Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1012

Chapter 1012: Wo Longxuan

“Hell Suppressing Physique, eh.” Li Qiye sent his gaze far away after hearing this.

The youth busily said: “I heard the Mortal King’s physique is already at half completion. A rumor even states that he managed to fill in the gaps in his school’s physique law. This is a stunning achievement; the elders of the school now call him the new leader that will lead them to prosperity, a leader comparable to the school’s founder.”

“Fix the physique law?” Li Qiye smiled. This was not him looking down on the saint child, or rather, the mortal king right now.

But how could he not know the version of the physique law they had? The school indeed had an Immortal Physique Law with the name “Hell Suppressing Jewel Law.” However, this law couldn’t be revamped by just anyone. At the very least, the Jewel Pillar Mortal King didn’t have the ability to do so. 1

“A bit interesting, cultivating from a King Physique to an Immortal Physique, not bad at all.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

The youth quickly said: “You are completely right. Nowadays, the Mortal King is very famous at the Grand Middle Territory, much more than the three Immortal Physiques from Cleansing Incense. This is because a lot of people think that the three physique users from that sect have very few victories while the Mortal King has too many to count. Some are even putting him on the same level as Jikong Wudi as the best geniuses in the middle region.”

“Since when did the Space Trample Mountain become the only imperial lineage of the Grand Middle Territory?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but laugh.

The young man shrugged and said: “Everyone says so. The Southern Barren Earth’s Lin Tiandi, the Northern Grand Sea’s Wo Longxuan, the Eastern Hundred Cities’ Mei Suyao, the Western Desolate Wasteland’s Zhan Shi, and the Grand Middle Territory’s Jikong Wudi. But recently, the Jewel Pillar King has been catching up in terms of fame.”

Li Qiye only smiled without commenting. He had no interest in this type of ranking.

The two quickly arrived at the Snow Cloud Peak. Li Qiye initially wasn’t interested in this duel at all, but after hearing about the saint child back then managing to cultivate an Immortal Physique, he wanted to know what type of law it was.

Keep in mind that in the current nine worlds, emperor laws were much more readily available compared to physique laws. It could even be said that the latter was much more precious. If the Mortal King successfully cultivated the Hell Suppressing Physique, it meant that he was training with an Immortal Physique Law, perhaps a complete version!

The peak was completely surrounded by waves of cultivators who came to watch. Some floated in the sky, some sat on the high peak, and some also chose to sit on the plains…

This was a snowy peak that towered all the way into the clouds. Normally, very few people would come here, but it was completely packed at this moment. The crowd was waiting for this great duel to begin.

Today, the Mortal King’s fame was widespread in the Mortal Emperor World. Although a few years ago, he was not as illustrious as Jikong Wudi or Mei Suyao, his recent battle records from north to south had solidified his reputation.

A young man could be found standing on top of the snowy peak at this time, the Jewel Pillar Mortal King.

Even with the passage of many years, his voice and appearance remained unchanged. However, his aura was completely different. Back then, the saint child was as calm as a mountain. Now, he was much more than that!

The snowy peak was lofty, but it seemed insignificant below his feet. He stood with a straight posture as if he was a timeless and never-changing divine mountain.

He wore a gray all-around robe that was without any decorations. This made him emit a heaven-suppressing aura. Anyone standing before him would find it difficult to breathe; they wouldn’t dare to even look straight at him!

Although his blood energy did not materialize externally, his half completion Hell Suppressing Physique gave him the unique image of an ancient god capable of suppressing the deities of all realms!

At this second, each of his actions and gestures made the world revolve around him. He was the center of the world, the master of the universe!

“The younger generation will surpass us in time.” A great character from the previous generation couldn’t help but murmur after seeing the Mortal King’s style: “Right now, even an ordinary paragon from our generation would have to retreat before him!”

“Jewel Pillar Mortal King, the War God of our Grand Middle Territory!” A cultivator from the middle region spoke with a proud expression.

Even though the title of War God was a slight exaggeration, cultivators from the other realms didn’t dare to pick on this in front of the Mortal King due to his illustrious battle record.

“Sigh. This is all because he fought so many battles recently, against Jikong Wudi, Mei Suyao, Lin Tiandi, and now Wo Longxuan…” Even geniuses became dejected before him as they murmured: “He has basically fought all the prodigies of this generation. Even if he is not the War God, he is definitely a War Fanatic!”

In recent years, he had challenged too many people. The strongest youths had all fought him before! This was why people called him War God as well as War Fanatic.

“It really is the Hell Suppressing Physique.” Li Qiye glanced at him from afar and understood something after gently nodding his head.

“Yes, because of his half completion Immortal Physique, he is able to challenge the world. This level of physique is truly too mighty. Even Jikong Wudi lost to him once.” The youth with the hat spoke with a tinge of emotions.

“Oh? He fought Jikong Wudi before too?” Li Qiye became a bit interested and chuckled.

Jikong Wudi was already famous back then during Li Qiye’s time at the Hundred Cities. He had triple saint talents; this made many elders hold him in high regard!

“The Mortal King fought against Jikong Wudi three times.” The youth elaborated: “The king lost twice and won once. Everyone predicts that he will challenge Jikong Wudi soon once more.”

“Two losses, one victory. A bit interesting, tell me more.” Li Qiye said with a smile.

“I heard that the king lost the first time. Jikong Wudi lost the second time and became the challenger the third time where the king lost again.” The youth explained: “Because of this, everyone thinks that the fourth time will be the king’s turn to challenge Jikong Wudi!”

Having heard that, Li Qiye looked over at the Mortal King and narrowed his eyes to murmur: “Looks like a rebirth from death.”

The youth didn’t hear him clearly and asked: “What did you say?”

“Nothing, just speaking to myself.” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head. He stroked his chin while looking at the Mortal King. This matter was indeed very entertaining to him.

The king continued to stand on the snowy peak and quietly waited. Time seemed to be frozen where he stood.

“Wo Longxuan is definitely coming, right?” The crowd quietly waited as well. At this time, a few became impatient and stared at the horizon to wait for her arrival.

“She is definitely coming to wash away the previous disgrace.” Someone whispered: “She lost to the Mortal King last time. If she doesn’t win this time, it will be quite a blow to her.”

“I think that the king will win this fight for sure. He has an unstoppable sharpness right now. Everyone here is probably feeling that even if he fights against Deity Jikong Wudi right now, his chance of victory would still be quite high!” A middle region cultivator spoke while taking great pride in the Mortal King.

“The battle has yet to start so it is hard to say.” An old demon from the northern sea gently shook his head: “The two have fought twice with the king suffering the first defeat. Even though Wo Longxuan lost the second round, she still has the chance to win again. She isn’t only Wo Longzi’s sister but also the descendant of the Sleeping Dragon Peak.”

“Splash!” Amidst the eagerly anticipating crowd, a surging tide emerged in the sky like a great ocean that splashed one fierce wave after another.

“She’s here, Wo Longxuan is here!” Someone shouted while staring at the sky.

The huge waves pushed away the clouds in the sky. Inside was a huge water dragon rising up and down among the waves. Standing on top of the water dragon was a woman.

She stood there in the wind with her sleeves fluttering! Her method of entrance stunned everyone aesthetically.

She wore a blue dress adorned with golden laces. This made her look both simple yet elegant.

Her moon-like face was delicate and perfect, and her high-bridged nose gave her an exotic appearance. With a petite mouth and cherry lips, she commanded an alluring charm!

She also wore a shawl with a crown on her head. She didn’t only look imperial but also quite sublime.

“Wo Longxuan.” A big shot from the northern region murmured: “She is no longer the cliff’s descendant since she is the sect master now.”

“Crash!” When Wo Longxuan landed on the Snow Cloud Peak, the torrential wave splashed one last time before the water dragon dove down and disappeared without a trace.

The Mortal King turned around and slowly spoke: “Congratulations, Miss Xuan. You are the sect master of the Sleeping Dragon Cliff now — quite a celebratory event.”

She stared at him and lightly said: “Thank you, let us determine who shall be victorious today!”

“Very well, I want to see your supreme techniques again!” The Mortal King responded: “However, you should be careful. Accidents happen in fights, so I must apologize first if anything were to happen to you.” 2