Emperor’s Domination - Chapter 1166

Chapter 1166: Kong Qinru

“I…” She could find a response at this moment.

It was just like he said, she couldn’t decide certain things by herself. Even though she wanted to make a change, she would ultimately need the support of the entire sect.

And in his example, if the Exquisite Valley wanted to multiple Li Qiye’s bloodline, perhaps they would even pick her as an incubator. As the lord of the valley, what would she do about it?

Li Qiye smiled at the mysterious girl and said: “What do you want from me? An imperial bloodline, or an Immortal Emperor as well as an imperial bloodline?”

She took a deep breath and replied: “You’re thinking too much. As someone with an imperial bloodline from the human race, I only want you to go on an even wider path.”

“I got it now.” Li Qiye’s eyes slightly flashed as he answered leisurely: “You taking me away from Golden Isle was not the intent of the Exquisite Valley but rather your own. It seems like you want to make a change, a reformation of the valley, or rather…”

“… You hope that the valley itself could use these bloodlines to make it even stronger, unlike the current valley that relies on the bloodlines to affect the overall situation of the Heaven Spirit World.” He laughed out loud at this point: “Little girl, this is not just a change. It is a complete revamp that shakes the entire foundation of your Exquisite Valley!”

“You… how did you know?!” She was frightened at this point with a hint of killing intent in her eyes.

She had never revealed this to anyone. She was determined to change the valley’s ways, but it was a secret decision that only she knew about.

Li Qiye smiled: “Little girl, it seems like you want to kill me to keep this a secret. That’s not a smart idea. Watch it or I’ll end you instead.”

She took even more steps back. This man was much more terrifying than she imagined. She felt as if she was without a stitch of clothing in the face of his all-seeing gaze.

He turned towards the far ocean and flatly said: “It is a good intention, but it might not be successful and it isn’t necessarily suitable either.”

She couldn’t help but eventually ask: “Why is it not suitable?”

“Because this is the Heaven Spirit World.” He smiled: “If your valley becomes capable of using your own bloodlines, experts will come in waves. If it can even produce an Immortal Emperor, what do you think the other races will feel about this?”

With that, he turned back to her and said: “I’m afraid many lineages would be more than willing to destroy your Exquisite Valley and divide your bloodlines.”

She contemplated for a moment before asking once more: “Are there no other ways?”

She didn’t know why, but she started asking for his opinions.

“That would depend on your own thoughts.” He slowly elaborated: “The best way is to move away from the Heaven Spirit World when the time is right. Your valley has both bloodlines and resources. It would be much stronger in any other location. After all, this is not the world for humans, the majority of the human race isn’t here.”

She thought about this relocation. It was not like she didn’t think about it before, but even if she were to make up her mind one day, the ancestors wouldn’t agree. After all, the Exquisite Valley had been here for countless years. It had built a solid foundation and was deeply rooted in the Heaven Spirit World.

If they were to move away, then that was tantamount to giving up on their foundation. All of the efforts from their past wise sages would drift away with the current.

He claimed: “If you want to reform, then you must have peerless courage and determination. Without this, it is all empty talk.”

After contemplating for a long time, she finally lifted her head to look at him and earnestly said: “Are you really from the Heaven Spirit World?”

She finally realized the true terror of this man ahead. Even though she couldn’t see his cultivation, he was unperturbed in the face of danger. This showed just how powerful he was. This person would be renowned in the world no matter the generation.

However, she had never heard of the name Li Qiye before. Thus, this gave room for a bolder idea. She suspected that this person was not someone from the Heaven Spirit World but an outsider instead.

Li Qiye smiled and said: “Little girl, you are not stupid at all. It seems that you are indeed a bit gifted. That’s why you are the valley lord.”

The confirmation from Li Qiye shocked her. She wanted to inquire further, but Li Qiye gently waved his sleeve: “Where I’m from doesn’t matter. Just heed my words, never hinder my path. Out of consideration that you are a human, perhaps I will lend you a hand if possible. However, if you hinder my path, I will annihilate you all the same.”

She slowly spoke: “We don’t have a conflict of interest.”

Li Qiye only smiled at this response. Eventually, the girl removed her method of concealment to reveal her true form. She bowed before Li Qiye: “My name is Kong Qinru. I didn’t know that Young Noble Li was a master, so I have offended you.”

She sincerely revealed her intention in order to become friends with Li Qiye. He slowly walked forward. This girl before him was truly beautiful. She was on the same level as Li Shuangyan and the other girls. Of course, she still had a ways to go compared to Bu Lianxiang or Ming Yexue.

Her hair was like a waterfall — soft and elegant. Her eyes were as bright as pearls. They would shine in the dark and reveal her wisdom.

Her figure could be described as perfect due to its slim size and gracefulness. The eyes of all spectators would light up before her presence. Her soft breasts were towering and plump while she herself was tall and slender. It was truly difficult to criticize her figure.

Adorning herself with a green garment made her look like a piece of exquisite jade in the blue sea. She was wise and farsighted with a gentle beauty.

Li Qiye stopped looking and smiled: “Descendants from the Kong Clan are always decent. It seems like they found a good successor in you.”

She wanted to say something else, but only a sigh came out. Li Qiye looked towards the horizon and said: “Whether you have something to ask me or not, you need to do something first.”

She was in a difficult position because she had witnessed this man’s overbearing nature. He was not requesting her service but telling her to do it. It was strange because she was the leader of a great power. Even the Golden Isle Lord wouldn’t dare to command her.

She took a deep breath and said: “What does Young Noble Li need me to do?”

“Find someone for me.” He slowly said: “This shouldn’t be hard given the great network that the Exquisite Valley has at the Heaven Spirit World, right?”

She gently sighed in secrecy. At this moment, she understood that it was not her who captured him. From the very beginning, he had already come up his plan, so he decided to go with her.

She trembled a bit. It seemed that everything was within his grasp; even this vast world was no exception. She didn’t know why she had this feeling. In short, after their short interaction, she became afraid of this man.

She nodded her head: “As long as the person you are trying to find is still at the Heaven Spirit World, we will try our best to uncover some clues. It will only be a matter of time.”

Li Qiye also nodded in a carefree manner: “I’m confident in your valley. If the Exquisite Valley can’t find someone in this world, other lineages would find it even more difficult.”

After saying this, he stared at her and smiled: “What are your plans after capturing me? Where is your path of retreat?”

She had to answer: “My destination is Peacock Land.”

Li Qiye laughed out loud and said: “It seems like you didn’t plan to bring me back to the valley and instead wanted to hide me away.”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing this. He was right, she really didn’t plan to bring him back to the Exquisite Valley.

The valley was located at the Abyss Sea, so there was no need for them to go to Peacock Land if she wanted to bring him back to the valley.