Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103: Warm Up

The atmosphere of this gentlemanly duel suddenly became more dignified after seeing the coffins. Many people felt slightly apprehensive yet excited.

“What a pity for these two brilliant geniuses. They would shine in any generation and establish some earth-shattering accomplishments.” Many people felt sad for the two.

In fact, before the fight even began, everyone knew that even though the two were strong and their combined power could beat anyone in the younger generation, this was not the case against Li Qiye.

They saw Li Qiye slaughtering God-Monarchs like pigs. No matter how strong these two might be, they wouldn’t be stronger than God-Monarchs, especially without imperial weapons.

Regardless of whether this was going to be a fight to the death or not, Heavenly Emperor Lin was still carefree and at ease while Zhan Shi was as calm as a mountain. The thought of death did not affect their dao hearts.

In this aspect, both of them were worthy of admiration. It wouldn’t be easy to find geniuses like them who would still choose to fight to the death despite knowing they were no match for Li Qiye.

The world was silent, even the spirited spectators who were waiting for the fight didn’t speak. Lin and Zhan Shi didn’t say anything either. They stood there quietly, waiting for Li Qiye.

Moments passed by. Eventually, Li Qiye came in the sky with the girls right behind him.

In the blink of an eye, he was standing on the Skyraising Mountain. He noticed the two and their coffins and had to say: “It seems that you have made your resolve for this battle.”

Heavenly Emperor Lin slowly spoke: “I know that Brother Li does not go easy, so survivors are quite rare. Brother Zhan and I also know that we aren’t as strong as you, so instead of having to trouble you, we brought our own coffins.”

Both Zhan Shi and Lin were indifferent to both life and death as well as the outcome of this battle. In their eyes, all that mattered was the supreme battle about to unfold, a battle in which they could exert their greatest efforts.

“Very well.” Li Qiye nodded: “Geniuses are common, but true heroes are rare. On the long path for the dao, it is a great joy in life to be able to meet and fight against heroes.”

Lin responded: “It is our honor to go all out against Brother Li. This battle will leave us no regrets in life.”

The battle between the three great geniuses of the contemporary was about to begin. No one wanted to miss this.

Li Qiye looked at Zhan Shi and Lin and asked: “If so, do you two have anything else to say?”

“If Brother Li doesn’t mind, we will try one or two moves by ourselves first before joining forces against you.” Zhan Shi spoke with a powerful voice.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “I understand, you two want to test yourselves first. Okay, we can consider this a warm-up before the battle then.”

“Zheng—” Li Qiye took off his imperial armor and dispersed his momentum: “No external forces or dao. Today, I will fight you with my own true power!”

With that, he slowly floated into the sky.

“Boom!” One palace jumped out after another, resulting in thirteen palaces lining up.

The extremely majestic force of the palaces engulfed the world, instantly causing Li Qiye to become supreme. At this moment, even without the imperial momentum, Li Qiye could still loom above the nine heavens.

This was not everyone’s first time seeing his thirteen palaces, but they were shocked all the same. A feeling of awe would rise within while looking at the great constructs hanging in the sky.

Since the start of time, no one had ever had thirteen palaces, but Li Qiye had done so. This achievement alone was more than enough to engrave his name in the annals of history!

However, it did not end there. Next, nine stars rushed into the sky and illuminated its recesses. They turned into a boundless starry sky and poured down their light like waterfalls to protect Li Qiye.

“Nine stars…” Many were astounded to see the sky formed by the nine stars.

However, it didn’t end there as another phenomenon appeared with a buzz. A supreme grand dao rushed upward. It resembled a crescent moon that hovered around Li Qiye. It appeared to be perfect without a single flaw.

“Dao Slashing Sovereign…” A God-Monarch gasped and shouted after seeing the chopped crescent moon.

“Damn! Nine mysterious stars and dao slashing on top of thirteen palaces — how are we going to live in the face of such achievements!” A descendant of a sacred ground took a big hit and fell flat on his butt. He murmured while dazed: “Geniuses are only dogshit compared to Fiercest!”

Other geniuses were out of breath after seeing this. Many were praised as geniuses, and this was a reason for pride while making them complacent at the same time.

But today, if other people called them geniuses, they would think of it as humiliating mockery. Compared to Li Qiye, they were not geniuses, they were only the feces left behind by stray dogs.

The marvelous nine stars and dao slashing were things many geniuses dreamed about, but very few could achieve them. But now, Li Qiye had all of this on top of the unique thirteen palaces.

“A perfect grand dao. How many people in history have achieved such a state?” A God-Monarch commented with emotions.

Li Qiye hovered in the sky and looked at Zhan Shi and Lin: “Who will go first?”

The two glanced at each other real quick. Shortly afterward, Lin took a deep breath and rose to the sky: “I will!”

“Good, I want to see your speed.” Li Qiye smirked while looking at Lin.

Others couldn’t see through his background, but Li Qiye did. Such a matter couldn’t elude his eyes.

“Excuse me then.” He cupped his fists then instantly crossed through space. His speed was too fast, only God-Monarchs would be able to keep up. As he moved through the sky, countless afterimages were left behind and lingered there for a while.

“Bang!” In an instant, he struck Li Qiye’s chest with his knee and sent him flying.

In this split second, he used his supreme speed once more to catch up to Li Qiye.

“Bang!” A powerful punch landed on Li Qiye, causing him to fly straight down.

“Boom!” Li Qiye’s body descended like a meteor from above. He heavily slammed into the ground, causing rocky debris to go flying while leaving a pit in the ground.

People took deep breaths after seeing this. Lin’s speed and power were both impeccable. It could even be said that few in the younger generation could match him in these two aspects.

Nevertheless, Lin didn’t look particularly happy while hovering in the sky.

“Clatter—” Li Qiye came out from the gravel and rushed into the air again.

“Decent speed and sufficient power.” He nodded his head. This insipid action was still a great praise to Heavenly Emperor Lin.

At this time, the crowd stared at Li Qiye and, to their astonishment, noticed that he was completely unharmed!

He didn’t fight back at all and didn’t defend himself with any merit laws. He used his flesh to withstand two attacks from Lin and ended up unscathed!

Even God-Monarchs were moved. With their bodies alone against Lin’s powerful attacks, they couldn’t expect to receive no damage like this.

How could people not be astounded in the face of a heaven-defying existence like Li Qiye?

A discerning person murmured: “The mysticisms of thirteen palaces, the protection of the nine stars in the heavens, and the force of dao slashing — with just these things alone, Li Qiye does not need any defensive laws to withstand a fatal blow.”

Lin couldn’t help but sigh gently after seeing this. He quietly retreated back to the Skyraising Mountain.

At this time, Zhan Shi took a deep breath and rose to stand in front of Li Qiye. He was not a man of many words, but while looking at Li Qiye’s palaces, he still commented: “We cannot achieve in a lifetime what you have already accomplished.”

“The dao heart is the most essential aspect. With one as fortified as a rock, one will have everything, and this applies perfectly to you. Your dao heart is more precious than anything else. Countless people would be envious of your indomitable heart.”

“Thank you for your praise.” Zhan Shi slightly bowed.

Many people could see that although this was a battle of life and death, these geniuses had the same aspirations and appreciated the other’s talents.