Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1127

Chapter 1127: The Storm

Many eyes in the plateau were on Li Qiye as he left the Buddhist Kingdom. Many people were shaken. Some audibly gasped when they saw him come out unscathed.

An old God-Monarch murmured: “So heaven-defying, he was able to leave safe and sound.”

Challenging the entire plateau and crushing the portal while leaving the Buddhist Kingdom in one piece — this was too heaven-defying. Even the greatest geniuses wouldn’t even dare to think about such a thing.

In a short amount of time, the plateau became quiet to the extreme. Fiercest had left an indelible impression on everyone’s minds.

In the present, no one was able to do this. It could even be said that for many more millions of years, very few would challenge the plateau like this.

“That’s Fiercest for you. It’s no wonder why he can overshadow Jikong Wudi and even get Goddess Mei to follow him. Who can compare to him in the current generation?” Even the most brilliant genius had to lament and the most arrogant crowd had to keep their heads low. They admitted their shortcomings before Fiercest.

Li Qiye was quiet as he walked into the Buddhist City.

“Young Noble—” The girls were relieved to see him return safely. They were worried that he would be fighting the Buddhist Lord after entering the kingdom.

Li Qiye sighed and gently waved his sleeve after seeing them: “I’m a little tired, I’ll go back and rest first.”

With that, he turned and entered his bedroom.

The girls glanced at each other after seeing his demeanor. They were all confused from not knowing what actually happened.

In his bedroom, he quietly sat in a chair with a cold expression. At this moment, he has turned into a withered tree. Nothing else in this world mattered to him.

He severed his ties with the world as he rested emotionlessly as if petrified. He did this for some time before finally returning to his former self.

“The real storm is approaching, this is nothing. The world will always leave behind some regrets.” Li Qiye looked out the window and gazed towards the far horizon.

In the distant years, he and Qian Suyun had faced adversities together. They experienced the most dangerous and desperate situations. During that time, they never abandoned each other.

Regardless of how hard it was or how many deities and emperors chased them, they still marched forward hand in hand while facing the bloody rains and storms.

Alas, the inseparable pair eventually parted ways. They had their own wills and ideals.

Just like Qian Suyun said, the two wanted an answer. However, their answers were different.

Once upon a time, their roads were the same, but Qian Suyun’s focus was on sentient beings while Li Qiye’s focus was on his own path. All of his being was fixated on a baptism of blood. His era was doomed to be grotesque and grisly.

He didn’t try to hold her back because she was a very smart woman. She had been through enough and he didn’t want her to experience more years of killing. He didn’t hope that she would have even more sleepless nights in the future.

“Farewell, Su’er.” He sighed. There were no tears or sadness. Everything was within his expectations.

“Young Noble, are you alright?” He heard the girls whispering.

He looked up and saw the girls standing right there with worried expressions, including Mei Suyao.

He felt warm inside as he asked: “How long have I been sitting here for?”

Time came and went, but no matter what happened, there had always been people accompanying him. Even though he knew that many people couldn’t follow him until the end of the world, this was more than enough for him. What else could he ask for?

“Five days.” Li Shuangyan said: “Why are you like this?”

They were very worried about him because their Young Noble rarely showed this kind of weakness. They could easily guess that something big had happened.

“Nothing, there’s no need to worry about me.” He smiled and shook his head.

“Something unfavorable is happening to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.” Mei Suyao was relieved to see him back to normal and immediately told him the news.

“What happened?” His eyes narrowed as a cold glint flashed across his pupils.

Li Shuangyan quickly explained: “The Heavenly God Sect wants to attack. The Space Trample Mountain and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom are sharpening their blades as well. The Eternal River School received a message that these three sects are working together to siege and destroy our Cleansing Incense.”

“They also heard that the Soaring Immortal Sect will come down for sure. If the Heavenly God Sect meets any resistance, the soaring sect will definitely lend them a hand.” Mei Suyao added with haste.

The Grand Middle Territory was very far from the southern Barren Earth. The news of this attack shouldn’t have come so quickly, but the Eternal River School was paying great attention to this. The moment they noticed something, they instantly sent the message to Mei Suyao.

“Naive fools!” A terrifying murderous glint flashed in Li Qiye’s eyes.

Mei Suyao continued: “My ancestor told me to tell you that our school is ready. With your command, we will fend off the enemies for you.”

The ancestor’s message was very clear — the Eternal River School was willing to support Li Qiye.

“No.” He stood up with a chilling glare: “I appreciate your old geezers’ goodwill, but I will personally return. If I don’t massacre them, they won’t know what it would feel like to tremble in fear! If people dare to touch Cleansing Incense, I will let the Mortal Emperor World cower to let everyone know that opposing me will not end well.”

“Even the Soaring Immortal Sect is no exception!” He was raring to fight.

“I have asked the elders to create a dao portal for Young Noble. You can return to the Grand Middle Territory at any time. I will go back with you.” Mei Suyao spoke.

She was an intelligent person and a good strategist who was well-prepared for any situation.

Li Qiye shook his head: “You should stay here since someone from your school is ascending. Let me deal with this.” Li Qiye then looked at the others: “Go prepare. We will let Lianxiang know that we are going back.”

After leaving the lesser world, Bu Lianxiang had been in isolated cultivation to learn about her galaxy.

The Heavenly God Sect was moving quite swiftly. This was a premeditated war. Moreover, the real mastermind this time was the Space Trample Mountain! The Heavenly God Sect was only the vanguard.

Even though the mountain only had one emperor, he was also the most recent emperor. They still had a lot of power and many of his generals were still alive today.

In this generation, they were quite ambitious and wanted to push Jikong Wudi towards the imperial throne. After all, they had sufficient resources to do so. More importantly, Jikong Wudi had the potential to become an emperor as well.

Alas, even under the protection of Venerable Ninesword, Jikong Wudi was killed by Li Qiye. This enraged the Space Trample Mountain as it was a direct challenge to their authority.

The ancestors and generals did not want this result and they had no intentions of a peaceful resolution since revenge was the only thing on their minds.

At the same time, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom wanted a part in this as well. They swore to never reconcile with Li Qiye. Thus, when the mountain wanted to attack Cleansing Incense and seek revenge, how could the kingdom not agree? These two imperial lineages immediately began to move.

Another thing to note is how similar this event was to the past. Back then, the Heavenly God Sect seized territories from Cleansing Incense and began their attack. In the end, Cleansing Incense was defeated and lost their kingdom. The Heavenly God Sect then erected the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom in the land that once belonged to Cleansing Incense.

However, that was only in appearance. In fact, the shadows of the Space Trample Mountain and Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had always been there during that war. For example, the greatest evidence was the Tetra-War Bronze Chariot falling into the hands of the ancient kingdom.

Otherwise, the Heavenly God Sect wouldn’t have been able to defeat Cleansing Incense. Even though Cleansing Incense was in decline, it was still an imperial lineage with secret resources and powers. It wasn’t something the Heavenly God Sect could compare to.

Today was no different than the past. The Heavenly God Sect was only acting as the cannon fodder for the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and Space Trample Mountain.