Chapter 730: 730

Ye Chen!

Xia Houzun was getting emotional . A cold light shoot out in his eyes . Before Ye Chen had appeared, they as the top five young warriors ruled the whole young generation . However, after Ye Chen had appeared, the five young warriors slowly were caught up with besides only Bai Wuxue still had his position while the other four had already been replaced, for example, Du Gujue, Yan Fengfeng, Dantai Mingyue and there were still so many people chasing in the back as well . Regardless if Xia Houzun would admit it or not, the ending of the top five young warriors had all started from the appearance of Ye Chen .

“Our battle had only begun . ”

Tightened his fists, Xia Houzun was trying to control his emotion . Compared to his whole like, the peak level Late Seas of Souls Realm was only the beginning, the Life and Death Realm would be the main stage .

Ye Chen did not pay much attention on Xia Houzun before . His eyes scanned through the crowd before landing on that massive cave which was so huge that it was two thousand meters big . With the shortest side was still one thousand meters . Inside the cave, it was pitch black, pushing his vision to extreme, it would be impossible to see it clearly . Only by judging the hot wind coming out from inside could he tell that it was not a dead end .

Before, the cave would not be enough for people to stop to look, since being able to make it here would all be powerful warriors . They would be either demi king warriors or top master level warriors with tough surviving power, it would not be afraid of an unknown cave .

There must be a reason for everyone to stop .

“Everyone, this cave is the only path towards the graveyard . However, meanwhile, this cave was also the nest of the predator queen . There must be so many invisible spider webs . Seven people had already died in there with three of them being demi king warriors . ”

It was demi king warriors from the Lin family who was talking, they all called him the Guang Lin King .

“The predator queen…”

Some of the late comers were shocked .

If the predator king was like a normal demi king warrior, then the predator queen would be a top one . What was even more horrifying was that the predators had the spider webs as their advantages so that they could even haunt creatures that were way much more powerful than them . In another word, if wanting to enter this cave, then even top demi king warriors might have a chance of dying . And none of the warriors presents were even top demi king warriors .

“What about us?”

A demi king warrior who had never been in here for long .

Guang Lin King said, “The more people there were, the more power there would be . Before there weren’t not many of us, but now there are thirty-six of them . We can join forces to attack the cave and perhaps we can clear out all of the obstacles that’s blocking our ways . If we can even push out the predator then it would be even better . With all of power combined together, there is definitely no way of getting out for the predators . ”

“Will we shatter the cave?”

Someone questioned .

“No need to worry, I think everyone has noticed it too . In the underworld, there is this invisible power covering it all, it limited drastically our destroy power . ”

Guang Lin king said confidently .

Qing Liu nodded . When she and the marshland king battled, when her opponent suddenly changed into his second form, that blown her right into the top of the black rock which only sank in half a meter . It was unbelievably tough, it could handle a lot of impact .

“What are you waiting for? Let’s do it together!”

Heard the person, everyone was prepared . They did not plan to take over the treasures inside the graveyard on their own . They only wanted a couple which would be enough for them to digest for a long time . Since the four extreme emperor was a very famous king warrior, he had also four powerful beast king warriors .

“Alright, everyone flies above the cave and when I say ‘attack’, then everyone attacks together, okay? Do not hesitate . ” When Guang Lin King was talking, the demi king warrior from the ice pavilion and the demi beast king from tiger race seemed to be exchanging an look . Cold light shone in their eyes .

Although thirty-six warriors were not quite a lot of warriors there since they were not top master level warriors but demi king warriors, which made them quite a powerful force . However, compared to the two thousand meters wide cave, they were only ants . Flying all the way into the sky, a lot of the warriors shivered a little while looking down at the cave . A fear appeared from the bottom of their hearts .

No one had noticed it but it seemed like that Guang Lin King and the demi king warrior and demi beast king from ice pavilion and the heaven tiger race secretly moved all the way to the very top . While everyone was still below them, Guang Lin King yelled, “Everyone gets ready! Prepare your power! Try to break it through in one go!”

“Guang Lin King, don’t worry . With thirty-six of us joining forces, the queen of the predators would be sapped for sure . ”

“He’s right . There is no need to worry at all . ”

Everyone was confident as they prepared their most powerful attacks .

“Let’s go up a bit . ”

Ye Chen’s instinct was telling him that something was not right . His qi and blood was boiling as he saw Guang Lin King and the other two were up there . He said to his group .


Yan Fengfeng did not understand .

Qing Liu looked like she had lots of thoughts in her mind, she said, “Let’s hear him out . He must have his reasonings . ”

Just like that, they also moved out quietly without anyone noticing . Plus them, there were thirteen of them in total .

“Let’s do it . ”

Guang Lin King yelled .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!…

All of the sudden, that beautiful qi flow flew from the sky and shooting into the cave . There were blade qi, sword qi, palm prints, solidified zhen yuan, wind blade lightning…although all of the qi power was still rather small in comparison to the cave, but soon, that seemingly-nothing power exploded out an impressive destroy power . The whole massive place was filled with different colors . Countless qi flow scrubbed in the air, forming an energy black hole which could suck in everything during its way down .

Everyone could see it clearly that some of the invisible spider web had revealed itself before being sucked in .

Seeing it, everyone was excited .

The cave’s depth was unknowingly deep . The noise caused by the energy black hole was getting further and further until nothing could be heard .

“Alright, let’s try this again!”

Guang Lin King said anxiously .


Without him reminding, everyone was already prepared to throw another killing attack, that powerful qi flow sliced down layers after layers of walls .

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!…

After the second round of attacks, an extremely sharp air-slicing sound was heard from the deep part of the cave . The next second, dozens of white lines appeared at the same time, covering most of the warriors above the cave .

“No! This is the spider string from the predator queen . ”


“Cut it down!”

“It’s dragging us in!”

It all happened too fast, a lot of people did not have the time to react before being stuck with the spider string . They were quickly dragged into the cave . Some of the people with faster reflex were able to fight back and try their best to avoid the spider string . One of the warriors right below Ye Chen and the group managed to dodge one string before being stuck with another one . He then made a quick decision to release his zhen yuan protective layer . However, unfortunately, there were too many spider strings, the remaining people got them all .

Eventually, his feet had been tangled and was about to drag in any second .

“Save me!”

He reached out to Ye Chen and Qing Liu .

“Save him!”

Ye Chen did not hesitate at all before waving out that sword attack . The black sword qi cut through the spider string and that invincible destroy sword qi had somehow not cut through the spider string, instead, it had only made it thinner .

“Mysterious Finger!”

Right after that, Qing Liu pointed out one finger and shattered the spider string .

The warrior managed to dodge death and he hurried to fly to Ye Chen and said emotionally, “Thank you so much for saving my life . I, Sun Tianlang, owe you my life . If you need me in any way in the future, I will do everything to thank you . ”

Ye Chen replied, “Brother Sun, let’s just help each other in the future . ”

Sun Tianlang was also a demi king warrior . Working together, their general power had increased drastically, if they ran into the ghost wood king and the gopher king, they would be able to beat them for sure .

“Alright, alright!” Sun Tianlang nodded his head passionately . He then looked down at the cave, he sighed, “So brutal, there were thirty-six warriors, and now there are less than dozens of them . If it were not for you warriors, I would probably be dead by now . ”

Ye Chen said, “Brother Sun, do you think this is a coincidence?”

Sun Tianlang looked at Ye Chen .

Ye Chen continued to say, “Before you arrived here, how many people were said to be here?”

“I had come here quite early, there were about seven or eight of them here already . ”

Sun Tianlang shook his head .

“Then that makes sense now, it meanet that before your arrival, they had killed already . After learning how horrifying the predator was, he decided to suggest people to get rid of the spider pradator to get rid of the obstacles, they might be using us . ”

“You mean that they knew this was going to happen?” Sun Tianlang said furiously .

Ye Chen said, “I am only guessing, as for whether if it was real or not, I do not know as well . Perhaps it was only a coincidence . However, I think brother Sun best not to show any hostility towards them . It might not be the smart thing to do . ”

Took a deep breath, Sun Tianlang said, “Don’t worry . I will not . ” Amongst the remaining warriors, Guang Lin King and his group had taken up half of the warriors, while there were only five of them on their side . The shield king and Xia Houzun could not be counted as well, therefore, if there was a conflict then it would only be him that would take the most hit .

“It is still a long way to go . Let’s just be careful . ”

Ye Chen had also noticed Sun Tianhao’s chaging expression . He did not think that he had saved Sun Tianhao’s life and that he would just be loyal to them . At the most critical moment, as long as he did not stab him in the back would be great already . Only by revealing Guang Lin King’s evil plan could increase the insecurity inside Sun Tianhao’s mind and make him become dependent on them since without Ye Chen and the others, Sun Tianlang would be all alone and would face life threatening danger any second .

Of course, it was not that Ye Chen was trying to use him, it was more of a win-win situation . The more people the more power, it was just the rule .

Shoo! Shoo!

It was right then, when the skinny elder and teenager as well as the iron hand king flew over .

“Iron Hand King . ”

Qing Liu had got a cold light in her eyes .

Iron hand king forced a chuckle . “What a coincidence!” Right now, he was on his own, he would not dare to mess with her anymore .


Qing Liu still had that cold look in her eyes, but she could not attack him on purpose as well . It was not time yet .


Shortly after the three had arrived, a loud laugh was heard from afar as well as a beam of bright thunder light .


Guang Lin King and the others started to frown as they looked over at the source .

Shoo! A beam of thunder light solidified . It was the thunder spirit king .

“Thunder spirit king, nice to meet you . ”

Guang Lin King greeted him with both of his fists sounding very respectful . If before they were the ones that control the whole area, then the appearance of the thunder spirit king had changed everything . With his power alone, he could kill all of them . That was what extreme power meant in this world .



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