Chapter 105 : Sheng Tian Dao (1)

Sheng Tian Dao — the genius of the Grand Middle Territory. At fifteen years old, he was already ruling over one part of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. With the power to order a million troops, he had made many great contributions for the kingdom.

The presence of Sheng Tian Dao would be outstanding no matter where he went, like a crane amongst the chickens.

Sheng Tian Dao was the descendant of the Heavenly God Sect. There were some that believed he was a noble of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, and that he was a prince.

The origin of Sheng Tian Dao was quite mysterious. His cultivation was very heaven defying. There were early rumors that believed he was already a Royal Noble. Even though he was not bestowed a title, but he had the status of a Royal Noble, and were even respected by many of them.

Sheng Tian Dao’s arrival, with his heroic presence and natural royal aura, garnered the attention of the many people present. Even though he rarely appeared, and likewise with the gray-robed old man next to him, they forced others to notice them.

Sheng Tian Dao arrived at the ridge and his gaze focused into a celestial light that was seemingly able to pierce through the void.

At this point, Sheng Tian Dao glared at Li Qi Ye and said:

“A junior of the Yun Physique realm… Do you think that with the backing of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, you could do whatever you feel like? The new golden era has begun. There are hidden dragons and crouching tigers everywhere, with wave after wave of geniuses appearing. You are only a junior — simply a floating piece of dirt.”

Even though many grand characters noticed that Li Qi Ye’s cultivation was shallow, they couldn’t pinpoint the exact level. At the moment when Sheng Tian Dao was able to discern that Li Qi Ye was only of the Yun Physique realm, it caused many to glance at each other.

For the aggregation of the cultivators here, the Yun Physique realm was not enough to be put on the table. To be able to stand in this place, at the very least, they had to be at Purified Rebirth or Heaven’s Primal.

“Hidden dragons and crouching tigers? Wave after wave of geniuses appearing?”

Li Qi Ye perched his lips and nonchalantly spoke with a meticulous pronunciation:

“Dragons and tigers are only mounts beneath my crotch! Now matter the type of genius, they are nothing in front of me. In my presence, geniuses are only dry bones for me to step on as I reach the apex! The Grand Dao lasts for ages, only my will is invincible. How many coins are these geniuses worth?”

“You truly have an impetuous and arrogant tone –”

Li Qi Ye saying such thing made others perplexed. One couldn’t help but say:

“Such crazy and foolish words; you actually dare to say such phrases?”

Many cultivators looked at him with disdain. This was indeed bragging straight to the heaven, saying “how many coins are these geniuses worth!” Even a peerless genius wouldn’t dare to say such a thing!

“The Grand Dao lasts for ages, only my will is invincible!”

At this time, a clear and beautiful voice appeared. She praisingly exclaimed:

“Well said. Geniuses aren’t anything special, they were only born with good bones and Physiques.”

Suddenly, these words appeared, confusing the nearby cultivators. At such a key moment, saying these words… Wasn’t this making things difficult for Sheng Tian Dao?

Unknowingly, a horse carriage appeared in the sky. This horse carriage was not anything special and it didn’t garner any particular attention. The driver was an old man who wore a felt hat.

However, seeing the words on the horse carriage, they were surprised. A cultivator exclaimed:

“The Jewel Pillar Sacred School!”

The Jewel Pillar Sacred School — many people’s expressions changed after hearing the name of this sect. In the name of this sect was the word “pillar”, meaning body, and also meaning Physique!

The Jewel Pillar Sacred School was renowned throughout the Grand Middle Territory, and even the whole Mortal Emperor World! Even though they never had an Immortal Emperor, they had many of the best Physiques. There was a rumor that stated that this school had the most physiques, that it was number one in the Grand Middle Territory. Some even said that they possessed an Immortal Physique.

Legends had it that the Jewel Pillar Sacred School had many Virtuous Paragons who almost achieved grand completion for their Immortal Physiques; thus, people believed that the school had Immortal Physique merit laws.

Seeing this horse carriage, Sheng Tian Dao was not angry. Instead, he handsomely smiled and said:

“Bao Jiao, you coming to the Evil Infested Ridge; are you trying to help your husband or are you trying to make me feel vexed?”

Sheng Tian Dao’s words caused many people to guess the correct identity of the person in the carriage. A surprised person exclaimed:

“It is the princess of the Jade Valley Country!”

“I heard that the princess of the Jade Valley Country and Sheng Tian Dao had a marriage arrangement. Several years ago, the Jade Valley Country proposed to the Heavenly God Sect. As a result, they married their princess to Sheng Tian Dao.”

A cultivator spoke softly.

“Sheng Tian Dao, with unparalleled talents, is the one and only of his kind in the current generation. Many descendants and princesses want to marry him. The Jewel Pillar Sacred School wanting to establish an in-laws relationship with the Heavenly God Sect is a normal matter. The School, of course, wants to have Sheng Tian Dao.”

A cultivator who knew the inside stories explained.

“You are too full of yourself! Who did you say was your fiancé?!”

A cold voice rang from the carriage. Without a doubt, the woman inside the horse carriage was not happy with Sheng Tian Dao’s words.

Sheng Tian Dao smiled and said:

“Bao Jiao, the great matter of marriage was arranged by our parents. If the Jewel Pillar Sacred School wants you to marry me, you should be a gentle wife and a good mother.”


At this moment, the princess inside the carriage suddenly became angry and made a move. A shot like a rainbow immediately headed straight for Sheng Tian Dao.

However, Sheng Tian Dao was still calm. He simply waved his hand and his royal aura spread out like an entrapment of this world. This hand was gigantic and easily blocked the offensive move of his opponent.

However, this woman inside the carriage was very fierce. The moment she had made her move, she unleashed another ten powerful and domineering strikes. The blood energy of one wave was higher than the previous one.

However, under the bashing of this woman, Sheng Tian Dao nonchalantly blocked them all. One could only hear the sound of his sword energy as he used his finger as a substitute for the sword. Each edge was filled with profound truths and was able to easily dissolve the power of the enemy.


Finally, the sword energy of Sheng Tian Dao rose vertically. With one sword encompassing all existences, it easily suppressed the woman. Without a doubt, this woman was not a match for Sheng Tian Dao.

The moment the woman stood still, people could finally see her appearance. Witnessing her features, many people went into a daze and were overwhelmed.

The woman in front of them was around twenty-three years old. With extreme beauty, her blue hair was like a waterfall and had tall brows and eyes like a red phoenix. Her oval face was blessed with crimson luscious lips. This woman was seductive while she also carried a gentle feel like the water. One frown, one smile, one glance was already enough to charm all human souls with her seductive beauty.

Her figure was even more fascinating, it was enough turn your spirit and soul upside down. Even though this woman was wearing a silk gown, one could still see the milky breasts that could shake others straight to the core. The milky breasts towered like the high peaks — very full and round. Even her baggy clothes were not enough to hide their appearance. It was as if the clothes were solely made to create this appearance.

Her figure was poise and elegant and had a very thin waist while her thrilling bottom was mind blowing. It perched upward — round and plump. Even her large dress was not enough to hide the supreme valley.

What made even more people to lose their minds were her slender and long jade-like thighs. They seemed to be roundly crafted in a meticulous manner; one part bigger was too fat, but one part smaller was too thin.

The woman before them, her features were not peerless in this world, but she was definitely a charming existence that caused others to be emotional. She was absolutely a femme fatale that made all men want to embrace her.

Seeing this woman, everyone was frighteningly marveled. This was truly too entrancing. Alluring features along with a devilish figure, this was absolutely an extraordinarily beautiful woman in any man’s eyes!

“Bao Jiao, you are still so fierce, but you are still too far from being my opponent.”

Sheng Tian Dao smiled. He greedily glanced over, then said:

“Don’t force me. Be a good girl and follow me.”

“Get the hell out–”

But this woman’s temper was very hot and she yelled:

“You should stop your daydreaming!”

“It seems like this husband has to personally subdue you!”

At this moment, Sheng Tian Dao became serious and reached towards the woman.

“Roll —”

The woman roared and counter-attacked Sheng Tian Dao. The woman was a princess of the Jade Valley Country. Chen Bao Jiao was betrothed to Sheng Tian Dao. Even though she was very opposed to this marriage, she had no power to resist.

Chen Bao Jiao’s appearance made Li Qi Ye stare at her nonstop. Finally, he nodded his head and said:

“Excellent, truly excellent. This girl, I absolutely must have.”

Seeing Li Qi Ye stare at Chen Bao Jiao, Li Shuang Yan, standing besides him, became angry and glared at him:

“You’re truly lewd. You don’t need to make it so obvious.”

Seeing Li Shuang Yan’s angry expression, Li Qi Ye replied:

“Shuang Yan, you are looking at this matter in such a shallow manner. I am praising her as a good seed, not about her beauty. Beauties, in my eyes, are only a container made out of skin. Even it it was a beautiful woman akin to a fairy, should she be without potential, I wouldn’t keep her by my side to waste my resources!”

Li Shuang Yan gave him a stern look and felt a little strange inside. This boy was only around fourteen or fifteen and was younger than anyone else here, yet he still commended women as if he was a highly seasoned old man.

“Bang– Bang– Bang–”

At this point, the fight between Sheng Tian Dao and Chen Bao Jiao was reaching its end. Even though Chen Bao Jiao’s talents were very good, there was still a huge gap between her and Sheng Tian Dao. If it wasn’t for Sheng Tian Dao going easy on her, she would have lost a long time ago.

Many people were envious of Sheng Tian Dao as they observed the fight. Some were also jealous, but they had to admit that only a heaven’s proud son, such as Sheng Tian Dao, was worthy of Chen Bao Jiao.

“Bao Jiao, follow me back!”

At this moment, Sheng Tian Dao opened his palm. Chen Bao Jiao was no longer a match. His palm was like a spider web catching a butterfly.

Seeing this scene, the old man controlling the horse carriage for Chen Bao Jiao had a serious expression, but he still remained seated.