Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1119

Chapter 1119: Myriad Thoughts Pot

Eventually, he entered the innermost area of the temple. This place contained a pit that seemingly reached the entrance of hell. There was nothing else in this place outside of darkness.

The old monk slowly left while Li Qiye smiled.

“You came again.” In the dark pit, a strand of divine intent emerged. It was not a sound, only a pure intent without emotions, just like a universal law.

Li Qiye sat freely next to the pit. He gazed into its abyss and smiled: “Are you speaking for yourself or for Di Shi?”

“Are you looking for me or Di Shi?” This law-like divine intent from the bottom of the pit could be heard clearly.

“You are only a broken pot without life and emotions. Why do you like to act like this so much?” Li Qiye quipped.

“I am the Myriad Thoughts Pot; one thought to become Buddha, another to become Devil. My will can turn into anything, so who says that I do not have emotions?” This divine intent pulsed like a universal law.

Many people didn’t know what the pot was, but if they were to understand its true essence and origin, they would be jumping from horror.

The Myriad Thoughts Pot was one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures. After millions of years, many people presumed that these treasures did not exist even though their legends had been passed down this whole time. No one had seen them before, hence the assumption that they were mere fabrications.

Li Qiye smilingly said: “Buddha or Devil, it doesn’t matter. Even if you have a strand of Buddhist intent, it is without emotion. Thus, you will forever be a broken pot.”

The thing in the deep pit did not become angry. It seemed to speak with its divine intent: “One thought will turn into myriad thoughts. If you leave your desires here, I will gain another thought.”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter and said: “It seems like I have to take back my words. Despite only being a broken pot without emotions, you do know about some other things, such as poisoning the mind and instigating the weak.”

“Don’t forget, I have become a devil, an emperor and a Buddha before. These are the desires left behind by the people in this world for me, they are not my desires.” The intent answered.

Li Qiye pondered for a moment and had to concede in the end with a nod: “This is indeed you. You are still you, a broken pot. My accusation that you were bewitching me is only based on the emotions and desires others left behind.”

It wouldn’t be correct to say that no one had seen the pot’s true form before. For example, Di Shi, the Imperial Lord, and the Devil Lord had seen it before. However, regardless of who they might be, they would never be able to escape after seeing the pot itself.

One thought to become Buddha and another to become Devil — these weren’t empty words.

Those who had heard about the Myriad Thoughts Pot knew of a certain legend very well. It stated that after obtaining the pot, it could realize their dreams and desires no matter what they might be.

As for whether this was real or not, no one had ever found evidence or heard of it happening. Few were able to see the pot, let alone obtain it so that it would realize their dreams.

As one of the nine grand treasures, it was only a broken pot without life and emotions. However, after people left their desires here, they also left a mark on the pot. Everything changed from this.

The traces from these people and their emotions and desires seemed to come back to life. Because of this, the Buddhist Funeral Plateau and the Lesser Imperial Devil World came into existence.

The intent spoke: “You are truly an existence that has lived for millions of years, your perspective is different from the others.”

Li Qiye smiled and continued: “Your emotions and thoughts have nothing to do with me. I came here hoping that you would move your butt since I want the item at the bottom.”

“You want the Space Scripture, right?” The divine intent emerged in the form of a law.

Li Qiye didn’t bother hiding anything. In fact, it was pointless to do so before the pot. It consisted of myriad thoughts. The moment the person had an idea in their mind, it was already clear before the pot.

Li Qiye leisurely replied: “Yes, I want the Space Scripture. You just need to move over so that I can take it.”

“You can’t open it.” The intent answered in a precise and clear manner.

Li Qiye smiled and took out an old box that contained three keys. The three keys were from the deal with the War God Temple back then. Mu Shen gave these keys that had been stored at the War God Temple for a long time to Li Qiye.

Li Qiye casually threw the three keys into the pit and said: “What do you think now? I know everything about this place. Back when time and space shifted, you came down to this place. This was not due to chance or because someone in the darkness wished for it. It was due to the destruction of a grand era! Someone hid the Space Scripture here as well, so I brought the keys to open it.”

“This has nothing to do with me.” The intent responded with clarity: “Just like you said, I am only a broken pot. The Nihility Temple is in charge of this place right now, so if you want it, you need their permission.”

“I know.” Li Qiye smiled: “As long as you move, leave the Nihility Temple to me.”

“Are you only thinking of the Space Scripture?” The intent revealed its thought.

He looked at the deepest location in the pit and confirmed: “I’m only here for the Space Scripture.”

“Don’t you want the Myriad Thoughts Pot?” The divine intent emitted a glittering law full of temptation for Li Qiye.

If Li Qiye was a miser, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from palpitating with greed due to the irresistible temptation of this glittering golden light.

Li Qiye took a deep breath. His dao heart was as calm as the water at the bottom of a well. He laughed in response: “Is this your own thought, or is it the remnant desires speaking? Or is it Di Shi’s will?”

“Does it matter who is saying this?” The divine intent was like an enchanting magical spell. It was tempting Li Qiye like the whispers of a supreme beauty in his ears: “I am the Myriad Thoughts Pot, I can fulfill all your dreams. Whether you want to become an Imperial King over the nine heavens or an everlasting immortal or even an omnipotent existence, I can realize all of your wishes…”

Li Qiye laughed and leisurely denied: “Such temptations are not effective on me. Myriad Thoughts Pot, you wanting to seduce me with this little snare… you really are looking down on me.”

He glanced into the depths and continued: “Even the broken pot itself cannot tempt me. I will fulfill my own dreams, there’s no need for the pot to do so. If I have to rely on it, then what will I be in the end? Only a puppet.”

“You think the pot will manipulate you? It is only a broken pot, it won’t manipulate everything.” The divine intent answered like the clear sound of a bell: “You have seen Di Shi and the Devil Lord. They have never been manipulated, or rather, the thing being manipulated was the pot, not them.” 1

“I know that full well.” Li Qiye laughed in response: “The pot itself cannot manipulate everything. However, it can control desires. The moment a person’s desires reach a certain degree, they will no longer be able to distinguish themselves from their desires. This is why these realms exist!”

“The pot didn’t turn a world into the plateau and the lesser world.” Li Qiye slowly went on: “The thing that created this place was the ambition of many people.”

“Then what are you afraid of?” The divine intent rose again.

“Because I have an ambition that nothing can contain!” Li Qiye pointed at his heart: “I will hold my ambition and hopes in my heart. If I let them out, the result will not be something as simple as the Buddhist Funeral Plateau!”