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Part 1

“Okay, we are set. If you have any complaints, state it quickly. I will give you one day’s time to consider. Other classes are also forming groups now, but definitely not as fast as us. Let them be slow. Hand in the paper in your hands, then you are all dismissed. Go back and rest. No one is allowed to get into any conflicts. Tomorrow will be the start of the Freshman Examination. I want the final result to show all twenty-two groups have been promoted. If anyone gets expelled, not only will you need to pack your stuff and leave, but I will give you something you will remember deeply.”

Seeing the dense gaze from Zhou Yi’s eyes, every student felt a chill go through their body. Unquestionably, the memory Zhou Yi wants to leave will be a nightmare.

At the same time, the entire class one student body suddenly became filled with killing intent. Even without Teacher Zhou’s abuse, they will still try their best to pass the examination!

“Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao, you three stay for a bit.”

The rest of the students handed in papers stating their future directions and left in a hurry, leaving only three people. Right now, other classes were hotly debating group assignments.

“Hand it over. Wang Dong, why are you hiding?” Zhou Yi took the papers from the three of them. Wang Dong immediately lowered his head and took a step back to hide behind Huo Yuhao.

Zhou Yi looked at the papers in her hand. Her eyes twitched, then she raised her head to look at Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao.

The three of them felt as if they were transparent as she looked at them with sharp eyes.

“Good job! You three are purposely trying to challenge me, right?” She slapped one of the white sheets of paper on the desk.

“Bang!” The three of them were shocked.

“Control type.” Zhou Yi said coldly.

She took out a second piece of paper and heavily slapped it on the desk again.

“Control type!” Her voice rose higher. Huo Yuhao looked at Wang Dong beside him with shock. This second paper was his!

“Bang!” Zhou Yi slapped another sheet onto the podium so hard that it almost shattered. “Control type, again.”

“What?” This time, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were both shocked. They changed their gazes to Xiao Xiao who had her head lowered. In their memory, Xiao Xiao should be a support type Tool Spirit Master! How did she become a control type?

Zhou Yi’s eyes twitched again, “You three little bastards are doing it purposely, aren’t you? The Freshman Examination only allows one attack type per group, but also states that the three people cannot all have the same path. You three are doing well. All giving me control type. You’re doing it purposely, aren’t you? If it isn’t for tomorrow being the first day of the competition, I would make you guys go out and run for five hours. Huo Yuhao, you talk first. What is going on? Your Spirit Eyes Battle Spirit is perfect to be a support type, but you are telling me you want control type. What does that mean?”

Huo Yuhao hurriedly replied, “Teacher Zhou, I have always wanted to be a control type Spirit Master. My Mental Detection ability can see the entire field and my future spirit rings will bound to be attack style spirit abilities. So, I don’t want to purely be a support type. Control type should be more suitable for my development.”

Zhou Yi slowly nodded. “That is reasonable. Control types will have more potential, so your choice is not wrong. You pass. Wang Dong, don’t hide. Come out. It’s at least reasonable for Huo Yuhao and Xiao Xiao to write control type, but what about you? You are a strength type Battle Spirit writing that you want to be a control type. You’re deliberately making trouble aren’t you?”

“Uh….” Wang Dong carefully stepped forward from behind Huo Yuhao and said, “Teacher Zhou, don’t get angry. Actually, I feel like it’s not impossible for my abilities to become a control type Battle Spirit Master. Right, I can use my powerful attacks to control the entire battle. Isn’t that control? Also, I can fly and I can attack from a distance. Control is possible.”

“You…..” Zhou Yi was so angry that she almost laughed. She glared at him, “Don’t think I don’t know that you are doing this because you don’t want to be separated from Huo Yuhao. Calling you stupid, but your cultivation is highest in the class, so you can be a genius. Calling you smart, you are so dumb that snot should be coming out of your nose. When did you hear that attack type and control type Spirit Masters will be separated? It’s true that classes will be divided, but attack and control type Spirit Masters will remain together. You idiot, change it for me.”

As she was saying this, she threw the paper to Wang Dong.

“Cough, cough….” Even though he was called an idiot, Wang Dong was still full of happiness. He quickly changed control type to attack type and respectfully handed it to Zhou Yi.

“Hmph!” Zhou Yi snorted then turned toward Xiao Xiao, “And you, Xiao Xiao. If I remember correctly, your Battle Spirit is a rare Tool Spirit called the Soul Sealing Cauldron.  It can be considered to be one of the top Tool Spirits. This Soul Sealing Cauldron’s main effect is support. What are you writing control instead?”

Xiao Xiao gave Wang Dong a look and quietly said, “Teacher Zhou, my Soul Sealing Cauldron is not like common Soul Sealing Cauldrons. It combines attack and support. It can be used for defense as well as offense. It can be considered a variant Soul Sealing Cauldron. It’s called: Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron.”

Zhou Yi paused a bit, “Xiao Xiao, don’t you know that if you train multiple aspects, it will affect your future development? I suggest you to focus on one. Even if it’s a variant spirit, there will still be bias when adding spirit rings.”

Xiao Xiao nodded, “I know. So I picked offense and defense as the main abilities for my Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron.”

Zhou Yi frowned, “That still doesn’t have anything to do with control!” It was obvious that she was very patient with Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao said quietly, “But, I have another Battle Spirit. It can support and control.”

“What?” Not only was Zhou Yi surprised, but Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s eyes also widened. Wang Dong’s shock was even greater. He had always believed that he was unquestionably the strongest freshman in class one, and he never imagined someone like her would be hidden here.

“Dual innate Battle Spirits?” Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong said at almost the same time.

Xiao Xiao shyly lowered her head.

Part 2

Zhou Yi also changed her look. This was the first time something out of her control had happened. After considering for a moment, she said, “Fine. You can be a control type. It will also be easier for the three of you to cooperate. Even though the Freshman Examination is your first at Shrek Academy, it is especially important for your future cultivation. If you can obtain a good ranking, you will be put on the list as someone the academy will cultivate. In our class, I like you three the most. It’s not needed to say why for Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. Both of you have exceptional gifts and power. As for Huo Yuhao, your cultivation is not strong and your potential is average, but you possess an unmatched resolve and a unique Battle Spirit. Without considering Xiao Xiao’s second Battle Spirit, the three of you have complementary abilities. I will give you one task. In this examination, you guys only have one goal, and that is to be the champions. If you don’t become the champions, other than Xiao Xiao, you two will end up training with me.”

Huo Yuhao nodded, “Teacher Zhou, even if we become champions, I will still be willing to continue training with you.”

Zhou Yi paused. “Stupid boy, don’t you think I am very strict? I know very clearly what they call me in private. You don’t need to make me happy.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said seriously, “I’m not, Teacher Zhou. I really want to continue learning from you. Even though you are very strict, I can learn more useful things from you. I have investigated students from other classes. In these last three months, none of them had improvements as great as the students from our class.”

Zhou Yi’s face finally had a hint of a smile. Even though a smile on her wizened face didn’t look very pretty, Huo Yuhao still felt a warmth from her for the first time.

“Okay. You three go rest. Remember, you must become the champions. Also, I will tell you that our academy has very deep pockets. In all of the academy’s examinations, the prizes for the Freshman Examination and the outer school graduation are especially rich. As for what, you will know when you become champions. Go rest and adjust your conditions. I believe in your potential.”

“Yes.” The three of them answered in a single voice and left the classroom together.

Right after they left, Xiao Xiao seemed to have mustered the courage to ask, “Wang Dong, can I chat with you?”

Wang Dong waved his hands, “No need. I need to go back to prepare for tomorrow’s competition. Xiao Xiao, we can see the power of your dual innate Battle Spirits when the examination begins.” As he said this, he grabbed Huo Yuhao’s arm and left.

Seeing Xiao Xiao’s disappointment, Huo Yuhao smiled at her and Xiao Xiao managed to return a smile. They were still young and every feeling was clearly shown on their faces. Wang Dong’s rejection made Xiao Xiao somewhat depressed but she didn’t think much of it other than wondering: *So what? When the examinations begin, you will know my true power. Hmph!* Her pride has always been hidden deeply inside her heart.

“She likes you. You don’t have to give such an obvious rejection, right?” Huo Yuhao joked with Wang Dong.

In the past three months, the two had become very familiar with each other. The stressful life in the academy was harsh training for Huo Yuhao’s body, but his heart had never been this relaxed. Every student was equal and classes like within Duke’s Estate didn’t exist. With his relaxed heart, his personality had become more open; he was no longer the taciturn, shy boy he was when he first arrived.

Wang Dong said heavily, “There are countless girls who like me. Do I need to give an answer to every single one?” Then, he became more old-fashioned, “We are still young. Studying should be the priority. How can there be other desires? Huo Yuhao, your mentality is unhealthy.”

“I…..” Huo Yuhao couldn’t win this argument, “You win!”

Wang Dong laughed, “Let’s go. We were released early today so let’s eat some roast fish. We can register officially tomorrow. The examination probably won’t start until the day after. Our chance to show off is finally here.”

Huo Yuhao snapped, “You eat roast fish everyday. Aren’t you tired of it? Also, it’s almost examination time, we should use this time to cultivate more.”

Wang Dong snorted, “You’re so single-minded. All you know is to cultivate. Aren’t you afraid of becoming stupid?”

Huo Yuhao laughed, “My potential is bad. The dumb bird needs to fly first and enter the forest early. You should know that I reached level seventeen because of drugs. I finally have a chance to pass the examination. Teacher Zhou also put me in the same group as you and Xiao Xiao, obviously taking care of me. If I don’t try harder, then wouldn’t I be letting Teacher Zhou down?”

“Your potential isn’t very good but you have a good Battle Spirit. Don’t worry. You have this genius with you. Even second-year students may not win against me. Later, when you release your Mental Detection and Sharing, you can just sit back and watch me. This genius will get the championship easily.”

Huo Yuhao reminded him, “Our Shrek Academy is the number one academy in the world. There have always been hidden talents. Don’t be overconfident. But, I think Xiao Xiao’s power is also quite good. When it comes to the battle, you two should cooperate.”

He has four great mental abilities but Wang Dong only knows about Mental Detection and Sharing. As for direct battle abilities, Huo Yuhao had been training the Tang Clan’s secret skills and has already achieved some progress. However, it would not be enough to only use the Tang Clan’s skills to fight against powerful Spirit Masters. Just like Wang Dong said, in the examination, his greatest value lies in his Mental Detection and Sharing.

Even though Wang Dong won against Huo Yuhao in talking, he couldn’t win against Huo Yuhao’s stubbornness. When the two of them got back to the dorm, they still ended up meditating. However, Huo Yuhao also agreed that he will prepare a few extra roast fish for Wang Dong to get his fill.

Level seventeen Spirit Power can already form a white current within his body, flowing according to the Mysterious Heaven Skill to pass through his entire body and warm his vessels. It’s not only comfortable, but also increased his constitution.

After three months of hard work, Huo Yuhao had started to feel that his vessels had widened greatly under the effects of the two Mystic Water Pills and the Mysterious Heaven Skill. They were also much more elastic and tougher. His constitution was no longer inferior to his peers. However, he was still late to the right path and will never be able to catch up to Wang Dong; only able to follow along.

Part 3

With this speed, Huo Yuhao has confidence that he will break through to level twenty and obtain his second spirit ring by the end of his first year. Daydream Brother had said that when he gains his second spirit ring, his strength will increase tremendously, especially with the added power of his ice Battle Spirit.

Huo Yuhao longs for that time. When it comes, he would be able to fight along with Wang Dong and would be able to help him more.

Meditation time always passes quickly. Very soon, it was night time. Same as always, Huo Yuhao went to the cafeteria to buy some cleaned herrings and then directly went to the academy gates.

The amount of people out there was visibly less. Maybe because of the upcoming Freshman Examination, most freshmen had become anxious and stayed in their dorms to cultivate.

However, Huo Yuhao’s business was not affected. By the time he arrived, a line had already formed. The first, impressively, was Xu Sanshi.

“Ding!” Xu Sanshi gave Huo Yuhao a silver coin, “You don’t need to give me change, just give me a big one.”

Huo Yuhao laughed, “Brother Xu, you really are unstoppable by wind or rain!”

Their initial unhappiness had passed long ago, and they had become close after seeing each other everyday. After getting acquainted, Huo Yuhao found that even though Xu Sanshi was not as warm as Beibei, and he had a big temper, he was actually very warmhearted.

Xu Sanshi laughed, “I am simply in love with what you make. If I don’t eat it every day, then my dinner won’t taste good. I had a lot of roast fish before, but not a single person can control the heating as well as you do. Even Jiang Nannan said your roast fish is good. Oh yeah, I heard you guys will begin the Freshman Examination now?”

Huo Yuhao nodded, “Yes!”

Xu Sanshi said, “Then you really need to work hard. Don’t get eliminated. Or else I won’t have anywhere to eat roast fish.” Even now, he still doesn’t know that Beibei won against him before because of Huo Yuhao. He only knew that Huo Yuhao’s potential was average, just good at making roast fish. In reality, Huo Yuhao’s fame for roasting fish was definitely much greater than his power.

“Xiao Xu.” Just then, a chilly voice suddenly rang out. Hearing this voice, Xu Sanshi suddenly shivered. Huo Yuhao saw fear in his eyes; and even more, helplessness.

The customers lined up behind Xu Sanshi were all suddenly silent.

A girl slowly walked out of the academy gates toward them. The crowd naturally opened up a path for her and no one even dared to look at her. Everyone lowered their heads. This effect was visibly beyond what happened when Jiang Nannan appeared.

Huo Yuhao lifted his head and saw a red-clothed, slender girl coming toward him. The first thing one notices are the exaggerated peaks, firm, erect, overflowing….

Her waist was very thin, until the hip curve before expanding. Her two legs were straight, perfectly rounded and walked forward with a deep sense of youthfulness.

But one couldn’t see her looks as her face was covered by a red veil. But, just from her eyebrows, she was certainly a beauty. Her pair of pale eyes gave people the feeling of losing their souls. Fortunately, her gaze was icy, which lessened the erotic glow.

Xu Sanshi obviously knew her and daringly turned around but didn’t look into her eyes. With a slightly lowered head, he said, “Sister Xiao Tao.”

This made Huo Yuhao even more shocked. Xu Sanshi’s fiery temper was naturally restrained. As a fifth-year student, his position in the academy was even higher than Beibei’s. Because of his great talent, even many sixth-year students treated him with respect. Even a teacher would not be able to gain this attitude from him! Who is this red-clothed girl? For some reason, Huo Yuhao, and Wang Dong standing beside him, felt a hint of familiarity from this girl.

The red-clothed girl glanced at Huo Yuhao’s oven and slowly walked next to Xu Sanshi. “Xiao Xu, you came here to eat roast fish?”

Xu Sanshi nodded, “Yes! Yuhao’s roast fish has an unparalleled taste. It’s delicious.”

The red-clothed girl revealed a hint of curiosity from her eyes and said to Huo Yuhao, “Give me one to try.” She isn’t a fairy who won’t eat mortal food. Since she cultivates constantly, when she saw something interesting, she would still be excited.

Huo Yuhao subconsciously said, “Sorry, I only sell thirty a day. Today’s line already has thirty people. Please come back earlier tomorrow.”

He had said this same line to countless people. But this time, he had just finished saying it before everyone waiting in line lifted their heads and looked toward him with fear. Even Xu Sanshi was included.

What happened right after shocked him even more. Everyone who was lined up behind Xu Sanshi suddenly dispersed.

The red-clothed girl laughed a little, “Okay, now there is no one in line. I think I will be able to eat some.”

Xu Sanshi gave Huo Yuhao a telling look. Huo Yuhao isn’t someone who doesn’t understand the world, and nodded before continuing to roast fish.

However, Wang Dong to the side was not satisfied and said, “Who are you? Why are you ruining our business?”

The red-clothed girl raised her right hand and revealed a tender finger. On her forefinger was a large, extremely beautiful, blood red gemstone ring. A light flashed and a gold coin appeared in her hand. She handed it to Wang Dong, “Then, I will buy all your roast fish today.”

Wang Dong rudely grabbed the gold coin and did not speak out again. This girl’s imposing manner scared many people away, but she did not seem to be unreasonable. Also, he faintly felt there was something different and also carried some fear toward this girl’s appearance.

But Huo Yuhao honestly said, “I don’t need so much money. My roast fish is only five copper coins each.”

The red-clothed girl didn’t seem to want to say more and faintly said, “Then I will store it with you now. If I want to eat from you in the future, just don’t charge me money.”

“Okay.” Huo Yuhao nodded and carefully roasted his fish.

The red-clothed girl seemed to be here to find Xu Sanshi, but now, she was ignoring him and completely focused on Huo Yuhao roasting fish.

After a while, she exclaimed, “To control the fire this perfectly, do you have a fire attribute Battle Spirit?” She was an expert at playing with fire herself and could obviously see how perfectly Huo Yuhao was adjusting the fish and the temperature of the fire.

Huo Yuhao shook his head.

A few moments later, the first batch of four roast fish was finished. Since there was no one else today, Huo Yuhao handed two each to the red-clothed girl and Xu Sanshi. He actually buys more than thirty herrings a day, but the extra was reserved for Tang Ya and Wang Dong.

Part 4

Xu Sanshi was still a bit unstable after seeing the appearance of the red-clothed girl. He couldn’t even eat his roasted fish as enthusiastically as usual. The red-clothed girl slowly raised her veil, showing her stunningly beautiful face, and started eating.

She ate very delicately with graceful motions. What shocked Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong was that after finishing the fish, all the bones disappeared within her hands. Not a trace was left. She was also visibly eating with her hands, yet, not a single bit of oil was left on them.

What kind of ability is this? Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong glanced at each other and saw each other’s shock.

The two fish were quickly devoured. The red-clothed girl noded towards Huo Yuhao and said:”Your roasted fish are very delicious. I can sense it’s very meticulously roasted. Let me see your Battle Spirit.”

Her tone of voice was impossible to say no to. The mysterious ice attribute skill had suppressed her body’s explosive fires and let her be free from her evil fire for three months. But, as time passed, that ice aura was being slowly melted by her Evil Phoenix Fire and what happened before was gradually appearing again. The reason she came to find Xu Sanshi was because his Mystic Deep Turtle Battle Spirit was the best out of the water attribute spirits. She can borrow its force to help her suppress the inner evil fire. The process is extremely useful for Xu Sanshi as well, but extremely painful. This was why Xu Sanshi had a painful expression when he saw her. He had been tortured more than once or twice.

Huo Yuhao frowned and Wang Dong was even more unwilling, but was blocked by Huo Yuhao’s hand. He slowly raised his head toward the red-clothed girl. A faint golden glow shone from his eyes. When the golden glow appeared, his deep blue eyes also carried a hint of purple.

Within the Tang Clan’s secret skills, the Purple Demon Eye improved the fastest for him. Every morning, he would experience a suction feeling when he absorbed the distant purple qi. One day of training for him was equal to ten days for Beibei and Tang Ya.

The red-clothed girl slightly raised her eyebrows as she experienced Huo Yuhao’s miraculous Mental Detection and Sharing.

With the increase in his cultivation, Huo Yuhao’s spirit ring power had also increased. Just like what the Daydream Iceworm said. As Huo Yuhao’s endurance increases, the amount of power from his first spirit ring will increase as well.

Originally, even though his first spirit ring had four abilities, it was only equal to a four hundred year old spirit ring. But now, it has the power of a six hundred year old spirit ring. The distance Mental Detection and Sharing can reach had also expanded to fifty meters in diameter and became even more detailed.

The Daydream Iceworm opened a part of his first seal within Huo Yuhao’s body. As long as Huo Yuhao has any breakthroughs in cultivation, the source energy contained within his first spirit ring will naturally increase. This is something other Spirit Masters can’t even imagine. With Huo Yuhao’s increase in cultivation, this spirit ring will become even more fearsome.

Daydream Iceworm couldn’t give Huo Yuhao an extreme power all at once, but he gave Huo Yuhao an extremely bright future.

After ten seconds, Huo Yuhao retracted his Mental Detection and Sharing. The red-clothed girl paused for a moment, then nodded toward him. She also stared deeply at the white spirit ring that rose from his feet and said, “This is the strongest ten-year spirit ring I had ever seen.”

Huo Yuhao naturally responded, “It is still a ten-year spirit ring.”

The red-clothed girl laughed, “I am Ma Xiaotao. Happy to meet you. If given the chance, I will come eat your roast fish again. Xiao Xu, let’s go.”

Xu Sanshi said bitterly, “Sister Xiaotao, can you be a little more gentle today?”

Ma Xiaotao gave him a warning look and Xu Sanshi immediately added, “No problem. I have no problems either way.” As he talked, he walked quickly to the front to make a path for Ma Xiaotao.

When the two of them entered the academy, Wang Dong said in a low voice, “Her name is so tasteless.”

Huo Yuhao responded, “What can a name prove? Don’t you think she felt a little familiar?”

Wang Dong was shocked, “It can’t be the person from that time? Red clothes. Could she be an inner school student?”

Huo Yuhao shrugged, indicating he doesn’t know either.

Immediately after Ma Xiaotao and Xu Sanshi left, people ran back to form a line. The first was a fourth-year student who heard what the two were talking about. He immediately warned them in a low voice, “Juniors, be quiet. You can’t discuss inner school students casually. Especially Sister Xiaotao.”

Huo Yuhao said with shock, “Really an inner school student?”

The senior responded, “Of course. Every single student wearing red is an inner school student in Shrek Academy. I don’t know how many are in the inner school but they rarely come out. There is also a ranking within our academy and there is fierce competition over it. Sister Xiaotao is within the first ten. That power is not something we dare rival. It seems like Xu Sanshi and Xiaotao have a close relationship. Maybe Senior Xiaotao will even recommend him for the inner school.”

Wang Dong asked curiously, “You need a recommendation to enter the inner school?”

The senior responded, “Of course! I don’t know the exact procedure, but every single outer school student who wants to enter the inner school must have an inner school student’s recommendation.”

The rest of the roast fish sold smoothly. Near the end, Beibei and Tang Ya came together and Huo Yuhao brought out what he had saved beforehand to treat them.

“Little Brother, tomorrow is the start of the Freshman Examination. I just received some accurate information. You will register in the morning and examinations begin in the afternoon. You should be prepared.” Beibei was warm like usual.

Huo Yuhao nodded, “Elder Brother, I will try my best to pass it.”

Beibei laughed and Tang Ya said, “Xiao Yuhao, Teacher won’t eat all these roast fish for nothing. Let me give you something good. You might be able to have some use for it.” She handed something like a treasure pouch to Huo Yuhao. “Divide and store them within your Twenty-Four Moonlight Bridges. Be careful when you use them.  Don’t hit people’s fatal points. Also, after the examination, you can start learning how to make spirit guidance devices. Teacher will teach you some secrets then.”

“Thank you, Teacher Xiao Ya.” Huo Yuhao received the treasure pouch and could guess what was inside.

Wang Dong asked with curiosity, “Teacher Xiao Ya, freshmen can’t use spirit guidance devices, right?”

Tang Ya answered impatiently, “Use what spirit guidance device? Don’t you know what our Tang Clan is famous for?”

When Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong returned to their dorm and opened the treasure pouch, they were shocked. It was filled with hidden weapons. There were flying knives, flying needles, bone piercing needles and more than ten others. There were more than a hundred of each. This treasure pouch can be said to be a hidden weapon storage.

Obviously, Tang Ya prepared these for him because Huo Yuhao’s Battle Spirit didn’t have any offensive skills. In the past three months, Huo Yuhao had made great improvements in Tang Clan’s skills and had started understanding Hidden Weapons Hundred Separation. He is naturally smart and could already control two to three methods to use hidden weapons without difficulty. For new students with only one or two spirit rings, these are quite powerful.

Wang Dong looked at Huo Yuhao’s weapons and pouted, “Your teacher, Tang Ya, is obviously looking down on me. With me here, you won’t need to fight yourself.”


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