Dragon Prince Yuan - Chapter 1204

Chapter 1204 Kill Lis

The entire domain trembled violently when the Sacred Race Saint’s murder-filled voice rang out, the killing intent so raw and real that it seemed to materealize in the physical plane.

Countless murderous gazes pierced through the barrier, locking onto Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s expression could not help but change. Sure enough, he had stirred up a hornet’s nest this time, and even the Sacred Race Saints had been angered. However, he had no regrets, especially since they stood on opposing sides. If he was given another chance to redo things, he would still exterminate the Sacred Race side without hesitation.

However, this now put him under an overwhelming amount of pressure.

“Humph, what arrogance!” A snort filled with anger sounded from deep in the dark space. “Although your Sacred Race is powerful, we five heavens are no pushovers. If you really want to fight, we’ll gladly accompany you till the end. As for handing him over, keep dreaming!”

Giant glowing silhouettes appeared from the darkness. No one could see their features clearly, but from the boundless power that pulsed from them, everyone instinctively knew that their every action could drastically reshape the world around them.

These were the five heavens Saints!

It was obviously impossible for the five heavens to agree to the Sacred Race’s request. Although Zhou Yuan’s actions had hurt the Sacred Race, it was a huge contribution towards the five heavens.

Hence, no matter what happened, the five heavens Saints would do everything to protect Zhou Yuan at this juncture.

The alternative of handing him over in front of countless five heavens residents would only destroy their hearts.

With Saints on both sides releasing their pressure, the domain rippled violently. Numerous non-Saints, even the Law Domain experts, could only grimly prepare themselves for the worst under the tremendous pressure.

If the Saints were to clash, the rest of them would be akin to fishes in a storm.

However, as the pressure grew greater and greater, endless light suddenly converged on the five heavens side, forming an enormous mysterious face.

The face’s features were blurry and indistinct, but when it appeared, the entire domain seemed to wail as if unable to bear its presence.

The five heavens Saints were surprised by the appearance of the face. They quickly placed their palms vertically to their chests and greeted, “Prime sovereign Jin Luo.”

Zhou Yuan was astonished by this scene and could not help but ask Zhuan Zhu in a low voice, “Senior brother, who is that?”

An entity so respected by the numerous Saints present was clearly no ordinary existence.

Zhuan Zhu explained, “It is Prime Sovereign Jin Luo, one of the three most ancient sovereigns of our five heavens, and also a triple lotus Saint. The three prime sovereigns have been slumbering in the Omega Shrine for many years. I never expected prime sovereign Jin Luo would show his face today.”

“Prime sovereign Jin Luo...triple lotus Saint…” Zhou Yuan felt his mouth dry up. The triple lotus stage was the pinnacle of the Saint stage, the true apex practitioners of this world. IT was no wonder even the many Saints present were so respectful.

Zhou Yuan could not stop himself from asking, “What is the Omega Shrine?”

Zhuan Zhu smiled and said, “It is not something you should know of at your current level, but I will make an exception. It is a place and group founded by the three prime sovereigns that only Saints are allowed into. You may take it as the highest level of protection for the five heavens.

“It does not belong to any of the heavens, and will not interfere in the affairs between any factions. Only when it is time to resist the Sacred Race will they send out a call to arms.”

Zhou Yuan nodded in understanding. A group only Saints were qualified to join. The Omega Shrine was evidently created to resist the Sacred Race, and united the strongest powers in the five heavens in order to do so.

Zhuan Zhu continued, “All Saints have equal status in the group and even the three prime sovereigns are not higher ranked than the others. However, they are the oldest and the other Saints will naturally give them more respect. At the same time, they also protect all contributions done for the five heavens and are worthy of respect.”

Zhou Yuan nodded again. It seems that these three prime sovereigns were the strongest existences of the five heavens.

“Does the Sacred Race have many Saints at that level?” Zhou Yuan was as curious as a new-born baby. After all, it was usually very difficult to find out about such information that only Saints like Zhuan Zhu were privy to. Since there was a chance, he naturally intended to ask as much as he could.

Zhuan Zhu was silent for a moment before he softly said, “It is said that the Sacred Race has seven triple lotus Saints. They are known as the seven prime saints.”

Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled as his expression turned somewhat complicated. The five heavens only had three experts that could stand at the pinnacle of this world, while the Sacred Race had seven. The gap between both sides was very apparent.

“Moreover, the Sacred Race’s most terrifying existence are not these seven prime saints, but…” Space faintly rippled around Zhuan Zhu and Zhou Yuan, as if sealing them off from the outside world. “The Sacred Race has a god.”

“God?!” Zhou Yuan’s pupils abruptly shrank. This was the second time he had heard of this.

“What kind of existence is that?” However, Zhuan Zhu did not answer this time. He only shook his head, evidently not feeling that it was not good for Zhou Yuan to know about such things.

Zhuan Zhu changed the topic, “Since prime sovereign Jin Luo appeared, the matter here should be over, and you will be okay.

“Existences like them do not take part in fights like the battle for Guyuan Heaven, because the moment they do, entire races will be at risk of being wiped out.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids jumped at these words. The triple lotus stage was absolutely terrifying.

While the two were conversing, the Sacred Race side began to stir due to the giant face’s appearance. But before they could speak, a strand of sacred light suddenly descended from countless domains away.

A silhouette appeared in the sacred light, giving off a boundless pressure.

From the looks of it, the new arrival was one of the seven prime saints mentioned by Zhuan Zhu.

“Prime sovereign Zhuan Zhu, an old fellow like you still isn’t dead yet, huh.” The figure within the sacred light chuckled.

“Prime saint Nan Ming, you seven have guarded the Sacred Mountain for so many years without showing yourselves. Could your appearance mean that something has happened to your Sacred Mountain?” The giant face also chuckled.

Their gazes clashed, space constantly crumbling in between.

However, they ultimately withdrew their pressure. Prime sovereign Jin Luo’s indifferent voice echoed across the domain, “We should all back down for now. Your Sacred Race only has yourselves to blame for your failure.”

Prime saint Nan Ming laughed and said, “It is indeed a little shameful but it matters not, it was just a little idea after all. What is one tiny loss in the face of our many victories? Does your five heavens hope that this small victory will help you turn the tides?

“Once we unify Tianyuan World, we will naturally turn this generation of Heavenly Sun practitioners into blood pills.”

His gaze seemed to shift towards Zhou Yuan.

“This kid is quite capable. Although I will let him off today, I intend to palace him on our Sacred Race’s Kill List as a form of acknowledgement. Hehe, only Law Domain experts usually have the honor of being on the list. I really treat him too well.

“Hehe, Sacred Race, withdraw.”

The sacred light scattered as his voice rang out.

The other Sacred Race experts did not waste any time and quickly left one after another. Before they left, they glanced at Zhou Yuan as if he was a dead man.

Zhou Yuan frowned deeply. He felt something extremely evil surge towards him, making him rather uneasy.

“Kill List huh…”

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