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Part 3

Hearing their voices, Zhou Sichen thought he was listening to a melody. With every other student’s gold added together, it was still only two thousand gold coins. But Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao bet this much with only the two of them. That means, even if Huo Yuhao lost, he as the host wouldn’t be losing much money. At least he wasn’t in danger anymore.

“We bet fifty gold on Huo Yuhao.” Two clear voices rang out. Zhou Sichen was surprised to find that there were actually others who dared to bet on Huo Yuhao. When he looked, he found the Lan Susu and Lan Luoluo sisters behind Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao.

The sisters only wanted a smile from Wang Dong, so they brought out fifty gold coins.

“I also bet fifty.” Another voice rang out. This time Zhou Sichen was dumbfounded. Because the person who bet this time was actually his best friend, the Time Fleeing Clock spirit master, Cao Jinxuan. He was defeated by Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’s Soul Assault before he even brought out his battle spirit.

“Jinxuan, what are you up to?” Zhou Sichen asked with suspicions.

Cao Jinxuan laughed, “I know you have money. Can’t I bet on a low chance?”

Zhou Sichen looked at him with doubt, “That’s not right. You’re the type to never rise early without benefit. You don’t do anything without assurances.”

Cao Jinxuan confidently said, “That isn’t your problem. I want to bet fifty. It’s not too cruel. I want to remind you that if Huo Yuhao wins, you will be bankrupt. One to ten. These two thousand, one hundred gold coins will become twenty-one thousand. Do you have so much money?”

“Huh…” Cold sweat immediately poured out of him. Right! What if Huo Yuhao wins? Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao bet one thousand gold each. Ten times. That is an astronomical number for him!

“Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao, can you two bet less?” Just a moment ago, Zhou Sichen was hoping Huo Yuhao could win, but now he had a complete change of heart.

Wang Dong responded, “You said you were willing to take however much. I have confidence in Yuhao. I’m not even afraid of losing. Why should you be.” Afterwards, he turned with Xiao Xiao to find a place to sit.

Seeing his back, Zhou Sichen said angrily, “Hmph. Let’s see how you cry when you lose. It’s impossible for Huo Yuhao to win against Wu Feng. There’s such a big difference. But the rates I set up really is enough to bury my father! I should have been more careful while still making a profit.”

Cao Jinxuan patted his shoulder. He said casually, “Impulse is the devil!”

When the students were focused on betting, Huo Yuhao and Wu Feng walked into the Spirit Battle Arena. For safety, Wang Yan was their referee.

After entering, Wang Yan strictly said, “I will remind you guys again, this is purely a match of skills. You may try your best, but must not cripple the opponent. Do you understand? If I discover one side has a great advantage, then I will stop the match.”

Huo Yuhao and Wu Feng nodded at the same time. Wu Feng loudly said, “Teacher Wang, then wouldn’t you have to stop the match after a few seconds?”

She turned and walked to one side of the arena. Although she was not even twelve years old, Wu Feng’s figure was more developed than other girls. Her body was tall and slender. She also had distinctive feminine features, especially her fire like red hair, giving off a unique beauty. However, her savage character didn’t match her beautiful appearances.

Huo Yuhao slowly backed away. Wang Yan said to him quietly: “Somethings cannot be forced. Don’t push yourself too hard. Sometimes patience is also a strength.”

Huo Yuhao could feel Wang Yan’s concern for him. He nodded, then retreated. He understood Wang Yan’s words, but his heart told him to fight with everything he had. He never even considered backing down.

In a few moments, both competitors were a hundred meters apart.

Wang Yan stood in the middle, his arms straight, parallel to the ground. After seeing the competitors ready, he raised his arms up and yelled, “Start.”

Wu Feng moved almost immediately. Her red hair flew into the air as if a red cloud was charging into Huo Yuhao. Every time her slender legs touched the ground, her body would speed forward. In an instant, she had already dashed forward tens of meters.

As her slender form rushed forward, dragon scales started covering her body. With their distance drawing closer, Huo Yuhao could feel her wild and sturdy spirit.

What shocked observers was that Huo Yuhao didn’t move. Instead, he closed his eyes and stood there silently as if he were in a trance.

The observations decks became completely silent as everyone focused their attentions on the battlefield. The most attentive were, of course, Wang Dong, Xiao Xiao, and also, Zhou Sichen.

Cao Jinxuan stared at the field as well. But he did not focus his gaze on Wu Feng. He was observing every movement made by Huo Yuhao.

Just as Zhou Sichen guessed, Cao Jinxuan didn’t bet on Huo Yuhao out of impulse. He also wasn’t aiming at betting a low chance. He had his own goals.

In Zhou Sichen’s team, the real leader was actually Cao Jinxuan. Cao Jinxuan’s Time Fleeing Clock was a rarely seen tool battle spirit that can control the passage of time. Cao Jinxuan was responsible for their team entering the top four. And as an outstanding control type spirit master, he understood Huo Yuhao better than others.

When they fought before, he was knocked out before he even had a chance to use a single spirit ability. Many people thought it was Wang Dong’s effort. But Cao Jinxuan knew that it was a mental attack. Even if Wang Dong helped, the main attacker was still Huo Yuhao. More importantly, he was prepared for this type of long range attack. Time was twisted around him. It was hard for the naked eye to discern, so he was never afraid of physical attacks. But, even when his Fleeing Time Clock could alter time, it couldn’t affect Huo Yuhao’s Mental Detection. There was no way for him to avoid a direct hit. This made Cao Jinxuan much more interested in Huo Yuhao.

He had a strong desire for knowledge. He really wanted to know how Huo Yuhao accomplished it with only a ten year spirit ring! Could it be that his spirit ability had two uses? Or a single spirit ability with two effects? Detection with attack? Then was it still a ten year spirit ring? Only a hundred thousand year spirit ring can have two abilities!

So, even if everyone thought Huo Yuhao was going to lose, Cao Jinxuan still had confidence in him. This confidence was even stronger than Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. Sometimes, only an opponent can truly understand another.

Within the Spirit Battle Arena, the distance between the competitors shortened. Against the silent Huo Yuhao, Wu Feng became more cautious. She did get knocked out by him before. After her investigations, she felt that the best defense was to concentrate her spirit power at her head to protect her consciousness.

So, Wu Feng didn’t use any spirit abilities. From her perspective, if they competed with combat power, then Huo Yuhao had no chance of winning. She only needed to be careful of that Soul Assault spirit ability. In reality, other than Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao, no other students knew that Huo Yuhao’s main skill was Mental Detection.

As one looked, the distance was only five meters apart. Wu Feng violently kicked the ground and her body sprang like an arrow toward Huo Yuhao.

Just then, Huo Yuhao finally moved. As Wu Feng made her move, his foot moved slightly as he quickly dodged toward the left. At the same time, he sweeped with his other leg, directly toward Wu Feng’s lower abdomen.

When Wu Feng jumped, her arms were up high. Both palms targeting Huo Yuhao’s shoulders. Huo Yuhao took advantage of Mental Detection and beautifully followed her movements. So, the moment she moved, he had already dodged aside. His right leg’s sweep was also at a position that Wu Feng couldn’t defend.

Even though she was full of confidence, such a result was hard to accept. Of course she didn’t want to be kicked. Helplessly, she twisted her body in the air to dodge. But her previous jump couldn’t be changed.

No one could have imagined that Huo Yuhao’s attack stopped midair. His left leg sprang forward and he jumped more than half a meter. His right leg also changed from a sweep to a kick. It perfectly landed on Wu Feng’s shapely buttocks.

The buttocks are a body’s center of gravity. Being kicked in the air meant her balance was completely destroyed. Wu Feng suddenly made a surprised noise as she was dodging in the air. She almost twisted her waist as she slammed her left hand on the ground to regain control of her body.

After Huo Yuhao kicked out, he immediately followed it with another movement. His right leg smoothly landed on the ground and he jumped toward Wu Feng. Even now, his eyes were still closed. But his observation of the outside world was even more clear than with his eyes.

Wu Feng’s left hand had just made contact with the ground. Her body’s fall was also slowed. But then, Huo Yuhao arrived. His right foot kicked the ground and his left foot stomped on Wu Feng’s thin waist.

Of course Wu Feng didn’t want him to succeed. She lifted her right knee to meet Huo Yuhao’s left foot. At the same time, she pushed with her left hand on the ground. Borrowing her body’s sturdiness, she forcefully turned light lightening and kicked at Huo Yuhao with her left leg.

Feeling anger and embarrassment, she gave all she had on this one kick. Although spirit abilities were not used, a kick from a Spirit Grandmaster could not be easily ignored.

However, Wu Feng misjudged once again. Huo Yuhao suddenly took back his left leg in mid-air, and squated instantly. Right after he dodged Wu Feng’s kick, his flexible body rushed forward and slapped both palms firmly onto Wu Feng’s back.


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