Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1120

Chapter 1120: A Gambling Bout

The pit had no reaction and the divine intent didn’t emerge again to answer Li Qiye.

Li Qiye smiled and instead added: “Myriad Thoughts Pot, countless people covet you. Even true immortals go crazy because of you, but for me, you are only a broken pot that will bring about endless troubles.”

“You truly don’t want it?” The divine intent emerged again with the same appearance of a universal law as before.

Li Qiye smilingly answered: “To tell the truth, it would be a lie to say that I am not tempted by the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures. As one of them, the pot is indeed something that makes the heart go wild. However, I do not need it. Even without it, I can still fulfill my dreams.”

The Myriad Thoughts Pot was something everyone would want. Even Immortal Emperors were no exceptions. If immortals existed in this world, they would crave for the pot as well. Li Qiye felt the same way about the heavenly treasures.

However, he didn’t want the pot as it would bring about too much trouble. For generations now, many had taken possession of the pot, but ultimately, those who had it in their hands all met bad ends.

This was not to say that the pot would bring about nightmares. On the contrary, it could give someone everything, even their wildest dreams and needs. Alas, possessing it meant that their desires would escalate without bounds until they lost control. In the end, they wouldn’t be able to tell whether they were in charge of their desires or the other way around.

In the very distant past, a forgotten age that couldn’t be traced, more than just one person had obtained the Myriad Thoughts Pot. None of them were ordinary people; all were supreme and brilliant for generations.

However, this didn’t matter. None of them could control their desires after obtaining the pot. Eventually, they brought about their own unimaginable doom.

And there’s no need to speak about the ones further in the past, Di Shi was the most recent example. In the endless river of time, few knew about Di Shi. Many had never even heard of this name.

However, Di Shi was absolutely as great as any Immortal Emperor and was comparable to even someone like Immortal Emperor Fei.

But in that old era, after Di Shi obtained the Myriad Thoughts Pot, the Buddhist Funeral Plateau came about! 1

Li Qiye eventually stared and smiled at the pit: “I’ll come back again to take the Space Scripture. Let’s go with that.”

He chuckled after seeing a lack of response from the pit and stood up to leave.

Li Qiye went back to the main hall. The old monk placed his palms together to greet him and asked: “Benefactor still wants to have a scripture debate?”

“That’s right.” Li Qiye smiled: “I’m bored of fighting and killing. Aren’t you monks known for your supreme dharma? Very well, I will take you down using the dharma.”

“Benefactors want to make a bet then?” The old monk was not angry at Li Qiye’s impolite words. He maintained his palm gesture while still speaking respectfully.

Li Qiye looked at him and said: “Old monk, don’t try to dig a pit for me to jump into. I’m not here this time to bet against you guys.”

“The Nihility Temple always has wagering available.” The old monk revealed a kind expression. Anyone would feel comfortable in his presence.

“Wager your sister!” Li Qiye coldly glared at him: “Only the careless would jump into your trap! I am not here to bet. I only want the Space Scripture, not the Myriad Thoughts Pot!”

“Benefactor used to be so ambitious back then…” The old monk still gave off the same amicable feel. Those who were unknowing would actually consider him as a loved one.

“Ambitious your sister!” Li Qiye coldly retorted: “Back then, your grandpa didn’t understand the intricacies and you bald donkeys fooled me. Luckily, I realized in time or else I would have truly fallen into the trap.”

“Benefactor’s remark is incorrect.” The monk said: “Those not in the same household won’t enter the same door. Benefactor is predestined to be with the Nihility Temple, it is fated by the heavens…”

“Okay, there’s no need to act like a swindler before me. I can also become a Buddha with one word. Everyone is on the same level, so you don’t need to speak such lies.” Li Qiye interrupted the old monk: “I only want the Space Scripture.”

The monk calmly asked: “Benefactor does not want the Myriad Thoughts Pot?”

Such ordinary words were full of a fatal temptation, the most lethal enticement in this world.

Not wanting the Myriad Thoughts Pot? Anyone would grow angry upon being asked this question. This was one of the nine grand treasures, things that even Immortal Emperors couldn’t resist!

Li Qiye looked at him with disdain and said: “Monk, this is what you said to fool Immortal Emperor Hao Hai back then. These words were spoken to trick Immortal Emperor Fei Yang as well.”

“Benefactor is mistaken again.” The old monk spoke kindly: “The Nihility Temple always treats others with sincerity. We clearly explained the dangers inside without hiding anything. A Buddhist practitioner does not lie, Benefactor should be aware of this.”

Li Qiye answered: “You are right about that. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was as treacherous as a ghost. He was capable of deceiving others into drinking feet-washing water while others would find it prohibitively difficult to swindle him. Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was not a fool either, but he was too confident and ultimately fell into your trap. This was why he never entered the plateau again for the rest of his life.”

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was the first to come here with the intention of obtaining the Myriad Thoughts Pot. However, he was different from the other emperors. During his youth, he was extremely cunning and tricked many people down to their underwear before taking that from them as well.

The emperor realized the trickery of the temple very quickly and reacted in time. He understood the mysteries within and instead tricked his opponents and received a stone Buddha from it.

In contrast, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai whom people considered to be even more heaven-defying was tricked and suffered a big loss. Moreover, he could only keep this anger to himself, he never told any outsiders about it.

This emperor was truly stunning. Some people once listed him among the top ten strongest Immortal Emperors. He had been to the World Tree before and obtained one of the miracles there. Moreover, there was a rumor that he obtained part of the Space Scripture.

Among the old emperors, most thought that even though Immortal Emperor Hao Hai was still weaker than Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng, he was definitely more brilliant than Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.

During his visit, he didn’t only want the legendary Space Scripture, he desired the Myriad Thoughts Pot as well. After all, since time eternal, no emperor had been known to have obtained any of the nine heavenly treasures.

If he could obtain the pot, then perhaps he would become the prime emperor and surpass Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng.

He was influenced by this greed as well as his absolute confidence in himself. In fact, it was understandable that he was so complacent. After all, an invincible emperor could illuminate many generations.

But who would have thought that this invincible emperor actually willingly fell into a trap? Despite losing the gamble, he still forcefully left and the Nihility Temple couldn’t do anything to him. Unfortunately, this left a mental scar in his mind for the rest of his life; he never dared to set foot onto the plateau again.

“Goodness, goodness.” The monk responded.

“Myriad Thought Pots.” Li Qiye chuckled and said: “There’s no need for this gamble. It is not a wager against you monks, it is a competition against oneself! Immortal Emperor Hao Hai didn’t understand this back then, so he lost to himself in the end.”

The old monk only smiled and didn’t say anything. They would not reveal this intricacy, the person would need to rely on themselves to understand it. Only those who realized this would be able to escape, such as Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.

“Okay, I will debate the Nihility Scripture with you lot, who will come first?” Li Qiye sat in the main hall and spoke leisurely: “I trust that you all have prepared well.”

The old monk sat down in the main hall as well and kindly responded: “Benefactor is able to become Buddha with one thought, but this little monk will boldly overestimate my own abilities to debate against you.”

“You monks have finally changed the opponent for me.” Li Qiye laughed while looking at the old monk: “After the big commotion last time, all of you are afraid that I have understood your strategy, so now, they are changing it to having you start instead.”

“Goodness, goodness.” The old monk didn’t say anything else besides chanting with his palms placed together.

“Whatever, I can handle anyone who comes out.” Li Qiye said: “Same rules as before. If I win, you must let me take the Space Scripture. If I lose, then I will stay behind. If there’s a tie, everyone can just leave.”