Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: Hidden Immortal Hall

At this point, Li Qiye slightly frowned. He thought about something and looked over at the old man: “Your Su Clan wouldn’t open this secret pathway unless a disaster fell upon you. Not too many things necessitate this action, could it be that some items in the ancient temple have gone missing?”

“How, how does Virtuous Nephew know about this?!” The old man was shocked. Only members of their clan knew about these treasures. No outsiders should have been privy to this information.

“Nothing surprising.” Li Qiye continued: “So your clan has truly lost them?”

The old man wryly coughed: “Well, yes. A few things happened back during our forefathers’ generation. An ancestor during that time fell in love with a woman from the charming race at the Heaven Spirit World. Later on, due to various reasons, she was detained by her race, so my ancestor personally went to their world.”

“Thus, he brought that item along. If the other party did not let her go, he would send that place back to the origin.” After hearing this, Li Qiye could faintly guess what happened.

The old man smiled and continued: “I heard that the ancestor talked to that race and said that he only wanted to marry her. No one knows what happened afterward. The ancestor who brought along the item was never seen or heard of from then on.” The old man sighed at this point: “In the successive generations, our clan had sent various people to the Heaven Spirit World to try and find them, but we never found anything. The treasure disappeared from that point onward.”

“But you lot recently obtained some news.” Li Qiye stared at the old man.

The old man gently nodded: “A few days ago, we finally received a response, so we summoned the family for a meeting. A bit later, my daughter insisted on going to the Heaven Spirit World, so we opened the secret pathway.”

With that, he looked over at Li Qiye: “Ever since she went to the Heaven Spirit World, there has not been any messages. It has been a while, so I’m worried that something might have happened to her. Right now, we still need to wait for a bit before we can open the pathway once more, so I came here to seek your assistance. I heard that you have another method to reach the other worlds.”

Li Qiye replied: “I understand, I will personally go to the Heaven Spirit World. Don’t worry, I will bring the sect master home.”

“Nothing would be better.” The old man was very happy. He had heard of Li Qiye’s tales, so Li Qiye was the perfect person for the job.

He told the old man: “Just wait back at the Su Clan for the good news.”

The ecstatic old man quickly bid his farewell.

Li Qiye looked into the distance in silence after the old man left. Heaven Spirit World… There were a few things there that he didn’t know how to face.

“After all is said and done, one has to pay everything back one day.” Eventually, he withdrew his gaze and gently sighed: “Everything should end in this generation, both feuds and hatred.”

He called for Gu Tieshou and told him: “Contact the War God Temple. Tell them that I want to go to the Hidden Immortal Hall. Make sure they understand that I must go, there’s no room for discussion.”

After seeing his demeanor, Gu Tieshou didn’t dare to say much and acknowledged the command before leaving right away.

The War God Temple was the oldest lineage in the Mortal Emperor World. After millions of years, very few knew where it was located. Some said that it was built in the middle region while others believed that it was situated at the eastern Hundred Cities. Some even thought that it was in the depths of space.

Despite the fact that there were very few cultivators who could find its exact coordinates, it still had many disciples that stayed at the Mortal Emperor World. Thus, it was not difficult to contact them.

There were even fewer people who knew about the Hidden Immortal Hall. The number could be counted on one’s hand. It was a secret of the temple, a secret where only the highest level ancestors knew where it was hidden.

The hall was shrouded in primordial chaos alongside many ancient temples. After being polished by countless years, every brick and stone that made up these temples had an air of ancientness. One could feel the flow of time by looking at them.

While walking in this chaos, travelers could sense a moving immortal intent. This intent gave them wings, letting them feel as if they had turned into an immortal. It seemed that one could climb to an immortal land from this place. It was a wondrous feeling.

Li Qiye slowly walked through these halls. He basked in the chaos and immortal intent while channeling their profundities. Others might be unaware of what this temple was hiding, but Li Qiye knew full well. The items hidden here could definitely make even Immortal Emperors salivate with greed.

After hearing Li Qiye’s demand, the War God Temple asked the ancestors in the Hidden Immortal Hall for their command. Eventually, the temple allowed for his entrance.

Li Qiye sat in a treasure seat in the main hall and slowly closed his eyes to better sense the auras in this place. It could be said that it wasn’t easy for someone from the War God Temple to come here. If an outsider could come, then it would be the fortune of a lifetime.

“Hidden Immortal Hall… Your War God Temple must have expended an endless amount of effort here.” He finally opened his eyes after a long period of time.

“Despite Your Excellency’s visit, this lowly one cannot stand up to greet you, please excuse me.” An old voice came from the primordial chaos within the hall.

“There’s no need, you should continue your rest.” Li Qiye sat in his chair and stared at the chaos to say in an insipid manner: “You finally figured it out after this long, I guess you’re not too stupid.”

“This lowly one didn’t think that Your Excellency would personally come out in this generation. If the juniors from my temple have offended you, please forgive them.” The old voice came again.

Buried in this hall was the oldest and also the strongest ancestor of the War God Temple. Back then, the temple asked Li Qiye to prolong his life.

The disciples didn’t know of his existence, only ancestor-level characters did. However, even these ancestors had to call him Old Xian.

“Let the past go.” Li Qiye nonchalantly said: “If I wanted to bother with those juniors, you wouldn’t be sleeping here peacefully.”

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Old Xian replied. Despite being the oldest in the temple, he was still only a junior compared to the Dark Crow who had been around for countless years.

“There’s no need for such formalities.” Li Qiye said: “My purpose for coming here is simple. I want the item in your Hidden Immortal Hall.”

Old Xian went quiet and didn’t respond for a while. Li Qiye laughed: “I know that this demand is a bit unreasonable and that it’s not easy for you either.”

Old Xian spoke: “Your Excellency knows that this item holds great significance to us. Another way to put it is that it is the only thing that protects our temple.” He felt like begging at this moment. After all, this item was too important for the temple, far too important.

“Yes, I can feel it.” Li Qiye smiled: “It is indeed not an easy matter. I didn’t think that it was possible even back then, but you all have succeeded.”

He went on: “After so many years of refinement, you have finally polished this thing to perfection, allowing it to be used with ease — this is quite astonishing. However, don’t you think this price was too heavy? In these years, you could have produced Immortal Emperors, but instead, all of your efforts went into this.”

Old Xian solemnly replied: “Which is why this lowly one hopes that this item can continue to protect the War God Temple.”

“I won’t take your item for nothing.” Li Qiye chuckled: “If you are willing to trade, I will let your temple benefit from the exchange.”

Old Xian didn’t say anything. This long period of silence made his attitude apparent.

“So in the end, you still can’t give up your beloved item.” Li Qiye was still cheerful: “You should know that I have been quite protective of your temple since you all have done many things for me throughout the years. If it was some other lineage, I wouldn’t need to trouble myself like this and would just take it by force.”

“Earning Your Excellency’s grace is our honor.” Old Xian was still respectful.

“I know you old geezer is strong and, with the addition of this thing, quite confident.” Li Qiye smilingly said: “But if I wanted to seize it, no one would be able to stop me, don’t you think?”

Old Xian sighed and respectfully replied: “No one can stop Your Excellency. As long as you are willing, you could change the world.”

The old man was not completely clueless while he stayed in the chaos. He had heard of the recent events. Not to mention how frightening Li Qiye was, just South Emperor, the Middle Continent Princess, and Magu alone were enough to shake their temple.

If it really reached that point, even he couldn’t protect the War God Temple.