Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1131

Chapter 1131: Ancient Triangular School

The emerging army from the Space Trample Mountain was still not the scariest matter. What was truly intimidating was the figure meditating in the middle of the divine mountain.

No one could clearly see his face, only his ethereal figure. He sat there with a great saber lying across his knees.

Even though he didn’t exude any aura and was simply sitting still, God-Monarchs would feel fear from the bottom of their hearts just by looking at him.

This person was unstoppable in this world. He sat there while shouldering the sky and suppressing the earth. It was a sensation of invincibility.

An eternal existence was truly moved to see this sitting figure. He murmured while paled: “Prime general, the strongest general of the Space Trample Mountain!”

“The prime general! A mythical and unstoppable existence!” Many people were aghast since they had heard his tales before.

And there were plenty of tales about him. One even stated that when Immortal Emperor Ta Kong was young, he had never beaten the general before! It wasn’t until he carried the Heaven’s Will that he obtained his first victory.

Even Old Devil turned serious at this point. He knew just who his opponent was and his terrifying might.

“Why all of this just for Cleansing Incense?” Even intelligent Virtuous Paragons didn’t know why. They were simply astounded as a group.

Even though Cleansing Incense was on an upward slope and Mu Shaodi was still alive, was there a need to mobilize this much to deal with a third-rate sect? The divine mountain came with the prime general presiding over the whole event as well as the divine guardian beast of the ancient kingdom!

Such a force could destroy an imperial lineage, let alone Cleansing Incense! It could annihilate it ten times over. However, this was still not enough to make up for the loss of having the prime general and divine beast coming out. After all, it wasn’t easy for them to come into being.

“Does even the heavens want to destroy my Cleansing Incense?” Gu Tieshou was completely pale and couldn’t stand still for he understood the terrifying enemies that he was about to face.

The younger generation was better off. After all, newborn calves were not afraid of the tiger. Alas, the older generation from Cleansing Incense was in despair. How could they resist two imperial lineages? Especially existences like the prime general and the divine beast. It was easy for them to destroy Cleansing Incense.

“The heavens wish to end us.” Gu Tieshou was not the only one devoid of hope. Other older cultivators from the sect were lamenting as well.

Era Sentinel coldly spoke: “Mu Shaodi, unless you are strong enough to overturn the heavens, you won’t be able to save Cleansing Incense today!”

“With me here, even gods won’t be able to touch Cleansing Incense or there will be a bloodbath!” Another voice interjected at this second.

“Buzz—” A door opened. One youth and four supreme women came out.

“Fiercest Li Qiye!” Someone shouted with excitement in their voice after seeing the newcomer.

“Fiercest is back!” Today, this notorious title had spread across the entire Mortal Emperor World. Everyone knew about him, so after seeing his appearance, both the young and old generations were quite moved.

“First Brother, First Brother is back!” All of Cleansing Incense became rejuvenated with Li Qiye’s return. Their battle intent soared to the sky, especially the younger generation that was incomparably excited.

“First Brother!” The young disciples were chanting: “First Brother is back, First Brother—”

In a brief moment, all of the young ones saw hope again.

Li Qiye had a supreme position in their minds. Their First Brother was invincible. As long as he was around, no one would be able to touch their sect!

“You are Li Qiye, the one that killed our young lord?” Era Sentinel’s eyes turned cold and were fixated on Li Qiye.

Li Qiye casually glanced at him and slowly said: “Killing him was no different than killing a dog! There’s no need for a special reminder!”

“Naive brat, we have been waiting for you for a long time now. Today, our Space Trample Mountain will peel your skin and drink your blood as revenge for the young lord!” Era Sentinel revealed a horrifying murderous intent while shouting.

With a chilling expression, the Azure Mysterious Demon Ancestor spoke sinisterly: “Li Brat, you ignored the accepting heavens and barged into the unwelcoming hell! Today will be your funeral!”

The spectators looked around after hearing this. At this second, people finally realized that the Space Trample Mountain didn’t come for Cleansing Incense, they came for Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced at the group around Era Sentinel and slowly uttered: “It seems like some people still don’t understand my principles. I welcome all challengers at any time, but if you move against my people and my sect, then I shall use the blood of millions to teach the world a lesson about my principles.”

“Ignorant child, such big words!” Era Sentinel harshly shouted: “The Space Trample Mountain has weathered all kind of storms in the past—”

“The Space Trample Mountain is nothing.” Li Qiye coldly interrupted the sentinel. The moment he finished speaking, his mind opened. With a clanking sound, a divine spear was thrown out and pinned itself into the triangular building

This triangular building was the storage of Cleansing Incense’s manuals and treasures. The different branches seemed to be connected together seamlessly.

“Boom!” The building unexpectedly flew into the sky and poured down an endless light. It seemed quite mysterious and bizarre.

All of these emitted particles made the building seem like a flying weapon. It gave off an indescribable feeling.

“I want the sky to rain blood today!” With a serious expression, Li Qiye flipped his palm to control the flying building.

“Boom!” This building was an extremely destructive weapon. It immediately rushed into the middle of the Heavenly God Sect’s army like a rotating throwing star.

“Pluff! Pluff! Pluff!” Heads began to fly. The entire army of the Heavenly God Sect was decapitated instantly.

“No!” The Heavenly God Ancestor screamed. Even he couldn’t escape this fate. The triangular building flew by and severed his head. Blood gushed out while he was still watching with his eyes wide open. He didn’t know how this building managed to behead him.

Everyone was sent into a daze. This building was actually as swift and agile as a throwing star. It was able to slay an army right away in an unimaginable manner.

“Kill!” The demon ancestor and the sentinel were both shocked. They frantically shouted to lead their invincible cavalries straight into battle. The earth trembled before their monstrous momentum.

The two regiments came killing like a torrent made out of steel or a horde of primal beasts. The frightening murderous intent made others grow weak in the knees; there was no way they could fight.

However, Li Qiye didn’t even bat an eye. He slightly swung his sleeve again.

“Boom!” The triangular building rushed out once more.

“Ah—” In just a short period of time, more screams resounded. One head flew up after another with blood spurting from their necks.

It was a spectacular scene of heads and columns of blood gushing out like radiant fireworks blossoming in the night sky.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!” Countless bodies fell down from the sky. Cleansing Incense’s nearby hills were full of headless corpses.

“No…” Both the army from the ancient kingdom and the cavalry of Era Sentinel were being beheaded at a rapid pace.

The sentinel and the demon ancestor were quite powerful. They used imperial weapons to escape the culling of the triangular weapon and survived several attacks.

However, while watching their disciples being beheaded nonstop and their bodies falling to the ground, they roared furiously with an unquenchable anger. They wanted nothing more than to chop Li Qiye into pieces, but they couldn’t break away from the assault.

“Boom!” The void shattered. When the sentinel and demon ancestor narrowly escaped the throwing weapon, Bu Lianxiang crushed the void with her foot. Her attack was like a descending galaxy. Time itself collapsed along with countless stars moldering into smoke.

“Clank-ck” Both of them screamed out at the same time as their bones shattered. In just two moves, their bodies were crushed by Bu Lianxiang and were captured alive.

The difference between the two sides was too great. Even though they were peerless Virtuous Paragons, they still had a long way to go before they could compare to Bu Lianxiang. During the Ancient Ming Era, she was still an existence that rampaged about, so naturally, they were no match for her.

“Ah—” The last scream sounded. The remaining disciples from the two regiments were all killed by the triangular building. They fell down to join their comrades.

“Buzz—” After slaying all the enemies, the huge building flew back and hovered above Li Qiye’s head.