Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1054

Chapter 1054: Soaring Immortal Emissary

While Li Qiye was refining away in the lonely space, the Buddhist City became lively again. Another piece of news spread and made things much more exciting.

“The Soaring Immortal Emissary has just arrived.” This news spread so fast across the city that it was like it had wings.

Many people were shaken after hearing this. An old paragon spoke: “The Soaring Immortal Sect is finally here.”

The emissary had arrived. However, he was not as cold and arrogant as everyone imagined. He entered in a low-key manner and went to visit powerful people like Venerable Ninesword and Old Immortal…

Without a doubt, his humble attitude was very welcomed by the Space Trample Mountain and Rampaging Divine Mountain along with the other imperial lineages. In a few short days, they became quite close. Even Venerable Ninesword himself would personally go out to see the emissary.

“It looks like the Soaring Immortal Sect wants to go big in this generation.” After seeing the emissary acting so flexibly while rallying support from the other lineages, a few ancestors realized something.

The Soaring Immortal Sect had five emperors. It was a supreme existence, but the emissary was still acting courteously, trying to befriend the other sects. This made others speculate that he was not just here for a short time and instead wanted to stay in the Mortal Emperor World for quite a while.

“The Soaring Immortal Sect will certainly have someone that will compete for the Heaven’s Will this time around.” This was the final conclusion of a great character of the previous generation.

Not long after the arrival of the Soaring Immortal Emissary, two striking women came to the city as well. They both had peerless charm; one was hugging her sword while the other had a saber in her hand. Every location would brighten up with their presence.

“Li Shuangyan, Chen Baojiao…” Someone inside the city recognized these two and had to murmur: “That must mean Fierce Li Qiye is about to come too.”

“Fiercest is coming to the Buddhist City!” Even though no one had seen Li Qiye yet, this news exploded all over the city.

“Fiercest is on his way…” The Buddhist City became rowdy right away. Someone else said: “It is gonna be really fun this time, Fiercest has never given anyone face and is prone to killing. I want to see who will attempt to halt his steps this time around.”

Some were happy and some were sad to hear about Fiercest coming to the Buddhist City. Of course, some were happily gloating over the pain of others. They loved it when supreme geniuses met their match, and Fiercest was the perfect person to do just that. After all, he caused storms wherever he went.

“The stench of blood follows Fiercest, I wonder who will be unlucky this time.” One person was too excited to watch the fun.

Recently, Evil Buddha and South Emperor had overshadowed the others while Fiercest maintained a low profile. Everyone nearly forgot about his existence.

Today, the legendary Fiercest was about to come to the Buddhist City — this was quite shocking to some. They knew that he had a feud with the Blood Race. Not only did he nearly kill the Storm God, the daughter of an Immortal Emperor, he also massacred the Blood-devil Tribe.

His grand showing was enough to shake the southern region, so people were eagerly anticipating his arrival. Some were secretly cheering, wanting to see how he would massacre these supreme geniuses.

Some young geniuses prayed for Fiercest to kill Jikong Wudi’s group. If that happened, perhaps the world might be their stage in the future. Just thinking about this left them drooling in their daydreams.

While people were gossiping about Fiercest, the Soaring Immortal Emissary sent out invitations for a meeting between the great powers. He was planning a summit at the Rainflower Terrace to discuss world events.

Many cultivators naturally wanted to participate in such an event to bolster their knowledge. However, those who were invited only consisted of rulers or supreme geniuses like Jikong Wudi’s group.

At the same time, the saintess became active again. With the emissary as her backer, she worked with the other sects and became the person in charge of communications. She relayed messages from the emissary to the other sects and vice versa. Because of this, her status immediately soared.

After obtaining this prestigious position, she was very excited and carried herself with a smug air.

“The Soaring Immortal Sect is doing something really big. They are inviting all the young geniuses, so they must be trying to take control of the Mortal Emperor World.” Anyone would feel quite dreadful because just one emissary was enough to gather this great group.

“I’m afraid that it is a matter of course. This sect has not only reigned over the nine worlds in the past, they did so for several generations.” An old man gently sighed: “If they really wanted to take control of this generation, I don’t think it will be too difficult.”

Besides the other geniuses, the emissary also invited Fiercest Li Qiye. However, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao accepted the invitation in his stead.

Chen Baojiao asked Sikong Toutian: “Hey swindler, where did our Young Noble go?”

He put on a bitter face and replied: “Grandmas, please, how would this lowly one know? Grandpa goes wherever he wants, he doesn’t report to me.”

The Mortal Monarch was assembling the item inside, so Sikong Toutian had to stand guard by the door. He didn’t dare to leave.

Li Shuangyan glanced over the invitation from the emissary and said: “Should we wait for Young Noble, or should we go?”

“Of course we’re going, why not?” Chen Baojiao became quite spirited and lightly spoke: “Look at that Soaring Heavenly Saintess acting all proud. Hmph, don’t think that just because their Heavenly God Sect is sucking up to the Soaring Immortal Sect that our Cleansing Incense is afraid of them! If it wasn’t for the sect master not agreeing, we would have attacked her sect already!”

So it turns out that the reason why these two were late was that recently, there had been some friction between the Heavenly God Sect and the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Due to their rising momentum, the Heavenly God Sect provoked Cleansing Incense several times.

Keep in mind that Cleansing Incense was no longer what it was before. Its younger generation was extremely powerful and was developing at a rapid pace. This was especially true with the sudden appearance of their three Immortal Physiques. Anyone would be quite wary of such a force.

Moreover, due to its relationship with the Heavenly Dao Academy and War God Temple, the Heavenly God Sect had been very honest; they simply didn’t want to mess with Cleansing Incense.

However, because they were able to latch onto the Soaring Immortal Sect’s thighs, they started acting imperiously and began to provoke Cleansing Incense.

This made the hot-headed Chen Baojiao want to show her might. She took several disciples to take care of several establishments of the Heavenly God Sect. As a result, the Heavenly God Sect calmed down quite a bit.

It could be said that when Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan worked together with their physiques, people would be hardpressed to find a worthy opponent for them. They always stayed together so people didn’t dare to act recklessly before them, not even Virtuous Paragons.

Chen Baojiao spoke directly due to her frank nature: “Even though Young Noble has yet to return, we can go in his stead, lest that saintess begins to think that we are afraid of them and the Soaring Immortal Sect.”

“Fine.” Li Shuangyan gently nodded: “That saintess is definitely provoking our sect. If she chooses to be unreasonable, we’ll teach her a lesson even if the Soaring Immortal Sect is her backer!”

Li Shuangyan was much calmer and rational than the hot-blooded Chen Baojiao. However, she was very proud as well and wouldn’t show weakness before others.

As for Sikong Toutian, he wanted to attend the event as well. His thinking was that he could take advantage of this opportunity to do some business. However, since the Mortal Monarch was here, he didn’t dare to mess around and had to obediently act as the housekeeper.

The Soaring Immortal Emissary’s event was held at the Rainflower Terrace. The venue became very lively with many sect masters from great powers personally attending. There was no lack of ancestors as well.

These sect masters and ancestors brought their juniors along. In their eyes, this was a rare opportunity. If they could seize this chance to form a connection with the Soaring Immortal Sect, it would only be beneficial to their sects in the future without any downsides.

In fact, many of the young kids wanted to participate in such a grand event. They wanted to broaden their horizons and meet more experts. Unfortunately, only disciples from the great powers were eligible to enter.

Jikong Wudi, Heavenly Emperor Lin, Zhan Shi, the Jewel Pillar Mortal King, Bai Jianzhen, and Bing Yuxia were all present at this event.

Of course, their dao protectors, such as Old Immortal and Venerable Ninesword, didn’t come. Apex experts like them had no need to lower their standing and come to this place. Only the Heavenly Eagle Demon King under the venerable came as Jikong Wudi’s companion.

The demon king was the general’s vanguard. His presence was the best declaration; it clearly implied that if anyone wanted to attack the descendant of the Space Trample Mountain, they better ask Venerable Ninesword for permission first. It was a very deterring move.

The emissary sat in the master seat of this event. He personally presided over this meeting while the saintess stood beside him. Without a doubt, he was trying to train her and give her more chances to meet the great experts of the Mortal Emperor World.