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Part 2

Huo Yuhao’s hands grabbed onto Wang Dong’s shoulders and gazed at him intensely. The redness within his eyes increased in intensity. “Wang Dong, I consider you my brother. Please keep this a secret for me. “

Although Wang Dong was clearly at a higher level in cultivation than Huo Yuhao, he still felt terror at this moment. However, after the terror, there was a sense of compassion and pity. They were around the same age, yet their experiences were completely different.

Huo Yuhao slowly closed his eyes and tried hard to breath and calm his emotions. The hatred had been buried in his heart for too long. It wasn’t until after the freshman examination did he sensed hope; the hope to be able to avenge his mother. After seeing Dai Huabin today, his hatred was ignited once again. However, it was not the time to act. He must continue to be patient, patient for that ray of hope to grow in the future.

“Ai——” A deep sigh sounded and caused Huo Yuhao to shiver. His relaxed mental state once again tensed up. He released his battle spirit to scan the surrounding and said with a low voice, “Who’s there?”

The dorms were extremely quiet. There was nothing out of the ordinary even under Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection. Wang Dong looked at him with wonder, not understanding why he was suddenly so nervous.

“Yuhao, what happened?” Wang Dong asked with confusion.

Huo Yuhao paused for a moment, “You didn’t hear that?”

“Hear what?” Wang Dong looked surprised.

Huo Yuhao’s heart shook, “Someone sighed. I heard it clearly. How could you have not heard it?”

Wang Dong shook his head and said: “Nothing! I heard nothing. Maybe you were hallucinating?”

Huo Yuhao tried his best to increase the range of his Mental Detection. However, he was still unable to detect any abnormal noise after that sigh.

Perhaps I was really hallucinating? Huo Yuhao felt puzzled but soon rejected this theory. He is a mental spirit master, which means his senses should be more sensitive than normal. Besides vision, his other six senses should also be great. Even under the influence of extreme emotional turmoil, he should still have not hallucinated. Besides, the sigh was so clear, as if it was happening right beside his ears.

“Daydream Ge, Daydream Ge.” Huo Yuhao called out in his mind. (TL: Ge = older brother)

“What?” Daydream Iceworm’s lazy voice sounded. He spent most of his time sleeping. It was just that recently Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s fusion was of great interest to him, so he stayed slightly awake.

“There was a sigh. Did you hear it?” Huo Yuhao asked.

“Sigh? Have you went over your head with hatred?! Where can you hear the sigh? Don’t interrupt me during my sleep. Also, You should calm down a bit. You can’t even control your emotions as of now. If anything happens, you won’t even know how you are going to die. Of course, it’s not important if you are the only one dying. But, you will effect Ge too.” Daydream Iceworm said rudely.

This time, Huo Yuhao was really shocked. Daydream Iceworm didn’t hear the sigh. Does that mean, the sigh he heard really didn’t exist?

No, he really couldn’t believe it. He trusts his own judgment. However, where did the sigh come from then? With Daydream Iceworm’s ability, no one can ever hide from his senses. It’s impossible. Daydream Iceworm is a million years old spirit beast after all. Even if his battle abilities are slightly weak, his mental abilities are unparalleled in this world.

Just as Huo Yuhao was in deep thought, Daydream Iceworm’s voice came back. “Oh right, Huo Yuhao. Ge wanted to warn you. Try to limit your use of Soul Assault. If it is too overused, everyone will take caution of you. Even though your Purple Demon Eyes strengthened your attacks, a higher level master can use your own attack to bite you back if they are known. That can lead to great danger.”

Huo Yuhao was slightly scared and quickly asked, “Daydream Ge, on average, how much higher in level would they have to be to make my attack backfire?”

Daydream Iceworm said: “If they are careful and can use their spirit power well, then even one level higher can cause your attack to backfire. If not because of this, I wouldn’t have been so tragic back in the Star Dou Forest. If Soul Assault is perfect, then Ge wouldn’t have been miserable all those years. The reason your Soul Assault performed so well in battle is mainly because of its unexpectedness. That, and the Purple Demon Eyes increased its attack. Also, the addition of the spirit power fusion of you and Wang Dong made your opponents slow to react. If everyone put up guards against your Soul Assault, then you must be careful. However, you can use Mental Disturbance as much as you please. Even though this skill is weaker, it will not backfire. Remember even if you and Wang Dong teamed up to use Soul Assault, it cannot completely win against a three spirit ring opponent. Use it with caution in the future.”

Huo Yuhao chuckled bitterly: “It’s not me who want to use it all the time. Daydream Ge, out of the 4 spirit skill, besides the Soul Assault, the other three don’t have any offensive power.”

“Uh…, that is also a problem. However, just bare with it for now. You are still very young. Don’t worry. Hurry up and reach level 20. Once there, I will make sure you can be strong. At least you won’t lose to someone at the same level. I’m going back to sleep now.”

Daydream Iceworm’s words served as a reminder to Huo Yuhao. At the same time, his urge to search for that sigh faded. This wasn’t the first time that Daydream Iceworm had mentioned level 20. Which means, that level 20 was a very important level for him. Being able to reach level 20 means a dramatic increase in his abilities. Then he would no longer need another’s help, but able to fight on his own.

Thinking of this, Huo Yuhao gradually calmed down and began to cultivate with Wang Dong to regenerate his Spirit Power.

The battle in the afternoon must be very difficult. Not only will the battle be hard, it will also be torture for his heart. However, this is an unavoidable battle. He will eventually have to face his enemy.  If this is the case, then he will just take this battle as training for his heart.

The dorm room became quiet. Due to Battle Spirit Fusion, Wang Dong was able to feel the emotional change within Huo Yuhao. He was not only astonished at how fast Huo Yuhao was able to calm down, but was also filled with admiration.

Judging by looks, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong were not even on the same level. However, at this exact moment, the 11 years old Huo Yuhao was both mature and masculine in Wang Dong’s eyes.

The two of them cultivated until lunch time and completely exhausted all of their spirit power. When they arrived at the lunch room, a big surprise was waiting for them.

“Hey, you two. I heard you guys successfully reached the final battles. Good job! Now, I am back. How can there be a final without me?” Xiao Xiao said happily near the entrance of the cafeteria as Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong walked in.


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