Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1112

Chapter 1112: Bu Lianxiang’s Rage

The crowd felt a chill after seeing the power of the decapitators. Just the immortal light alone was enough to deter people from approaching. Not even God-Monarchs would be willing to take such a risk.

However, in the face of this mighty power, the attacker felt no fear. A stomp came from the sky.

“Boom!” The blades that were slashing up the four corners were shaken once more.

It did not stop there. The stars above began to move. In the blink of an eye, the world seemed to disappear, replaced with a region of stars. With the flip of a palm, countless planets as large as the sun sped forward. In the blink of an eye, this area seemed to be the beginning of the world. The user was moving myriad existences as the ruler of the universe.

“Boom!” The whole world quaked. Even the powerful blades couldn’t withstand such a horrifying onslaught. They were instantly blown away and the space created by them was shattered.

In the middle of this void, a supreme woman stood there like an immortal with a beauty indescribable by the brush.

A silver galaxy flowed where she stood. Wherever she was would be the center of the sky. She alone was the master of everything in this space.

She held the fallen Li Qiye who was stricken with injuries and stained with blood.

“How are you feeling?” She spoke with an expression full of pain while embracing him.

“I’m, I’m fine…” His pale self struggled to open his eyes. It seemed that he couldn’t hold on any longer and immediately fainted.

Meanwhile, the four old men in the corners staggered backward from the woman’s attack.

They were shocked to be at a disadvantage despite having the immortal decapitators. This was especially true for the Divine Ancestor. His face twisted; he was praised as the number one existence in the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, but today, he was easily repelled by someone. One could imagine just how powerful and scary this woman must be.

The woman’s eyes immediately turned fierce after examining Li Qiye and noticing that he was full of bloody wounds. Everyone felt their hearts skipping a beat. It seemed that time itself skipped a beat because of her.

At this time, she neither screamed nor shouted, yet they all could feel her rage. Her wrath was a reason for gods to tremble.

“Who, who is she…” Someone quietly asked after seeing the woman saving the dying Li Qiye.

“I have seen her before…” The ancestor that had been to the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground before murmured: “She climbed up one of the underworld boats. People call her the Middle Continent Princess. Who would have thought that she is coming out in this generation as well!”

The woman was indeed the Middle Continent Princess, but not too many people had heard of her title. As for her name itself, perhaps no one in this world still remembered it.

Perhaps Li Qiye was the only one in the present who knew her name — Bu Lianxiang.

“You shouldn’t have attacked him.” She grimaced with a cold voice.

The Divine Ancestor’s group recalled their decapitators. The last sect master of the Thousand Emperors Gate looked at her and chillingly spoke: “You shouldn’t meddle with our business.”

The Divine Ancestor gravely added: “We will kill this little animal no matter what. I don’t care who you are. Be smart and leave now, but leave that kid behind.”

“You all deserve death!” The angered Bu Lianxiang immediately soared to the sky with one hand still hugging Li Qiye. She flipped her other palm to attack the four.

“Kill her!” The four didn’t hesitate at all. They offered their longevity blood to power the decapitators again to slay her.

“Boom!” The nine worlds trembled. Under the swaying of her palm, the silver galaxy shattered while the stars began to move. The entire universe was within her palm.

The silver river immediately blew away the immortal decapitators. Without a doubt, this scary celestial stream in her hand was much more powerful and heaven-defying than the blades.

“Go again!” The four aghast ancestors screamed and stopped minding the price. They even burned up their longevity blood to kill the princess.

“Pop!” Bu Lianxiang spun around and, with one kick, shattered all of the venerable’s nine divine swords.

“Ahh!” The kick went on to penetrate his chest. His body fell down from the sky.

At the same time, her fair palm swung forward and destroyed myriad laws. The Divine Ancestor roared and used the most powerful technique in his life — the combination of two emperors’ Heaven’s Will Secret Laws.

“Boom!” Despite using two different secret laws to defend himself, he still couldn’t escape. All laws shattered before the might of her palm. The ancestor could only watch as his body broke into little pieces. His mangled flesh fell down; this was a terrible and unsightly way to go.

“Shit!” The Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador was scared out of his mind. He turned and fled, but Bu Lianxiang casually reached out with a finger.

“Whoosh!” Her finger attack smashed his skull, causing his brain to spatter everywhere before he even had a chance to scream.

Among the four experts from the previous generation, only the last sect master of the Thousand Emperors Gate was able to survive one blow from her. The other three were instantly killed.

Within the blink of an eye, she annihilated three heaven-defying ancestors, including the strongest person of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom. This was truly a shocking scene.

“Die!” At this time, the last sect master knew he couldn’t run away even if he wanted to. He understood just how powerful his foe was and could only risk it all. He unleashed an attack accompanied by thousands of golden dragons. The deities emerged with great explosions. Figures of emperors appeared. At this moment, he seemed to be the lord of the emperors above the nine heavens.

“Scram!” Bu Lianxiang’s Immortal Physique slightly shifted to stomp on this world. She instantly stomped down on the sect master’s head. The thousands of golden dragons screamed; the deities were annihilated along with the images of emperors.

“Crack!” The breaking of bones resounded. Everyone could see his skull being instantly crushed.

“Ah—” Under the crushing Immortal Physique, he was ground into a bloody mist that drifted away with the wind.

People were speechless because of this for a very long time. Their mouths were wide open, yet no words came out.

Three saints aptitude, a true one. The princess’ talents were different than Jikong Wudi’s.

Jikong Wudi was only praised as having three saint talents, but he had a natural King Physique that eventually became a Saint Physique.

On the other hand, the princess had three natural saint talents. Moreover, she cultivated an Immortal Physique as well!

At this time, with Li Qiye in her embrace, she turned around and swept her gaze through the crowd. Everyone uncontrollably shivered and quickly retreated.

Even an existence like the Divine Ancestor was only an ant in her eyes. Such a person was too scary.

She ignored the others and left with Li Qiye. The other girls regained their thoughts and quickly followed her.

People gradually calmed down after she faded away into the horizon. Even Old Immortal from the Rampaging Divine Mountain was astonished as he murmured: “The Marvelous Immortal Physique from the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom. Could it be that she is at grand completion?” 1

If even someone like Old Immortal was shocked, it would be enough to show just how mighty Bu Lianxiang was. People still quivered when they recalled how easy it was for her to dispatch the four people earlier; it was as if they were mere insects.

“Is it really a grand completion Immortal Physique?” Another wondered in awe.

If it was truly a grand completion Immortal Physique, then it would be too scary. According to legends, a peak Virtuous Paragon with a grand completion physique could assail Immortal Emperors.

“Who is she?” After a good while, more people calmed down. One person asked: “Is she one of Li Qiye’s dao protectors or another Era Evader?”

“She is the Middle Continent Princess, a mythical existence.” Only those who had lived through several generations would know a character of this level. He went on to say: “She used to be the number one beauty in the nine worlds with three saint aptitudes. She once caused rains and winds in the nine worlds and massacred till blood flowed like rivers.”

A junior curiously asked: “She’s that terrifying?”

The ancient existence gently nodded: “Back in the distant Ancient Ming Era, the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom was the only lineage who could fight them. Another legend states that their Marvelous Immortal Physique came from the immortal world itself. They possessed the most powerful strength in this world…

“… Back in that era, the princess was rumored to be the only one who understood the Marvelous Immortal Physique. Later on, she still swept through the nine worlds even though this kingdom was destroyed. Even the Ancient Ming couldn’t do anything to her.”

This existence paused for a moment before recalling with emotion: “Keep in mind, this old era belonged to the Ancient Ming while Immortal Emperor Tian Tu was hailed as their greatest Immortal Emperor.”

“In this age, the Ancient Ming tried to hunt her down, but she still came out unscathed. This is enough to prove her power. Unfortunately, she lived in that old era. If she was born in the Emperors Era, she would have become an invincible Empress.” The old man murmured quietly.