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Part 2

Ning Tian had Wu Feng before about her suspicions of Huo Yuhao’s abilities. Later, they analyzed battles fought by Huo Yuhao’s trio. Especially their Spirit Fusion Ability. In the end, they decided that what made Ning Tian faint was Wang Dong’s ability. Not something Huo Yuhao could have accomplished. The reason Huo Yuhao could join this champion team was because of his spirit fusion with Wang Dong.

It was also because of their loss to Huo Yuhao’s trio that they were eliminated. Her anger had never disappeared. She immediately raised an objection.

With her action, many other students immediately joined in. Especially those of the control type. In a moment, most students were high with emotions.

Wang Yan frowned and said with a deep voice, “Huo Yuhao also won like Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. He has his own outstanding attributes. I have personally tested his spirit ability. At the same level, there are few other control type spirit masters who can compare to him. My suggestions are all from Freshman Examination rankings.”

Wu Feng did not back down at all, “Teacher Wang, you said that his spirit ability is better than people of his level. But what is his level? It is only a single ring. Our class already has three ring Spirit Elders. How is a single ring spirit master worthy of being nominated for class president? How can anyone be satisfied with this?”

“Bang!” Wang Dong slapped his desk as he stood up. He turned to face Wu Feng, “Don’t go overboard. Are you objecting your loss to us during the elimination rounds? You can challenge us again any time if you dare!”

Wu Feng answered with anger, “Yes. I am dissatisfied. So what? Weren’t we taught that control types can restrain offense types? If he can win against me then I will accept it. I will also agree with his nomination for class president.”

“Shut up. I will fight you. If you dare then come to the Spirit Battle District with me now.” Wang Dong was about to spit fire as he started emitting spirit power.

“Enough.” Wang Yan’s voice carried thick spirit power and forcefully shut them both up.

“Everyone sit down.”

Only with this did Wu Feng and Wang Dong unwillingly sit back down.

Wang Yan gravely said, “If there are objections then let’s all decide together. If more than half of the people here object to Huo Yuhao as class president, then I will erase his name. Those who object, raise your hands.”

If it were Zhou Yi, then she would never have handled it like this. She would have overpowered the crowd and have directly made Huo Yuhao the class president. If anyone objected, they would have been punished.

But Wang Yan was different. He was the warm and scholarly type. He liked to act with logic. But because of this, he had much less authority with students.

The moment Wang Yan finished his sentence, almost two thirds of the students raised their hands together. It could have been because of jealousy for Huo Yuhao winning with only a single spirit ring or because of Wu Feng’s words. Only former Class One students and those with a calm attitude did not raise their hands.

Everyone who could enter Shrek Academy were geniuses. This could be seen by the fast that most were able to obtain the best spirit ring setup before their fourth spirit ring. It was easy to feel arrogant. Agreeing to a class president with only a single spirit ring, how can they not harbor ill feelings and envy?

Wang Yan didn’t expect such a situation. He blanked for a moment.

Wang Dong was furious and rose again. But this time, Huo Yuhao pulled him down.

Wu Feng proudly said, “Teacher Wang. We have the majority. Let’s erase his name.”

Wang Yan was in a tough spot. He had taught many students, but this type of situation was his first. Also, he had already spoken before, so he cannot back out. He looked at Huo Yuhao with some guilt.

Just as he was about to announce that he will erase Huo Yuhao’s name, Huo Yuhao slowly raised his hand.

From Wu Feng’s objection to now, Huo Yuhao did not show any emotional change. He even blocked Wang Dong from doing anything rash. But was his heart really so calm?

Wang Yan said, “Yuhao, you can speak.”

Huo Yuhao slowly rose without even looking at Wu Feng. He calmly and slowly said, “Teacher Wang, I understand Wu Feng’s objection. She mainly doubts my abilities to act as a class president. Before you cancel my nomination, I want to say that I am willing to accept Wu Feng’s challenge. If I win, then I ask everyone to vote again.”

Even though his voice sounded calm, the moment he said these words, the entire Freshman Class One became silent.

Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu and Wu Feng were shocked. No one imagined that he would be willing to accept Wu Feng’s challenge.

Wu Feng possessed the Red Dragon battle spirit. Based on quality, it is only slightly below Dai Huabin’s White Tiger and Wang Dong’s Bright Goddess Butterfly. And that difference is miniscule. She also had the perfect combination of two hundred year rings. With her brute forth and level twenty-five cultivation, she was way better than Huo Yuhao in every single aspect! Her qualities were also supported by the fact that she was selected to become a core disciple. Even Shrek Academy teachers believed she has great potential.

Even though Huo Yuhao was a control type spirit master, he was still a mental attribute one. His spirit power is also only in the teens, with a ten year spirit ring. No matter how one looked at it, no one could believe he can fight against Wu Feng.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao accepted Wu Feng’s challenge. Even more than his calm voice, but the determination in his words shocked everyone.

Wang Yan’s pupils contracted slightly. He paused for a few seconds while looking at Huo Yuhao’s calm expression. Then he inhaled deeply and nodded. “Okay. Since it has come to this, then I allow you two to fight in the Spirit Battle District. However, for fairness, why don’t we make a bet. If Wu Feng can win against Huo Yuhao, then Huo Yuhao’s nomination will be recalled. If Huo Yuhao wins, then I will cancel Wu Feng’s nomination for class president. Today, I will make an exception. Everyone rise. Let’s go to the Spirit Battle District.”

Wu Feng didn’t object to the bet. She had Wang Dong and Dai Huabin in front of her on the list anyway, so her chances of winning were slim. Also, how could she admit defeat to Huo Yuhao, who only had a ten year spirit ring?

After a short pause of shock, Wu Feng’s face was filled with disdain and contempt. As students were leaving the classroom, she purposely walked next to Huo Yuhao and whispered, “Today, I will beat you until you are crippled.”

Huo Yuhao coldly stared at this over-masculine Red Dragon spirit master, and walked out with large steps.

He had already endured so much today. He also realized that if he backed down today and had his nomination cancelled, then he would forever be unable to raise his head. The effect on his mind would far outweigh anything else. So, he chose to fight. Even if he loses, he must fight. He will lose like a man. If he didn’t even have the courage to accept Wu Feng’s challenge, then how would he ever be able to obtain his vengence?

The entire Class One student body arrived at the Spirit Battle District. Wang Yan paid the fees for their battle. Other than Freshman Class One students, no one else was present. This will also be the first individual battle after the students entered the academy.

Wang Dong followed closely by Huo Yuhao, but didn’t say a word. He understood Huo Yuhao’s mood today. Not being able to become a core disciple, then to receive such humiliation. Huo Yuhao chose not to tolerate such grievances and chose this kind of method to prove himself.

Xiao Xiao also stayed silent. She just watched Huo Yuhao. In her eyes, this companion is not simply a youngster, but a man. A man who is willing to stand up to anything. Not everyone possesses the courage to stand up to an opponent much stronger than himself. To fight while knowing it’s a loss, how many people could do this?

“Time to bet, time to bet. I will be the host. Anyone willing to bet? Huo Yuhao, one to ten, Wu Feng, ten to one.” The Treasured Book battle spirit user, Zhou Sichen, yelled out. Teacher Wang Yan had gone with Huo Yuhao and Wu Feng toward the battlefield, so no one was in charge of the students anymore.

“I bet one hundred gold coins on Wu Feng.” Dai Huabin was the first to go to Zhou Sichen. He directly retrieved a heavy money pouch and gave it to Zhou Sichen.

Zhou Sichen’s face twitched, “You don’t have to be this cruel.”

Dai Huabin answered with disdain, “You dare act as host without courage. Then don’t open your mouth.”

Zhou Sichen was agitated by Dai Huabin’s cold words, so he angrily said, “Then I will receive it. Like I’m afraid of you. Even if you win, it’s only ten gold coins. I will pay whatever it may be.”

But, what happened after made him cry without tears. Many more students ran toward him to bet on Wu Feng. Their power difference was too great. No one favored Huo Yuhao. Even the possibility of incurring a great loss didn’t deter them.

Zhou Sichen’s face looked worse and worse. But since he already said such arrogant words, it was impossible to retract them now. After a few moments, his face looked like the bottom of a pot.

“I bet on Huo Yuhao. One thousand gold.” Just then, a voice that made Zhou Sichen overjoyed rang out.

Standing in front of him, and putting a beautiful gold slip in his hand was Wang Dong.

Xiao Xiao was next to him and also brought out a slip, “I also bet one thousand.”


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