Din No Monshou - Chapter 21.2

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Chapter 21 – The Reunion of Two People (B)

「Uo, Walkins-san! It’s been a longu–!!」 (Edgar)
「What’s the point of being in such a hurry if you end up biting your tongue?!」 (Regis)

Outside the arena.
We were in the vicinity of the street nearby.
While having our conversation, we drank warm teas that were purchased from a store not far away.

By the way, I had a lot bandages wrapped around my body due to the deep wounds on my back.
They would probably take a while to heal.

Edgar appeared to be exhausted as well.
But the moment I brought Walkins over to her, she sprung back to life like a phoenix that rises from the ashes.
The recovery rate was faster than when she drank alcohol.

It was possible that Walkins is the best revitalizing alcohol for Edgar.
Most importantly, I guessed she was the benefactor who had saved her life.

It must have been really painful though, since she had bitten her tongue hard.
Edgar trembled.
Was it because she was nervous? Her gaze was unfocused.

「Calm down. Walkins won’t run away. You don’t need to be in such a hurry.」 (Regis)
「N-No. Walkins-san’s appearance hasn’t changed much…」 (Edgar)

Ah, as I thought, you were surprised by that?
I supposed it was because I had not seen how Walkins looked like ten years ago.
I couldn’t guess what really happened, though.
Even so, it was understandable that she would feel strange seeing that Walkins’s appearance hasn’t changed.
On seeing Edgar’s perplexed reaction, Walkins tilted her head.

「Is that so? I think I should’ve changed a lot since then.」 (Walkins)
「T-That hair. What have you done to that beautiful, long hair?」 (Edgar)
「Ah, I cut it. It was disruptive since it was long.」 (Walkins)
「…H-How could.」 (Edgar)

Edgar became crestfallen.
Did she have some kind of past concerning Walkins’ hair?
Edgar flipped her waist length hair, and showed her elegant long hair to Walkins.

Edgar’s refreshing smell that was carried by the wind tickled my nostrils.
If you were to think about it, this fellow is also pretty.
Her red hair was as delicate as silk, and she has a pair of determined eyes.
It was regrettable that she’s an alcoholic, but she would normally look cute, wouldn’t she?

It made even this uncle feel like giving her three stars.
Ah, she glared at me.
It seemed she realized I was thinking rude things about her.
Couldn’t she even take a joke?

After Edgar sent me a warning glare, she turned to Walkins.
Her cheeks flushed red as she forced herself to say it out.

「The only reason I grew my hair long is because I admire Walkins-san…」 (Edgar)
「No, your hair is beautiful. It is incomparable to even mine in the past.」 (Walkins)

Walkins ran her hand over Edgar’s hair gently.
That action instantly caused Edgar’s face to turn bright red as she began mumbling a mysterious language, 『Awa, awawa』.

「T-T-That… I was desperate to catch up with Walkins-san.」 (Edgar)
「I’m not a human who is worthy of anyone’s admiration. For starters, I’m not even sure if I can be considered a human.」 (Walkins)
「W-What do you mean?」 (Edgar)
「No, it’s nothing.」 (Walkins)

Walkins blurted out something unsettling.
However, she was able to dodge Edgar’s question easily.
What she said earlier made me feel uneasy, though.
Well, it wasn’t like I had just realized how mysterious Walkins’ real identity is.

Walkins smiled innocently.
Not long after, Edgar took out a sword, as if she had just recalled it.
It was an iron sword with a thick blade that looked like an enormous weapon used by a family from somewhere.

「Take a look at this straight sword! This is an imitation of the weapon used by Walkins-san when you fought against the empire’s army.」 (Edgar)
「It’s well-maintained, isn’t it? It’s a pleasant thing, that you’ve taken such good care of your sword.」 (Walkins)

Upon hearing Walkins’s praise, Edgar’s face brightened up like a blooming flower.
It was a lovely smile, though.
Could it be because she was swinging her large sword?
The discrepancy between the two images I have of her was increasing.

「It seems that Regis-sama has been in your care this time. It might be strange for me, as his servant, to convey my gratitude, but thank you very much. Please get along with Regis-sama from now on.」 (Walkins)
「…Uo, Walkins-san is asking a favour from me.」 (Edgar)

She was overwhelmed with tears of joy.
Where did the usual dignified demeanour go?
She had turned into a complete fangirl.

After Edgar was done with her fangirling, she coughed once before turning to me.
She looked at me with a lonely face like a small animal and asked me.

「Regis, you are all going home, right?」 (Edgar)
「Yeah. There is nothing left to do here.」 (Regis)
「…I see. It will be lonely.」 (Edgar)
「I will come again after seven or eight years.」 (Regis)
「I-Is it true?!」 (Edgar)

Edgar’s face began to light up once more.
Walkins would probably not be accompanying me at that time, though.
So why was she still so happy?

「I have to achieve the top result at the magic academy here.」 (Regis)
「…I see. Magic academy, is it?」 (Edgar)

I nodded deeply.
After a long contemplation, Edgar appeared as if she had come to a decision.
I wonder what she was thinking of. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.
Was she planning to mess something up after seven or eight years?
Well, it didn’t seem like the said person would say it out.
It would be rude to ask her as well.

「Thank you very much for your help this time.」 (Regis)
「Nn, you’re going?」 (Edgar)
「Yeah. Father is having an intense war verbally now. After dealing with the aftermath of this duel, we will head back immediately.」 (Regis)
「Is that so. I guess I should get a fresh start and do my best, too.」 (Edgar)
「Well, that’s all.」 (Regis)
「Goodbye, Regis.」 (Edgar)

I waved my hand gently and began to walk off.
Walkins chatted with Edgar for a while.
They were probably reminiscing about their memories from ten years ago.

Once their conversation settled down, Walkins gave her a quick bow and trotted after me.

「You’re done?」 (Regis)
「Yes. I’m glad she’s doing well.」 (Walkins)

She placed her hand on her chest and nodded silently.

Edgar Christanval.
Would it be several years until I meet her again?
I wondered how old would she be at that time.

I had a feeling that I would be killed if I were to ask her, so I didn’t say it.
She would probably be in her late twenties.

It would be all right. I have no problem with that range of age at all.
Ah, I was referring to a pure and sincere relationship between friends, naturally.
There were too many disappointing points about her for me to harbour any wicked feelings for her.
It wasn’t something that I could say, though.

「Edgar-san has become a fine person.」 (Walkins)
「Yeah. She has the capability to become a big-shot one day. In many ways.」 (Regis)
「…As I thought, it’s wonderful to be able to help someone. It made me feel this way once again after meeting her.」 (Walkins)

I agree.
When I helped someone, it felt as if I was being rewarded, too.
Was it because of the way I died in my previous life?
I would risk everything to protect my close friends.

Even if it cost me my life…
Well, I guess it couldn’t be helped.
I was living this life for the sake of helping someone.
I drew that firm conclusion.

「…Regis-sama, there’s a tinge of sadness in your eyes.」 (Walkins)
「Eh, you mean me?」 (Regis)
「Yes. There’s this tense, empty feeling in your eyes. Are you troubled by something?」 (Walkins)
「No, there’s nothing at all. I’m always all right.」 (Regis)

Her words pierced me like a nail. I was taken aback.
That wouldn’t do. I would make the people around me worry if I were to look so gloomy.
I forced myself to look tough and walked beside Walkins.

Walkins stole a glance at my face, looking rather concerned.
Then she punched her hand, as if she had just thought of something.
She pulled my hand and began running all the sudden.

「O-Oi, Walkins?」 (Regis)
「Even if we’re in the Imperial City, our training still resumes! The one who reaches the mansion first wins. The loser will have to listen to whatever the winner says.」 (Walkins)

What were you saying all of a sudden?
That was what I thought, but I soon realized her real intention.
Was she trying to cheer me up after seeing my sullen expression?

What an attentive person.
I like that part of you.
Yeah, considering that her motivation was triggered, I should give it a go.
We could sweat it out for a little, then I would let her win in the end.
After all, I am quite generous.
Ha ha ha.

「Alright. Fine with me. But, it would be troublesome to go all out, so I’ll let you win.」 (Regis)
「Is that so? By the way, if I win, I’ll sneak into Regis-sama’s bed at night.」 (Walkins)

At that moment, all the senses in my body went on high alert.

I ran.
I ran really quick.
I ran as if my life depended on it.

I put on a burst of speed as though I was running barefooted to escape from a cheetah and overtook Walkins momentarily.
On looking at my speed, she uttered a cry of surprise.

「Huh? Didn’t you say that you’ll let me win?」 (Walkins)
「Only an idiot will not give his all in a situation like thiiiiisssss!」 (Regis)

I pushed forward as I yelled.
And I tripped over my own feet.
Running with an exhausted body was an absurd thing to do.
There was a strange sound when I hit my flank. It hurt.

But there was no time for that now. I should keep running.
On seeing me giving it my all, Walkins smiled happily.

「Oh, someone’s motivated. Then this Walkins shall give it her all too!」 (Walkins)
「Can you please go easy on meeeeeeeee!」 (Regis)

However, my sorrowful cry ended up in vain.
Walkins displayed her terrific abilities in running and overtook me in a split second.
Fast. She was way too fast.
Wasn’t that speed just too overwhelming, my maid?

It would be impossible for someone like me, who used to be a NEET in my previous life, to catch up.
That said, I mustn’t be defeated in a place like this.
Most importantly, I mustn’t lose my chastity in a place like this.

「Uooooooooooo!」 (Regis)
「Wah, you’re fast. I still couldn’t shake you off even after going all out.」 (Walkins)

Walkins begun to break out in cold sweat.
Was it because of my terrible state? All the people who passed by us jumped out of our way.
World oh world, was that truly how humans were?

I did not compete with Walkins directly, who was ahead of me, but used a shortcut instead.
There was still a little bit more to go until I reached the mansion.
I slipped into the crowd and succeeded in getting ahead of her.

「Fuhahaha. How’s that? Justice always wins, Walkins!」 (Regis)

Just a little bit more.
There was still another two meters before I reached the gate.

I won. I won.
I had never won even once against Walkins.
But, it seemed that God was on my side at that moment.

The feeling of the wind caressing my face was comfortable.
I should plant my footprints on the finishing line.
The moment that thought came to my mind, my foot tripped over something.

It was a stone.
Not to mention, it was a considerably huge one.
My body took a forward plunge as I fell down with great force.

「…Guboah!」 (Regis)

It was as if my face was covered with a grated Japanese radish container.
Could someone bring me soy sauce?
It seemed like I could make a very good side dish now.
A bright red grated Japanese radish.
Another name for it would be a ‘suicidal action’.

That was because I was stopped a few centimetres before reaching my goal.
Walkins trotted out from behind me and passed through the gate happily.

「Goal!」 (Walkins)

…Ah, is that so?
Good for you.
While you were there being happy, someone with whom you are familiar was behind you, on the verge of dying.
That person was on the brink of fainting.
While in such a state, I collapsed.

After returning to the mansion, I was forced to a lap pillow by Walkins.
No, I wasn’t the one who was the lap pillow.
Walkins was the one being a lap pillow.

Although I had refused because I was embarrassed, Walkins cut in with a shrewd remark that she had won the match.
Was such a request alright?
Walkins is a completely selfless person.

Giving someone like me a lap pillow wouldn’t be interesting at all.
That said, since I was completely exhausted, it was enjoyable for me when she requested it.

I was in such a blissful state of comfort that I wasn’t able express it in words.
Anyway, the only thing I could say was that Walkins’ thighs were very soft. The feeling of comfort given was as if I were being embraced by an angel.

I was in utter bliss.
Just this alone had made me feel sincerely glad for giving my all this time.

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