Chapter 114 : Verdant Copper (2)

Of course, the power of these dao runes couldn’t be activated by everyone. Only experts above the Royal Noble realm would be able to truly utilize the power of the Grand Dao Life Runes.

One Grand Dao Life Metal could contain one Grand Dao Life Rune, or even two or three. In short, the more runes there were, the more precious the metal was.

It could be said that metals that contained more than three dao runes would be something that couldn’t be bought with even a million refined crystals. Cultivators named metals having four to five runes as King Iron, ones that had six to seven runes were called Saint Coppers, and ones that had eight to nine were called Immortal Gold!

A Six Runes Verdant Copper was something that would cause people’s eyes to become reddened with greed. Its value was much higher than the beast marrow and dao bones obtained by Jiang Zuo Hou. It was no wonder why people couldn’t help but venture into the challenge area after hearing the news.

“Sheng Tian Dao used his own strength to kill a one hundred and fifty thousand year old Longevity Spirit, and he came out unscathed!”

But there was an even more shocking message that came from the Heavenly God Sect.

“Using his own strength to kill such a Longevity Spirit!”

Hearing this news, many people took a deep chilling breath. Longevity Spirits were much more dangerous than Heavenly Beasts. Being targeted by one would make people feel like there was a gigantic mountain lurking behind them. Killing one was simply unimaginable.

“This is a true Royal Noble, he’s much stronger than Jiang Zuo Hou.”

Even the unconvinced people had to admit that Sheng Tian Dao was way too formidable.

A Royal Noble at such a young age — this was an enviable matter. Plus, under the today’s situation, Sheng Tian Dao appeared to be even more powerful than a veteran Royal Noble! An ordinary Royal Noble couldn’t compare to him, and same with the other geniuses in the Grand Middle Territory.

“Sheng Tian Dao — born with a Saint Fate, exceedingly high talents, and extreme intelligence; he easily understood the grand dao and laws.”

A sect master enviously exclaimed and continued:

“Having such a descendant, it would be a certainty that the Heavenly God Sect would continue to grow. I’m afraid Sheng Tian Dao wouldn’t just be a Mortal King. In the future, he might even exceed the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor!”

Having such a disciple was an enviable thing. The sect will surely become prosperous.

“I’m afraid Goddess Li is even stronger than Sheng Tian Dao, and even more heaven defying as well.”

Since Sheng Tian Dao was so excellent, it reminded others of another genius — Li Shuang Yan.

One has to remember that earlier, Sheng Tian Dao suffered under the hands of Li Shuang Yan.

“Goddess Li is truly heaven defying. Rumor has it that she doesn’t just have a King Physique, but also a Saint Fate!”

When it came to Li Shuang Yan, many cultivators were moved and couldn’t help but sing praises.

“I also know that Goddess Li has an even higher potential than Sheng Tian Dao. At the end of the day, she has a King Physique… In the future, she would definitely become a Virtuous Paragon without difficulty.”

Her fans couldn’t stop praising.

There was a debate regarding Fate Palaces and Physiques. Some felt that the Physique was more important than the Fate Palace while others took the opposite view.

Cultivators on the side of the first principle felt that Physiques were capable of ranking up; a King Physique could become a Saint Physique, or even the invincible Immortal Physique! However, a Fate Palace couldn’t do it. One was stuck with the innate Fate Palace and couldn’t rank it up through cultivation.

As for the second principle, they considered the Fate Palace to be the foundation of cultivation. Even though a Xiantian Physique had a clear advantage, but once you reach the later stages in cultivation, in order to understand profound merit laws and create a personalized grand dao, one would need the aptitude and talents. This was why people thought that a Fate Palace was more important than a Physique.

“Regarding Fate Palaces, Goddess Li is no worse than Sheng Tian Dao, but Goddess Li is also a natural born King Physique.”

A predecessor from the last generation said:

“If we’re strictly speaking about potential, then no one could be better than Goddess Li. However, Goddess Li has joined the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect while Sheng Tian Dao has the guidance of the legendary ancestor from the Heavenly God Sect. With such a wise teacher, how could he not become invincible?”

When it came to the Heavenly God Sect’s ancestor, everyone became silent. Even the arrogant ones turned respectful because the ancestor was the follower of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong!

“This is all because of the damned ancestral law of the Nine Saint Demon Gate!”

A young cultivator felt it was unfair and said:

“Who is Goddess Li? She is a fairy visiting the mortal world, but it just so happened that she was betrothed to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. And this prime disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, how could he deserve someone like Goddess Li?”

Li Shuang Yan was the goddess in the eyes of the younger generation. With so many fans, it would only be natural that when this matter came up, countless people would hate Li Qi Ye to the bones.

“Thats right! A flower amidst a pile of cow manure! Li Qi Ye is not only a bag of straws, but also an idiot! Isn’t he only relying on the power of the Immortal Emperor? Just the little power left behind by Immortal Emperor Min Ren, ah? Yet he still dared to be arrogant to the high heavens. Hmph, one of these days, he won’t even realize why he was killed!”

Many people truly despised Li Qi Ye.

Especially when they saw that Li Qi Ye was only relying on a woman to be arrogant; many people took this to their hearts! Besides having the fortunate fate of becoming the prime disciple, then the great fortune to marry Li Shuang Yan, what was good about him?!

Just the thought of the straw bag being so lucky made many young ones grit their teeth from both envy and hatred! A gigolo relying on a woman — what kind of talent is this?

While people were talking about the injustice towards Li Shuang Yan, or when people were gossiping about her, there was suddenly a piece of news spreading throughout the Evil Infested Ridge.

“There is someone entering the dangerous area! He’s going in alone!”

The news arrived and shocked the entire Evil Infested Ridge.

“Going alone into the dangerous area?”

People were shocked to hear this news; entering alone, this was such courage! Someone asked:

“Is it the National Teacher of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, Enlightened Being Si Tu?”

One had to know that the dangerous area would terrorize others to the extreme. Without luck, one would meet a three hundred thousand year old Heavenly Beast or Longevity Spirit. Meeting a Heavenly Beast was borderline acceptable, but being targeted by a Longevity Spirit would likely result in death.

“No, Enlightened Being Si Tu had not made a move. It is Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan!”

Someone who knew the inside story said.

“There were people from the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom here?”

Many people were stunned to hear this information. No matter whether it was a grand sect or a powerful nation, upon hearing the arrival of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, none dared to be presumptuous!

The Jiang Zuo Clan, the Heavenly Southern Kingdom, or even the Heavenly God Sect — with its ancestor — wouldn’t dare to provoke the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom — this was an absolute and influential existence in the Grand Middle Territory. Even though it couldn’t claim to be number one, it was still an intimidating giant!

“The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, a true Ancient Kingdom. One Kingdom with two Immortal Emperors, ah!”

Hearing the giant’s arrival, everyone lost their wits.

The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom had produced two Immortal Emperors — Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan and Immortal Emperor San Dao![1] With two Immortal Emperors, this was a supremely frightening existence. Such a monstrous existence couldn’t be shaken.

Unless a matchless existence, such as the War God Temple, appeared, no one would dare to compete for the hegemony status against the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom!

Someone exclaimed after regaining their wits:

“Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan — a character from the legends, ah.”

The old Turtle Monarch from the Flying Dragon Lake frighteningly lost his colors and spoke:

“Legends told that even though Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan was only twenty years old, he cultivated two Emperor merit laws from two Immortal Emperors at the same time — this is truly an unfathomable existence. One person with peerless Emperor merit laws, who could stop him in the entire Grand Middle Territory?”

Many people chose to be silent with regards to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan because they were existences that were too powerful for them to comment on. Not only them, but even the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and Heavenly Southern Kingdom were not comparable. One Ancient Kingdom with two Immortal Emperors, there was not a second existence in the entire Grand Middle Territory like them.

There was a saying in the Grand Middle Territory: In ancient times, there was the War God Temple, in the present, there is the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom! This phrase alone was indicative of its powerful status.

Many sects believed that, unless the War God Temple come into being, the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom would be the ruler of the Grand Middle Territory.

Over the years, many believed that only the transcendent War God Temple could compare to the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.

The War God Temple was the origin ground of the human race. Many people even said that the most primordial merit laws that humans practiced came from the War God Temple.

There were winds and clouds rampaging in all directions inside the Evil Infested Ridge. Li Qi Ye was massacring everywhere and was covered in blood. He especially intended to stimulate the potential of his Hell Suppressing Godly Physique, so he always provoked the Heavenly Beasts! Li Qi Ye’s physique became more and more terrifying as its potential was being drawn out.

To Li Qi Ye, Heavenly Beasts were the best things for hellish training, but Li Qi Ye truly hated the Longevity Spirits. Being targeted by them was too troublesome. When met with one, if you rush forward, they would retreat; if you retreat, it would start the offense; one wouldn’t be able to sit down in peace.

In the last ten days, Li Qi Ye was targeted by a three hundred thousand year old Longevity Spirit. From the outset, it landed a mortal blow on Li Qi Ye. Unfortunately, it was a blow to Li Qi Ye, who possessed the hardened Hell Suppressing Godly Physique; thus, its blow couldn’t kill Li Qi Ye and Li Qi Ye immediately ran away afterwards.

[1] Qing Xuan = Azure Mysterious, San Dao = Three Sabers