Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1125

Chapter 1125: Qian Suyun

Both God-Monarchs from the previous generation or matchless geniuses of the current generation had to keep their heads low before Li Qiye’s invincible and domineering display. Regardless of who they might be, all they needed to do was kneel at this moment.

“Amitabha—” Many sacred Buddhas came forward from the opened gate of Nalanda. The Buddhist light was revitalized once more at the plateau. Its affinity empowered their bodies.

Loud explosions roared across the plateau. The billions of monks here began their chants to strengthen the Buddhas’ great dharma.

All the experts here were watching with bated breaths in fear. They felt that they were nothing before Li Qiye and the plateau.

Li Qiye was not afraid to see these Buddhas coming out. He coldly glared at them and uttered: “Not to mention all of you, even if Amitabha climbs out of his coffin or Di Shi comes back from the perpetual everlastingness, don’t even think about stopping me or I will break your Buddhist Kingdom at all costs!”

“Merciful Buddha.” These venerable Buddhas began to chant. The light on their bodies turned into long swords that descended from the sky while transforming continuously. They were both the destroyers and protectors of the world.

This was the furious Buddhas subduing evil! Many people palpitated in the face of this incoming wrath. The storm was fast approaching; there will be an end regardless of the outcome.

Many even thought about leaving the plateau. However, they were suppressed by its power, so escaping became quite difficult.

He coldly glared at the Buddhas. With the green lamp in his left hand and the dao sword in his right, he declared in a tyrannical manner: “Very well. Come! Today, I will show the world what is considered Buddha slaying!”

“Goodness, goodness.” Right when the great battle was about to erupt, a Buddhist voice echoed from the kingdom as if it was coming from the ancient past, as if it had never dispersed even after millions of years: “Let him in, he and I are connected by fate.”

“Amitabha, we accept the decree.” The Buddhas placed their palms together and immediately went back inside Nalanda. The Buddhist light disappeared along with them.

“The Buddhist Lord!” A knowledgeable person knew who the speaker was right away.

Li Qiye recalled his thirteen palaces, green lamp, and dao sword and resumed his ordinary appearance.

He gazed intensely into the portal to look at the deepest location within. His expression was extremely strange and unreadable.

“Hum—” A Buddhist bridge descended from the kingdom with many lotus flowers blossoming below, giving off an incomparably sacred and supreme atmosphere. This bridge alone made many people feel a sense of reverence.

Li Qiye was quiet. He didn’t say anything as he stepped onto the bridge. It carried him into the deepest region of the Buddhist Kingdom.

The spectators finally calmed down after seeing him disappear. They all stood up immediately.

“Is he falling out completely with the Buddhist Funeral Plateau?” Many people were drenched in cold sweat after recalling the scene earlier and quickly began to discuss among themselves.

In fact, after a long talk, there was no conclusion because they didn’t know why Li Qiye suddenly broke all pretenses with the plateau. He seemed as if he wanted to fight to the death.

In fact, even Li Shuangyan and the others were confused by Li Qiye’s actions. They didn’t know why he suddenly turned serious or who might have caused it.

The only person who was still in a daze was Little Autumn. It looked at the supreme portal in the sky aimlessly. Eventually, it regained its wits and blurted in shock: “Could it be her?!”

“Her? Who are you talking about?” The girls became curious right away as they surrounded it.

“I don’t know.” It quickly shook its head crazily and answered: “I really don’t know. It is only a story, no, a legend shrouded in mysteries.”

“What kind of legend?” Mei Suyao inquired further.

“Uhh, I don’t know.” It completely shut its mouth at this time. It was clear that it was unwilling to reveal what it knew.

“You really don’t know?” Chen Baojiao fiercely stared at the worm. All the other girls were glaring at Little Autumn as well; it was as if they were going to beat him up.

With a pained expression, it shook its head: “Ladies, even if you beat me up, nothing will change. A few things are taboo and can never be discussed. Just like your Young Noble, he has his bottom line and off-limit topics. This matter is one of his reversed scales; whoever dares to touch it will definitely die a miserable death. He will make them suffer a fate worse than death as they howl in agony for an eternity.”

Mei Suyao glanced at the other girls. Judging from Little Autumn’s expression, they couldn’t pry into this matter any further.

Even though they wanted to know what was going on, no one dared to ask.

Deep in the Buddhist Kingdom, a sacred Buddha could be found sitting there. It was the Buddhist Lord. Contrary to everyone’s imagination, the Buddhist Lord didn’t have an avatar of endless height. They also didn’t emit glittering golden light or have an aura capable of granting salvation.

The Buddhist Lord ahead was very slender, a woman, in fact. Who would have thought that the Buddhist Lord of the kingdom was actually a woman?

She was not peerlessly beautiful, but she exuded an indescribable wisdom and spirituality. If it was possible to become an immortal, then she was definitely the prime candidate.

One would suddenly feel that she was born bearing the will of the heavens. No one in this world was more spiritual than her.

Li Qiye came closer to look at the all-too-familiar face. Shortly after, countless emotions began to rampage in his heart. He didn’t know how to describe it.

Li Qiye looked at her for a long time before speaking: “I always knew that you were still alive.”

“I also know that you have always been searching for me.” The girl met his gaze. She was unstained by the mundane world and distant from the rowdy mortal realm. Even though she wasn’t wearing a Buddhist robe or decorated with Buddhist marks on her forehead, she was still a true Buddha. As long as the heart has become Buddha, the flesh was no longer important.

“The Su’er I know has always been a strong woman.” He slowly spoke while looking at the woman who had attained the true dharma.

She slowly replied: “The mundane world has passed, all have turned into smoke.”

“I’m a little confused. It doesn’t matter whether you are the Buddhist Lord or the old Qian Suyun. I don’t understand why you chose this path. This is completely different from the unyielding and defiant Su’er that I know.”

Qian Suyun was a name no one had heard of before, but it had an extraordinary place in Li Qiye’s mind.

Qian Suyun, the current Buddhist Lord, calmly answered: “Everyone has their own path. You have yours and I have mine.”

Li Qiye revealed a wry smile and said: “Zhan’er told me that the kingdom had a new Buddhist Lord, I never thought that it would be you. All along, I believed that you were alive and that you were avoiding me. I didn’t think you would enter the Buddhist doctrine.”

“I know you have been searching for me. The past is gone now. You don’t owe me anything. I wasn’t avoiding you back then, I was simply searching for my own path.” Qian Suyun had jumped out of the three realms and escaped from the Samsara.

He stared intensely at her and spoke with a voice full of power: “If you need a path, I can give you a path, no matter what it is!”

“No.” She gently shook her head: “I will find my own path. I might be a weak woman, but I don’t need your protection.” She calmly looked at him and answered in a natural manner: “You feel that you still owe me, but this is far from the truth. Back then above the nine heavens, I betrayed my father, my race, and the entire world. However, this was not because of your instigation. I was simply staying true to my own pursuit and beliefs…

“Or, as you said, I was born to be a defiant person. Regardless of your involvement, I would have taken that step anyway. I must say that without you, perhaps it wouldn’t have caused such a great upheaval.”

“Just know that you do not owe me anything. I told you the secret back then and followed you to this world out of my own volition. It wasn’t due to my misstep or the fact that the entire world was chasing me, forcing me to flee to this place. It was because I wouldn’t be able to find the answer that I wanted over there, so I came to this world in hopes of forging a path towards my goal.” She spoke very earnestly. It was this sincerity and genuine tone that emphasized her detachment from emotions. Each word was like the statement of a bystander, as if all of this had nothing to do with her.