Chapter 104 : Southern Heavenly Kingdom (2)

Even a weak clan in the Desolate Expansion Era had an Immortal Emperor — such as Immortal Emperor Fei Yang! His whole life, Fei Yang proudly wandered over the Nine Worlds!

What was even more extraordinary was that the Nan Tian Clan ruled over the Southern Heavenly Nation for more than a million years without falling. Think about it for a moment, between the Desolate Expansion Era to the Emperors Era, there were countless years with countless ups and downs. Many heritages came crashing down into smoke and disappeared from the river of time.

However, the Nan Tian Clan was able to dominate an entire sphere and rule over a vast nation, standing strong without falling. Think about how frightening this clan had been! The Jiang Zuo Clan might have existed for many years, but compared to the Nan Tian Clan, they were far too lacking. Plus, the Jiang Zuo Clan also didn’t rule over a persistently powerful nation like the Nan Tian Clan.

The Nan Tian Clan established their nation a long time ago, and it was called the Southern Heavenly Nation. It had an Immortal Emperor, Fei Yang, and had enough power to be considered an Ancient Kingdom. However, even though others referred to it as the Southern Heavenly Ancient Kingdom, they themselves called it the Southern Heavenly Kingdom. As for why, not a single person knew. This was why people assumed that it was because the Nan Tian Clan was modest.

At this point, a leading young teen came down from the chariot. He had the presence of a dragon and tiger. Wearing a golden silk crown with a four-clawed dragon engraving robe, he was handsome and arrogant. As he walked, step by step, he was no different from a dragon and phoenix amongst the human race.

In fact, all of the strong experts in the ancient chariots had a similar presence. Despite their attempt of suppressing their own auras, people were still shivering. The person who came down from this chariot was the eminent genius of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom.

“The Southern Heavenly Regional Monarch, Nan Tian Hao — a hero not limited by his age. The Southern Heavenly Ancient Kingdom has two great heroes; truly worthy of being an ancient nation.”

Seeing this young man, the Turtle Monarch of the Flying Dragon Lake — with his vast knowledge — emotionally revealed the identity of the young man.

Hearing the name, “Nan Tian Hao”, many cultivators were shock. Even the ones who weren’t convinced also lost their colors.

There was a saying within the Southern Heavenly Kingdom: In the court, there was Young Monarch Nan Tian; outside of the government, there was Nan Tian Hao.[1] Young Monarch Nan Tian was the crown prince of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom, he had an absolutely unparalleled aptitude. There were even people who called him the second Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.

Nan Tian Hao was a Regional Monarch in the Ancient Kingdom. Compared to his older cousin, the crown prince, he was a bit lesser. However, his talents were still extraordinarily. He was a generational renowned genius within the Kingdom and accomplished many great contributions.

Nan Tian Hao came down from the ancient chariot and his gaze swept over the ground. The moment he noticed Li Shuang Yan, his expression became happy. He quickly walked over in front of Li Shuang Yan and smiled:

“It turns out that even Goddess Li came to participate in the Evil Infested Ridge.”

Without a doubt, Nan Tian Hao was one of the suitors for Li Shuang Yan. He even came to the Nine Saint Demon Gate to propose, but the Nine Saint Demon King used the excuse that Li Shuang Yan was the descendant of the Nine Gate to refuse him.

Seeing Nan Tian Hao, Li Shuang Yan only nodded as a greeting.

However, Nan Tian Hao was very enthusiastic and he smilingly said:

“That year, I discovered the beauty of Goddess Li that’s capable of destroying countries and cities. Today we met again, and Goddess Li is even more beautiful. I’m wondering whether Goddess Li came here alone or with the Demon King to the Evil Infested Ridge?”

“My master is not here.”

Li Shuang Yan didn’t want to say much, so she dryly answered.

Nan Tian Hao smiled and said:

“This is no problem. This time, I came to the Evil Infested Ridge to seize the treasures. I brought along many experts. How about Goddess Li come with us and obtain the frightening treasures of the Evil Ridge together?”

Nan Tian Hao’s enthusiasm was undiminished while Li Shuang Yan only gave him one glance. She simply couldn’t be bothered to speak with him anymore. Even though Nan Tian Hao was a hero of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom, Li Shuang Yan was even more impressive as the heaven’s proud daughter with a Saint Fate and King Physique. It she was placed in any grand sect, she would still be a peerless genius!

With Li Shuang Yan being so cold, it caused the enthusiastic Nan Tian Hao to feel a little embarrassed. At this time, he saw Li Qi Ye accompanying Li Shuang Yan and his eyes immediately became cold.

Nan Tian Hao looked at Li Qi Ye and notice his ordinary features, unimpressive aura, and tiny blood energy. A glance was enough to see that this was a common person amongst the crowd — not enough to reach the apex. His eyes condensed and coldly stared at Li Qi Ye, then he asked:

“What is your name? And from which sect do you come from?”

At this moment, Nan Tian Hao still thought that he was a servant of Li Shuang Yan. Even if this wasn’t the case, he was still going to inquire about him. His intention was clear — Li Qi Ye, a person of this level did not have the qualifications to stand next to Li Shuang Yan.

Currently, Li Qi Ye was calmly standing there. He was meticulously admiring the scenery around the ridge. When Nan Tian Hao coldly inquired, Li Qi Ye only glanced at him once and didn’t say a word. He continued to look at the scenery.

At this time, many people held their breaths as they watched this scene. One was a Regional Monarch that came from a royal family and was also the heaven’s proud son while the other was just a ridiculously arrogant nobody from the younger generation. At this moment, many people were willing to see such a scene. There were some that especially hoped for the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Southern Heavenly Kingdom to fight. This would allow for them to fish in the troubled waters.

“Brat, he is asking you. Hurry up and answer the Regional Monarch!”

At this point, an expert on a chariot of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom coldly yelled at Li Qi Ye.

So, Li Qi Ye waved his hand and said:

“Where did this fly came from? He truly knows how to disturb others!”

Li Qi Ye’s words caused many people standing on the ridge to glance at each other. This boy was truly too arrogant, he didn’t notice how gigantic a monster the Southern Heavenly Kingdom was. He just opened his mouth yet already offended the Southern Heavenly Kingdom. If this boy was an absolutely brilliant genius with a heaven frightening origin, then so be it. However, this boy’s blood energy and cultivation were both ordinary. Just a glance was enough to tell that he was someone who feeds off of a woman! No one could believe that he would still be so arrogant.

These words caused Nan Tian Hao and the expert on the chariot to become angry. The expert jumped down from the chariot and coldly yelled:

“This thing doesn’t comprehend life from death. The Regional Monarch asking you is already a great honor.”

“Shuang Yan, slap him.”

Li Qi Ye didn’t even give him a glance as he commanded Li Shuang Yan.

“Pa, pa, pa…”

The expert from the Southern Heavenly Kingdom had just jumped down and wasn’t even fully situated, but his two cheeks were already slapped by Li Shuang Yan more than ten times. Even though this person was a new rising star of the Kingdom, compared to a true genius like Li Shuang Yan, he was far too lacking.

“I’ll risk it all against you!”

The expert roared but Li Shuang Yan immediately exerted her Royal Noble aura and pointed one finger towards him. With a “Bang”, this expert was knock away and couldn’t stand up in a short amount of time.

Li Shuang Yan’s gaze emitted a chilling air as her Royal Noble aura billowed. She not only covered the sky with her momentum — that was like a patrolling king, causing ten thousands laws to retreat — but the heavenly grand dao also didn’t dare to approach her.

Such momentum and grand cultivation caused many younger experts to lose their colors. To reach Royal Noble at such a young age, this was a matter that would make others dreadful. What was even more frightening was that even the laws and heavenly dao were running away — this left others in horror.

“Could it be that she is a grand completion Pure Jade Saint Physique?”

The old informed turtle from the Flying Dragon Lake became palely aghast. If this was a grand completion Saint Physique, then it was a very scary matter.

At this moment, not mentioning Jiang Zuo Hou who was a young talent, but even an experienced Royal Noble like Hun Yuan Hou was also alarmed. A young Royal Noble truly caused others to be fearful.

Li Shuang Yan’s cultivation was the Void Imperfection Immortal Physique. The Void Imperfection Physique was also known for not having any stains or corruption. When this physique was completed, all of the laws and heavens had to retreat! This was an extremely frightening physique.

The Void Imperfection Immortal Physique that Li Shuang Yan was currently practicing was the ultimate ancient physique in this world. Imagine for a moment, how terrifying this physique was. It was not something that the Pure Jade Saint Physique could compare to.

At this moment, Li Shuang Yan’s Void Imperfection Physique was very far from grand completion, but it still caused a frightening scene where ten thousand laws had to retreat.

“Boy, do you dare to fight me once or not!”

At this moment, Nan Tian Hao’s expression was extremely ugly. He pushed all of his fiery anger on Li Qi Ye. His aura surged as his gaze became severe. A sharp cold air surrounded Li Qi Ye.

Li Qi Ye finally glanced at Nan Tian Hao and calmly said:

“Your Southern Heavenly Kingdom holding its tail and behaving with integrity was the correct decision. Your ancestors called themselves a Kingdom and didn’t dare to proclaim themselves as an Ancient Kingdom. At the very least, this was three parts wise. Today, you are so arrogant, do you truly think that you are an ancient nation? Do you truly think that you are of Immortal Emperor lineage? Immortal Emperor Fei Yang had never announced that he was a member of the Nan Tian Clan.”

Li Qi Ye’s words caused the people at the ridge to become silent. With regards to public defiance, with regards to overbearing arrogance, no one here was comparable to this guy.

“This thing that can’t comprehend life from death. You dare to talk big and disgrace the Southern Heavenly Kingdom… I will certainly exterminate your nine familial relations!”[2]

“Exterminate my nine families?”

At this moment, Li Qi Ye bursted out in laughter and slowly said:

“You’re only a Kingdom yet you still dare to say that you would exterminate my nine families? You are sticking too much gold on your face.”[3]

The spectators on the ridge were silent. They had seen many arrogant people, but arrogance to this level was truly invincible! He didn’t even put the Southern Heavenly Kingdom in his eyes. This was either an Immortal Emperor or a crazy madman!

“You truly have a big tone. Did a mad impetuous disciple appear in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect?”

At this moment, a voice rang. A young man stepped forward, followed by many old men. Even though these old men suppressed their pressure, it still caused others to be moved.

The young man wore a yellow robe and still maintained his overwhelming aura. The youth had an imposing appearance. With bright eyes and sharp brows, he exuded an extraordinary presence, like a crane in a flock of chicken.

The arrival of this young man caused the Royal Nobles of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom to come and greet him. Even someone from the previous generation, like Zi Shan Hou, also had to try his best to be respectful in front of this young man.

“Sheng Tian Dao…”

Seeing this young man, the sect masters of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom’s great heritages couldn’t help but change their expressions.