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Even though Huo Yuhao had guessed this elder’s position, he still unconsciously straightened his body like the other students when the elder proclaimed his identity.

The Shrek Academy’s Dean. What kind of status did he have? As the dean of the number one academy on the continent, he had the same status as a ruler of a country. Also, as Shrek Academy’s Dean, he must be a Titled Douluo as well! It was truly a peak existence on the Douluo Continent.

Not a single freshman student had expected for the dean to personally appear here.

“I know you are all curious to why I have appeared here. It is true that usually, even at the last stages of the Freshman Examination, the appearance of a vice-dean would be enough to show your value to the academy. However, I have to say, your year’s performance has been greatly satisfying. It is also the most talented in the last couple hundred years. I am very excited about you guys, so I came. Also, I will watch all of your matches to the end today. I hope you will surprise me. Okay, let the lottery begin.

The person in charge of the lottery was of course not the dean. Du Weilun quickly went over for this job. However, Dean Yan signaled that he wanted to hold the lottery cylinder for the students himself. This made every student feel as if their blood was boiling.

This person was the most powerful figure in myths! The Shrek Academy’s Dean. For him to personally hold the lottery cylinder. Even if a group of eight ring Spirit Douluos were there, even they would deeply feel the honor they were given. The freshmen’s emotions were uncontrollably rising. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were no exceptions.

“Freshman Class One. Team Huo Yuhao step up to the lottery.” This time, the first to pick was of course Huo Yuhao’s group.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong glanced at each other, “You go.” Huo Yuhao nudged his good friend.

Wang Dong shook his head. “No, you are the team’s captain. Hurry up and go.” As he said this, he pushed Huo Yuhao forward and let him become the first student to stand in front of the dean.

Huo Yuhao’s emotions were a mess as he stepped forward. When he reached for the lottery set, he had completely lost his composure. Even his hand was shaking.

Dean Yan smiled. “Little guy, don’t be nervous. I wish you and your team success.”

After Huo Yuhao drew a lot, he took a step back and respectfully gave Yan Shaozhe a ninety degree bow before giving the lot he picked to Du Weilun. By the time he had arrived back next to Wang Dong, he discovered that his heartbeat had at least doubled.

“Freshman Class One, Team Huo Yuhao, lot number two.”

Number two meant that they will be the second match in the semifinals. There are only a total of four numbers in the box, two number ones and two number twos.

“Freshman Class Five, Team Dai Huabin draw lots.”

A tall teenager went forward in large strides. Huo Yuhao’s memory had always been pretty good. From this person’s shadow, he discovered that he didn’t remember this teenager’s appearance in the last lottery. Obviously, with the appearance of the dean, Class Five’s team had switched the person drawing lots.

The teenager went on the stage, and respectfully greeted Yan Shaozhe and Du Weilun before drawing lots. He also copied Huo Yuhao and bowed before handing the lot over to Du Weilun and going back.

He had a handsome but cold face. His long golden hair scattered on the sides of his face. Looking carefully, one could see that there were actually double pupils within his deep blue eyes. He was also taller than most people his age.

When Huo Yuhao saw Dai Huabin’s appearance, his entire person was shocked. His eyes were filled with disbelief and his body started shaking uncontrollably. He immediately grabbed onto Wang Dong’s arm.

Wang Dong was surprised by his sudden movement. He turned to look and found Huo Yuhao’s face was very pale. His eyes betrayed an unconcealable hatred. Huo Yuhao was using a lot of force and Wang Dong started hurting.


“Mom, let me help you hang clothes.” A seven or eight year old delicate young man struggled to carry a large wooden bin as he unsteadily walked out of the courtyard to hang clothes outside.

In the courtyard, a beautiful, middle-aged woman looked at the young man with pleasure and sighed, “My Huo Yuhao has really grown up. He has become so responsible.”

Little Yuhao took a lot of effort to carry the wooden bin out of the courtyard. He just needed to cross the road ahead and walk a few dozen steps to arrive at the place where he could hang the clothes.

Just then, suddenly, a powerful force hit his body from the side. It pushed both him and the wood bin onto the floor. The newly washed clothes scattered across the ground.

“Bastard, why aren’t you paying attention? Didn’t you see the young master arriving? Get aside,” said an arrogant voice. Little Yuhao endured his pain as he looked over to see eight well-built guard standing on two sides. The one who collided against him was one of the guards. A young man wearing a decorated white robe was walking over rapidly.

He was very handsome, with naturally born double pupils. His entire attitude was rich and powerful. He had a stern gaze and didn’t even look at Huo Yuhao lying on the road, until he stepped on a piece of clothing covered in mud.

“Huh?” The robed young man stopped and looked coldly at Huo Yuhao, “Hit him.” With this, he quickly walked off as if he were afraid of dirtying his eyes.

Out of the eight guards, two jumped towards little Yuhao and beat him brutally.

At that time, little Yuhao had not even reached eight years of age yet. How could he have the power to resist? His mother heard the commotion from within the courtyard and ran out to protect her son with her own body as she begged for them to stop. In the end, they were beaten until they only had a breath left before the two guards would stop.

Little Yuhao was still young so he was able to recover. However, his mother had suffered for many years and her body was originally weak as well. The incident left grave wounds. After two years, she finally succumbed to sickness, and forever left this world.


Although three years had passed and he had become older, he could still never forget those cold eyes and icy voice from back then.

It was him. He was one of the people who killed mom. Huo Yuhao’s eyes gradually turned red. He clearly saw those unique double pupil eyes that signified a direct descendant of the duke.He is the youngest son of the duke’s wife and my elder step-brother. The one who killed my mother, Dai Huabin.

Dai Huabin’s face was still so cold and handsome. Even after seeing Dean Yan Shaozhe, he still held his proud head high. Compared to other students, he also appeared much calmer. Only his clenched fists revealed the unrest within his heart.

He had obviously forgotten about Hhuo Yuhao long ago, of course! Even though he had given Huo Yuhao and his mother so much suffering before, he never looked at this step-brother with a straight eye.

“Team Dai Huabin, lot number one,” announced Du Weilun. Then, did Dai Huabin return to his team. Huo Yuhao finally calmed when he could no longer see Dai Huabin’s face. However, he still needed Wang Dong’s support to stand steadily.

Wang Dong’s heart was filled with shock. It was the first time that Huo Yuhao had exhibited such an emotional state. He didn’t understand what was going on at all. The only thing he knew, was it had something to do with Dai Huabin.

“Yuhao, Yuhao, calm down. What happened to you?” whispered Wang Dong in an effort to comfort him.

The lottery continued. No one noticed Huo Yuhao’s change in emotion. It took the entire duration of the lottery process before Huo Yuhao could steady himself. However, Wang Dong could still faintly feel his body shaking. It was shaking from emotions that have reached the extremes!

“Can you still battle?” asked Wang Dong with worry. It was not the time to ask for an explanation as the semifinal matches were about to start.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath and worked to calm the pain in his heart. He nodded lightly, “I can. Which lot number did Dai Huabin pick?”

Wang Dong frowned. The announcement was so loud, yet he didn’t hear it. His mood swing was too extreme.

“He picked number one. If we win and they win, then we will meet in the finals. I think I heard people say that he was the only student left in the Freshman Examination that is a three ring spirit elder.”

“Three ring spirit elder?” Huo Yuhao’s eyes flashed an icy glow, “Yes! Three ring spirit elder. He has so much support and resources, how could he not be outstanding? Let’s go. We have to fight.”

He seemed to have recovered. His body’s shaking and his severe mood seemed to have disappeared instantly. Wang Dong felt as if everything that just happened was his own imagination. But the truth was, that was definitely no hallucination!


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