up inside me, and shouted my lungs out.

「—-I’ll have you compensate everything you humongous pigggggggggggg!!!」 (Regis)
「H-Hiyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!」 (Durf)

Durf tumbled off the audience seat.
He looked around in panic to seek help from his attendants, but they had already made their getaway before him.
No one had stayed by his side.

This was the so-called trust acquired with money and greed.
It was extremely fragile and easily broken.

No one cared to help him when he fell into a predicament.
He should understand that much himself.
He must had given us the trouble despite knowing it.


I took a strong step forward, with all the power in my body.
Deep cracks spread out, like ripples, on the ground where my foot landed due to the strength of the impact.
After giving Stalin the finishing blow by striking him with my knife with all my might, I flung him instantly by applying the centrifugal force.

In a split second, the shadow of a flying human figure could be seen blocking off the rays from the sun.
Stalin’s body soared at a momentum that made it look as if he was swallowed up by the sun, and then flew faster towards a certain point.

Yes. Where the body was heading to, was towards Durf who was screaming as he was trapped by the wall behind him.
Just before he received the direct hit, the employees let out a cry—-


A crushing sound loud enough to shake the very earth could be heard after an ugly cry echoed through the arena.
The ring creaked, and a cloud of smoke billowed up from the audience seats.
The attendants in the surroundings got involved in it too, resulting in a loud blast.

The nobles nearby, on the other hand, hadn’t raise a single cry.
All they did was to merely hold their breath at the sight before them, as if what had taken place at that moment shouldn’t have been possible.

The instant the smoke cleared, a tragic scene unfolded before my eyes.
Stalin could be seen in a miserable state, looking like a crushed insect at the audience seat.

He seemed to be still alive.
However, his lungs and ribs were probably all crushed now.
He seemed to have coughed out a huge amount of blood as he lay there as is, couldn’t make any movement at all.

The one in the most severe state was Durf.
He had received a direct hit from Stalin, who was thrown there at super speed, and wound up getting caught in between the wall and Stalin.
I wonder if all the bones in his body were broken. He was merely lying upside down on the ground in a tragic state.
But, by the looks of it, he seemed to have preserved just his life due to his thick lump of fat.

But, that body fat of his was the one that had created this disaster.
The moment his body came in contact with Stalin’s body that was still ablaze, Durf’s body burst into flames.
Even as he was losing his consciousness, he was still being consumed by the hellfire.

A group of personnel had immediately brought water over to douse the fire, but he had suffered substantial burns.
His already ugly face became even more badly distorted.

Nevertheless, that condition of his didn’t arouse any sympathy from me.
He reaped what he sowed.
It was a retribution fit for someone like Durf who had been scheming time and again.

There was just one thing that I would like to say to that guy.
I faced towards the audience seat and spat my words out calmly.

「Carve that wound into your body for the rest of your life. And let it remind you again when you try committing another crime. In this world, there are certain group of people whom you shouldn’t opposed to.」 (Regis)

The observer who had evacuated the ring in the midst of the chaos came back.
What greeted her sight was Stalin, who was rendered incapable of fighting anymore, and me, who was still in the ring, standing on my own two feet.
Having seen these, she made a loud declaration.

「Horgos’ representative is incapable of fighting anymore, and the representative of the house of Din does not have the intention to pursue as well. Based on the stipulation of Article 4 in the dueling rule pertaining to any additional minor points that determine the dueling method, it is impossible to continue this match. Therefore, due to the abandonment of the match, the victory goes to the house of Din!」 (observer)

At that moment, the arena erupted into tumultuous screams and cheers.

The upper rank nobles who had been receiving favours from Durf were furious.
In contrast, the surrounding nobles who had been harassed by Durf before were singing praises to me.
A great sense of comfort permeated me when the shouts of jeerings and praises pelted my cheeks one after another.

My gaze suddenly landed on Edgar.
When my eyes met hers, she gave me a thumbs-up.
She looked worn out, but the injuries on her body didn’t seem to be serious.
I smiled back at her and turned towards Shadiverga.

On noticing me looking at him, he just nodded in silence.
He must had believed in me.
Walkins who was standing next to him looked so pleased and overwhelmed, she had tears in her eyes.

The enchantment magic was taught by her.
I might be in peril if it wasn’t for that magic.

Walkins had splendidly responded to my unreasonable request in wanting to master that in just three days.
I nodded in response when she looked at me bashfully.

In the end, I turned my gaze upward towards the sky.
The endless sky above reflected in my eyes.
If you were to try reaching out for it, it might look as if it is within your grasp. But, it is actually an existence that is too far to reach.

I pulled out the knife and raised it to the sky.
The rays from the sun that landed on the surface made the knife give off a strong glitter.
An engraving of a silver sword and a gold shield.
This is our crest.

I raised the knife higher with one conviction in mind.
This was so other nobles could see it.
Even if we are fallen nobles, we could still emerge as the champion.

The reflected light illuminated the whole arena.
Needless to say, what had caused this to occur was only one thing.
I slowly looked up.

The crest of Din was shining brilliantly there, as if it was promising us the prosperity of Din’s family from now on.

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