Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1003

Chapter 1003: Meeting Old Friends Again

There were a few Blood ancestors who had heard rumors of the Blood-devil Tribe’s ambitions. They believed that the tribe wanted to be the top clan within the Blood Race.

In fact, no one really suspected this rumor. After all, they had produced three Immortal Emperors in the past. The tribe itself had frightening resources, and more importantly, ever since Wang Dongtian took over, the tribe had undergone many changes. They became strong to an alarming level. After several generations of reforms, they became the unified entity of today.

Although they did not produce an emperor during this time, geniuses came out one after another. There were many paragons and even eternal existences! Some even said that the tribe was the side branch with the highest number of paragons in the Blood Race.

And there was a scarier rumor. It stated that their ambition did not stop there. The tribe even wanted to become an existence that rivaled the Blood Primal Ground. It even went beyond that; some believed that they wanted to replace the primal ground altogether.

Of course, the majority of the Blood ancestors only snorted at these rumors. They assumed that they were only propaganda spouted by the humans or the other races. The goal was to destroy the Blood Race’s unity.

The truth was that these ancestors found it to be an impossible matter. For millions of years and generation after generation, the primal ground had always controlled the Blood Race in the nine worlds. No one or any lineage could ever shake the primal ground’s position in the Blood Race.

Thus, they attributed these rumors to be malicious slander. The Blood-devil Tribe couldn’t be stupid enough to challenge the primal ground’s position! This was simply courting death!

However, after hearing the exchange between Li Qiye and Wang Dongtian, some of these Blood ancestors with great statuses were slightly startled. They couldn’t help but recall these past rumors about the Blood-devil Tribe. They trembled at the thought of them maybe being true!

The younger generation did not know the relationship between Li Qiye and the primal ground. However, the primal ground had recently sent messages to the powerful side branches of the Blood Race. Even a fool would understand that Li Qiye carried great significance for the primal ground. He could even take over the leadership of the Blood Race!

Although such speculations did not receive a direct response from the primal ground, it was enough to show Li Qiye’s importance.

Yet, even after receiving these messages, someone as smart as Wang Dongtian chose to work together with the Storm God to oppose Li Qiye? What did this mean?

“Man proposes but heaven disposes. Let the heavens be the judge. Well said.” Li Qiye couldn’t help but praise: “I have to admit that you are a man with a vision. However, you have underestimated your enemy so much that this act is no longer a vision, it is simply overestimating your own abilities!”

“Overestimating my own abilities?” Wang Dongtian’s profound eyes emitted a cold glimmer as he slowly responded: “Against a supreme lord, I will admit that I don’t know my own limits. But against you, I don’t believe this is the case.”

“Hahahaha, how funny.” Li Qiye chuckled: “You will never find out what kind of enemy you are facing right now. In fact, your knowledge of the Blood Primal Ground is only scraps and pieces; otherwise, you will already be regretting the decision you made today.”

“Is that so?” Wang Dongtian retorted: “My Blood-devil Tribe will never know regret. We swear to fight to the very last man against our enemies!”

“How brave.” Li Qiye said with a smile: “Fine, you all have seen what I am capable of and should have a clear assessment of my strength. Thus, you should be well prepared. I have always been merciful and gave my enemies ample opportunities. Begin, show me everything you have. I’ll wait so that others won’t say that I never gave you all a fighting chance.”

Wang Dongtian stared at Li Qiye without speaking. His leisurely and relaxed attitude didn’t seem to be just for show. It really made Wang Dongtian wonder just how many heaven-defying means Li Qiye had.

However, he didn’t have time to hesitate. He slowly uttered: “Very well, since you are so confident, I’ll let you see our great solidarity firsthand!”

“Commence!” He shouted out a command.

The tightly packed army that surrounded the Wang Clan did not immediately attack Li Qiye after the command. A battalion of disciples instantly formed formations. Magical runes appeared on their bodies.

“Buzz!” The entire Wang territory lit up. Formation arrays rose from the ground and illuminated the area.

Many chants resounded. A very powerful force in the middle of this land fluctuated. Next, series of continuous explosions blared.

“Pop!” A very mighty bloody ray soared into the sky from within the clan. It tore apart the initial firmament. Its crimson radiance turned into a formation high above as if it was about to open a timeless portal.

“What is this?” Many people felt uneasy after seeing the portal in the sky in addition to sensing the fluctuation of this timeless power.

“Interesting.” Li Qiye glanced at the portal but still sat leisurely on his throne: “I have heard of this legend before. Alas, it can’t reach the apex against me.”

His words turned Wang Dongtian’s expression sour because this portal hid the ultimate power of their Blood-devil Tribe. However, Li Qiye’s casual words were full of disdain. This was an affront to the great effort of their tribe’s wise sages!

“Such a big tone!” Wang Dongtian coldly said: “Surrender now or you won’t be able to escape death when the time comes, even if you are a Godking!”

“Really now?” Before Li Qiye could speak, another tyrannical voice sounded in the air: “You think your Blood-devil Tribe is so amazing? Try us then!”

This soul-stealing yet pleasant voice speaking in this tyrannical manner immediately attracted many gazes.

At this time, many figures soared closer. A huge snail appeared before everyone. On top of the snail were three girls wearing the same uniform.

Many eyes lit up after seeing the three. They were definitely worthy of the phrase “kingdom-toppling to an unrivaled level.”

All three had their own style and charm. One was graceful with an air of nobility, the other was as cold as ice, and the last was enchantingly sexy!

The speaker was the sexy girl. She had a tall and thin figure with ample curves. Her milky-white breasts were full and round. Her appearance was indescribably alluring and caused everyone to lose their minds.

These three supreme women would draw gazes no matter where they went.

“Who are they?” Countless youths were fascinated and enchanted by them.

Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile after seeing the three. He felt a hard-to-describe feeling as if he had just seen his family again.

He was all too familiar with these three since they were quite memorable. Su Yonghuang, Li Shuangyan, and Chen Baojiao. There was also Niu Fen, who had turned into the gigantic snail.

“The younger generation shall surpass us with time!” Wang Dongtian saw the three and his eyes turned serious after he uttered this praise. As the leader of the Blood-devil Tribe, he immediately noticed certain clues after seeing them.

“The terrifying part has yet to come!” After so many years, Chen Baojiao was still as hot-headed as before. She shouted: “Young Noble, let us drive back the enemy for you!”

With that, she stepped into the sky and used an overbearing momentum to infiltrate the great army.

With a serious gaze, Wang Dongtian commanded: “Stop them!”

With his command, a cavalry rushed out from the great coalition. Under the command of an ancestor, they swiftly rushed towards Chen Baojiao.

“Just in time!” She shouted. A terrifying storm swirled around her body. She borrowed the momentum of the world as well as the force of myriad dao. Her Tyrannical Sacred Spring Physique immediately made her combat prowess soar crazily.

“Clank!” A saber crossed the sky, capable of slashing down the stars themselves. It swung up and down, causing blood to splash right away. Heads started to fly. Several hundred experts couldn’t even stop her single slash.

The Tyrannical Spring Physique, the Tyrannical Immortal Saber, and the Heaven Traversing Eight Slashes were a perfect combination. They were enough for Chen Baojiao to meet god, slay god; meet devil, slaughter devil. 1

“Activate the formation!” Wang Dongtian was startled to see Chen Baojiao slaying a Virtuous Paragon with a single slash, so he immediately gave another command.

Five more cavalries rushed out from the ranks and turned into a five elements formation in order to trap Chen Baojiao.

“Slay!” Li Shuangyan uttered a powerful roar. She rushed forward and turned into an ethereal figure like an elf playing in the snow.

She went straight for the Blood-devil experts that were powering the timeless portal. Of course, Wang Dongtian didn’t need to give the order; the army absolutely wouldn’t allow her to get close to these experts.

Four more cavalries rushed out from the army to block her path. They attacked with a world-sealing momentum to stop her from taking another step towards the summoning array!