Din No Monshou - Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: The Father’s Passion

A steep mountain which no one has ever step foot on.
From the looks of it it would take half a day to descend it.
I thought to myself ‘Just let me die already’

Even though my physical strength is that only that of 7-year old.
How much do you want me to do.

When I got home in the evening, Shadiverga rushed to me looking worried


“Where did you go…? “, a 1 hour sermon followed.
“Sorry that I caused you trouble”, I sincerely apologised.

I didn’t mention that I’d met the Elf though.
I will keep the fact that I made a new friend a secret for now.
Walkins came back several days after the event.
The nightmare vanished and the normal every-day life returned.
By the way, regarding what happened to the injured thieves.
Apparently Walkins personally treated them as forcefully as possible.


What do I mean by forcefully, you say?
For a while the screams of agony were continuously resounding in the mansion.
A bit later I asked Walkins what happened.

She answered with a smile.

「Regis-sama, do you wish to hear the details?」



「A-aa」(Tln: Aa/aa in this context is an extremely casual way of saying yes)

「Is it truly ok?」



「You won’t regret it? Well then I will tell you.

First, you see, all the meat and the meat–」

「I’m sorry, let’s not after all」

I slid away from Walkins and ran away
With a speed to even  rival god.
What a loser.

But I’m weak against things like horror and grotesqueness
If your existence was grotesque then I would be the one to die.
The bar is too high for bloody meat inclinations.
It would be suicidal to listen to the end.

However, the treated guys–

The ones burned or wounded by my magic, were completely healed.
I wonder how she did it.

By the way, the bandits that were being recovered,
were being sent one by one to the Royal Capital

They rage here, they get punished there.

No matter how poor I become, I swear never to become a bandit.


Several days after the thieves invaded the village they were all taken into custody.
The ones wounded by magic were completely healed and their willpower returned as well.
I made a full recovery and finished basic training.
I plopped myself down while surrounded by clear and mild sunlight in the back of the mansion.

The study which raises basic skills of magic and the magic total volume is also possible by itself.
It is easily done.
Imagine the ideal magic image in your mind, and assume a pose.

Of course, I imagine
But when continuing this, the aptitude of magic will rise gradually

Consequently, it leads to increase total amount of magic. However, efficiency is bad.
Whatever it is, it will need a steady effort

In my mind there is Stellar magic which blows away a castle in one blow, and creation magic which gives the blessing of green to barren earth swirls in my mind.
It would be impossible for an individual to create.

Within delusions you are free.
But, I want to see such magic being used just once.
It’s absolutely impossible for the current me to do it.
” …… Ha~a, it’s good weather .”

I try to say something like old person who looked out of the retirement house by the window.

For several days, we were in a panic.

When I think about it, things seem very happy this time.
I discovered a shadow of a person far over and I kick up my heels with all my might.

It is Walkins.
What is she doing?
Near the entrance of the house, she is talking with something

“……Is that a bird?”

When observing carefully, it seems to be a huge bird.

What I mean is the size is strange.

The measure of its wingspan is about 3 meters.
The feather shines in seven colors and has a magnificent atmosphere.
The beak is extraordinary sharp. It seems to be a bird of prey.

The appearance of a mysterious bird, combine with Walkins together, I thought it looks like an aesthetic painting.
Walkin takes out money from her breast pocket and put it in the bird’s mouth.

The bird spit something out of its mouth
Walkins puts it away in her pocket, the bird passes through the gate as if nothing has happen.

Her face was filled with a quiet smile.
Was it something good?
Walkins return to the mansion.
The bird flew straight and left.

Was it some kind of trading?
I didn’t get a good look from the back.
Well, it has nothing to do with me.

While I convinced myself, I felt something cold on my neck

“……it’s raining.”

Moreover, it is quite strong.
The sound of thunder can be heard from a distance.
It was just fine until a while ago.
The sky became dark.
The cold water poured on my head as I felt miserable.

I’m likely to catch a cold if I just lie here.

I quickly return to the mansion in.
I have done enough image exercises.

Let’s call it a day.

I go up to the second floor and to the living room.

I thought I’d asked Shadiverga for a cloth to wipe my head.
However, he is not here.
At this time, he should always be doing state affairs in the living room.
While feeling doubtful, I head to the library.

I open the repaired door and peek inside.

At that time I heard the muffled laughter of a man.
It gives off the feeling of not being able to endure a laugh.

“……Okay, it is certain that it can’t be found”

The voice’s source is Shadiverga.
What is he doing at a place like this?
Shadiverga placed a board on the wall and is giving it a coat of paint.
He sneakily works while avoiding public attention.
I can’t shake of this strangeness off.
I stealthily tiptoe towards Shadiverga.
I waited until the right timing and put my hand on his shoulder.

“Hey, father.”

–That instant which I put my hand in place, thunder echoed outside.


Shadiverga give out unexpected scream.

In response, my shoulder popped with “bikun”

That was surprising.
Are you a victim that was killed in a fire?
Just greeting someone causes such a surprise, he paled as if the world had ended or he had seen a ghost.
When Shadiverga know the person who enter is me,

He patted his chest as if he was relieved
And gave out a deep sigh.

“What is it, Regis……”

“It not ‘What is it’. What are you doing so secretively?”

“No, no. it’s just a little hiding place—-“

The board which Shadiverga painted is observed.
It looked like an ordinary wall because he almost finished giving it a coat of paint.
However, there was a little vacant gap. There is a sense of incongruity.
Apparently, it seems to provide a storing space inside.
This board is like a concealed door.

“Hmmm, Is it to hide the collection?”

“Don’t tell Sefina and Walkin. It will be burned if they know”

“You receive such chastisement and still continue collecting it.”

“ It can’t be helped, my life’s worth living for this hobby”
Iyaiya, to collect private books is worth living?

I can’t write a student composition anymore.
If a class teacher said “I would like you to write about your father.” I would be plunge into the persecution route.

Well, I don’t intend to say anything about this hobby
I had a few in previous life as well.

“However, can this device even fool Walkins?”

“Don’t worry. Look at this.”

When the board is pressed up, a medium space becomes visible.
There are charming books— or not, It is a book which recommends women’s wear.
They are stacked flat and spread all over.

“What is this? It isn’t hidden here after all?”

“You would think so. But the books which, in fact, are very important here are missing”

Ahem, Shadiverga buff out his chest proudly.

Somehow, it seems that the device still has some gimmicks.
Even if I’m looking inside attentively, nothing is understood.

However, what would I do if I am Shadiverga?

The book’s life will end if found by a family member–
How would I treasure it?
I reversed his thinking, and arrived at an answer.

“Ah, a double door?”

“U……It has been found out by Regis. I have become worried whether it can be missed.”

“I think it will be safe. From a woman’s aspect, it will only be seen as an abnormal love for women’s wear.”

“In that case, there is no dignity.”

I calmly point it out.
However, the double door is well made with effort.

Though I think it is enough as camouflage.
Rather, it looks even stranger when it is strangely blocked up with the board.

“I think the cause of question is held by this board. In addition, it is what inside, putting out ordinary women’s wear. Won’t it be seem strange?”

“Yes, it is my aim letting you think it is doubtful.

“You are saying?”

“Regis, what do you think about me concealing women’s wear books?”


“No, besides that……”

Shadiverga drops his shoulder discouragingly.
He is a selfish guy
No choice, I’ll think seriously, too.

When summarizing the situation, it is easily put together.
A married man hides and has introductory books to women’s wear.
When a third party discovers this, they will think……

“—Ah, Is it a present?”

“Correct. I think of the next birthday for Sefina and Walkins, I’ll present clothes. They both often exert themselves.”

Hoh. Isn’t this a smart thing to do?
However, it is sad if this shrewdness is exposed.

“It is admirable effort, and a plan to conceal one’s collection.”

“In fact, I’m embarrassed to be found in the place I have selected.

I stuck this board first, purely to just hide the women’s wear books.”
I see. However, it is surely effective.
If I were to only have a glance at this,

It would appear to be a bookshelf of a young man preparing a gift.
Taking advantage of suspicions and twisting it around, is it not a splendid camouflage?

Besides, when selecting clothing for someone, there is a concern on how it looks to others, like if it is it too sexy?
In attempt to dress up a girl with beautiful figure,

I’m more embarrassed of the place where I drool more than being seen choosing cloth for my younger sister.

It’s the same for everyone right?

I felt like dying at that time.

“And, how many books does father have?”

“Well, some are entrusted to my friends. If everything is returned, there should be about 80 copies.”

“Still……it’s within normal range. But, I have never seen the place where you purchase the books.”

“Fufu, it might be so. After all, I have a secret personal connection to me.”

Personal connection.
Is there such thing for Shadiverga?
Dammit, I believed that only you and me alone knew about this.

I feel like I’ve been betrayed.
But even I have a friend.
There is one, from the lower class
Worship, praise, offer
The person called me a good for nothing.

“Is your acquaintance a book importer?”

“It’s regrettable. That fellow is an old friend which wanders the continent freely. They purchase books that are out of print in the Empire.”

It is amazing.
It’s from a hostile country and getting your hands on some is hard to come by.
They have to be a pretty excellent peddler in the kingdom.

“How did you become acquainted with such a person?”

“She is a peddler, but her main occupation is magic teacher.
I hear she works in the capital when she is free.
I think she was actively researching at some point.
Saying something about not having enough funds to keep researching.”

“What is her profession when she is free?”

“Well, well, it is an admirable one”

Shadiverga words become vague.
However, even if there is a friend who sell books for a hobby.
The place where he usually meets such a person has not been seen.
When I think so, Shadiverga murmured dissatisfied.

“…… Today, I asked for my book. I wonder if the familiar arrived.

“Ah. She is a busy person.

When it comes to delivery, the magic beast delivers the goods.”

I see, transactions were like that.
It is a tremendous technology.
Incidentally last time, it was stated in a book.
A demon beast is summoned, and a magic contact is used to employ the beast.

It’s used for delivery services.

It requires a person with considerable ability.

“I’d also like to go there and read.”

“When Regis grows up, you will understand. When you get frustrated, you will break if there is nothing to depend on.”

Wow, Shadiverga has a far eye.
No, it’s understandable.
Because, even I bought adult books many time as a high school student.
What was it again?
Those younger than 18 years old do not see, since it is covered with plastic.
So I went to a bookstore and bought it while letting out a bloodshot eye.
But, thinking back having such behavior was too suspicious.

On the way back, I was almost asked by the police about my actions.
That time, I was afraid of the direction that the conversation was headed so I ran away.
I was caught.
The police were running fast. It was awesome.

I was seen as a thug, and got arrested with a tackle.
The book was grandly thrown out by the momentum.
A woman passing by was judging me with eyes that were looking at trash.
Even if I made contact with my parents, it was so bad that they would not come to pick me up.
I was handed over to my sister, and I received a strict warning.
Even now I’m still traumatize.

“……Hmm. It’s late. Did the familiar spirit have an accident somewhere?”

Shadiverga hangs his head anxiously.
A while ago– if I remember that spectacle scene
Cold sweat gushed out of my back at that moment.
No, calm down.
Even if that is the case, I’m not involved in this.
I rather not be involved.
It is necessary to leave here right now.
If you ask, it is imaginary fears.

“Hey, father. Is there any chance of the familiar spirit is a bird?”

“It is so, you know well.”

“Does it has seven color feather and sharp beak by chance?”

“Yes, yes, it seems to be familiar spirit which she like most. She talks about its charm in various ways–how do you know, is he your friend?”

Shadiverga have a smile of nostalgia.
I ignored him, and try to go out full throttle.
To sudden action, He tilt his neck puzzled.

“Wh, What wrongs, Regis?

“Run away.”

“Ru-run away from what?”

“The business method is out. Walkins received the product a while ago.”

“What, such thing!?”

HAWAWAWA, Shadiverga is confused.
In front of strategist Rori Gunshi. ( a genius Japanese strategist.)
His escape is seen, he will try to make a run for it.
The secret spot was hidden momentarily, paint was thrown away and he tries to escape out of the window
Hey, just normally go out of the door.
In an instant, the window opened with dreadful power
Shadiverga didn’t open it.
With the evidence, a certain person entered from the window.

“Ara, Shadiverga-sama. What are you doing in such place like this?”

“Wa, Walkins!?”

Wait, what are you doing?
This is the second floor.
Shadiverga paralyzed with the appearance of Walkins.
A shot of lightning was produced, her appearance looks frightening.
Shadiverga moves backwards and tries to escape with haste from Walkins.
Seeing this reaction, Walkins looks disappointed.

“Ara, are you going  somewhere?

I wanted to kill some time, how regrettable.

In that that case, I’ll excusing myself to the mistress’ room, do you happen to read books?”
Saying so, Walkins pull out the book from her breast pocket.

It was good work until getting caught by the Law.
Shadiverga face cramps grandly.

“Wh-why does Walkins have it?”

“Shadiverga-sama can’t be bothered with it. Instead, I received for you.”

“I asked for it to be passed to me personally……”

“I got a reward from the magic society, and since I left the cash on delivery. If double the price was paid, I could receive it normally?”

“Ah, you traitoooorrrrrr!”

Apparently, the peddler seems to be in a more severe need of money than previously thought
Shadiverga you said ’That fellow is an old friend’
You said it with confidence.
What kind of friendship breaks with money.
Well, I guess it’s a prank from a friend, so it’s ok.

But, you attracted a huge land mine.
It’s a disaster towards your life.
Shadiverga begged with extraordinary motivation.

“Please, keep it a secret from Sefina!”

“What are you talking about? Do you think I would do such an inconvenient thing for my employer?”


“Ji-n” Shadiverga has been deeply impressed. (Jin is sound effect)

In his eyes, Walkin might have been an angel.

Well, Walkins is normally cute.
It’s all right, even an angel makes mistake.
I thought that I could watch the contract with the bird a little while ago only in my fantasy world.

“Thank you very much. From the bottom of my heart, but is it alright?”

Shadiverga grasps his hand and expresses his thanks
But unfortunately, the [employer] of Walkins is Sefina.
Toward the relieved Shadiverga , she finished speaking with confidence.

“It is alright. Because it was reported to my employer Sefina-sama as an active employee

“AAAAAAAA, it’s not alright!”

Shadiverga was taken before he could say his statement.
Though he resists, he was dragged off by Walkins and they went out of the library.
Is it called typhoon passing or after the storm?

My condolences.
Return alive.

By the way, it has cleared outside the window .
Those dark clouds suggested the future of Shadiverga.
I smile wryly and sit down on the chair of the library that has quite down.

I covered myself with a blanket and shut my eyes slowly.
I’m a little tired from the training.
I’ll take a generous nap.

“WAWAWA, Homicide, Homicide.”

There was a voice of a miserable man coming from downstairs.

I slowly lose consciousness while listening to that lullaby.

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