Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1165

Chapter 1165: Exquisite Valley Lord

Li Qiye laughed and replied: “Boast? I am simply stating a fact. The only reason you were able to bring me here is because I had no intention of becoming Golden Isle’s groom.”

She coldly grunted in response: “So you are saying that you are confident to the point of thinking that you can sweep through the world.”

“Sweeping through the world? No problem. For example, I could have helped the isle capture you. Just one hand would have been enough to suppress you.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You!” She wanted to vomit blood again. Even someone with more self-restraint would become angry after being repeatedly provoked by Li Qiye like this. Even a Buddha made out of mud would become angry at times.

She once again proved her great emotional control: “I won’t lower myself to your level.”

He smiled and ignored her while enjoying this familiar and unforgettable scent in the air with the blowing winds.

After a good while, she eventually asked him: “What sect are you from? Which Immortal Emperor is your ancestor?”

He glanced at her and chuckled: “You should have prepared better if you wanted to take me away from Golden Isle. The valley has an amazing network, so is there something at the Heaven Spirit World that you can’t find out? Why bother ask such a simple question?”

This girl truly had a good temper. The fact was that she really wanted to give him a good beating because of his attitude. She had never seen anyone like him.

However, she went quiet after hearing this response because she couldn’t find out anything about him. Any lineage in the Heaven Spirit World had some ties with the Exquisite Valley; these powerful sects were all in-laws. The issue was that they found nothing on Li Qiye, as if he had just appeared out of nowhere overnight.

“Want to know something? Anyone would want to beat you up after seeing your infuriating attitude.” She coldly said: “Has no one told you this before?”

“I know that very well.” He chuckled: “Many people in this world want to beat me up. If you want to as well, then you will have to join the line. It might take another hundred thousand years though. Plus, I’m afraid someone who can take me down has yet to appear in this world.”

The girl realized that this man couldn’t deviate from his narcissistic tendency for even a sentence. Each one was arrogant and crazy. She didn’t know what kind of person actually gave birth to this man.

She changed her posture and went straight back to business: “The imperial bloodline is incredible. If utilized correctly, you could rekindle your ancestors’ glory and rule the nine worlds… However, you should also know that this world is vast with hidden dragons and crouching tigers everywhere. You are not the only one with an imperial bloodline. Moreover, even this great bloodline couldn’t look down on other people with humble beginnings. For millions of years, countless ordinary experts triumphed over imperial bloodlines. Vagabonds and those who came from tiny sects could still accept the Heaven’s Will and become emperors.”

She spoke earnestly while calmly staring at him: “Brittle is trouble. Your imperial bloodline might be an advantage, but if you are blinded by your own arrogance, you will die one day. At that point, it will not only be a personal loss, but also the loss of the entire human race, especially the ones at the Heaven Spirit World!”

These were her heartfelt thoughts. She said them for Li Qiye’s own good.

After hearing this, he carefully looked at her again. This time, he finally took her seriously. She met his gaze sincerely and didn’t try to hide anything.

“Is that what you wanted to say?” He smiled and answered: “Really, don’t you think it’s funny? Your valley marries off brilliant bloodlines, both males and females, in order to build stability for your sect’s position as well as strengthening your influence…”

“Your progenitor’s thought in the beginning was to spread your bloodlines to the entire Heaven Spirit World so that all the lineages would have traces of the Exquisite Valley! From this, the valley would be able to influence this world’s overarching direction.” He chuckled at this point: “I have to admit, your progenitor was ambitious enough by carrying out this step!”

He continued on cheerfully: “The original idea was to spread your own valley’s bloodlines to the others, but now, you are paying attention to someone else’s bloodline and even want to compete for it against Golden Isle. Don’t you think this is quite interesting?”

She looked him in the eyes and said: “Our valley bears no malice against you. We don’t want to take your imperial bloodline for our own or do anything to you.”

She spoke in a candid manner: “The only reason I took you away from the isle was to tell you that you don’t need to be a stallion with your bloodline, there’s no need to submit to anyone. You can go even further and perhaps even reach for the Heaven’s Will. With your imperial bloodline, you have a greater chance of becoming an emperor than anyone else.”

Li Qiye chuckled and replied: “Is that right? How do you think I should go about doing that, or rather, how does your valley want to approach this? If I stay at your valley, will your sect marry several beauties with great bloodlines to me so that my legacy will be passed down? Or would your sect muster all of its effort to help me become an Immortal Emperor before betrothing more concubines to me? After all, the bloodline of an Immortal Emperor would prosper in your valley this way.”

“I…” She didn’t know how to answer this. After all, the Exquisite Valley didn’t have the same tradition and mission like the other lineages.

Li Qiye’s gaze continued to pierce through her. She made no effort to hide, however, and let him look as much as he wanted in a very natural manner.

It seemed that he was looking at her naked for a while before he laughed: “How interesting, how interesting, even you don’t know what to do…”

“… Perhaps you took me out of Golden Isle to let my bloodline be passed down at your Exquisite Valley. With this bloodline, your sect will become even stronger in the future.”

She could only gently sigh. This ordinary man was not ordinary at all. It could even be said that he was quite frightening since nothing could escape his eyes.

Perhaps this was the charm and charisma of an imperial bloodline, its true potential.

Li Qiye smirked and revealed: “I know full well that you are the current master of the Exquisite Valley. However, even with your position, you do have enough authority there.”

Her expression greatly shifted as she took a step back and stared at Li Qiye in disbelief: “How do you know that I am the Exquisite Valley Lord?! Have you seen me before?”

However, she thought about it carefully and was certain that they had never met before. At the very least, she absolutely didn’t see him in the past.

“You are overthinking it.” He gently shook his head: “I haven’t met you before, but after seeing the imprint in your bloodline, I knew right away that you are the current lord. After all, an ancient bloodline is running through your veins.”

She felt a chill inside. This man was getting scarier and scarier.

Li Qiye leaned back with his hands on the seahorse and spoke freely: “Despite being the lord, you don’t have absolute power there. A few things require the ancestors to decide. I’m curious about what thoughts you have regarding one particular issue…”

She had to ask: “What issue?”

He elaborated: “If your ancestors don’t have the same ideas as you and only want to treat me as a stallion, to pass down my imperial bloodline at your valley, what are your thoughts on this?”

The girl pondered for a bit. Li Qiye’s line of thought was not unreasonable. Their valley collected the best bloodlines in this world and wouldn’t give up on an imperial bloodline from the human race.

“Or one day, if your ancestors want to betroth you to me or have you be my bed warmer, in short, a breeding tool, what do you think about this? Will you agree to be my woman too?” He said with a grin.