Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1043

Chapter 1043: Lesser Imperial Devil World’s Appearance

Mei Suyao didn’t let Li Qiye down. The Eternal River School quickly brought the other half over. After obtaining this half, the Mortal Monarch’s pace of assembly quickened.

At the same time, Li Qiye was meditating with his eyes closed. It seemed that his soul had left his body and was wandering around the vast Buddhist Funeral Plateau.

In his vision, there were no mountains and rivers nor temples and cities. No living creatures were to be found, only the Buddhist aura and rhythm was present.

There was no end to the vast Buddhist sea. Anyone would be lost inside without turning back. It was just like Li Qiye’s phrase: “The Buddhist sea is boundless, turn back to see the shore.” 1

There was no way out of this endless sea once one stepped inside, unless there was a guiding beacon.

His soul had left his body with the protection of his true fate. Li Qiye traveled in this vast sea and murmured quietly to himself: “This is the true form of the Buddhist Funeral Plateau!”

Anyone who entered this boundless Buddhist sea would feel a fatal attraction. It could suck in any beliefs and thoughts. In this process, one’s thoughts and beliefs would be changed into the purest Buddhist affinity.

It was a frightening situation. Imagine, it didn’t matter whether one was a devil or a different existence; it didn’t matter whether their faith lied in the Blood race or the humans. Once their souls left their bodies to enter this Buddhist sea, they would immediately be converted to Buddhism.

Under such circumstances, it was essential for one’s blood energy to protect the flesh while the true fate protected the soul. Otherwise, one would immediately become a monk, a disciple of Spirit Mountain.

“How many actually know about the secret of Spirit Mountain’s everlastingness?” His soul that was traveling in this sea thought to himself.

The eternal life at Spirit Mountain had always been a secret. Although the eighteen temples couldn’t grant true eternal life, as long as one joined the Buddhist faith and become converted by the mountain, they could live for a very long time. After ascending to the Buddhist Kingdom, it would really be the eternal life of the legends.

In this process, anyone who was converted or did so out of their own will — including ascension — had one thing in common: their blood energy was withered and lifespan exhausted. They gave up their physical bodies to transform into a Buddhist being for eternal life.

For other living beings and cultivators, those were signs of death, but at Spirit Mountain, it had become a symbol of rebirth.

The fatal attraction tried to suck in Li Qiye’s soul that was traveling towards the center of the Buddhist sea. It was not rough; on the contrary, gentleness was its essence, like the embrace of a mother. It made people reminisce and yearn for it…

Li Qiye was unmoved in the face of this temptation. His soul continued towards the center. The ocean-like Buddhist law continued to wash his soul, trying to cross it over to the Buddhist gate.

“I am Buddha, my will is the Buddhist law; where I tread is the land of Buddhism.” His soul spewed out a mantra to suppress the laws that wanted to cross him over. A grand path emerged among this vast sea as it failed to convert him.

After creating this path, Li Qiye walked for a long time before reaching the center. A Buddhist tidal wave of endless height soared in the sky. In this place, the ocean actually flowed into the sky.

At the deepest recesses above, a hazy figure could be seen. A supreme Buddhist Lord was sitting there. In this place, he derived the boundless Buddhist Kingdom. Here, he was the master of the universe!

It was of unparalleled grandeur. Countless people would instantly prostrate before a Buddhist Lord of this level and immediately join Buddhism. His Buddhist power was great to the point where it could convert a Godking in the blink of an eye!

Li Qiye’s soul was finally effected at this point; it trembled and flickered. Li Qiye scowled and fortified his will in order to suppress this urge. His invincible dao heart quickly took control of this Buddhist conversion.

While looking at the faint figure in the sky, he murmured: “Continuing to convert from one generation to the next, I would like to see the day when you take action. Don’t let me take the initiative or you won’t have the chance anymore.”

The faint Buddhist figure in the distance didn’t show any movement. He sat there in that place as if it was everlasting and forever unchanging! This appeared to be true eternal life.

After a quick glance, Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and turned around to leave this Buddhist sea. After his soul departed the sea, his body suddenly moved inside the room. Next, he slowly opened his eyes and murmured: “Buddhist Funeral Plateau, one thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil!”

“Amitabha—” At this time, a Buddhist chant suddenly emanated from Spirit Mountain and echoed across the entire plateau. Countless living beings in this area were alarmed.

An endless Buddhist light shot to the ends of the sky. Many people rushed out in order to figure out what was going on.

At this second, a terrifying phenomenon occurred. A new world emerged from every nook and cranny in the plateau.

This world had majestic rolling hills covered in a Buddhist brilliance. No one could see it too well. However, one could faintly see that there were cities and all sorts of buildings inside this world, not to mention flying creatures and beasts and other living beings.

The all-encompassing light made it difficult to see the whole picture. Nevertheless, one thing was easily discernable in this ethereal world — a Buddhist temple, the fortress of this world.

It was not majestic and could even be said to be very old. However, it seemed to guard this world.

Upon the world’s emergence, the vast energy across the plateau poured into this temple. After absorbing the Buddhist aura, the temple became even more powerful as it continued to suppress all else.

This world seemed to exist alongside the plateau. As many people tried to touch it, nothing was there, as if it was only an illusion.

“The Evil Den appears.” People rushed out and saw this world.

“Lesser Imperial Devil World, Spirit Mountain finally released it.” An older cultivator emotionally murmured.

“Go fast, find the entrance. The person who seizes the Buddhist lotus will obtain a great fortune.” An experienced Virtuous Paragon immediately brought his juniors out of the Buddhist City.

A sect master muttered: “Devil World, maybe this is the reason why the plateau is listed among the twelve Burial Grounds.”

This world ahead had many names. Some called it the Evil Den while others preferred Devil World. However, the most popular name was the Lesser Imperial Devil World.

Legend states that it was sealed by Spirit Mountain. Without its approval, it would never appear. However, Spirit Mountain would release it each generation.

Li Qiye came out of his room at this time as well and looked up to see the emerging world. He revealed a faint smile: “Lesser Imperial Devil World, I’m coming, are you ready?”

Sikong Toutian had been guarding the door the whole time, but he kept up with his intelligence gathering. He saw the emerging world and asked Li Qiye: “Many people are going to try to grab the lotus. Are you going too, Boss?”

“Yes.” Li Qiye smiled as his gaze fell upon the temple in the lesser world. It seemed that this temple greatly attracted him, like a lover captivating his glance.

“Nihility Temple.” Sikong Toutian commented after seeing Li Qiye’s stare: “Legend states that it is the scariest temple, even more frightening than Nalanda.”

Li Qiye laughed and looked at the guy: “It seems like you know quite a few things.”

Even if many had heard of the name Nihility, very few truly understood it. Everyone was more familiar with the eighteen temples and Nalanda. The Nihility Temple remained a mystery to most.

“Haha, I’ve heard from the seniors in the valley.” Sikong Toutian rubbed his palms together and smiled: “If Boss won’t make fun of me for showing off, then I’ll tell you.”

Li Qiye chuckled: “It’s fine, go for it.”

Sikong Toutian looked over at Nihility and swallowed some saliva as if he was looking at a nice piece of braized pork.

“Okay, don’t have any ideas about it. With just you? You’re not qualified to even go up there, let alone think about stealing from there. The Mortal Monarch wouldn’t have trouble going up there, but you aren’t capable for now.” Li Qiye smilingly said.

Sikong Toutian chuckled awkwardly. He scratched his head in response: “This little one knows that too. My meager skill can’t allow me to go up there. I heard that the people who have been up there before were practically all Immortal Emperors.”

“Not necessarily just emperors. Powerful Godkings and True Gods can go as well.” Li Qiye stared at the temple as his eyes became quite profound: “No matter who it is, that place is indeed worth visiting at least once.”