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Part 1

Before going to see Beibei and Xu Sanshi’s match with Tang Ya, Huo Yuhao had made some money, and he didn’t forget to dig out the gold coin from inside the oven. When he and Wang Dong arrived at the cafeteria, he had the feeling of being rich and powerful.

They had an exceptionally rich breakfast and greatly replenished their bodies. They arrived early; even by the time they finished, not many students had arrived yet.

“There is still some time until class starts, let’s go back to our dorm.” Huo Yuhao patted his full stomach and stretched himself with a face full of comfort.

From his arrival to Shrek Academy until now, he had slowly become more cheerful. Here, he finally had friends and furthermore, people who cared deeply about him like Teacher Xiao Ya and elder brother Beibei. It was so much better than the cold atmosphere in Duke’s Estate.

Wang Dong responded, “Forget about it. You want to go back to cultivate. If you stretch a string too hard, it will break. You should rest when you can. Let’s go walk along the Sea God Lake and relax a bit. The Mystic Water Pill helped your cultivation quite a bit. This short duration won’t matter.”

“Okay.” Huo Yuhao answered happily. It had been a few days since he entered the academy, but he still had not visited the Sea God Lake yet. They also had time before classes start, so they might as well go for a walk.

The two left the cafeteria and walked around the freshman academic building toward the east along the southern edge of Shrek Plaza. After a while they reached the lakeside trail.

Walking through the forest next to the trail, the sparkling Sea God Lake appeared before their eyes.

A wave of gentle vapor came toward, mixed with refreshing air. Even though the Sea God Lake was man made, its waters were extremely clean and the blue waters looked clear. On the brocade-like surface, layers of ripples flowed like a little girl winking. It also reflected the blue sky and white clouds on its surface, along with the green trees on the edges of the lake.

“So beautiful!” Wang Dong breathed in deeply and forcefully stretched his body.

When he stretched his body, his shirt naturally went up and revealed his perfect bottom. Huo Yuhao was definitely not purposely looking at it, but his gaze inadvertently swept over and he was reminded once again of the whiteness he saw yesterday……

He awkwardly turned his head to look toward the Sea God Lake. This lake covered an extremely large area that was probably bigger than the entire academic area. In the distance, there was also a layer of fog on the surface.

After his Purple Demon Eye’s evolution, his Spirit Eyes once again experienced a significant upgrade. Even without injecting Spirit Power, he could still see very far. He faintly saw that in the fog, there appeared to be a few buildings. He remembered Xiao Ya and Beibei’s description and thought privately, *That must be the inner school.*

Even though Elder Brother was so outstanding, he was still in the outer school. How powerful the students in the inner school must be!

“Huh?” Just as Huo Yuhao was wondering, he suddenly saw a red dot appeare within the fog.

“What is it?” Wang Dong asked with uncertainty.

Huo Yuhao pointed to the direction he was looking at, “Look. There seems to be a red dot.”

Wang Dong looked toward the direction Huo Yuhao was pointing at but only saw fog. “Where?” He questioned what Huo Yuhao said, but in the next moment, his eyes widened. He saw it too. What red dot, it was obviously a red figure running on the surface of the water with a shocking speed. Seeing how it was going, it was obviously rushing toward them.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong looked toward each other and exclaimed at the same time, “An inner school senior?”

The speed at which that red figure was moving was really shocking. In only a short while, it was already in the middle of the lake. Ripples spread each time the tip of a foot touched the surface. The figure borrowed the slight surface tension and unceasingly accelerated like a mass of red clouds quickly floating forward.

Now closer, Huo Yuhao could see even more clearly. That red figure not only had red clothes but even its hair was a blood red color. He had a slender body and released a biting pressure like a fearsome beast. There was also a red mask on his face. Even the eyes were red.

The air around his body was distorted and mist rose where his feet touched.

“This senior looks really powerful! Look, he could run on the lake even without releasing his Battle Spirit.” Wang Dong said toward Huo Yuhao with a face full of excitement.

Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was not as high as his but was more sensitive, “Wang Dong, I think something is wrong!”

That red figure was moving way too fast. During their short exchange, it was already within a hundred meters of the edge. A fearsome hotness suddenly surrounded them. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong suddenly showed dismay in their eyes. They realized at the same time that a mad aura erupted from the body of this upperclassman that was definitely not normal.

With a “shua” sound, blue wings opened on Wang Dong’s back. Grabbing Huo Yuhao, he wanted to fly into the sky. But with this movement, that red figure had already arrived in front of them.

The fearsome temperature extended. Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao felt as if they had been covered by a sea of fire. The wings on Wang Dong’s back suddenly curled and they fell onto the ground. The surrounding ten meters almost all instantly turned brown.

The difference in cultivation was way too great. Wang Dong still wanted to release his spirit ability but he had just stimulated his Spirit Power before being attacked by the heat and directly fainted.

Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was even lower than Wang Dong. However, never forget, he had a formless ice attribute Battle Spirit.

Stimulated by an external high temperature, this ice attribute Battle Spirit immediately erupted and Huo Yuhao’s level twelve Spirit Power was completely exhausted within a single second. Also, that red figure had started extending a big hand, slapping toward him.

Just the high temperature surrounding him was scary enough. If he gets slapped, wouldn’t he die a horrible, miserable death?

The last thing Huo Yuhao could do was activate Soul Assault. However, the difference between them was too big and his Soul Assault did not even go through the fire aura before disappearing. Looking forward, he was about to turn to ashes under the searing palm.

Just then, everything turned white in front of Huo Yuhao’s eyes and the surroundings became blurry.

Part 2

*Dead? Am I dead like this?* With the arrival of death, his heart was not unwilling because everything happened too suddenly. So now, he was at a loss.

The scene suddenly cleared and Huo Yuhao saw a miraculous scene. He saw himself…..

If Wang Dong was still awake then he would have seen an unparalleled, shocking scene.

At the instant when Huo Yuhao was about to be swallowed by the huge searing palm, the colors of his Spirit Eyes suddenly changed. Faint golden blue eyes suddenly turned white; white like ice formed over thousands of years.

A wave of extreme cold suddenly spread from Huo Yuhao’s body. It actually managed to dispel all the roaring heat in front. That fire red figure quickly stepped back.

When Huo Yuhao used his Spirit Eyes, the spirit ring that rose was white. But now, that white ring had turned an incomparable golden color. Its piercing golden glow was like the sunrise.

With Huo Yuhao’s body as center, a diameter of a hundred meters had turned into an ice world. Even the Sea God Lake had been frozen solid.

That red figure seemed to be shivering violently. A fearsome pressure constantly formed in the air. Huo Yuhao’s right arm slowly rose and pointed with his forefinger, which had turned icy blue some time before. His eyes shone with white light. A somber voice suddenly rang in the air.

“Who dares harm my chosen person? Who dares disturb my sleep? Go die.”

Pointing with his finger toward the front, an icy blue light flashed through the air and disappeared, flying straight toward that red figure.

The red figure’s surrounding temperature dropped sharply as Huo Yuhao’s body continued to spread the coldness. Maybe the red figure felt the impending danger. His body shook violently and a sudden loud shriek can be heard.

Just behind him, a huge phoenix rose along with six spirit rings: two yellow, two purple,  and two black. A Spirit Emperor! The second, third and sixth spirit rings flashed at the same time. The fire raging behind him suddenly became a dark red color. A strand of flame, thin as a finger, came out of that fire phoenix’s mouth and collided with the icy blue light shooting out of Huo Yuhao’s finger.

Chi! Chi! A series of strange sounds rang out and the strand of flame crumbled instantly. The huge phoenix rushed forward and stood in front of the red figure.

In the violent roar, the fiery red figure was instantly covered by a layer of blue ice and fell into the Sea God Lake. A large amount of white vapors rose into the air.

Huo Yuhao wanted to chase after it but he paused as he heard a voice, “Annoying. Someone else is coming. Wow, this little guy’s constitution is improving so fast! Looks like I can give him a bit more power. Time to disappear.”

The golden light quickly faded along with the cold. The lake’s water also rapidly returned to its normal condition. Huo Yuhao’s white eyes also turned back to normal and he collapsed onto the ground.

The lakefront that was just a moment ago filled with fearsome Spirit Power suddenly became quiet. On the edge, there was only Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong, fainted on the ground.

Far away, deep within the Sea God Lake, many shadows came with shocking speed. With a few blinks they were already at the edge of the lake.

“No good. Outer school students were injured.” The leader was an old man wearing white clothes. He suddenly appeared in the air as if he teleported and went to the side of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. Gesturing with his hands, their bodies floated.

“Good thing they only fainted. They didn’t receive any damage. Teacher Li, please treat them.”

“Yes.” Another white clothed, middle-aged man answered and quickly stepped forward. If Huo Yuhao or Wang Dong were awake, they would immediately realize that this Teacher Li was the one who had treated them with the Tree of Life Battle Spirit yesterday.

Releasing his spirit rings, green halos surrounded Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s bodies. A miraculous scene appeared. The withered plants in the surrounding area recovered with shocking speed. Vaguely, one can see that the vegetation surrounding the Sea God Lake all emitted a faint green glow toward Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong that diffused into their bodies.

“Xiao Tao is here.”

With the sound of water, a white-clothed man fished out the red-clothed figure.

The red-clothed person’s clothes were soaked and revealed a graceful figure. Seeing this view, the figure was actually a girl.

The white-clothed elder came next to her and rapidly infused her with Spirit Power.

“How strange!” He raised his brows as if he couldn’t understand something.

“Teacher Li, how are the conditions of those outer school students?” He turned his head toward the teacher treating Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Teacher Li answered, “No problem. They should wake up soon.”

The white clothed elder let out a breath, “Fortunately, no harm resulted. Looks like Xiao Tao maintained a trace of consciousness. Teacher Li, take these two students back and advise them to forget what they saw. If it spreads, they will be expelled. Give them a good compensation. Let’s go back.”

The last few words were said to the others. He picked up the red-clothed girl and turned into a flash of white light toward the middle of the Sea God Lake.

When Huo Yuhao fainted, he could not longer see everything that had happened outside and obviously didn’t know what happened.

“You made Ge wake up so soon. So annoying!” The Daydream Iceworm’s voice rang out within his sea of consciousness.

Huo Yuhao blankly asked, “Daydream Ge, you helped out just now?”

Daydream answered, “Of course it was Ge. If not, you would have become a roasted stick. Her fire attribute was very strong. She actually had the godly beast phoenix within her blood. If not, Ge can kill her with a single finger. No matter, she probably lost her mind. Her fire was evil but Ge didn’t eat those ten-thousand-year ice essences for nothing. She is far from my power. Xiao Huo Yuhao, you have been cultivating smoothly. Your constitution grew quite a bit. I have started releasing the first seal out of ten that I left within your body.”

Part 3

“Is that true?” Huo Yuhao was overjoyed. Since arriving at Shrek Academy, he had realized how weak he was after seeing so many powerful individuals, and desired power even more. Unfortunately, his potential is not good and he could only make up for it by spending extra effort. Now, even the Daydream Iceworm had praised him. How could he not be happy?

The Daydream Iceworm said depressingly, “However, Ge used source energy just now. This power is the source of my consciousness. From another perspective, it is the intelligence residing within your spirit ring. This is the only way to protect your body and use my energy. Also, since your body experienced a shock, you will not be able to endure my power possessing your body again for at least a year. You need to be careful. If you meet another opponent you cannot resist then it will be over for both of us. Okay, let’s not talk anymore. I’m going back to sleep. Spend more effort. When you obtain your second spirit ring, you won’t have to bother Ge any more.”

Daydream Iceworm was always in a hurry each time he appeared. Huo Yuhao still had questions about controlling his spirit abilities but Daydream had already fallen into a deep sleep and everything darkened.


Wang Dong woke first. Blinking his eyes, he saw the white-clothed, middle-aged man in front of him. Before he could say anything, Huo Yuhao made a sound to his side and also slowly opened both eyes.

Not knowing as much as Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong was at a loss and angrily said, “What happened just now? What was that monster?”

The white-clothed man faintly said, “You guys are fine now. Please forget what you saw earlier. If not, you will be expelled from the academy. Please, have these two items as compensation. I believe you are both smart people.” As he said this, he gave a green object each to Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

The two subconsciously held out their hands to receive it. That white-clothed man turned and went toward the Sea God Lake. “Time to go to class. Remember, forget everything you saw just now.”

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong looked at each other sluggishly.

“Huo Yuhao, what do you think is going on?” Wang Dong said with a low voice.

Huo Yuhao shook his head, “I don’t know either. Seems like we encountered a madman.”

Wang Dong looked down at the green object in his hand and suddenly paused. Right after, his face was filled with pleasant surprise, “Wow. So lucky. Spirit Ascension Pill. It’s actually a Spirit Ascension Pill.”

Huo Yuhao looked at the green thing in his hand with doubt. It was a green pill, the size of a walnut, with a refreshing smell. The surface was jade green, and crystal clear light flowed inside, filled with the breath of life.

“What is a Spirit Ascension Pill? Is it a drug like the Mystic Water Pill?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Wang Dong responded, “Yes! And it’s of the same level, too. Comparatively, the Mystic Water Pill is a bit more valuable because it has the ability to clean your meridians. However, for Spirit Masters above level thirty, the Spirit Ascension Pill is even better than the Mystic Water Pill. So, the values of these two pills are very similar. You should be careful with it. Rumor has it that it is very hard to create this pill. I can’t believe that teacher spent this much to keep our mouths shut. I will pretend as if I didn’t see anything before.”

Huo Yuhao said, “Please clarify a little. What does this Spirit Ascension Pill do?”

Wang Dong laughed, “I won’t tell you. Beg me to!” He immediately turned and ran toward the freshman academic building.

Huo Yuhao was speechless and carefully stored the Spirit Ascension Pill in his Twenty-Four Moonlight Bridges before chasing after Wang Dong. He yelled as he ran, “If you don’t tell me then I will go ask Elder Brother. He will definitely know. If you tell me now, I’ll treat you to lunch.”

Wang Dong slowed down and waited for him to catch up, “Then I want to eat something delicious.”

Huo Yuhao brought out his entire fortune and said, “Anyway, I’m an orphan without a home. This is my entire fortune. You can decide what to do with it.”

Wang Dong paused, “You, you’re an orphan?”

Huo Yuhao nodded.

“Then the reason you don’t even have bedding is not to focus on studying, but because you can’t afford to spend the money?”

“I feel like it’s more important to save money for food. The food in the cafeteria is very expensive.”

Wang Dong had unknowingly stopped moving and Huo Yuhao naturally stopped as well. “What are you doing? Class is about to start. We should be rushing there now.”

Wang Dong pursed his lips and looked at Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao was a little unnerved, “What are you doing? Did your brain get fried by that guy?”

Wang Dong breathed in deeply through his nose, then slowly exhaled. “Sorry, Huo Yuhao. I didn’t know you were an orphan. I shouldn’t have bullied you.”

Huo Yuhao laughed, “It’s not like you succeeded.”

Wang Dong was a little annoyed and slapped his shoulder, “Can you please not interrupt me when I’m moved by your circumstances? Let’s go to class. From now on, I’ll pay for your food expenses.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head, “You don’t need to do that. Teacher Xiao Ya thought of a way for me. From now on, I will go sell roast fish for a while after class. It should give me enough living expenses. I can treat you to roast fish tonight.”

As they talked, they started walking toward the academic building once again and Wang Dong explained the effects of the Spirit Ascension Pill.

The main effect of the Spirit Ascension Pill is to raise Spirit Power. It is a pill made of heavenly treasures. Each Spirit Master can only take one pill in their lifetime. The Spirit Power increase is equal to what a level thirty Spirit Master requires to raise to level thirty-one. Something to raise an entire Spirit Power level is what you can never have too much of! However, if you eat more than one, it can affect the body’s ability to cultivate further.

There are also similarities between the Spirit Ascension Pill and the Mystic Water Pill, because they both function by nourishing the body’s own capabilities. So, their effects are gentle. Any Spirit Master above level ten will be able to take them.

“Then if I eat it, how much will my Spirit Power increase?” Huo Yuhao asked probingly.

Wang Dong shook his head, “I don’t know. I have never heard of anyone willing to take a Spirit Ascension Pill so early on. There are very few Plant Spirit Masters capable of producing it, so the production rate is less than twenty a year. We are really lucky this time. Looks like the academy is fair. Even though that guy threatened our safety, we still gained something this good.”

Unlike Wang Dong, Huo Yuhao did not take on such a happy attitude because he knew that if it weren’t for the Daydream Iceworm, they would have turned into ashes a while ago. No drug would be able to do anything then.

Part 4

“Then, when do you think it would be the best time to take it?” Huo Yuhao asked.

Wang Dong responded, “Of course you should take it when you get back tonight. A good thing like this shouldn’t be kept. Also, it’s good to raise your Spirit Power early so you can reach level thirty faster. If I had a third spirit ring today, then I could have carried you and flown away without any problems.”

Huo Yuhao thought about it and decided to eat this Spirit Ascension Pill tonight. The stronger his Mysterious Heaven Skill, the better the effects of its nourishing ability within his vessels. It would also be a good thing to increase his Spirit Power. It’s a mystery how much Spirit Power this Spirit Ascension Pill will raise for him. Spirit Power equal to the amount from level thirty to thirty-one should at least allow him to raise two or three levels. If that is the case, then his cultivation would be around level fifteen, meeting the standards for entering Shrek Academy.

At this point, a fire suddenly flared within Huo Yuhao’s heart. Although he did not think he was inferior, he was still filled with a sense of danger. With his former potential, it would have been very difficult to pass the Freshmen Examination after three months. But the last two days of rapid progress gave him hope. No matter what, he wants to stay here.

Compared to the lesson given by Zhou Yi yesterday, the lesson today was very relaxing. Both morning and afternoon were filled with theory lessons. In the morning, it was about categories for Battle Spirits and in the afternoon, it was about limits concerning Spirit Beasts age.

Many students did not place much importance on these lessons because of their family backgrounds. Huo Yuhao was different and listened very carefully. Not only did he lack potential in cultivation, but also knowledge.

Wang Dong treated him to a good meal for lunch. Right after school, Tang Ya came.

“Let’s go, Xiao Yuhao. I prepared another set for you. Don’t worry this time since Teacher Xiao Ya will protect you today. Let’s see if any idiot dares to come bully you. Oh right, your elder brother told me to give you this. Take it when you get back tonight.”

As she said this, Tang Ya gave Huo Yuhao a porcelain bottle.

Wang Dong stared next to him. He saw this type of porcelain bottle yesterday! It was the same as the one Beibei retrieved the Mystic Water Pill from. The exact same.

This, this is another Mystic Water Pill? Mystic Water Pill differed from the Spirit Ascension Pill in that there are no limits for the number one can take. The first pill usually had the greatest effects and the following ones will gradually lower. After all, the waste within one’s body has a limit. The amount of Spirit Power it can increase is also not as much as the Spirit Ascension Pill.

“Teacher Xiao Ya, have you come to a conclusion about my request?” Wang Dong asked Tang Ya warmly.

Tang Ya laughed, “I have already discussed it with Beibei. Beibei said that if you can obtain number one in the class for the first examination, we will allow you to join our Tang Clan.”

“Okay. It’s a deal.” Wang Dong answered without the slightest hesitation. The benefits of the Tang Clan are too wonderful! Huo Yuhao had just received two Mystic Water Pills! Even though he is blessed with talent and the Mystic Water Pill won’t really benefit him, who knows what other good items the Tang Clan possesses? Also, the real reason he wanted to join the Tang Clan wasn’t even for these benefits.

Huo Yuhao received the porcelain bottle and placed it in his Twenty-Four Moonlight Bridges and didn’t ask what it was before following Tang Ya outside of the school.

Wang Dong quickly caught up, “I will go too. Huo Yuhao, no matter what, we’re still roommates. I will help your business first and buy two roast fish.”

Huo Yuhao laughed, “Let me treat you then.”

Wang Dong shook his head, “That’s not good. Friends are friends. Business is business. I don’t need you to treat me. I’ll buy it myself.” As he spoke, he took out a single coin and forcefully placed it in Huo Yuhao’s hand.

At first he did it to help Huo Yuhao but when the three of them walked out of the academy, Wang Dong realized that he actually gained an advantage.

Outside of the school gates, there were more than thirty people waiting for Huo Yuhao to come sell his roast fish. The most eye-catching were the two who fought yesterday in the Spirit Battle Arena, Beibei and Xu Sanshi.

Seeing Xu Sanshi, Huo Yuhao blanked a moment. Tang Ya immediately stood out, “What, still not satisfied? Want me to fight with you in the arena today?”

Xu Sanshi snapped, “You? Save it. I won’t hit girls. Don’t butt in. I came here today to buy roast fish, not to cause trouble. Don’t you see I’m first in line?”

Hearing him say this, Tang Ya’s face slowly relaxed and she moodily said, “Buying for Jiang Nannan?”

“Yes.” Xu Sanshi nodded.

Tang Ya teased, “I didn’t realize you were such a romantic. Too bad she doesn’t like you.”

Xu Sanshi angrily said, “Tang Ya, don’t mess with me! Your Beibei tricked me so badly yesterday and I didn’t even try to find you guys to settle it.”

Tang Ya stuck out her tongue and turned to Huo Yuhao, “Xiao Yuhao, you should start. Since someone provided some good stuff yesterday, you should sell him two.”

Having set up his oven, Huo Yuhao started selling roast fish outside of Shrek Academy for the second time. However, he didn’t give the first two to Xu Sanshi. He didn’t have a good impression of this guy who acted against him. Furthermore, Wang Dong was the one who paid first. So, he gave the first two to Wang Dong.

Then the third and fourth to Tang Ya.

It wasn’t until Xu Sanshi’s face had turned black that he received the fifth and sixth. Finally, he threw down his money and left.

“Delicious, so delicious! So fish can smell this good.” Wang Dong’s eyes glowed as he ate. The way he ate can be compared to Tang Ya. By the time he finished eating, there was oil all over his face and hands.

As Huo Yuhao was roasting fish, someone slowly woke from a coma within a secret room on the island deep within the Sea God Lake.

“Ying Ning…” The red-clothed girl’s body moved a bit and subconsciously put her hand over her chest, “So hot, so uncomfortable. I’m so sad. Eh?”

She gradually opened her eyes. Her eyes were of a faint pink after the blood faded and carried a hint of confusion, “Weird, why am I not hot anymore?”

She suddenly sat up and lowered her head to look at herself. Her soaked clothing had completely dried. Jumping up from the bed, she removed her mask, revealing a pale face. She looks to be around twenty years old, with a cold face but an impossible to cover up beauty. Standing there, she revealed a bountiful and heart moving body like a mature peach.

“You’re awake.” The elder’s voice rang out. After a long sigh, he said, “Xiao Tao, this time you almost made a great mistake! I don’t know whether it was coincidence but an otherwordly ice attribute force infused into your body and suppressed the evil fire within. Do you remember what you met after rushing out onto the Sea God Lake?”


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