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The Deprived Soulstir Emperor appeared ready to pull his Legacy Artifact's strings again, his fingers right beside the zither. Its sounds were not only ominous as if harboring the sound of annihilation but also uncommon in the fact that it attacked one's soul instead of the body and its senses.

"You think you can make a threat like that and make us feel frightened? I bet you can't use your overwhelming life-stealing technique after using it today. Perhaps, that is why you're not using it against us right now!"

He bellowed despite his calm demeanor as though he was trying to perceive the truth through Davis's reaction.

Davis, who had just regained his balance and patted his robe in conjunction as he stared at the Deprived Soulstir Emperor, moved his lips as he began to speak in a nonchalant tone.

"You spared me the trouble to go search for you. How disciplined…"

"Act… act all you want." The Deprived Soulstir Emperor chuckled, "With the three of us attacking you, you won't survive."

"It's perfect. I've just made a breakthrough in my Death Laws. However, I am lacking in battle experience, so all three of you can help me improve in this aspect…."

The expressions of the three wicked path hegemons twitched. They knew that he couldn't keep alive as this was a do-or-die situation for them.

The Deprived Soulstir Emperor suddenly pulled on one of his zither's strings. It reached a high note as a formless intent formed in front of it and struck towards the Emperor of Death. The latter could not see it but could feel it coming his way with his soul sense when suddenly, two other figures appeared to his sides as they cornered him, pointing their Legacy Artifacts at him.

A crimson staff crackling with arcs of red infernal lightning came smashing down while a bloody halberd, radiating with vigorous blood energy as if wanting to devour, stabbed out. 

Attacked on all three sides, Davis's expression didn't change. His right leg moved ever so lightly when his body began to phase out as though he had turned gaseous.

'This again…!?'

The Blood World Emperor and Infernal Lightning Emperor couldn't help but feel exasperated and helpless as they saw their Legacy Artifacts slip through the Emperor of Death's grayish-black gaseous body as though he didn't exist. They didn't know what kind of movement technique it was, and the pressure he put on them using his soul force made them feel stifled, unable to see through his technique to strike at the correct target.

Moreover, the high note also slipped through him, causing Deprived Soulstir Emperor's pupils to dilate.

He had never seen a person in his life able to dodge his zither's soul strike that was able to instantly kill a High-Level Law Rune Stage Powerhouse! Withstanding it, he could understand, but dodging?

His confident expression couldn't help but start to tremble before he clenched his teeth.

"Corner him! Only my soul attacks have a chance to kill him!"

The Blood World Emperor and Infernal Lightning Emperor nodded, knowing that the Deprived Soulstir Emperor probably had a trick up his sleeve. The two of them had one too, just like the Spatial Blight Emperor using the chalice to reap the lives of his subordinates in order to overpower himself, his ordinary prowess becoming two levels higher. 

However, they thought that it was useless against the Emperor of Death. But, the Infernal Lightning Emperor felt like he could probably try his own technique as it also had a harmful effect on souls, although the infernal nature harmed the flesh more, disrupting the flow of blood and making it expand to burst.

On the other hand, Davis gained some distance and snickered at them with a scornful look on his face.

'It's a good thing I got the Waning Twilight Phantasm Steps that use soul force as a catalyst to perform this wonderful movement technique.'

He didn't think that he would obtain a Peak-Level Emperor Grade Darkness Attribute Movement Technique that would be compatible with Death Laws from Fallen Heaven. It was just like Dark Concealing Shroud Art, having a similar type of circulation compatibility to use Death Laws, although he had to find the correct and optimal way to use it during the week he spent with Nadia when he trained his skills in Death Laws.

A large swirl of red infernal lightning surrounded him in a web, trying to restrict his movements when a halberd was thrown straight towards him. It radiated a sharp and devouring might as it neared Davis. However, Davis used the Waning Twilight Phantasm Steps again, easily dodging it.

Suddenly, a low and mid-note resounded in an ominous tone. Their formless intent mixed together and struck a grayish-black entity when Davis suddenly felt himself struck as he was sent flying back. 

"So that's how it is… Ahaha!"

The Deprived Soulstir Emperor went wide-eyed at this scene before he laughed.

He found that his high note attacks were unable to catch Davis because they were too fast and spread out, but if he used the low note to concentrate to a pinpoint and attack while using the mid note to make it vibrate intensely enough to capture the target's waning existence that repeatedly moves at an extremely fast speed, he knew that he could capture the target, the Emperor of Death. 

"What are you laughing at? It's not like your weak attacks have a chance to even injure my soul…."

Hearing the Emperor of Death's voice that was full of contempt, the Deprived Soulstir Emperor's expression froze. He almost clenched his teeth and raged but furiously smiled instead.

"Haha. I'll show you how weak my attacks are…."

He pulled on the string, but a formless intent didn't form. Instead, a piece of ominous music began to flow that twisted the atmosphere, making Davis feel a bit restless.


The Blood World Emperor appeared behind Davis and struck out with his halberd after collecting it, blood emerging forming at the tip of the halberd's blade. Davis recreated a dark scythe using soul force and struck the crimson halberd, closing as they radiated a powerful might enough to sunder the skies and split the space. However, his dark scythe instantly shattered while he was forced to retreat two steps back.

Arcs of red infernal lightning surrounded him, cutting off his path of retreat when a crimson staff came smashing down on him as it elongated into a ten-meter tall monstrously powerful staff. The intense pressure Davis felt at this moment made his heart skip a beat, but he kept calm as both his martial energy and soul force rushed out.

The death energy was spread out like an ebb of a wave and crashed onto the elongated crimson staff, slowing down its movement before it struck the barrier formed by his martial energy, managing to shatter it. However, the force of the staff was killed, and its impact was no longer as deadly as before as Davis easily withstood the Infernal Lightning Emperor's onslaught and retreated again.

But at this moment, the Deprived Soulstir Emperor suddenly sent a high note which collectively embraced the musical notes he had performed before formulating them into a mighty formless intent that shot towards the Emperor of Death.

Davis almost instantly used the Waning Twilight Phantasm Steps as he tried to dodge the incoming attack. But the Blood World Emperor also attacked him at this moment as his crimson halberd shot towards him with a tremendous speed, effectively locking and sealing his movements under the radius of the formless intent that managed to arrive before him and struck.


Blood sprayed in the air as Davis was sent flying at this moment. Although he managed to dodge the crimson halberd's dangerous piercing and to devour prowess, he spat a mouthful of blood as the formless intent of music attacked his head and injured his soul, rushing past his defenses. 

'Tch…' Davis felt like his head was spinning, making him feel nauseous as he thought, 'As expected, I'm still too inexperienced to be battling to the death against three equal-level opponents at the same time….'

However, while blood dripped from his lips, he smiled as he snapped his fingers.

The three wicked path hegemons felt their heart skip a beat as they hurriedly used their entire energies to defend their souls, becoming extremely cautious of the mysterious life-stealing technique. However, they suddenly noticed a purple lantern floating behind the Blood World Emperor as their eyes bulged.

The Blood World Emperor noticed it too and quickly retreated without even wasting a second. However, it was already too late as purple flames emerged from the lantern and struck the Blood World Emperor, overwhelming him as the flames ignited him and shot straight through his soul.

"Ahhhh!!! No! Spare me!!!"

Without the crimson halberd, his Legacy Artifact that he launched against Davis, he was quickly unable to hold as his soul shattered from being extinguished by the purple flames!

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