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Sect Master Lea Weiss's brows raised. 

She quickly assumed that his soul sense was that strong, but the remains of the people had all already turned to ashes, so how could he know the exact number? 

'Could it be that he knows Karmic Laws?' She thought.

After all, she could only vaguely sense karmic nature as she did not have much contact with Karmic Laws, but he could actually see it clearly to be saying the number?

Nevertheless, she didn't think much and shrugged.

"Doesn't matter. Even if the heavens deemed that they are innocent in my quest for revenge, as long as they are part of this wicked sect, I would kill them all."

Sect Master Lea Weiss took a step forwards and rushed into the distance, following Blood World Emperor's trail. Davis blinked before his figure flickered, appearing beside her. 

"Sounds about right, but you're just worsening your chances for your next heavenly tribulation..."


Sect Master Lea Weiss shot with her full speed, but Davis was easily able to catch up with her as he flew by her side. She wasn't surprised, considering soul cultivators were always faster on the same stage unless many levels were separating them.

She turned to look at him, sticking with her as though he was a fly.

"Why do you care? And why are you here? I don't need your help." 

She coldly uttered.

"Your sect sure did look like it didn't need my help a while ago, not to mention someone wouldn't have woken up without being healed by me."

Hearing his sarcastic tone as he shot a smirk at her, Sect Master Lea Weiss trembled as she thought that he was being purposefully hateful. But then, she suddenly noticed a point that she didn't notice, no, didn't dare to touch upon before.

"Ho- How did you... heal me...?"

She stuttered and appeared to have lost her composure.

Davis blinked at her as his smile faded. He contemplated in an instant and decided not to say it as she kept pushing him away. For all he knew, she might drift away and spill his secrets out of anger, so he promptly decided against it.

Without saying a word, he rushed forward, speeding past her.


Sect Master Lea Weiss clenched her teeth as her lips began to quiver.

What did he do to her to heal her?


Intense scarlet flames emerged behind her feet as she used a movement technique. The steps she placed in mid-air appeared more elegant and beautiful, as though she was a hopping phoenix before she caught up to Davis in a few seconds. She could see that they were rapidly approaching the next Territory where the Blood World Emperor seemed to have escaped, so knowing that they could get separated, she drew in more energy and overcame his speed before she blocked his path.

"What?" Davis felt amused as he stopped, "Do you want to race to who gets the kill first?"

"Ridiculous..." Sect Master Lea Weiss waved her head, "Tell me what you did, or I will kill you!"

Looking at her trembling expression, Davis still felt amused.

"Are you even capable of such a thing? Here..."

Davis stretched out his hands and took in his undulations, appearing to be defenseless. On the other side, Sect Master Lea Weiss's big bosoms heaved as though she was angered. However...

"Why are you bullying me...?"

Davis's amused expression faded as he looked at her crimson eyes that became teary again. The prideful Sect Master Lea Weiss he knew would never say this, especially while looking confused and agitated while her voice appeared flustered and soft.

It invoked his desire as a man to protect a woman like her, but knowing that it was also an inevitable part of the charm she possessed, he looked away.

"Lea, I didn't do anything wrong to you or take advantage of you."

He spoke in a gentle tone, causing her to stare at him with glazed eyes.

"Part of me wants to ignore. However, your feelings towards me are making me a bit sick in the head. I feel like I want to take advantage of you if I stay near you, so I'm out."

Davis took a step towards the side and rushed past Sect Master Lea Weiss towards the Territory Gate leading to the Infernal Lightning Palace. However, he didn't enter the Territory Gate, but Eldia stormed out of him, using her bolts of extinction lightning to carve a pathway through the Territory Fog.

Watching his figure disappear within the Territory Fog, Sect Master Lea Weiss looked shaken, appearing as if she didn't know what to do but could only feel her heart clench in pain.


'Why must it be like this when I obtained the greatest happiness within the Heart Demon Tribulation...? But things were different there, the tribulation shaping and accommodating the world according to my ideals... it can't be the same here as... I- I would not be loved nor can I hurt my disciple...'

She took a step forward but was unable to move past as though chains were binding her. She had to take a deep breath in order to move again, calming the stifling feeling using the hatred in her heart to kill the wicked path hegemons.

She waved her hand at the Territory Fog as intense Fire Phoenix Flames emerged from her and extinguished the fog, allowing her to rush in as this was the quickest way to reach the other side rather than going through the Territory Gate for powerhouses like them.

After all, the Territory Gate unleashed a pressure that was equal on all.


In a vast patch of land stretching thousands of kilometers amidst the thunderous mountains where red-colored lightning fell for a few days before returning to the sunny sky or dark night due to a peculiar phenomenon, the silhouette of a bloody light shot towards a city full of palaces and abodes, appearing even more prosperous than the Crimson Blood City that looked more barbarous.

The people here wore stately clothes and looked as if they were scholars and nobles, but as they looked at the undulating blood aura above the skies, they scrammed into their homes as they had already got the news of the Spatial Blight Emperor being killed by the Emperor of Death.

"Damn it! I didn't expect her to be so powerful!"

The Blood World Emperor cursed for the umpteenth time as he entered the Infernal Mountain City.

Although he craved Sect Master Lea Weiss, he craved his life more. He didn't hesitate to escape using his blood essence after the barrier broke, especially seeing that he had no chance against Lea Weiss's prowess that was surprisingly two levels higher than her cultivation base!

He felt utterly ridiculous as he knew that if he launched his own rune as a counterattack, it wouldn't have held against her new power. If it weren't for his prowess that was also a level higher, he wouldn't have been able to almost escape unscathed, much less survive that terrifying rune attack that took out his entire city that stood tall for millenniums.

'Curses, this blood essence could cost me my journey to ascendance. I'm not sure if I can overcome my heavenly tribulation or beat Lea Weiss, so it seems like I have no choice but to rely on these fools...'

He mused before he quickly made his way towards the highest palace. However, a bolt of infernal lightning abruptly shot towards him, causing his heart to skip a beat as he dodged.

"Infernal Lightning Emperor! We don't have the time to be playing right now!"

A young man donning stately crimson robes descended from his magnificent crimson palace, but he looked angered as he waved his hand.

"Scram! If you're here, the Emperor of Death will pick us easily instead of looking for us in multiple places-"

"Emperor of Death?" The Blood World Emperor appeared stifled, "We can't be worrying about a character like that when Sect Master Lea Weiss is attacking us!"

"What? That wench is still here? Just kill her already if she dares to-"

The Infernal Lightning Emperor suddenly noticed the Blood World Emperor's peculiarity before his eyes shot wide.

"Don't tell me she has become an Immortal and somehow-"

"No! But her prowess has become two levels higher! Quick! Raise the defenses and call the Deprived Soulstir Emperor! We must stand together, or we will be turned into ashes by her before the Emperor of Death could even get to us! He must be still seated on the-"

"There's no need to search for me, Blood World Emperor..."

A greyish-black scythe came swinging down on the Blood World Emperor whose scalp turned numb before he shot forward, feeling an enormous killing intent manifest behind him suddenly out of nowhere!

He didn't even sense it coming!

Blood splashed as a body part severed from the Blood World Emperor's body and spun in mid-air, plunging towards the ground before darkness overwhelmed it and devoured the whole flesh, not leaving anything behind.

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