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To the south of Burning Phoenix Ridge Territory is the Soul Palace Territory, and towards the Soul Palace Territory's east is the Blood Reaper Underworld Territory, an infamous Mid-Sized Territory well known for its cruel inhabitants harboring vile nature as though it was natural.

The wicked path characters here, ranging from pipsqueaks to powerhouses, practiced Darkness Laws, Blood Laws, and Fire Laws as their primary laws, although they practiced Blood Laws more as it was easier for them to devour another human's flesh and blood and strengthen themselves upon refining their blood essence.

The righteous path considered this as wicked and wrong, equivalent to cannibalism, but the wicked path considered this as a form of resource to strengthen themselves, nothing more, nothing less.

Nevertheless, normally, if the wicked path wanted to reach the Burning Phoenix Ridge, they must go through the Soul Palace Territory or the Heaven Gazing Sect Territory. However, the wicked path would not try to cross the Heaven Gazing Sect Territory in fear of alerting them, so they would travel through the Soul Palace's Territory, which had an unspoken non-aggression pact with them from time immemorial, allowing them to move freely while the wicked path did not attack the Soul Palace.

Usually, the Soul Palace would've discovered such movements in their Territory and would more or less warn the righteous path powers of their coming, but this time, due to losing their peak powerhouses because of the Emperor of Death, their sphere of influence fell within their Territory.

In this fog of obscurity, the wicked path used the northeast quadrant of Soul Palace Territory to secretly enter the Burning Phoenix Ridge Territory through the Territory Fog and launch a full-blown attack on the Burning Phoenix Ridge, which caught them off guard.

But after being frightened by the Emperor of Death, they escaped using the same northeast quadrant pathway of the Soul Palace Territory and scrammed into their territories.

It was unknown what kind of defenses they adopted in order to counter whoever came for revenge, but a crimson light streaked past the horizon in the Blood Reaper Underworld as it sparkled with bright radiance as though it was a shooting star.

The people of the Blood Reaper Underworld in many cities, valleys, mountain hideouts, and abodes watched the blazing shooting star head towards the hegemon's direction, making them wonder what was going to happen as they couldn't help but feel strange.

Then one by one, through messaging talismans and word of mouth, they received word that the Spatial Blight Emperor was killed by the Emperor of Death, causing them to suck in a deep breath of cold air, their hearts beginning to rapidly pound, but by the time most realized, the crimson streak of light had already shot past and arrived at the hegemon's Blood Reaper Palace, where the buildings like tiled palaces and abodes floating in the skies were primarily adorned in the color spectrum of black, red and yellow, giving them a thick ominous yet dynamic atmosphere.

This bustling environment here in this wicked path city that appeared the same as any city in the righteous path is called the Crimson Blood City, the capital of the Blood Reaper Underworld. However, for a moment, it was as if though the entire world suddenly lost its sound and glamor before a shrieking resonance rushed past them.

"Blood World Trash Emperor! Come out and accept your death!"


A melodious yet cold voice echoed as the people in the Crimson Blood City all spat a mouthful of blood. It almost created a burst of blood aura that suddenly erupted into a mist and headed towards the air as though absorbed into something.

"I was careful of many scenarios, but it seems like your kindness made you choose the easiest one for me to survive. Ah, so ridiculous of you not to kill all the people upon your arrival."

A young and devilishly handsome man stepped out of the tallest nine-tiled palace. He wore a blood-red robe and seemed to adorn himself with the plainest clothes, yet its value could be seen at a glance. The long crimson halberd in his hand also seemed to be giving off a bloody aura that thirsted for blood, seemingly palpitating with hunger as it also absorbed the blood mist that appeared above.

Nevertheless, despite his words that reeked of a mocking tone, his lustful eyes kept their stare at the beauty a few kilometers away from him, separated by a faint blood-colored barrier.

Sect Master Lea Weiss seemed to be wearing a semi-transparent veil. Her crimson eyes appeared to be no longer dull nor stirred with unnatural emotions.

She didn't fall into his provocation, for she knew that if she killed them all, he would use their entire flesh and blood to power the formation, which would just give him more power instead, not that she cared as she still had the confidence to survive.

Surprisingly, she felt that her body was light, practically having no injuries. His faint image appeared in her mind as if wanting to take hold of her before she hurriedly shook her head. All that remained was the intent to kill as her crimson lips moved.

"Even if you surrender, I will not grant you a painless death!"

"My Lea, I was afraid that you ascended." The Blood World Emperor spoke in a heartened tone as he swung his halberd, "Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be the case. But, does this mean that you failed the tribulation, or was it someone else's tribulation? In any case, it doesn't matter because I will take you to the immortal world after crossing my heavenly tribulation."

Sect Master Lea Weiss merely raised her hand in response as she pointed towards the Peak-Level Emperor Grade Defensive Formation. Despite its faint look, she knew that it was a level higher in its defensive capability and had the property to absorb attacks to a degree that it allowed the Blood Reaper Underworld to survive for a very long time from their revenge, but she decided that it was no more.

But on the other hand, the Blood World Emperor couldn't seem to stop admiring Sect Master Lea Weiss's grace and beauty.

"You've become more beautiful ever since you stepped into the Peak-Level Law Rune Stage. It was as if the heavens truly made you for me. Come, come, I'll toast you a warm welcome-"

The Blood World Emperor's eyes widened in shock. His heart abruptly began to spike in its heartbeat rate as he felt her blazing oppressive undulations suppress him through the barrier. Furthermore, looking at the scarlet rune that appeared with the mark of a phoenix bird that looked bright red than crimson, different than the one he knew, made his rapidly beating heart skip a beat in terror.

"Fire Phoenix Phantasm Eruption~"

Sect Master Lea Weiss calmly pushed her rune towards the barrier. However, it shot forward instantly like a normal energy attack and struck the barrier when suddenly ten-kilometer-wide fiery wings emerged from the collision and flapped as though it was embracing the barrier.

The Peak-Level Defensive Formation didn't even hold a millisecond as it shattered while brilliant scarlet flames tinged with a hint of gold rushed into the city with unstoppable momentum.


The people who weren't luckily in the city but the outskirts could barely hear screams of thousands of people burning alive, reverberating for a short while in the Crimson Blood City before it died as the intense burning spread far and wide into the city, taking the lives of thousands of people in an instant.

However, it didn't stop. The scarlet flames seared through everything, even the hardest and most endurable ore with its intensity.

The sounds of burning buildings and palaces kept resounding amidst the foggy skies that were full of smoke from the destruction of many buildings made from ores. Utter destruction ensued as scarlet flames kept spreading to every part of the city and soon engulfed the entire western part before making it towards the other three directions.

Sect Master Lea Weiss still kept her hands pointed at the Crimson Blood City as though she was pushing her attack forward by herself, and it wasn't long enough before the scarlet flames reached their end, consuming plenty of lives.

Then, the waves of scarlet flames abruptly waned with a swing of her hands.

However, her eyes were narrowed as she saw that the Blood World Emperor had escaped, leaving a trail of heavy blood aura in the northern part of the city before jumping through a spatial gate. She was about to take a step forward when her pupils dilated.

A person appeared beside her, causing her body to freeze. It was a purple-robed man. Without a change in expression, he blankly stared at the destruction Sect Master Lea Weiss caused, turning the Crimson Blood City into scorched lands for a while before he turned to look at her, his eyes flashing in a strange light.

"Your karmic virtue considerably lessened as you must've killed at least three million people who had nothing to do with your attack on the Burning Phoenix Ridge..."

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