Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063: Bing Yuxia’s Choice

Li Qiye departed for the lesser world with Chen Baojiao and Li Shuangyan. Bai Jianzhen also came along since she stayed true to her deal with Li Qiye.

Li Shuangyan was as cold as ice and Bai Jianzhen was the same when her sword was sheathed. It was a quiet coldness that was different from Li Shuangyan.

The two of them walking together had an entirely different style. It was quite a scenic spectacle.

“I am willing to go with Young Noble.” Another person came as they were on their way. It was Mei Suyao who was wearing a light white dress. Even though it was simple, her charm still left others breathless. At this time, her beauty was different from before. It was otherworldly yet natural. Everything was in accordance with her wishes; this gave her a freedom that was difficult to describe.

Mei Suyao met Li Qiye’s gaze in a nonchalant manner, but deep in her pupils, Li Qiye saw something extraordinary.

“The path towards the grand dao is long, but it will surely be colorful.” Li Qiye smiled and nodded his head.

She replied slowly: “Please continue to guide me. Otherwise, I shall be stuck exploring a tiny corner for the rest of my life, like a frog at the bottom of a well.”

Li Qiye only slightly nodded again with a chuckle.

“I will be staying with sisters in the future, please take care of me.” The natural Mei Suyao kept a very humble demeanor.

Chen Baojiao chuckled and stared at her for a bit before shifting her glance towards Li Qiye: “We can relax with Goddess Mei here.”

Li Shuangyan, on the other hand, only nodded slightly as a greeting. She was not talkative no matter who the speaker was. As for Bai Jianzhen, she had no response at all. She was even more quiet and cold than the others, like a piece of metal!

They went on their way to the lesser world. However, the moment they exited the city, Bing Yuxia was there.

She sat on her chariot while still surrounded by beauties. Li Qiye saw her and looked at the sky a bit to smile: “It seems like you aren’t coming with me.”

“Smelly Qiye, you have so many beauties next to you, yet you won’t share a single one with me. Who would want to go together with you? I’m actually afraid that you will try to steal my girls.” She glared at him and laughed.

Of course, Li Qiye was not worried about her because an ancestor from the Icy Feather Palace was accompanying her.

He only smiled and stepped into the sky to directly sit down on her chariot. While being next to her, she really resembled that person.

He sat there comfortably and closed his eyes. Eventually, he looked at Bing Yuxia to say: “You have made up your mind.”

Bing Yuxia looked at him with a strange gleam in her eyes. After a while, she revealed a leisurely smile: “The world is very beautiful. I wish to be free; Immortal Emperors and invincibility are not important, don’t you think?”

“The world is indeed very beautiful. Everyone has their own aspirations.” Li Qiye gently nodded: “Being attached to the mundane world is also an enviable matter.”

Bing Yuxia clapped her palm with a folded fan and laughed: “There are too many jade beauties around, I want to enjoy all the romance that this world has to offer.”

Li Qiye smiled and finally handed her a manual: “This is some of my experience and findings that I wrote last night that relate to the Heaven Cutting Tablet. You should take a look.”

While looking at the manual in his hand, she became quite startled. She didn’t expect this to happen since she had already chosen her path.

“Why?” She murmured in a daze.

Li Qiye gently stroked her hair and said: “Maybe it is a type of fate, or perhaps, you allowed me to see something else.”

She quietly put the manual away and gently nodded: “Thank you…”

These words were softly spoken, but they carried a heavy sentiment.

“The nine worlds are indeed colorful and worthy of someone spending their whole life to enjoy.” Eventually, he patted her shoulder and spoke implicatively before leaving.

At this time, she held her right hand and looked at him again. An indescribable glimmer flashed in her eyes before she eventually spoke: “The entrance to the Icy Feather Palace will always be open for you. I’ll wait for you there!”

“Meeting is fate, but parting is also fate.” Li Qiye smiled and left her chariot.

In the blink of an eye, her chariot disappeared in the horizon. They were going ahead.

On the other hand, Li Qiye and the girls continued forward without being in a rush.

“Fiercest is here!” Someone shouted after Li Qiye came to the large lake. Many eyes were instantly fixated on him.

Everyone quickly made a path since no one dared to get in his way.

“Fiercest, the Dual Blade Beauties, Sword Goddess Bai, and Goddess Mei…” Someone murmured after seeing those behind him.

All of the eyes on him now had many different emotions — awe and admiration were only two of the many. Jealousy was there as well.

However, regardless of their feelings, no one dared to say anything. Today, the Fiercest was someone everyone was dreadful of.

People were finally able to breathe easy after his group entered the Buddhist gate to go to the Lesser Deva World.

“Damn! Fiercest is indeed Fiercest. His notoriety is peerless, no wonder why the Dual Blade Beauties, Sword Goddess Bai, and Goddess Mei are all going with him.” Someone couldn’t help but comment afterward.

A famous youth spoke indignantly: “Does he want to take in all the beauties in this world? Does he not care about the feelings of bachelors like us at all?’’

“Feelings my ass!” A senior slapped the back of his head and jokingly scolded: “As if those ladies would ever look at you, take a look at yourself in a piss mirror first!”

This junior laughed awkwardly: “Uncle, you can’t pick on me like this, I’m still your nephew…”

“Fiercest is definitely worthy of his number one title.” Someone emotionally commented: “Not to mention Sword Goddess Bai, who could ever enter Goddess Mei’s eyes? I heard Jikong Wudi has tried to court her before, but she simply had no interest in him. But look at things now, she was taken in by Fiercest right away. This romantic luck is truly too enviable.” 1

“It makes people crazy with jealousy.” Another person who was afflicted with these sentiments spoke: “But this is how a man should be!”

After entering the Buddhist gate, Li Qiye’s group was instantly teleported to the lesser world. Looking around, one would find majestic mountains and rivers everywhere with billowing waves. This world appeared before everyone, giving a sense of unparalleled uniqueness.

“One thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil, but who actually knows that one thought can also become Emperor!” Li Qiye stated emotionlessly after entering. 2

“It is definitely a special feeling.” Even the reticent Li Shuangyan offered her opinion.

Chen Baojiao felt it too and added: “Yes, this is an extraordinary feeling. While standing here, I feel like there are two different forces trying to control us.”

Bai Jianzhen didn’t say anything. She stared at the horizon with a serious gaze that was seemingly capable of piercing through this world. After a while, she closed her eyes and hugged her sword while fortifying her heart.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “Mmm, Jianzhen is doing it well. The two of you should learn from her, there’s no need to be curious.”

The two girls quickly protected their dao hearts as well.

“Where are these forces coming from?” Nevertheless, Chen Baojiao still couldn’t restrain her curiosity completely.

Li Qiye looked at Mei Suyao who was standing quietly to the side with her always-transcendent presence.

Li Qiye told her: “Suyao, tell them.”

Compared to Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, Mei Suyao was a lot more knowledgeable. After all, she came from a sect with three emperors.

She had no intention of boasting and only stated: “We are standing on the boundary between the Imperial Border and the Devil World. To the left is the Imperial Border while the right is the Devil World. So when we stand in this place, we can feel two different forces around us. If we step into the Devil World, we will feel an evil energy; if we step into the Imperial Border, we will feel an imperial momentum.”

“Devil World and Imperial Border…” Chen Baojiao was quite inquisitive: “Are you saying that there are divisions within the Lesser Deva World?”

“Correct, there are different powers here. Moreover, both of these lands have their own masters.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Devils and imperial troops?” Li Shuangyan asked as well.

Li Qiye led the way and ordered: “We’ll get going. Suyao, explain the lesser world to them.”

Mei Suyao nodded slightly and spoke: “Some people call them that, but whether they are imperial troops or devils is not something we can judge. Just like its name, this place is a lesser world. It is quite vast but a lot smaller than the Buddhist Funeral Plateau. This whole place resembles a gigantic Tai Chi symbol — left is imperial and right is devil. Both sides will do what they want and won’t interfere with each other.”

“So this is just like the outside, a world with living and sentient beings.” Chen Baojiao stated.

“It is more like Spirit Mountain.” Bai Jianzhen actually interjected.

Mei Suyao spoke: “Miss Bai is right. There are living beings here, but they are different from us. They have eternal life, or to push it even further, their eternal life is superior to that of the monks on Spirit Mountain.”

“No flesh, no life.” Bai Jianzhen coldly remarked. At this time, her gaze was locked onto a certain position.