Din No Monshou - Chapter Prologue

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In hindsight, my life was trash.
I earnestly feel so.
If I can start again, I want to restart from a previous point in time.
Specifically, ten seconds ago.
Let me start over from that time.
Because, if I was able to return even ten seconds ago, I need not die.

A scream rises from the surroundings.
There is a man who shouts to call for an ambulance.
But most of the shouts were [Are you okay?]

No, it’s not okay.
I’m trapped under a steel frame. And I’m alive.
Meanwhile, a television report is being broadcast about the iron frame.
[It was a strong pressure. Yes, internal rupture.]
How is it being broadcast calmly?
It seems…
In a word, it is an answer.

The vision that I can see is narrowing steadily.
I can sense that my body is becoming cold.
The small business cards I got from my father had become red with my bodily fluids.
Although one might say, in this case, it was a mistake to leave.

The steel frame spike that was released by the labourer directly hit me.
Nevertheless, I’m dying.
It was too unreasonable.
I should not have gone outside on Christmas Night, if such a thing was going to happen.
And furthermore, the thought ‘Let’s get a job!’ should no longer occur to me.

Anyway, I was a man who could not do anything.
The only saving grace for me was that I was good at resisting pain.
I lived for 25 years and there were no good things (about me.)

My youth is accurately expressed in 2 kanji — It is so.
『無惨』 [Tragic]. Gloomy, isn’t it?  (TL:  Also translates as ‘Miserable’.  Take your pick.)
I was not especially eager for extracurricular activities.
Having said that, I was not one to study either.
How can someone be friends with one such as I?
A girlfriend was something of a dream.

I am a typical, useless human being.
From when is it that I entered into the death route?
Is it the time I had been affected by the flu on the eve of the college entrance examination?
Even with my poor academic ability, I should have somehow got into the university.

Putting up with intense joint pain and headaches, I somehow managed to get to the school gate.
However, to my regret, the disease I had was a biohazard.
I still remember how I was rushed to the hospital at the speed of light.
And then a supplementary examination.
The last chance I had.

The day before — I fell down with Norovirus. (TL: Norovirus, In the UK is known as the winter vomiting bug.)
Bad Oysters.
More than that, I was stupid.

Even though I wanted to liven the party with the family.
What on earth was I thinking, eating oysters that were meant to be cooked raw.
After all, my imouto was driven away.
But, I did not think I would really have such a serious illness.

To say, my result was that I did not receive entrance into a university in my youth.
Was it at that time?
The tension in me snapped and I began living a loose life.

The job-hopping part-timer who works in production.
I became estranged from my relatives too .
Needless to say, my parents gave up on me long ago.

[You, are you really my son?]

When those lines were spoken, I was unable to retort.
Well, I was jobless. At a mature age.
Although I debated whether or not to act upon the feeling and behave violently, but I had no such courage.
I cried all night, curled in a ball.
Nobody will take sides with me anymore.

However, my imouto was different.
My imouto was totally different from me.
Only she cared about me until the end.

It seems my parents proposed a plan to drive me from the house.
At that time, it was my imouto who persuaded my father to prevent it from happening.

The incompetent fool who can not do anything.
However, I wanted to be the elder brother in front of that person at least.
It was selfish pride.
But, even so. I didn’t fake only these true feelings.

Then, a report came that my imouto was getting married.
The partner was a novice doctor with good relations from the university days.
After several years of friendship, it seems he finally reached the finish line.

While it was lonely, on the other hand, I would be happy to send her off.
As a big brother, I wanted to celebrate the happiness of my imouto .
So, for the first time in several years, I spoke to that man.
I asked for an introduction to a job from my father who was reading a newspaper with a difficult face.

I lowered my face and was seriously scolded.
An alcohol jar was thrown at my head and my head bled.
However, I did not give up.

I am a person who is originally resistant to pain.
I have the self-confidence that even if a bone is broken, not one eyebrow will be moved.
For hours I continued to sit in front of my father.
This was stubbornness.

As a result, I received a business card from my father.
I understand only the company name and it was an enterprise that I had never heard of.
It was a rumour of the wind.
I heard it was being run as a “clinical trial”.

However, the information was only rumours up to there.
What was being done was something that’s unclear.
There was a suspicious aura about the conditions.

Though, it was fine if I could get money.
I can do something for my imouto.
It seemed good, no matter what.

And — across the nation, it was Christmas today.
I went out for the first time in a long time.
The place of the company is a multi-tenant building at the edge of town.
I walked straight there.

Here and there are men and women who were bringing their bodies close to each other.
In contrast, I prowled around in a suspicious manner.
I’m sure I would’ve be seen as a suspicious broker.

I tried to pass the front of the building under the construction.
At that time, a coupled walked in front.
They’re on good terms and a muffle is wrapped around one neck.
I was suddenly driven by an impulse that wanted to disturb them.

But it was different.
Today’s long-cherished desire is no such thing.
Simply recalling the face of my imouto, infinite power will appear.
I strayed largely from the couple and walked along the building.

I seemed to be able to tolerate any pain now.
Shoot even a genesis bow or gun at me.
There was even such a thought.

Then, was it the mischief of God or the Devil’s doings?
There was a big shadow at the foot of the building.
Is there a ship floating in the sky?

The moment that I thought so, I looked up.
My view was stained red.

My body became like a broken doll.
It hurts. It hurts.
What was this?
The pain was okay, but what was this flowing blood?

To die like this.
If I’m not mistaken, I was to die soon.
Not now.

Please, wait a little.
At least, only to the wedding ceremony of my imouto.
Please let me attend the place where she is congratulated.
Did the heavens vengeance come down on me, as I lived selfishly?

The judgement of God?
Anger of a great God.
Now that I have reached here, either doesn’t matter.

Then if it is God.
I won’t say I’d like to do it over anymore.
Even if I think that, I won’t say it.

So, for my imouto at least —
At least make her happy.
If that isn’t the case, I can’t rest in peace.

Also, if possible.
If possible for one more request.

It’s kind of stupid that I can’t celebrate the happiness of my imouto.
Give me the chance to make somebody happy in my future life at least.

A lazy lifestyle won’t be lead anymore.
I will live with full effort.
I’ll do everything I can.
So, s-so —

The area is filled with red light.
A noisy siren echoed in my ear.
Oh, did help come for one such as me?
Even though I didn’t get work, strangers are saved.
I think that it is a wonderful thing.

If there is a next time, I’d like to be a man who is loved by someone.
And I want to be the man who is able to save somebody.

I vomit a mass of blood, and I meet my end.
My life vanishes away.
At the last minute.
I spoke of an earnest desire which wouldn’t be voiced.

—- Only once more. A new life.

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