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Part 3

When Huo Yuhao activated his skill, Xiao Xiao’s main Battle Spirit, the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron also appeared. The huge, black cauldron directly flew next to Huo Yuhao. Just as Zhu Lu was about to reach Huo Yuhao, the huge cauldron dropped.

Zhu Lu’s speed was extremely fast and immediately dodged. But the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron instantly split into three. At the same time, its first spirit ability, Cauldron’s Tremor, activated.

With a roar, shockwaves connected to form a defense in front of Huo Yuhao. Even though Zhu Lu’s speed was extraordinary, she could not circle around in an instant. As she watched the opponent’s spirit ability activate, she stopped her first spirit ability and retreated to dodge Cauldron Tremor’s shockwaves.

Also in this instant, another violent clash sounded. Wang Dong grunted and fell heavily from the sky, landing next to Huo Yuhao.

Wang Dong thought that his first spirit ability, Guillotine Wings, would be strong enough to counter Dai Huabin’s second spirit ability, White Tiger’s Light, but lost. His wings trembled and released an unstable glow. Thin strands of blood also flowed out of Wang Dong’s mouth and nose.

The difference between Spirit Power immediately became obvious.

Dai Huabin did not pause after gaining an advantage. He roared and continued charging forward. His double pupils’ released intense killing intent while the cunning Cui Yajie quickly hid behind him to dodge further attacks from Huo Yuhao.

Dai Huabin was not only brave but also experienced. As he charged forward, his first spirit ring also started shining. A layer of white light covered his entire body, especially his head. This was obviously to protect himself against Huo Yuhao. His first spirit ability, White Tiger Protection, not only had a powerful defensive effect but also increased his overall combat ability.

The two teams’ distance had become very close after the first exchange. With a single jumped, Dai Huabin arrived in front of Wang Dong. He immediately swiped forward with a pair of tiger claws.

On the side, Zhu Lu was dodging the Three Lives Soul Sealing Cauldron’s movements. Her speed was too fast. Even with the Nine Phoenix Flute’s speed reduction, Xiao Xiao still had to focus on preventing Zhu Lu’s advances toward Huo Yuhao.

After losing the first exchange, Wang Dong was at a disadvantage as Dai Huabin appeared in front of him.

Even though both of them were offense type Spirit Masters, their emphases were different. The Bright Goddess Butterfly focused on energy based attacks like his second ability, Light of the Butterfly Goddess. Comparatively, the White Tiger Battle Spirit always focused on close combat. Because of this, Dai Huabin had a significant advantage at this distance.

What surprised Dai Huabin was that Wang Dong did not activate his second spirit ability. After his wings stabilized, he used Guillotine Wings to meet Dai Huabin’s tiger claws.

Dai Huabin snorted. His did not dodge, but aimed heavily hit Wang Dong’s wings while completely ignored the wing’s sharpness. He wanted to use brute force and rip into Wang Dong’s Battle Spirit. From this, one could see how confident he was of his power.

Just when his Tiger Claws was about to collide with Wang Dong’s wings, a warning suddenly appeared in his heart. He noticed that Wang Dong’s wing blades seemed to be different from before. Previously, the wings were blue with a golden edge, but now, the golden color was covered by a faint orange.

Something was wrong. Dai Huabin’s battle experience made him stop his attack in mid-air. Then, he kicked the ground with his right leg and forcefully changed the direction of his charge to dodge to the side. At the same time, his second spirit ability, White Tiger Light activated and shot toward Wang Dong while he was to the side.

But, this time, the situation was completely different. When Dai Huabin changed directions, Wang Dong did not try to meet him but violently expanded his wings. His body immediately floated up and he landed on top of Huo Yuhao’s shoulders to dodge the White Tiger Light.

With Mental Detection, his real-time judgments were very accurate. Dai Huabin’s sudden attack did not have a chance to focus on him and was easily dodged. But, when Dai Huabin suddenly changed directions, the Nine-Tailed Fox, Spirit Grandmaster, Cui Yajie, was revealed.

Just when Cui Yajie was shocked by this sudden change, Wang Dong’s second spirit ability, Light of the Butterfly Goddess shot out.

This was combat’s beauty. Both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong knew that it would be impossible to defeat Dai Huabin with brute force in a moment’s notice. Thus, their target from the beginning was Cui Yajie. The reason they appeared so weak by Wang Dong directly receiving Dai Huabin’s attack was to numb their opponents.

Even if Dai Huabin had rich battle experience, he was still just a twelve year old boy. How much planning could he have? But, Huo Yuhao’s tactic was carried out under his Mental Detection. This moment was also the peak of their cooperation after many previous matches.

Cui Yajie was a Spirit Grandmaster. It was absolutely impossible for her to defend against the Light of the Butterfly Goddess fueled by HaoDong Power. But, at that moment, Cui Yajie showed her ruthlessness.

With the Light of the Butterfly Goddess about to land, there was nowhere to dodge. Dai Huabin was also at the side and could not rescue her. She had no way to retreat, no way to dodge, but did not show a hint of distress. Just then, her second spirit ring started shining. She twisted her slender body and a pair of pink tails shot toward Huo Yuhao’s chest.

Do not think that it was some kind of soft, furry tail. It contained her second spirit ability’s attack.

Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection could clearly feel the seriousness of the Spirit Power contained within the pair of fox tails. That Spirit Power was not spread out, but concentrated like a needle. If it hits his vitals, he would definitely die.

The Nine-Tailed Fox’s second spirit ability, Fox Tail Needle.

Knowing yourself and knowing your opponent will guarantee victory. Huo Yuhao’s trio did not know their opponents’ abilities before the battle. But, with Mental Detection, they could predict their opponents’ movements. However, Dai Huabin’s trio only knew about their opponents based on performances in previous matches.


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