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Part 3

Fan Yu took the Sleeve Cannon off his arm, then dismantled it under Huo Yuhao’s observation. As he did this, he explained, “The spirit guidance device’s main body has three sections. The outer shell, the inner shell and the core. The outer shell was what you saw. It must be made with hard metal that can stand high temperature. This is to prevent wear from long term use. The inner shell is different. It must be able to amplify and guide spirit power. So, the inner shell requires precious metals. For example, crystal silver. Only by amplifying spirit power through the inner shell can we reduce our own expenditure of spirit power. That is why spirit guidance masters under level seven will continue to have greater combat ability than battle spirit masters. The core is the key. It also requires the most precious metals and gems to make. Making it requires different methods and activating it requires different amounts of spirit power. It will also determine what materials are required for the inner shell and outer shell. The core can be said to be everything to a spirit guidance device. And the formation of the core is the most important for a spirit guidance master.”

“When determining the level of a spirit guidance master, the first is looking at the core. The level of the core will also indicate the level of the user. So, you can also be determined for your level as a spirit guidance master.”

“There is no easy way to research the core technology. One can only improve by remembering every formulation from past masters, then trying different metals. After you understand each core’s foundation, you can make your own. Then, you will be your own master.”

“Our spirit guidance research is centered on core formulation. Then, we pair it with the corresponding inner shell and outer shell. He Caitou is very talented in this. Even though he seems simple at times, he has a skill that most people his age do not posses. That is focus. It is something that cannot be missing when developing core formulation.”

“Core formulation does not have to be perfect. But, the less the imperfection, the more it can be used.”

Till this point, Fan Yu suddenly stopped to watch Huo Yuhao with satisfaction. He also detected a sense of focus from Huo Yuhao. And Huo Yuhao’s expression told him that he was learning all these new information very fast and had already understood.”

After a moment, Fan Yu asked, “Do you understand everything?”

Huo Yuhao nodded, “Teacher, I understand.”

Fan Yu smiled. “These are the basics. In the next period of time, you must gain a good foundation for creating spirit guidance devices. This is the root of spirit guidance masters. Only by having a good foundation can you become a good spirit guidance master. You must know that as a spirit guidance master, every spirit guidance device you use must be created by yourself. No one knows their own abilities better than themselves. We will start from creating metals first. The first step to becoming an outstanding spirit guidance master is to become an outstanding blacksmith.”

Right after, Huo Yuhao received a set of equipment, wind funnel, furnace, blacksmith hammer, anvil and more. Fan Yu started guiding him step by step on how to smith.

Forging has four main steps that are applied to any precious metal. Even the core is made like this.

The four steps are to refine the material. Through high temperatures and continuous hammering, impurities can be extracted and the metal made more compact. The higher the purity, the better the quality of the metal. Different metals require different refinements.

The second step is to mold. Some metals are molded using molds. Most are molded through smithing.

The third step is to quench. Quenching has many complexities and requires more experience.

The last step is to polish. Careful polish and carving will complete the most intricate part of creating a spirit guidance device. Only after polishing can the formulation by carved. (TL: when I write formulation, think of a magic circle.)

After these four steps, the parts will be assembled and a spirit guidance device will be complete.

These steps sound simple, but each requires strict adherence. Huo Yuhao was only starting from refining the material. The sound of hammering could be heard from Research Room Twelve.

During dinner, Wang Dong found Huo Yuhao’s hands visibly shaking.

“Hey, why are you shaking?” asked Wang Dong suspiciously.

Huo Yuhao said angrily, “Let’s see you hammer at a piece of metal for more than half an hour. If it were not for my Mystic Jade Hands, my entire hand would be covered with blisters.”

As he ate, explained everything Fan Yu had just taught him about the foundations of a spirit guidance master.

Wang Dong had a face of disbelief. “Aren’t you finding troubles for yourself? Your Teacher Fan Yu already said that after cultivating to a seven ring Spirit Saint, spirit guidance masters are no opponents of battle spirit masters. Then what are you doing this for? Your cultivation is already lacking, but now you are spending time on becoming a spirit guidance master. Wouldn’t your advances be even slower now?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head, “No, I must become a spirit guidance master.” He had his own thoughts. There were many advantages that being a spirit guidance master will give him. Also, Fan Yu had said that on the continent, spirit guidance masters are more desired than battle spirit masters. Even after rising to a high level, a spirit master is only one person. But a spirit guidance master can create a fearsome army.

His enemy. The White Tiger Duke and his wife are equal to half the Star Luo Empire! With only the power of the battle spirit master, even if he obtained the cultivation of a Titled Douluo, could he win?

So, not only will he become a top spirit master, but also a top spirit guidance master. He will create a powerful spirit guidance device for himself.

This goal is still far away. Very far. But Huo Yuhao had pride and self-confidence. He is not afraid of hard work and is willing to expend twice as much effort as normal people. He also has the first million year spirit ring in the Douluo Continent’s history. Daydream had told him that as his cultivation increased, the million year spirit ring’s power will increase as well.

After eating a meal prepared for core disciples, his body was warm and filled with unspeakable comfort.

“Let’s go rest in the dorm.” Wang Dong wiped his mouth.

Huo Yuhao responded, “I still have to learn from Teacher Fan Yu for another hour. You go back first. When I get back, we will meditate.”

Wang Dong patted his own forehead, “Huo Yuhao, sometimes I think you are a madman.”

Huo Yuhao laughed, “A lovable madman right?”

The moment the two of them walked out of the cafeteria, they bumped into Tang Ya and Bei Bei. Seeing Huo Yuhao, Tang Ya seemed to have left out a breath as she patted her chest. “Little Yuhao, I thought something happened to you. It’s good that you are fine.”

It turned out that even Tang Ya and Beibei had heard about Huo Yuhao’s fight with Wu Feng yesterday. Then, they didn’t see him selling roast fight at night, so they thought he had been severely injured. The two of them wanted to try their luck at the cafeteria since it was dinner time. They perfectly matched up with Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong.

Huo Yuhao said, “Teacher Xiao Ya, Elder Brother, I was about to go train in the Spirit Guidance Testing Area. We can talk more later! You can ask Wang Dong about what happened yesterday. He knows everything.” Right after speaking, he quickly left. The most difficult part of any task is the beginning and he wanted to take advantage of all the time he had.

Tang Ya asked curiously, “What is up with little Yuhao?”

Wang Dong laughed, “Him? He is just a madman. But, in his own words, he is a lovable madman. When he starts cultivating, he doesn’t even treat himself as human.”

He recounted the scene of Huo Yuhao becoming Fan Yu’s direct disciple yesterday. But Wang Dong held back the fact that Huo Yuhao had already become a core disciple there. No matter what, if the Battle Spirit Division hears about this, they might cancel his current treatment as a core disciple.

After listening to Wang Dong’s words, Tang Ya and Bei Bei looked at each other.

Bei Bei said depressingly, “I can’t believe that our hard work over the last three years could not even match up to our little brother’s three months. Teacher Fan Yu actually took him as a student. Xiao Ya, it looks like the future glory of our Tang Clan will rest on our little brother.”

Tang Ya nodded and said casually, “This might be good. We weren’t talented in spirit guidance devices in the first place. We wouldn’t have been able to accomplish anything if we kept messing around there. It is better to focus our attention on training with our Tang Clan’s secret weapons.”

Wang Dong said with confusion, “Elder Brother, Teacher Xiao Ya, what are you guys talking about?!”

Bei Bei explained, “Our Tang Clan’s fame came from secret weapons. But as spirit guidance devices became more developed, the Tang Clan started decaying. Our financial income decreased. So, Tang Ya and I thought that only by combining the Tang Clan’s secret weapons and the modern spirit guidance devices will our Tang Clan be able to rise again. So, the two of us chose the Spirit Guidance Division. However, I am a Battle Spirit Division core disciple, so I can only train at the Spirit Guidance Division. Even now, I am still a level one spirit guidance master. Xiao Ya can spend more of her focus there, but her personality is too whimsical. She can never settle down to study and research. She is only a level two spirit guidance master now. It would be very difficult to rise to level three.”

Tang Ya continued, “But Teacher Fan Yu is different! Teacher Fan Yu is the number one genius in the Spirit Guidance Division. A level eight spirit guidance master that is rare on the entire continent. He is only below the two deans of the Spirit Guidance Division. He is also the only possible level nine spirit guidance master in our entire academy’s history. He will become the next dean. To become his disciple is like joining the core of the Spirit Guidance Division. Not only will he be able to gain the greatest knowledge, but he will receive full collaboration from the Spirit Guidance Division for everything. Little Yuhao really hit the jackpot! He unknowingly achieved our dream. Bei Bei, I think we should give Huo Yuhao the complete knowledge of secret weapons.”


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