Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061: Sleepless Night

After a very long time, she finally got up slowly. She leaned over and gently and sincerely kissed Li Qiye on the forehead.

“Go. When you have made up your mind, come and find me again.” Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve.

Mei Suyao didn’t say anything else. She bowed towards him before leaving. As she stepped through the door, he spoke: “Go tell the old geezer that I have never shown mercy to my enemies, but I am also not stingy to those who pledge allegiance to me. It is a good thing that he is very sensible and smart.”

“I will relay the message.” She gently nodded and drifted away.

Not long after she left, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao came in. Chen Baojiao checked him out and said: “Young Noble, don’t tell me you bullied her. It looks like she cried earlier.”

“Does your Young Noble look like someone who bullies women?” Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “I only helped her open her mind to a new world.”

Li Shuangyan curiously asked: “What kind of world?”

Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “It is a world that you two do not need to see because you already have happiness, joy, and aspirations. She is not the same. With an immortal bone for her soulbone, she became apathetic to all things after understanding them. If I didn’t show her a new world, she would continue down this path and her end would either be converting to Buddhism or living in seclusion. That would be a waste to someone with her talents.”

“So Young Noble is saying that you want to take in the prettiest girl in the Mortal Emperor World?” Chen Baojiao blinked and spoke in a misleading manner.

He smiled and shook his head: “I’m only valuing her talents. The Eternal River School’s ancestor has been trying to win my favor, so I’m simply giving her a chance. The old geezer has been very sensible this whole time.”

“Goddess Mei is the number one beauty of our Mortal Emperor World, so you should take her in. Who else would be a match for her except you?” Chen Baojiao continued on with her teasing.

“You are wrong. To be precise, your Young Noble doesn’t care about that.” He smiled and shook his head.

“It is not bad to take her in. Why should we let someone else have the number one beauty?” The always-icy Li Shuangyan added with a deadpan delivery.

Li Qiye smiled in response: “Let’s not dwell on the matter of my romance. I’ll take you two to the Lesser Imperial Devil World now.” He looked at the two of them and asked: “Why isn’t Chuyun here?”

He had promised to take Ye Chuyun to see the Buddhist Funeral Plateau before and find her some fortunes. However, she wasn’t here right now.

“I don’t know.” Chen Baojiao shrugged slightly: “I don’t know what is going on with her, I feel like she has changed quite a bit.”

“She wants to live in seclusion.” Li Shuangyan was much more sensitive than Chen Baojiao and said: “I think it has something to do with you. In my opinion, she wants to follow you but is not confident in keeping up, so she would rather seclude herself.”

Li Qiye didn’t say anything else and only sighed. He understood Ye Chuyun’s choice. He had given her the option, but ultimately, she chose a different path.

He would rather leave it to fate than force the matters of this world. This was her choice, after all.

In the end, he said plainly: “If it is destined, then we will meet again.”

Tonight, many people lost sleep in the Buddhist City after finding out that Evil Buddha was Li Qiye. The cultivators here went to bed with heavy hearts. This was especially true for the younger generation who were drowned in despair and saw no sliver of hope.

Everyone had seen just how invincible Evil Buddha was with their own eyes. After he was banished by Spirit Mountain, the whole world rejoiced. In their eyes, it was finally time to say goodbye to this Evil Buddha fella.

But now, Evil Buddha’s real identity turned out to be Li Qiye. It didn’t matter whether he was a monk or a cultivator, he was unbeatable all the same. The truth left people unable to sleep.

“This generation really leaves people in anguish. Even if Jikong Wudi and Zhan Shi’s group is fairly strong, I’m afraid they still won’t be able to compete with Fiercest.” Someone said with emotions.

“The unluckiest is still the Jewel Pillar Mortal King. He lost again and again to Fiercest, so I wonder if his dao heart was affected or not. Will he be able to rise from defeat once more? If he can’t stand up from where he has fallen, it will truly be over for him.” Another murmured.

Sleep was out of the picture tonight. To all the other geniuses, Li Qiye was Mt. Tai pressing on their chests, leaving them out of breath.

Among them, Heavenly Emperor Lin was the coolest. He stared at the night sky above the city and chuckled: “This great era will surely be brilliant. I can’t wait to see senior brother meet a powerful rival.”

Even though Zhan Shi was not as nonchalant as Lin over this matter, he was still very determined: “There is no one who is forever unbeaten in this world, the victor will only be decided at the end of the path.” He was trying to bolster his dao heart.

Under the same moon, Bai Jianzhen was embracing her sword and stood silently in place. The night engulfed her icy demeanor that was as chilling as a sword.

Unlike the other geniuses who were brilliant stars along the path towards the grand dao, Bai Jianzhen’s dao of the sword was emotionless and ruthless. This was the grand dao of their Sword God Sacred Ground.

Thus, she always traveled by herself on the solitary and endless path of the grand dao.

Even though the sacred ground had sent an ancestor to be her dao protector, she refused this arrangement because she felt that it wouldn’t be of much assistance to her sword dao.

After trying to understand the mad sword dao, she felt that she was reaching the end of this path. At that moment, she wanted to augment her dao foundation to become an Emperor Candidate for the Heaven’s Will.

However, after fighting against Evil Buddha, she had a different perspective on the dao of the sword, something completely different from the dao of the mad sword.

She needed a breakthrough. There was a calling inside her, and she heard it too well. A cry of desire for the dao of the sword. She was born for the sword and she shall die for the sword!

“A different sword dao!” In the end, her gaze became firm and profound.

At a temple inside the Buddhist Funeral Plateau, the Mortal King was lying on a bed. His injuries this time were quite serious. However, his secret backer truly had heaven-defying capabilities and actually cured these wounds in a short period of time.

“You are not a match for Li Qiye.” A person was standing next to the king’s bed. He seemed to be veiled in darkness.

“I know, so I have to improve. If I have enough speed and power, I will be able to defeat him and grant him a death without a burial.” The Mortal King gritted his teeth.

He viewed Li Qiye as a mortal enemy and had sworn to not share the same sky as him. He wouldn’t give up until Li Qiye was dead.

“Even if your speed increases, you still won’t necessarily be his opponent.” The person next to the bed spoke in a serious manner: “I still can’t see through him, but one thing is certain, his background is definitely extraordinary. Not just anyone can train someone like him. Even Godkings and imperial lineages wouldn’t be able to.”

“I don’t care who is training him, I must defeat him!” The Mortal King was extremely determined without any intention to yield.

The figure next to the bed replied: “I chose you because I value your oath to never give up. However, I have spent a lot of time on you. If you just die for no reason, then all of my efforts will be in vain.”

“If I have to be a coward, then you might as well let me die. Before everyone, that Li humiliated me and snatched my junior sister away. This is an unforgivable offense. Even if I die, I must take him down with me!” The mortal king spoke forcefully.

The figure could only shrug: “If you are so hellbent on going to die, I might not save you. There are too many people at the plateau right now, including some strong beings. Old Immortal and Venerable Ninesword, these two are not easy to mess with, and I have no plans of showing my face right now.”

“Maybe we can join hands with the Space Trample Mountain and Jikong Wudi.” The Mortal King took a deep breath and suggested: “That sect has some invincible generals, and Master, you are untouchable as well. If we combine forces, just one Li Qiye will be nothing. Even if he has someone amazing as his dao protector, we can still kill him!”

The figure pondered for a moment before giving his thoughts: “I will consider this option and go see Venerable Ninesword. However, if you want to take revenge on Li Qiye, you should train hard right now. I have a few things prepared for situations like this to let you power up in a short time.”

“Yes, I will not let you down, Master.” The Mortal King chose to determinedly persevere. He was willing to experience even harsher training if it meant that he could defeat Li Qiye.

“Amitabha—” When night came, a Buddhist chant echoed across the entire plateau. Everyone was suddenly alarmed and stood up.

As they gazed into the night, they saw a temple emitting an endless Buddhist light. It was the Nihility Temple inside the Lesser Imperial Devil World.

This brilliance shot up boundlessly, seeming as if it wanted to illuminate the entire lesser world. Such a blinding light carried a peerless Buddhist aura; it was what was suppressing the lesser world all along!

At the same time, people found out that the chant from earlier didn’t come from the plateau or Spirit Mountain but rather the Nihility Temple.