Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114: A Love Lasting For Million Years

“Eternal? Millions of generations?” Li Qiye couldn’t help but smile: “If I lived for that long, I will become the oldest of monsters.”

“Aren’t you already that right now?” She leered at him: “Who in this world has lived longer than you?”

“Which is why I’m a little tired of living.” He leisurely laughed: “Throughout the long years, I have experienced everything there is to experience, so maybe it is time to end it all.”

“Such nonsense again.” She angrily glared at him and said: “I won’t let you say such ominous things. You have already lived for millions of years, so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to live for a billion more.” 1

“Another billion years…” Li Qiye gently sighed and shook his head: “A few things aren’t up to me to decide.”

She told him with a completely serious expression: “Even if you don’t want to, I still hope that you can live on. Even if it not for yourself, you have to live on for my sake.”

“What about you?” Li Qiye revealed a rare smile: “How long do you plan to live for?”

“I don’t care to live for an interminable time.” Her extremely beautiful eyes were fixated on him: “Being able to prolong my life this time was a chance given to me by the heavens. As long as I can stay by your side and be your company, to be able to see you in this generation… it doesn’t matter how long it lasts. Several years, dozens of years, or even centuries. None of this matters.”

She gently stroked his face and earnestly said: “This is more than enough for me, I do not wish for anything else. I am only a little girl chasing after you with no other unrealistic desires.”

Li Qiye contemplated for a long time before looking at her and spoke earnestly as well: “Lianxiang, come with me.”

She asked with a stoic demeanor: “To the place in the legends?”

Li Qiye seriously nodded: “Yes, that place. My journey will begin there, and it might be a very long one. I will need someone to keep me company.”

Bu Lianxiang turned quiet once more while staring at him. She eventually answered in a soft tone: “Legend states that our Bu Clan might be from there.”

“Yes, but it is not a legend, it is the truth.” Li Qiye nodded: “If you come with me, then it is also a return of sorts.”

She didn’t answer and seemed to be thinking about something.

Li Qiye reached out and gently touched her face: “The grand dao is endless. Maybe what I really need is someone who knows my past.”

After a long time, she held his hands and softly spoke: “I love this place, the nine worlds, but I can also accompany you to the ends of this world, or any other location. But you must know, I cannot follow you from one generation to another, to the very end of your journey.”

With that, her clear eyes seemed to be illuminating Li Qiye’s heart as she continued: “Your life is destined to be brilliant and colorful. Your path is destined to be long. I cannot walk with you to the very end, to see the terminus of this world.”

“I can keep you alive…” Li Qiye blurted while staring at her. He rarely said this to anyone, but if he was really determined, he could truly keep someone alive indefinitely.

“No.” Bu Lianxiang gently shook her head and interrupted him gently: “I have lived for a very long time from the Ancient Ming Era until now, from the Middle Continent all the way to the Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. For me, the length does not matter. As long as I can feel my own heartbeat, I will be satisfied. Living for millions of years isn’t as great as each time I received your letters as a little girl…”

Li Qiye didn’t know how to respond. He didn’t want to force her.

She gently caressed his face and spoke in a serious yet gentle manner: “It is not that I am unwilling to accompany you. The grand dao is endless, so I don’t want you to see me wilt. I also don’t want eternal life if it means not being able to see the sun again. I only want to stay by your side right now. Whether it be for a short or long time doesn’t matter.”

“Maybe, I am too selfish and can’t handle too much…” She gently sighed with an indescribable sense of melancholy.

Li Qiye held her hands and stopped her: “No, it is not your fault but mine because I have lived for far too long.”

“And in the future, I will need to keep living.” He sighed and didn’t say anything else.

The two held each other’s hands in silence. For the two of them in the present, life and death were not important. The only things left were their pursuits and desires.

Over the next several days, Li Qiye’s injuries healed extremely quickly. He seemed completely fine, alive and kicking.

In fact, his injuries weren’t severe at all. The majority were only flesh wounds. He only did what he did to wait for Bu Lianxiang to take action.

In these few days, the Imperial Border was very lively. The three great empires were marching together towards the Expedition Path. This matter shook the entire border.

This grand event caused a huge stir in the border itself, and not just to the cultivators.

Since the last time several empires went to the expedition, no one had done so in a very long time. But now, the three strongest empires were ready to go, how could people not be surprised?

Moreover, the expedition this time was led by the legendary Kingdom of Emperors. This was even more astonishing to the border.

Because of this, not only were there cultivators watching the Expedition Path in the distance, many kingdoms and nations of the border also came to observe. They wanted to use this chance to watch what would happen when the strongest empires in the Imperial Border entered the path.

The path was located deeper in the border. This was a cliff with a vast expanse ahead. No one could see the end or what was on the other side.

The Expedition Path was similar to the Evil Slaying Platform in this regard — same starting point, similar questions.

Outside of cultivators and experts, there were many Imperial Kings present as well. These kings were far weaker than the three great kings, but one day, they would be just like the three empires with their entire kingdom embarking on this journey. Thus, they required more experience.

“Rumble!” The sky vibrated with the coming of a great imperial momentum. A great army emerged on the horizon. Three great kings led their cavalries into everyone’s sight.

In an instant, the three cavalries rushed forward and went to the outskirts of the Expedition Path. The three great kings glanced at the void ahead as their expressions became more dignified.

Many had trod on this journey in the past millions of years. However, to personally go was an entirely different matter. All three kings became quite serious.

The other Imperial Kings were quietly giving their blessings in hopes that the empires could reach the other side safely.

However, no one knew if this was possible or not. After such a long period of time, none of the kingdoms who had entered the path had returned or sent any messages back!

“Rumble!” While many cultivators were focusing on the armies of the three empires, the earth suddenly quaked as if a giant bull was turning.

Among the explosions in the distance, many great soldiers came along like a torrent of steel. The surging imperial momentum made the entire Imperial Border quake continuously. The border was but a small boat lost in the stormy sea that could capsize at any moment.

“Where is this great army coming from?!” Many people felt their knees giving way after seeing this new army. Even experts from the previous generation turned pale.

A dark mass was approaching with an imperial momentum that suppressed everyone present. God-Monarchs were not spared from trembling.

“This is an invincible army capable of sweeping through the nine worlds.” Even experienced ancestors were aghast and quietly murmured.

The majority of cultivators didn’t know where such an army was coming from. Even though they had many questions, they didn’t have the guts to ask at this moment before the endless army.