Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162: The Fiery Ye Xiaoxiao

She fiercely glared at him and said: “Hmph! Why should I tell you? Just do what I say instead of blabbering about!”

Li Qiye smiled and shook his head: “If that’s the case, then we have nothing else to talk about.”

Having said that, he turned back to go into his bedroom.

“Hey, stop, are you listening?” She shouted after seeing this.

Li Qiye paused and turned his head around: “You got something else to say? If not, then don’t bother me.”

She was annoyed by his attitude and maintained her fierce gaze and aggressive posture: “I’m asking you now, do you really have a bloodline of the imperial prince level?”

He turned his body around and gave her a quick look before smiling: “Are you doubting your Golden Isle’s formation? Did you come here to demand a marriage or to see if I have an imperial prince-level bloodline?”

“Don’t you worry about that, I’ll do what I want.” Her hands were often found on her waist as she said: “Stop asking so many things. Do you have it or not?!”

“It really looks like we have nothing to talk about.” Li Qiye waved his hand and turned around, leaving with a smile on his face.

“Hey!” Ye Xiaoxiao felt a little anxious and stomped once before blocking his path: “Do you have an imperial level bloodline or not?”

Li Qiye looked at the little girl in front of him and said: “I understand. You came here not to see whether I want to marry you or not, but to see if I have that type of bloodline.”

With that, he crossed his arms before his chest and looked at her in a carefree manner: “If you sincerely asked earlier, maybe I would have told you.”

She muttered under her breath after hearing this then shouted: “Just let me know, do you have it or not?!”

Li Qiye nodded his head and chuckled: “If we are using the definition of your treant race, then yes, my bloodline is of the imperial level.”

She didn’t completely buy this, so it was her turn to look at Li Qiye up and down to find some clues from his body.

After a careful examination, she asked with a voice full of suspicion: “Is it really at the imperial level? You don’t look like someone with that type of bloodline at all.”

Li Qiye burst out in laughter in response: “Can you really determine an imperial bloodline with the naked eye? Don’t you have a very powerful bloodline as well? Can we tell its strength just by looking at you?”

“Hmph! What do you know? My bloodline is supreme and unique in all the eons.” She was unhappy with his answer and spoke with confidence: “How can your commoner’s eyes see through my bloodline?”

Li Qiye replied in the same fashion: “Then the same goes for me. My bloodline is supreme and unique in all the eons, how can a little girl like you see through it with the naked eye?”

She managed to restrain her anger this time, but she still glared at him nevertheless: “Shouldn’t an imperial bloodline have a surging imperial aura as if an Immortal Emperor has descended? They can suppress their enemies with just their bloodline.”

Li Qiye was quite amused by this response: “Who told you that an imperial bloodline has such characteristics?”

A limited definition of an imperial bloodline was being the child of an Immortal Emperor and inheriting his bloodline. These people were called imperial children.

The truth was that Li Qiye didn’t have an official imperial bloodline, but in a sense, his was even more precious than an imperial prince because his blood contained the legacy of the Blood Progenitor. More importantly, his blood had been refined multiple times by the Worldly Prime Liquid among other immortal items. Thus, his bloodline became even more precious.

After hearing his answer, she looked at him with skepticism and asked: “Don’t you humans always say this?”

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Have you met an imperial prince with said bloodline? A few things are only baseless rumors.”

“Hmph, I knew that you humans couldn’t be trusted. Your race doesn’t have this imperial bloodline or whatever, at least not at the Heaven Spirit World.” She immediately became a bit spirited.

Her latter statement was correct. In fact, the human race didn’t have an imperial child in this world.

The truth was that in the nine worlds, this type of bloodline would not appear in every generation. For humans, the chance of it appearing was even lower.

He was a little interested after noticing her excitement and told her: “Isn’t one in front of you right now?”

She looked at him once more with suspicion: “You really have it…?”

Her suspicion was warranted, Li Qiye didn’t look like someone who has an imperial bloodline. His blood energy was concealed and his dao force was weak. It could even be said that no matter how one looked at him, he simply resembled a mortal.

Even if an imperial bloodline didn’t have a surging aura like the arrival of an Immortal Emperor, at the very least, the owner should have exuberant blood energy and an incredible physical body.

If Li Qiye didn’t pass their trial, Ye Xiaoxiao wouldn’t even be interested in doing this and would have just assumed that he was a lying swindler.

“It can’t be faked.” Li Qiye chuckled: “Even if you don’t believe me, you should believe your Golden Isle’s formation that was made by your treefathers. Plus, your father’s people have confirmed it as well.”

“Hmph, are you sure you aren’t an accomplice of my father and scheming to trick me?” She fiercely stared at him and said: “If I find out that you are conspiring with my father’s people to fool me, I will really peel your skin…”

“Okay, little girl, this isn’t a conspiracy or anything.” He waved his sleeve and interrupted her while laughing: “Even if your father wants to trick you, I don’t have the time and interest to do so. Hurry up and tell me what you want from me.”

She hesitated for a moment while peering at him. She truly looked like she didn’t trust him at all, but in the end, she still asked: “If you have an imperial bloodline, do you feel that there is something different about you or something special in the bloodline itself?”

Li Qiye’s curiosity was suddenly aroused. He stared at her for a bit before answering: “It looks like this groom selection from your isle really isn’t that simple. So if I didn’t have an imperial bloodline and it was someone else instead who passed your examination, someone found to be unsuitable for you in the future, the marriage would be canceled and it would just end there?”

There was a well-established system for stallions and incubators in this world. When a lineage picked them from a young age, a marriage wouldn’t take place if it turned out that they weren’t a good match or if there was a disparity between them. The majority of these stallions and incubators would be repatriated back to their sect.

In order words, even if someone was selected to be the groom of Golden Isle, it was just an agreement. The stallion still needed to undergo observation and trials. Once they passed, the marriage would finally take place so that they can produce offspring.

“Well, that has nothing to do with you.” She glared at him: “If you have a real imperial bloodline, you don’t have anything to worry about.”

“I understand, you all want to find the most powerful bloodline. Your first choice was not an imperial bloodline, maybe it was a search for an ancient bloodline.” Li Qiye narrowed his eyes while looking at her.

“Hmph, you’re talking nonsense.” She fiercely replied: “It is good that you have an imperial lineage since I’ll be marrying you. No, actually, I’m the one who’s taking you in!”

Li Qiye laughed it up while looking at her fierce appearance and said: “Girl, you’re thinking too much into it. Even if you were willing, I still wouldn’t want to marry you.”

She held her pretty little waist and tigerishly declared: “This is not up to you. If you dare to not marry me, I’ll beat you until your face looks like a pig.”

All along, people had only heard about a lady being forced to marry. How many had heard about a groom being forced to take a wife?

His piercing glare once again settled on her body before he gave a leisurely response: “Girl, it is not that I’m looking down on you, but do you think you can force me to marry you with your little body? Return from whence you came.”