Chapter 101 : Zhen Wei Hou (1)

Li Qi Ye’s words suddenly made the people on the ridge change their expressions. Zhen Wei Hou was a previous generation Royal Noble of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and had a very high status. Plus, his cultivation was at the peak of Royal Nobles and caused others to be very wary. He and Zi Shan Hou were equally famous within the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom!

“Ignorant animal. Today, this Hou will take care of you!”

Zhen Wei Hou’s expression greatly soured. As a Royal Noble, he had never been denounced by a younger generation. This matter greatly diminished his status! Under this anger, he directly struck towards Li Qi Ye. A giant palm as large as a mountain, this move could completely crush Li Qi Ye!

A “Boom” sound occurred but Li Qi Ye still sat on the snail, completely firm and immobile. He basically didn’t even watch the strike. Gu Tie Shou slid over to stop Zhen Wei Hou’s giant palm.

“Zhen Wei Hou, if you want to fight, then I will just have to humor you. There is no need to make a move against juniors.”

Gu Tie Shou coldly said.

These words of Gu Tie Shou immediately alarmed other people. He simply wasn’t afraid of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom — this was essentially a slap to their face.

One has to remember that the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had always kept a low profile, let alone directly oppose the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. At this moment, Gu Tie Shou, without a care, decided to fight Zhen Wei Hou just for a junior. Could this be the rising momentum of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?

“Good, good, good! Gu Tie Shou, this Hou wants to see the power of you and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Let it all out.”

Zhen Wei Hou chillingly glared at Li Qi Ye and said:

“Wait until this seat slays Gu Tie Shou. Then, it still wouldn’t be too late to slay you as well, Little Brat.”

Finished speaking, he flew up to the sky.

Within a blink, Zhen Wei Hou and Gu Tie Shou were both situated in a corner of the sky. Their blood energies filled the air as their Life Wheels rotated up and down with unlimited blood gushes that contained blood aura in waves. The aura of the Royal Nobles swept across ten thousand miles.

In the face of the battle between two Royal Nobles, weaker cultivators shivered from the frightening aura of the Royal Nobles even when they were fighting in the sky.

Zhen Wei Hou, with a magical pagoda in his right hand and Dao laws that emerged from his eyes, coldly stared at Gu Tie Shou. Meanwhile, Gu Tie Shou’s gaze was sharp as his Fate Palace sat on top of his head and exuded an undying brilliance. His Longevity Treasure continuously channeled his always-rolling blood like an unstoppable torrential flood.


Zhen Wei Hou let out a deafening roar and his magical pagoda exploded. In a flash, the pagoda became as big as a mountain. The moment it opened, countless powerful energies, like gigantic waves, came out and were capable of breaking mountains.


Gu Tie Shou cried out and widened his Fate Palace. One could only see a Kun Peng jumping and snapping its tail. With a “Bam”, at this moment, the Kun Peng covered the ocean and its heavy tail swept the sea water, causing the powerful energy from the magical pagoda to be returned.

Zhen Wei Hou was shocked and immediately commanded for his magical pagoda to withdraw the reversed energy flow. However, right at this moment, Gu Tie Shou flew in the sky like a Kun Peng and immediately appeared in front of Zhen Wei Hou. A Kun Peng swooped down with its wings that covered the whole sky and flattened the mountain peaks and knocked away the cliffs.


This imposing aura made Zhen Wei Hou’s face ugly. He no longer held back his strength and used the magical pagoda to borrow the world’s energy. It also had a suppressing downward force, like a rainbow that destroyed the empty space and crossed through the earth, that wanted to suppress the Kun Peng!

In a short amount of time, the fight between Gu Tie Shou and Zhen Wei Hou caused the earth to shatter and the sky to freeze in another corner of the heavens. Zhen Wei Hou had his magical pagoda unleashing chaos everywhere while Gu Tie Shou didn’t even summon his Life Treasure. He only used the Kun Peng’s Six Variants to directly face the treasure of Zhen Wei Hou.

This scene caused others to lose their colors. Whether it was Hun Yuan Hou of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom or the experienced cultivators of the Violet Cloud Sect and even the demons of the Flying Dragon Lake, they were not capable of doing such a task. As for the other cultivators, they were breathless under the suppression of the killing intent.

“Peerless Emperor merit law, ah!”

Seeing how Gu Tie Shou was able to fight to this extent without using a Life Treasure and only rely on the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, it caused Hun Yuan Hou to murmur with a pale expression.

The cultivators present that were aware of the worldly matters were amazed. For instance, the Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake admiringly spoke:

“The Kun Peng’s Six Variants ah! It is the peerless Emperor merit law of Immortal Emperor Min Ren and copies the invincible Kun Peng’s transformations.”

Even the Jiang Zuo Clan’s Jiang Zuo Hou, seeing the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, thought about utilizing different methods to seize this merit law from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. His eyes became cold and emitted chilling and frightening intentions. To him and the Jiang Zuo Clan, this particular Emperor merit law had a special meaning.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s merit laws were a type of pain to the Jiang Zuo Clan. Their ancestor, Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo, was an untouchable mighty giant and the most gifted of talents during that era. Even Min Ren had lost to him before.

However, in the end, Immortal Emperor Min Ren had the last laugh. The merit laws created by their ancestor were no match for the merit laws created by Min Ren. Shouldering the Heaven’s Will, Min Ren ultimately created immortal merit laws!

This meant that no matter whether it was an ancient method or a Virtuous Paragon merit law, in the end, they were all inferior to Min Ren’s merit laws by one step.

Seeing the invincibility of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants, it caused Jiang Zuo Hou’s eyes to become terrible. If they were able to seize the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect’s Emperor merit law, then the power of the Jiang Zuo Clan would be raised to a new height.

Within this short amount of time, many people wanted to destroy the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect in order to seize their merit laws. Their greed caused them to salivate while they secretly planned.

This was the reason why previously, Gu Tie Shou rarely took action, as well as being hesitant when using his Emperor merit law. This type of existence truly incited the greed from other people, but at this moment, the situation had changed.

Li Qi Ye didn’t look at the battlefield too much and commanded Niu Fen to go towards the stone entrance on top of the ridge.

“Stop, this isn’t a place that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect can enter. Quickly leave! Otherwise, your Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect will meet a sect-destroying disaster!”

The disciple of Zhen Wei Hou yelled and blocked the path of Niu Fen.

“A sect-destroying disaster?”

Li Qi Ye, who sat on top of the snail, coldly glared at the people from the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and said:

“Anyone who wants to attack the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, I will always welcome them. The more the better. Otherwise, if it wasn’t too clamorous, it wouldn’t be as fun. Now, get the fuck out!”

“Truly big words. Since when did the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect have such an arrogant disciple? Do you dare to challenge the whole world?”

Li Qi Ye’s words made many people look at each other.

“You are courting death!”

Li Qi Ye’s arrogant attitude angered the people of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and Life Treasures immediately struck towards Li Qi Ye on top of the snail.


However, Niu Fen’s giant body stopped. More than one hundred fighters, who blocked Li Qi Ye’s path, were knock away. The moment they were up in the air, a tentacle suddenly flew forward and dragged all of the flying fighters into its mouth, eating these one hundred fighters like a hungry tiger!

“This demonic being…”

Seeing Niu Fen swallow so many fighters in just one bite made many people shiver as they felt a chill from their backs!

The snail of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect gave rise to such a shocking result. Even Xu Pei’s face was pale, with cold sweat in her palms, as she asked:

“I-it, it can also eat people?”

“It is a ferocious beast whose life was given by the heavens, what is so strange about eating people?”

Li Qi Ye calmly answered as he sat on the snail. It was as if nothing had happened.

The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect felt a cold shiver of fear in their hearts. Niu Fen was just like an uninteresting old man, dried and skinny. The disciples thought he was just a demon snail, but at the moment, after seeing Niu Fen eat more than one hundred fighters, they were shaken down to their core.

This was not a regular demon but an extremely fierce existence! If Li Qi Ye wasn’t here, they wouldn’t dare sit calmly on Niu Fen’s back.

Of course, the disciples didn’t know that the Heavenly Ancestral Snail was a terrible existence in the ancient era. However, later on, they were almost killed to the point of extinction so the world rarely saw them.

At this moment, the snail slowly crawled to the stone door. The powerful fighters of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom were shivering in fear and kept on backing up. They didn’t dare to stop its path since this snail was such a frightening existence.

Li Qi Ye jumped down when the snail had arrived. Two giant stone doors were next to the ridge. At this moment, the doors were tightly shut. These doors were built on top of a heavenly pedestal, as if this used to be a ceremonial altar.

Whether they were part of an altar or simple stone doors, at this moment, they couldn’t maintain their original appearance. The stone foundation was not complete and the doors were scarred with weapon marks. It was apparent that someone had tried to attack this monolith.

The truth was that not many people were happy with the Evil Infested Ridge only opening once every hundred years. There were many people who wanted to pierce through the doors. Unfortunately, no one had ever been successful, not even Virtuous Paragons.

Li Qi Ye gently touched the stone doors. The Evil Infested Ridge had experienced many ancient stories. In reality, Immortal Emperor Min Ren was not the first to enter the ridge. When Li Qi Ye was still the Dark Crow, Min Ren was not the only person he brought inside. However, in the end, they expended countless efforts and turned the Evil Infested Ridge into the property of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

“Do you know who was the actual first to open this place in the far distant era?”

Li Qi Ye finally removed his hands and asked Li Shuang Yan, who was standing next to him.