Chapter 109 : Godly Tree Covering the Sky (1)

“How are you able to communicate with the emperor’s aura of the ancestor and turn it into profound mantras?!”

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s usage of the emperor’s possession, not to mention Gu Tie Shou, but even Tu Bu Yu was surprised.

Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s portrait had always been inside the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Even though the group of Gu Tie Shou could activate the emperor’s aura, they couldn’t directly communicate with it like Li Qi Ye had just done — this was an impossible thing. The emperor’s aura, to a certain degree, was the will of the Immortal Emperor. This was not the same as communicating with mere mortals.

However, Li Qi Ye easily communicated with it, this was such an incredible matter. In fact, for Li Qi Ye, this was not a surprising action. He was too familiar with Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s Dao philosophy, how could he not understand the emperor’s aura of Min Ren? Plus, when the portrait saw Su Yong Huang last time, it was not only simply just recognizing Su Yong Huang.

Therefore, it was not a difficult matter for Li Qi Ye to communicate with the emperor’s aura.

Li Qi Ye smiled and didn’t say anything. How could outsiders know the internal secret?

Niu Fen ran along the way, like a madman, into the area without any human’s presence and, because the power of Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits were scared of Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s profound mantra, none of them dared to come close.

Finally, they hadn’t went too far before they made it to their destination, only to see a giant tree that covered the sky. This tree was incredibly huge and beyond human imagination. Its base penetrated the horizon while the dragon-like branches broadened to all directions. This giant tree was like a giant umbrella that encompassed the mountains thousands of miles away.

This gigantic tree shocked everyone. Just a single tiny branch was as big as a small mountain. What was even more amazing was that one could see a waterfall on top of the tree.

How was this still a tree? At one million zhang high, it blocked out the sky. For all of the disciples, and even Gu Tie Shou, it was the first time seeing such a huge tree.

When everyone entered the area covered by the shade of the tree, they felt that their spirits relaxed. It was as it their worries were gone and their bodies loosened and were no longer heavy.

Earlier, Niu Fen brought everyone to the dangerous area. Even though the fierce beasts didn’t come closer, everyone still trembled from their terrifying presence. However, at this moment, under the dome of the tree’s shadow, everyone finally felt at peace, as if they were at home.

It seemed that the powerful beasts didn’t dare to approach the radius of this tree. This was no different from a sanctuary within the Evil Infested Ridge. There was no distortion from fierce beasts or ferocious birds.

Entering this land, Niu Ren stopped advancing noisily and silently went straight to the root of the tree.

Here, the scene was even more serene and gave peace to the spectators. It was a safe haven. Even the young deers were eating grass in a carefree manner while white cranes took leisure strolls near the river and elegantly washed their godly feathers.

The one million miles surrounding this area was the dangerous zone of the Evil Infested Ridge. The inside and outside of this location was completely different — one step was a stairway to heaven while the other was a road to hell.

In a blink, everyone was under the root of the tree. There were grasses and shining medicinal plants. With flying birds singing peacefully, it was as if there were no dangers or the presence of war in this place.

“There was such a place in the Evil Infested Ridge?”

In a short amount of time, everyone was in a daze, including Gu Tie Shou.

One has to remember that no one dared to set foot inside this area of the Evil Infested Ridge — trespassing was the same as death! However, here, at the deepest part, there was such a holy ground, rendering others to be astonished.

“How did you know about this place?”

Li Shuang Yan stared at Li Qi Ye in amazement and asked with a perplexed manner.

Li Qi Ye laughed and answered:

“Calculated with my fingers.”

Then, he immediately jumped down from Niu Fen. The other fascinated disciples also jumped down from the snail. Then, Niu Fen shivered and turned into an old man.

When everyone was still in a daze, Li Qi Ye went to the front of this giant tree that covered their sights ahead.

“Do you know the Summoning Formation?”

At this moment, Li Qi Ye asked Li Shuang Yan.

Li Shuang Yan didn’t know why he asked, but she nodded and said:

“Yes, but to summon from such a dangerous area, I do not have the capability.”

“An ordinary level of skill is fine. Carve on this tree trunk.”

Li Qi Ye commanded Li Shuang Yan.

Li Shuang Yan didn’t understand the reason, but she followed Li Qi Ye’s instruction and engraved an ordinary Summoning Formation on the tree at a short distance away.

Li Qi Ye converged his spirit and went next to the tree. At this moment, Li Shuang Yan was moved; she had rarely seen Li Qi Ye so solemn. Li Qi Ye normally wouldn’t even put Royal Nobles or Enlightened Beings into his sight, but he appeared to be especially serious at this moment.

Standing in front of the godly tree, with both hands forming the word ten, he then sat on the ground in a lotus pose and continuously whispered. No one could understand him.

No one knew what Li Qi Ye was doing, but seeing his serious expression, they didn’t dare to disturb.

Sitting on the ground and forming the word ten with his hands, he sincerely prayed:

“That year, when the Evil Typha went back on the offensive, I assisted you with the massacre until it ran away. That year, I connected your branches. Today, I brought my fellow disciples here, just for the sake of hellish training, hoping that you would be able to protect my fellow disciples…”

Li Qi Ye sat on the ground and silently prayed. No one knew what Li Qi Ye was praying about.

After a while, when everyone held their breaths, many lingering leaves floated down from the sky. Each leaf fell down into the hands of each person and everyone had a single leaf.

This magical scene caused everyone to stare at each other. They believed that Li Qi Ye was communicating with this giant tree.

Li Qi Ye finally stood up and told everyone:

“Everyone, spill a drop of blood on the leaf in your palms.”

The disciples didn’t neglect the command. Gu Tie Shou also pricked one drop of his blood onto the leaf. The leaves quickly sucked the drops of blood dry.

“For safety, you also do it.”

Li Qi Ye told Li Shuang Yan. Amidst her curiosity, she quickly dropped her blood onto the leaf.

At this moment, when everyone was holding a leaf in their palms and curiously stared at Li Qi Ye, he said:

“Today, everyone is here to train hellishly. You all need to carry these leaves with you at all times; never lose them! When you are of training, never leave this holy land by more than five hundred miles. Within this radius, whenever you are in danger, you will immediately be summoned back to this place!”

“This is a holy land protected by the Cassia Lotus Tree. No Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits would dare to venture into this place. In this place, there are many spirit pills and medicinal plants with magical and godly metals. However, remember this, no matter what the treasure is, always follow this one principle: If you see three, take one; if you see five, take two! This is a law made of steel, and will be personally overseered by Elder Gu. The ones who violate this law will suffer heavy punishments.”

Li Qi Ye solemnly told the disciples.

Gu Tie Shou was also a protector of the sect. He memorized Li Qi Ye’s words because Li Qi Ye was so serious for a reason.

“Keep in mind that outside of regular cultivation, you can all hunt the Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits within the radius of five hundred miles. The majority of these beasts would be around ten thousand to a hundred thousand years old; the higher ranked beasts would not dare to come close. However, you absolutely cannot leave this radius, or you would be seeking your own death!”

Li Qi Ye reminded.

Every disciple memorized the words of Li Qi Ye. Even under the leadership of Protector Mo, Xu Pei, and Qu Dao Li, they still wouldn’t dare to violate Li Qi Ye’s law of steel!

After taking care of the disciples, he divided them to prepare their camps for daily living.

Li Qi Ye then gathered Gu Tie Shou, Protector Mo, Li Shuang Yan, Tu Bu Yu, and Niu Fen. He looked at them and said:

“As long as the disciples do not leave the area I specified, there will not be any great danger with their training. From now on, Elder Gu will be leading the group.”

“You have to leave?”

Gu Tie Shou looked at Li Qi Ye and surprisingly asked.

Li Qi Ye simply nodded his head and told Tu Bu Yu and Niu Fen:

“You two also do not need to hide anything any longer. When it is the right time, go ahead and take action. Otherwise, if anything actually happened, I will deal with you two.”

“Since you have commanded, this Little Brother wouldn’t dare to disobey.”

Tu Bu Yu kindly said with a smile.

“I still want to follow Young Noble.”

Of course Niu Ren was willing to go with Li Qi Ye.

“No need.”

Li Qi Ye shook his head and said:

“Other than just protecting the disciples, I also have something else for you to do.”

“I will ask Princess Li to go with you.”

Gu Tie Shou was very worried about Li Qi Ye because his cultivation was still very shallow. If there was a powerful Royal Noble, such as Li Shuang Yan, with him, he would be more at ease.

“I’m just doing a few things.”

Li Qi Ye rejected. Hearing this, Li Shuang Yan didn’t say anything else; she knew that Li Qi Ye didn’t want anyone to follow him.

After taking care of everyone, they all left. Li Qi Ye specifically called for Niu Fen and said:

“Today, I will pass to you the Seven Solution!”

“Seven Solution?”

Hearing this, Niu Fen was ecstatic and unable to control his emotion. Even though he had the Six Solution, he couldn’t understand the Seven Solution.

Li Qi Ye slowly spoke:

“As long as you exert all of your heart, one day, I will pass on the entire Eighteen Solutions to you. You probably already understood that as long as you work your hardest, one of the days, you could become the second Calamity God!”