Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1110

Chapter 1110: Divine Ancestor

“No…” Jikong Wudi screamed against the incoming attacks. He instinctively attacked with his imperial weapon.

However, he couldn’t unleash a second Imperial Massacre. The first one had already used the majority of his blood energy.

Not even in his dreams would he expect that his perfect attack would end in failure. He really couldn’t understand how Li Qiye could stop the Imperial Massacre after being trapped in the river of time.

Not to mention Li Qiye, even a Godking wouldn’t have been able to escape such a bleak situation. But now, Li Qiye managed to stop the Imperial Massacre and counterattacked with an even greater momentum.

“Boom!” His second attack with the imperial weapon was quite powerful. It should be able to suppress many experts and repel even God-Monarchs.

However, Li Qiye’s two forces were approaching. Even a stronger imperial weapon wouldn’t be able to stop them without unleashing another massacre.

“Bang!” The imperial weapon became unstable in the face of this attack. It couldn’t protect Jikong Wudi either.

The Immortal Emperor laws from the weapon were severed while the supreme grand dao was annihilated.

“No…” Jikong Wudi screamed as he watched his body being destroyed inch by inch by Li Qiye’s crushing momentum; this scene resembled a grindstone shaving away a blade.

“Halt!” While Jikong Wudi was screaming, a shout came about. With a clank, nine divine swords flew down from the sky. They rotated around like a heavenly compass before slashing straight at Li Qiye.

After seeing the swords, there was no need to look further before knowing who it was. A Virtuous Paragon shouted: “Venerable Ninesword…!”

Many people trembled before the nine divine swords. The venerable was quite notorious as a general under an emperor. Although he was not the strongest, he was still quite scary and capable of deterring the current world.

“Scram!” However, Li Qiye didn’t bother looking at him. The primal chapter instantly devoured the entire power of the formation while Li Qiye blocked the incoming attack with one hand.

“Bang!” His bare hand met the nine swords. It instantly caused these swords to go flying backward. Even Venerable Ninesword was not capable of affecting this result.

“Zzz—” At this moment, Jikong Wudi was completely refined into a bloody mist while he screamed miserably, a scream filled with despair and unwillingness.

Venerable Ninesword shouted: “Little animal!” Li Qiye still killed Jikong Wudi despite his protection — this would be the humiliation of a lifetime.

“Brother Ninesword, think again, do not break our formation. We will kill this junior in a bit to seek revenge for your nephew.” At this moment, another person appeared in a different corner. This was the Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador that escaped last time.

Venerable Ninesword glared at Li Qiye with fire in his eyes. Even though it was difficult, he still refrained from making a move.

Li Qiye looked around in the sky and smilingly said: “If you are already here, stop acting like cowardly turtles. After making Jikong Wudi lead me here, have the four of you suddenly turned coward?”

Many people shuddered after hearing this. They didn’t think that there were more experts hiding in this region.

“Buzz.” Outside of the chief ambassador and the venerable, two more people emerged in the sky. All of them took a separate corner to seal every single one of Li Qiye’s escape paths.

They were two old men. One had completely gray hair with a face full of wrinkles. He even seemed to have an unsteady posture.

However, this old man caused everyone to tremble. An ancestor from the Grand Middle Territory blurted out: “That’s, that’s the Divine Ancestor, the legendary ancestor of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!”

The crowd was astounded after hearing this. Anyone would be wary of the most powerful and terrifying ancestor of this ancient kingdom.

“Divine Ancestor…” Even God-Monarchs were quivering inside. Many people could guess that this ancestor was definitely a Godking.

The reality was that no one really knew his true power because he had not appeared in a very long time. People hadn’t actually seen him in action at all.

However, Li Qiye didn’t care too much for the Divine Ancestor. There was a different person who caught his attention.

The other person in the sky was not old, only around middle-age. However, he wore an ancient style of clothing. He emanated a withered blood energy as if he had lived for countless years.

He didn’t have an earth-shattering atmosphere, but there was an unspeakable feeling to him. He was a divine mountain, forever unchanging amidst this world.

Among the four, the one that gave off the strongest feeling was neither Venerable Ninesword nor the Divine Ancestor, it was the middle-aged man ahead.

He stood in place with a cold demeanor while glaring at Li Qiye with the intent of seeing through him.

“I have seen him before.” An old paragon stared at the middle-aged man for a long time and became startled: “Back at the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, he, he is the last sect master of the legendary Thousand Emperors Gate!”

“The last sect master of the Thousand Emperors Gate?” Many people hadn’t heard of this sect before.

The crowd glanced at each other in confusion because this name was too foreign to them.

Even though his identity was revealed, no one really knew if he was the last sect master in terms of order or the only one left in this world.

“He actually came out of the burial ground alive. It seems like that place can truly increase one’s lifespan.” The old paragon murmured to himself.

This man was indeed the last sect master of the Thousand Emperors Gate. He disappeared from sight after boarding an underworld boat back then. Who would have thought that he would finally come out today?

Li Qiye smiled and slowly spoke while staring at the last sect master: “I’m not surprised at all that the Jewel Pillar Mortal King could cultivate an Immortal Physique successfully from sucking up to you.”

People were slightly jolted after hearing this. Ever since the rise of the Mortal King, people knew that there was an unfathomable character behind him as his backer. However, no one really knew who this person was.

But now, Li Qiye’s words revealed everything to the crowd. So it turned out that this Thousand Emperors Sect Master was the person supporting the Mortal King.

The Thousand Emperors Gate was a lineage with four emperors. Furthermore, it was four consecutive emperors. Back in its era, even the Soaring Immortal Sect was quite hesitant in its dealings with this lineage.

Despite being destroyed, it was still the lineage in this world with the most powerful laws, including Immortal Physiques!

With this last sect master helping him, it was no wonder why the Mortal King could rise and have an Immortal Physique. This was the real reason.

The last sect master stared at Li Qiye and uttered with a chilling glare: “A monstrosity like you must die in this generation!” 1

Since the start of time, there have been many Immortal Emperors. However, there were not too many that could be called monstrosities. For example, Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang, and Empress Hong Tian!

The last sect master didn’t only want to kill Li Qiye as revenge for the Mortal King, a monster like Li Qiye reminded him of someone else who was just as devilish… Empress Hong Tian!

“Kill me?” Li Qiye smirked and leisurely said: “It wasn’t easy for you to obtain some lifespan, yet instead of cherishing it, you actually came here to oppose me. I’m considering whether I should capture you alive and slowly peel off your skin until you reveal the whereabouts of the Thousand Emperors Gate’s treasury.”

In those days, Empress Hong Tian destroyed the Thousand Emperors Gate. However, there was one difference compared to the Divine Beast Realm. The gate still had many disciples scattered outside. Some of them were of the ancestor level as well. After destroying the gate, the empress didn’t try to kill every single one of them, unlike what she did to the Divine Beast Realm when she uprooted them completely.

In this way, there were many fishes that slipped out of the net from the Thousand Emperors Gate. The majority of the legendary treasures from the sect were transferred away.

It was just a casual remark from Li Qiye. However, it excited many people. Some imperial lineages were secretly calculating how many Godkings had to personally take action in order to capture this last sect master alive.

The Thousand Emperors Gate was rumored to have the most amazing treasury in this world. If one could find it, then they would become rich overnight. This even applied to imperial lineages.

The last sect master chillingly responded: “Your death is imminent, yet you still do not repent!”

At this time, many people weren’t even listening to him. They were too busy calculating how to capture him alive.

Treasures always tempted people, especially one from a lineage with four emperors. The sect had been destroyed a very long time ago. Who wouldn’t be coveting all of these unowned treasures?