Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122: Leaving

“Don’t get too excited, take a deep breath first.” Bu Lianxiang spoke in a serious manner after Li Qiye’s shout. She continued to pour the purest dao force into Li Qiye’s body.

Li Qiye took a deep breath and calmed his emotions. The thing that excited him the most was not obtaining the Space Scripture but rather defeating the monks in the temple.

Of course, winning using force was not worthy of this much excitement. But now, he used his dharma to defeat the monks there. Moreover, it was a test on the Nihility Scripture, the thing these monks understood the most.

With the help of Bu Lianxiang’s dao force, Li Qiye recovered quite quickly.

“Hehehe, Boss, do you have it right now?” Little Autumn excitedly stared at him.

Li Qiye looked back and laughed: “Of course! Since I beat those monks, the Space Scripture is naturally in my hands now.”

“The Space Scripture?” Bai Jianzhen gasped. He didn’t specify what he was after before coming here to challenge the monks. But now, she was quite shocked to hear this: “One of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures in the legends?”

“Yes, that’s it.” Li Qiye nodded.

The girls glanced at each other. Bai Jianzhen was the most astounded. The Space Scripture, a mythical artifact that the world thought didn’t exist.

The nine scriptures were desired by even Immortal Emperors, but today, Li Qiye had actually obtained one of these legendary scriptures.

She murmured: “Legend states that Immortal Emperor Hao Hai had obtained the Space Scripture in the past as well.”

This was her misunderstanding. Because the emperor had been here before, she assumed that the Space Scripture was left behind by him.

“To be exact, he only obtained a very small portion of the scripture, just one chapter.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “The Space Scripture in the Nihility Temple has nothing to do with him.”

In fact, the emperor actually wanted the Space Scripture after coming to the Nihility Temple back then. Alas, he failed the gamble.

“Heh, no one has seen the real Space Scripture for millions of years now.” Little Autumn smirked and showed off its knowledge: “When the young Immortal Emperor Hao Hai climbed up the World Tree back then, he found a scroll left behind by the forefathers that contained techniques from the Space Scripture.”

“As for the Space Scripture in the Nihility Temple, it has an even greater origin since it was given birth by the natural order. It is a supreme item in this world.” The worm went on: “Of course, when we say that no one has ever seen it before, we’re talking about the Desolate Era until now. In fact, back in the untraceable eras, a supreme existence had found it before and cultivated it to an unfathomable level. Otherwise, there would be no Lesser Imperial Devil World, this was a place created out of thin air…” Little Autumn was very knowledgeable about the scripture. The reason why it knew so much was due to its master wanting the book back then. As a True God, he challenged the Nihility Temple, but unfortunately, it ended in his demise.

Chen Baojiao curiously asked: “The scripture has been at the Nihility Temple for so long, has no one else tried to cultivate it?”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “To the monks of Nihility Temple and even the entire plateau, merit laws and techniques, including the Space Scripture, are not important to them. These things do not matter, they only need Buddha in their hearts.”

“With Buddha in their hearts, they will have everything.” Li Qiye continued on: “They are eternal in this sense. It is a belief to the level that nothing else is worth caring about.”

“The dharma in the Buddhist Funeral Plateau is a bewitching spell, one might even call it an evil art.” The quiet Bai Jianzhen added. It seems that she had quite a negative opinion towards the dharma of the plateau.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t comment in response.

“Hehehe, Boss, what about the broken pot? Did you get it as well?” Little Autumn looked up and down at Li Qiye and grinned.

Li Qiye looked at it with one eye and said: “If I obtained that pot, would you still be standing here right now? The entire plateau would be in chaos right now if that was the case.”

“That’s true.” The worm scratched its head and said: “Aizz, what a shame, leaving that supreme pot to those bald donkeys.” 1

Li Qiye coldly stared at it in response: “Even if you got your hands on the pot, could you handle it? You’ll go crazy in less than three days.”

“Well…” The worm rubbed its palms together in embarrassment. It knew Li Qiye was speaking the truth.

Not anyone could withstand the pot. Without sufficient willpower, its master would go crazy right away. Since time eternal, only incredible existences like Di Shi could handle the power of the pot as well as control it.

“What is this broken pot you two are talking about?” Li Shuangyan was curious. She heard them talk about it many times, but Li Qiye never revealed what the pot was.

Li Qiye said insipidly: “Myriad Thoughts Pot.”

“Myriad Thoughts Pot!” Mei Suyao was shaken while murmuring: “The legend is true. The plateau truly hides one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures!”

Bai Jianzhen’s expression changed: “I thought they didn’t exist…”

Her view was the same as many others.

Li Qiye smiled a little: “How can there be smoke without fire? Many things become legends for a reason.”

The girls couldn’t help but look at the Nihility Temple again. Who would have thought that such a humble-looking temple was actually hiding the Myriad Thoughts Pot?

Bai Jianzhen realized something and muttered to herself: “So Immortal Emperor Hao Hai came here for the Myriad Thoughts Pot…”

Li Qiye shook his head and said: “Such a thing does not come so easily, even for Immortal Emperors. Plus, obtaining it is not necessarily a good thing. There are many treasures in this world, not everyone can get something that is beneficial.”

The girls were quiet. The nine heavenly treasures were not things they dared to dream about.

“Hehehe, Boss, since you’ve obtained the Space Scripture, will you, hehehe, teach me a couple moves?” Little Autumn was drooling at this moment.

Li Qiye glared at it and said: “Don’t worry, I will teach you a couple moves, but don’t disappoint me. If you don’t try harder to strengthen your bloodline, you better watch yourself or I’ll banish you for an eternity.”

As a Space Crossing Worm, Little Autumn had a very rare bloodline. It had an unparalleled advantage regarding spatial comprehension. In other words, it was born as a genius with regards to space.

However, it loved to play around and couldn’t truly tap into its natural bloodline. It wasn’t until after they took a trip to the World Tree that its bloodline finally leaped forward.

“Hehehe, Boss, don’t you worry. Just say the word and I will train day and night to not let you down. In just a few years, I will become the master of space…” Little Autumn patted its chest and voiced its promise.

Li Qiye only glanced at it briefly before ordering: “Come, we’ll take our leave.”

“Boss, wait for me!” Little Autumn quickly chased right after him like a cute puppy.

Li Qiye didn’t only want to leave the Nihility Temple, he also wanted to leave the lesser world. He did everything he wanted to do here, so he no longer sought anything else.

Before leaving, he looked back at the lesser world one last time.

“Goodbye, Lesser Imperial Devil World. In the future, you shall be no more.” Li Qiye sighed.

Such words startled the girls. Chen Baojiao had to ask: “Why do you say that the lesser world won’t exist anymore?”

“In this generation, the lesser world will turn into ashes.” Li Qiye slowly answered.

“That monk is really going to take action?” Bu Lianxiang knew more than the rest and was quite surprised as well.

Li Qiye gently nodded and stared at her: “Yes, so if the remnants of your Middle Continent leaves now, there is still a chance.”

“Once one steps into the plateau, one will forever be a monk.” Bu Lianxiang said: “It’s not like you don’t know this.”

Li Qiye sighed again. He naturally understood this logic.

“What about the dark cultivators and imperial soldiers who are still here?” Li Shuangyan murmured while looking at the lesser world.

“Into ashes.” Li Qiye gently sighed. He didn’t want to stay here any longer and turned away to leave.