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Part 4

Du Weilun continued, “In view of the exceptional performance and complete victory of Team Wang Dong throughout this competition, the academy decided to award them a special prize. This prize will be kept secret. After class reassignments, you guys will follow me to receive them together.”

There is a special prize? This is the difference between the champions and second and third places. Huo Yuhao’s trio became instantly excited. Even the awkwardness of being called Team Wang Dong had lessened.

No one complained about Huo Yuhao’s team receiving a special prize. On their road to victory, they had defeated Ning Tian, Xie Huanyue, and Dai Huabin’s Spirit Elder lead teams. All three of the Spirit Elders had been defeated with their hands. It could be said that there were absolutely no tricks involved in becoming champions. A special prize is within reason.

Du Weilun said, “Okay. You guys can return to your positions.”

The nine of them stood back to their original places.

Du Weilun continued, “This year’s new students are more exceptional than before. I hope you will all work hard in the future. God rewards the diligent. No matter how great your talent, you will not be rewarded without hard work. Our Shrek Academy is the continent’s number one Spirit Master academy. We hope you will successfully graduate and obtain outstanding achievements. Based on performance in the Freshman Competition, the academy has selected a group of this year’s students to become the core disciples of the outer school. Now I will announce their names.”

Shrek Plaza suddenly became so silent that not a crow or a sparrow could be heard. Of course core disciples are not limited to the top three teams! Although Du Weilun did not say it, but everyone knew that the outer school’s core disciples will obtain precious resources from the academy. Since this concerned their own interests, these young students focused their attention, afraid to mishear their own names.

Du Weilun opened the folder in his hands and read, “After examining performance during the Freshman Examination, the core disciples will include: Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao, Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, Zhou Sichen, Cao Jinxuan, Lan Susu, Lan Luoluo, Ning Tian, Wu Fen.”

When Du Weilun started talking about core disciples, Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao immediately thought that Teacher Xiao Ya’s information was indeed very accurate.

Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao’s names appeared in the front. Both were obviously excited. But, what surprised them was that Huo Yuhao’s name never appeared. It went straight to Dai Huabin. How could this be? Huo Yuhao was their team leader!

Du Weilun continued reading. They still held a sliver of hope. But by the end, they still did not hear Huo Yuhao’s name.

Huo Yuhao had also became dull. In that instant, he felt as if something was pulled out from inside of them. His face instantly paled.

Since the day he entered Shrek Academy, he had spent all his efforts to train and improve. Even when others were resting, he was still cultivating. When people were being lazy, he was again cultivating. In the Freshman Examination, he also spent all of his energy with his teammate. In the end, they had obtained the highest honors. But. Why, why am I not included as a core disciple? Why is this?

Huo Yuhao’s expression was very calm, but his heart had a shadow that normal people could not possess. The pains he had built up from young had exploded when he first saw Dai Huabin, but he was able to suppress it with his intellect. But in this moment, he had an unbearable feeling. Why, why are they treating me so? He finally understood why Du Weilun changed their name from Team Huo Yuhao to Team Wang Dong. This was obviously decided earlier!

Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao were each standing to a side of Huo Yuhao and obviously detected his mood. Wang Dong quickly grabbed Huo Yuhao’s arm, afraid he would lash out. But he did not know what to say. Both he and Xiao Xiao had become core disciples. But Huo Yuhao did not. What could he be feeling?

Du Weilun continued, “Based on the Freshman Examination, there are some students whose talent and abilities are lacking, but still performed well. So the academy has decided to allow them temporary treatment as core disciples, until the end of the school year. If they perform well during the final exam, the school will raise their status to core disciple. Their names will be listed now: Huo Yuhao, Cui Yajie, Huang Chutian, Long Xiangyue, Nanmen Yuner. The announcement is now complete.”

Huo Yuhao’s gaze seemed empty. But the anger in his heart gradually calmed. Right! My ability is lacking. In Du Weilun’s list of students, I am the only one who had not reached a cultivation of level twenty. The treatment of a core disciple. So much for the treatment of a core disciple!Tears flashed within his eyes. He slowly lowered his head and buried the sadness deeply within his heart.

Maybe if I did not have our Battle Spirit Fusion Ability, I might not even have obtained this core disciple treatment. Who can I blame? I can only blame myself for not having enough power. I can only blame the fact that my first spirit ring is only a ten year ring in their eyes. A self-deprecating smirk appeared on Huo Yuhao’s face. When he finally raised his head, his gaze had gained another hint of coldness.

“Yuhao, are you okay?” Wang Dong asked quietly.

Huo Yuhao lightly shook his head and weakly smiled, “I’m fine. I just don’t have the qualifications to be a core disciple. I am only a level eleven Spirit Master.”

Wang Dong quickly responded, “No. No, it’s not like that. They don’t know how important you are…”

Xiao Xiao also continuously nodded.

Huo Yuhao’s smile became somewhat more natural, “I really am fine. Didn’t Director Du just say that I can receive the same treatments as a core disciple? This is already good enough. I need to continue putting in effort. Maybe I can become an official core disciple by the next examination.”

Wang Dong sighed and released Huo Yuhao’s arm. He and Huo Yuhao had lived together for some time. They were also Battle Spirit Fusion partners. He understood Huo Yuhao’s personality very well. Although Huo Yuhao acted calm and had a good temperament, he was actually a very ambitious person. Wang Dong only learned about his unyielding and stubborness after hearing about his life. But no one can help him overcome this obstacle. He must rely on himself.

Next was class reassignments. The entire first year was divided into four classes. Class One as offense and control, Class Two as defense and agility, Class Three as support and Class Four for specialty Spirit Masters, such as food and healing types.

It was without doubt that the strongest was Class One. Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao had been assigned to this class. The strongest in Class Two was obviously Xie Huanyue. His Battle Spirit was the most unique. Class Three did not only include support types, but also included Spirit Masters who could fight while providing direct support. This included Spirits such as Ning Tian’s Seven Crystal Pagoda. Class Four had a mix of Spirit Masters. Comparatively, they did not have much fighting potential. But, they often possessed unusual abilities. The most important ones were food and healing types.

Almost every year was divided like this. The only difference was the higher years containing less people due to Shrek Academy’s high elimination rates. Those who successfully graduate each year numbered less than fifty. This meant that even having twenty percent of this year’s three hundred students graduate was quite a feat.

Follow the reassignment was introductions from each class’s teacher. For Huo Yuhao, the only good news was Zhou Yi becoming one of the two directing teachers. Each class had two directors. The other was the one who looked most favorably upon Huo Yuhao: Wang Yan.

Even Zhou Yi did not know that he had transferred from teaching upper class students to teach with her because Huo Yuhao was in Class One.

“Okay. Now please follow your class directors back to the teaching building. Wang Dong, you three come with me for your prizes,” announced Du Weilun.

Huo Yuhao had recovered to normal. At least he did not show as disturbances on his face. The three of them followed Du Weilun to the teacher’s office area.

Du Weilun’s office was on the top floor. His office was also much bigger than Zhou Yi’s, but not as elegant. He did have four bookcases, each containing treasured manuscripts.

Du Weilun smiled and pointed to the couch. “Please sit. Huo Yuhao, don’t carry any burdens in your heart. You also saw that other than you, there were students within the top three teams who did not become core disciples. Your performance was good. Especially being able to support Wang Dong’s Battle Spirit Fusion. But your personal strength requires improvement. When you can obtain the second spirit ring, you can petition the school for the best spirit ring. If you show an exceptional performance during your examination to enter year two, the academy will consider naming you an official core disciple.”

“Director Du. It is not like that. Huo Yuhao does not support me, but…” When he spoke till this point, Du Weilun had stopped him. In Du Weilun’s eyes, this was just an effort from young children acting out of friendship.

Huo Yuhao also pulled on Wang Dong’s sleeve and respectfully said to Du Weilun, “Director Du, I will definitely work hard. Thank you for your concern.”



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