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Part 4

In their memories, Huo Yuhao had always innocently stood there using his mental attribute spirit ability. Other than that, he never did anything.

So, Cui Yajie never thought her attack would miss. She obviously could not dodge Wang Dong’s attack. But, if she could take Huo Yuhao down with her, then it was still somewhat worth it. As long as Huo Yuhao’s Soul Assault was still on the field, Zhu Lu and Dai Huabin could be affected at any time.

She judged that the perfect timing to attack Huo Yuhao would be when they were fighting at a close distance. When Wang Dong expanded his wings, she set her plan in motion.

In order to let these six freshmen use all of their powers, there were no limitations on what they could use. Only by going all out could they reveal their true potentials to the observing teachers. Because of this, the proctoring teacher was not only very experienced, but was also an agility type, seven spirit ring Spirit Saint. His speed was faster than what students at Huo Yuhao’s level could imagine.

When Cui Yajie brutally attacked Huo Yuhao, the proctor had already closed in. Even this experienced teacher had determined both Huo Yuhao and Cui Yajie were about to be eliminated.

And just when the teacher was about to intervene, Huo Yuhao acted.

His body suddenly became elusive. With a slight sway, he retreated backward, leaving a blur.

Of course his speed was incomparable to the agility type spirit master, Zhu Lu’s. But this movement was definitely not something a normal control type spirit master could accomplish. The most crucial point was that his steps were extremely deceptive. Cui Yajie’s piercing Fox Tail Needle could not even find a target to hit and the pent up Spirit Power could not be released.

Just then, Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess flowed out. Not only did it attack her, but also covered Dai Huabin.

Wang Dong’s feet were on Huo Yuhao’s shoulders. So with Huo Yuhao’s retreating movement, his body moved as well. But, with their Mental Detection and Sharing, Wang Dong’s ability could not miss. Even more, the Light of the Butterfly Goddess was an ability that could be an area-wide attack or a concentrated attack.

The proctoring teacher raised his right hand and grabbed Cui Yajie out of the field. This teacher’s judgment was very accurate. Cui Yajie had already lost her chance to hit Huo Yuhao. If she were covered by the Light of the Butterfly Goddess, then even if she did not die, she would still be critically injured. As for Dai Huabin, there was no need for him to act.

The Light of the Butterfly Goddess violently hit the White Tiger’s Protection and exploded with a shock. Dai Huabin bent his body and used his tiger palms to protect his head while minimizing damage.

However, Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess was still outside of his predictions. This was not some second spirit ring ability. Its power was not something he could endure. As a result, his White Tiger Protection instantly shattered.

Dai Huabin made a prompt decision. The air around his body became distorted. His evil double-pupil eyes became red. His third spirit ring, flashing a noble, purple light, had risen. His originally White Tiger possessed body turned even stronger as his muscles expanded again. This time, his shirt completely ripped to reveal his muscles. The weird thing was that his skin also showed black line patterns. If he had fur, then there would be no difference between his body and that of a tiger.

A pair of tiger palms became even tigger. The extended claws changed to a bright silver color. Extraordinarily, his entire body was also covered by a layer of intense golden light like he was gilded in gold. His blood red, double pupils revealed a bloodthirsty glow. His entire body also carried the tyrannic aura of the king of beasts.

When he used this third spirit ability, both Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong had a sense of danger.

The thick golden light expanded out from Dai Huabin’s body. Both his speed and power increased. His pair of tiger palms collided in front of him and forcefully crushed the light balls generated by Light of the Butterfly Goddess into smithereens.

Even though Wang Dong’s attack was not completely directed toward him, this was still an ability fueled by their HaoDong Power! It had already reached the level of a thousand year spirit ring’s power. Dai Huabin was also the first person to directly face and successfully defend against the HaoDong Powered Light of the Butterfly Goddess.

This was a top level Beast Spirit’s potential. Wang Dong was still lacking in cultivation compared to Dai Huabin. Even with Huo Yuhao’s spirit power fusion, he was still not a Spirit Elder. If Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was at least level twenty, then even with this power up, Dai Huabin would still not be able to match them. But, in the current situation, there was a significant difference between them.

In an instant, the Butterfly Goddess attack had completely disappeared. After sacrificing Cui Yajie, Dai Huabin finally arrived in front of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong in his peak condition. Even though it was one versus two, his power at the moment was stronger than theirs.

When the Light of the Butterfly Goddess was extinguished, Dai Huabin kicked the ground with his left foot with a “pong” sound. His entire body then shot forward like an arrow. The target was not Wang Dong, but Huo Yuhao.

This was the first time Huo Yuhao entered a close distance with Dai Huabin. With the target of his vengeance in front of him, he could not steady himself no matter how much he tried.

With Ghost Elusive Steps, Huo Yuhao quickly retreated. But his speed was lacking compared to the Spirit Elder, Dai Huabin. The distance between them continuously shortened. Dai Huabin’s tiger palms went straight for Huo Yuhao’s chest.

Just then, Huo Yuhao suddenly stopped. His glowing eyes stared at Dai Huabin. With his head as the center, the air within an area of around five meters suddenly distorted. Even those on the observation deck could not detect this subtle change.

This was not Soul Assault but Mental Disturbance. Huo Yuhao understood that if he used Soul Assault against Dai Huabin in his current condition, the one to lose would be himself due to backlash. So, he chose the skill that would have no negative consequences. He created a powerful Mental Disturbance zone of five meters in radius using his increasingly powerful mental power.

When Mental Disturbance activated, Wang Dong suddenly fell forward, with his Guillotine Wings glowing a faint orange color, directly at Dai Huabin. He aimed at the sides of Dai Huabin’s neck.

No matter how tough Dai Huabin’s third spirit ring ability, White Tiger Vajra, made him become, he still did not dare to use his own neck to feel those sharp blades. And, under Huo Yuhao’s Mental Disturbance, his reaction was a split second slower.

So, when Dai Huabin detected Wang Dong’s Guillotine Wings, his reaction speed was a bit slow. He had to use his pair of tiger palms to protect his neck from the attack.

A quick reaction could not compare to one that was planned. Even with Dai Huabin’s strongest ability, it could not shake Wang Dong away. Golden light suddenly glowed from the Guillotine Wings. Light of the Butterfly Goddess activated once more.

With Huo Yuhao and HaoDong Power’s support, the skill had greater power and activation speed. His current strength had reached the level of a Spirit Elder. He just lacked an extra ability.

Dai Huabin was shocked. Wang Dong’s sequence of attacks were too perfectly controlled and did not allow him to counter. He could only helplessly continue defending. He used his second spirit ring ability, White Tiger’s Light to forcefully fight back Wang Dong’s Light of the Butterfly Goddess at a close distance.

One was completely focused on attacking. The other was hurriedly defending. One was a thousand year spirit ring ability, one was a hundred year spirit ring ability. They also differed in Spirit Power. The result was predictable.

A violent clash exploded between Wang Dong and Dai Huabin. Wang Dong was attacking from a higher position while Dai Huabin had tilted his head upward to use the White Tiger’s Light.

In the fearsome explosion, Wang Dong expanded his wings and flew up, easily dissipating the blowback. But Dai Huabin did not have it easy. His legs sunk into the ground as his upper body bent back. Golden light flowed out of his body as he received a great force using his White Tiger Vajra.



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