Chapter 117 : God (1)

“Fine, so be it. I will help you with your incomplete formation. Take out the formation and turn it into an array, no different from the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation, and it shall be your killing formation.”

Li Qi Ye spoke while looking at Li Shuang Yan.

Hearing this, even Li Shuang Yan had to smile. This time when she ventured outside for training, although Niu Fen who carried the Patriarch’s portrait went along with her, she also went into a really dangerous area. Of course she had to work for her harvest. Outside of just understanding her formation better, she also refined her Void Imperfection Physique even more.

“Why are you so insistent on formations.”

Li Qi Ye shook his head and continued:

“With your talents, you can go so, so far on the road of cultivation. You shouldn’t expend so much effort on formations…”

Li Shuang Yan’s talents were great and without flaws. If she put all of her effort into cultivation, then her Dao Will would be much higher than the present, but she always chose to study formations instead. The reality was that the Nine Saint Demon Gate was not well versed in formation arrays. Their main formation was just an incomplete copy from the Formation Progenitor!

Li Shuang Yan’s choice could be considered to be wrong a waste of her own talents.

“The path of cultivation is endless; as long as one stuck to it, this would already be correct. However, in the end, without a little interest, a little personal hobby, wouldn’t it all be meaningless?”

Li Shuang Yan revealed her rarely-seen playful charm of a young woman as she took a quick glance at Li Qi Ye with fascinating elegance.

Li Qi Ye laughed and shook his head. He stopped opposing her. In the end, he couldn’t take away other people’s hobbies.

“I heard Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom has arrived.”

Li Shuang Yan went outside once and found out many things, and she said:

“In my opinion, they brought many great characters that were usually hidden. I heard that they came here for an ancient treasure.”

“The Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.”

Hearing Li Shuang Yan’s words, Li Qi Ye smiled and replied:

“Treasure? For this treasure, whether it is a blessing or a disaster for them, it is difficult to tell. Although the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom is powerful, there are many things that they can’t swallow.”

Hearing this, Li Shuang Yan changed her expression. Without a doubt, Li Qi Ye knew this place like the palm of his hand. This was too unbelievable! One had to know that this place only opened once every hundred years, how old was Li Qi Ye right now?

“You have been to the Evil Infested Ridge before?”

Li Shuang Yan curiously asked.

Li Qi Ye glanced at her and said:

“I can’t be knowledgeable without being here? Immortal Emperor Min Ren spoke to me in my dreams, how could I not be knowledgeable about the ridge?”

This response clearly expressed his intent to avoid the question, so Li Shuang Yan glared at him, without losing her alluring youthful charm. The appearance of the Patriarch in his dreams — she essentially didn’t believe any of it. However, outside of that, there seemed to be no other explanation!

“Is there any other news?”

Regarding the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, Li Qi Ye didn’t really harp on it in his mind. Even though it was powerful, could it exceed the Soaring Immortal Sect? Could it surpass the Heaven Protector Palace? He had seen much more powerful existences!

“There were a bit of skirmishes between the sects, but no one dared to provoke and compete with the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.”

Li Shuang Yan continued:

“I’m afraid these other pieces of news are trivial to you, but Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan, alone, killed a one hundred and fifty thousand year old Longevity Spirit. And Jiang Zuo Hou has the Six Wise Monarchs Formation for protection. I also heard that Nan Tian Hao found a one million and five hundred thousand year old Silver Maple Grass.”

Nan Tian Hao had good luck. He originally already got a Saint Copper, but now he even obtained a one million and five hundred thousand year old Silver Maple Grass.

“That little brat definitely has a treasure that can seek other treasure. Otherwise, how would he be able to find such an old Silver Maple Grass so easily?”

Li Qi Ye shook his head and said.

“That is not known, but I heard that this grass was not successfully obtained by him. Instead, it was eaten by a frog. Now the entire Evil Infested Ridge is looking for this frog!”

Li Shuang Yan said.

A one million and five hundred thousand year old Silver Maple Grass — this was a priceless treasure. Even if a frog had eaten it, as long as one could capture it, it would still be possible to cook and refine it!

“A frog eating a one million and five hundred thousand year old Silver Maple Grass?”

Hearing this news, Li Qi Ye changed his expression and asked:

“What kind of frog is this?”

“This wasn’t made very clear. I heard that they couldn’t catch it because its speed was too fast.”

Li Shuang Yan shook her head. She found it strange that Li Qi Ye didn’t care about a one million and five hundred thousand year old grass, not to mention that it was a Silver Maple Grass! He seemed to be more interested in this frog.

“Come, we will go on a trip. Call for Niu Fen!”

Li Qi Ye’s gaze became serious and said. This frog sparked a fragment of his memory; it was a frog that escaped from him that year.

Li Shuang Yan was also shocked. She was not thinking about the Silver Maple Grass, but about the frog instead! Since Li Qi Ye treated such an old grass like trash, this meant that the frog must have a heaven frightening origin.

She immediately called for Niu Fen. Li Qi Ye told Gu Tie Shou that he needed to leave again for a short amount of time. Gu Tie Shou didn’t pry and immediately agreed.

“Come, we shall go find out where the frog appeared.”

Finally, Li Qi Ye and Li Shuang Yan rode the snail and left the holy ground.

The group of Li Qi Ye went south and eventually entered the lively area of the Evil Infested Ridge. Here, Li Shuang Yan quickly found out about the frog’s situation.

The frog most recently appeared near the root of the Silver Maple Grass. Obtaining the information, Li Qi Ye immediately went to that area with Li Shuang Yan.

The growing location of the Silver Maple Grass was a swamp occupied by many ferocious beasts, but this place had been swept through by others, so there were no more creatures here.

Once they arrived, Li Qi Ye was like a dog, lying straight on the ground, and sniffed the soil. Then, he carefully observed the hydrology of this area.

After another detailed inspection, with an ecstatic expression, Li Qi Ye understood that the frog was here.

“My grandma! I didn’t think that this sly bastard was hiding here.”

Li Qi Ye murmured.

That year, he and the Alchemy God spent a lot of effort and searched many areas before finally capturing this frog. They treated him as a great treasure and fed it really well. However, he didn’t expect Little Brat Alchemy God to accidentally let the frog get away. At that point, they were seething with anger and their hearts were bleeding blood.

In the future generations, he had always been aware of this frog and searched for it many times. However, this world was so vast, searching for a frog was harder than reaching the heavens! He didn’t expect that in this life, he would be able to meet it here. No wonder he couldn’t find it, it was because it was hiding in the Evil infested Ridge!

“I don’t believe that you can get away from my hands!”

Li Qi Ye muttered.

Seeing Li Qi Ye’s great emphasis on a frog, Niu Fen asked:

“Young Noble, is this frog really that valuable? Even more valuable than a one million year old Silver Maple Grass?”

“A one million year old Silver Maple Grass is no more than weed compared to this frog.”

Li Qi Ye answered.

Niu Fen and Li Shuang Yan stared at each other. A one million year old Silver Maple Leaf, ah! One had to know that it was extremely valuable and could even be used to create Immortal Medicines! However, it was considered as weed compared to this frog. Just what on earth was this frog?

“We chase!”

Li Qi Ye had caught it before and had raised it for a while. He was too clear on the habits of this frog. After an observation, he immediately took Li Shuang Yan eastward for the chase!

While riding the snail to the east, even though the beast had left for a while, Li Qi Ye was still able to find clues to trace him. At this time, no matter what happened, Li Qi Ye wouldn’t let it escape.

Along the way, many cultivators saw them riding the snail and were pointing their fingers.

At this moment, Li Qi Ye was very popular. He was no less popular than Jiang Zuo Hou, Nan Tian Hao, and Sheng Tian Dao, the geniuses.

Of course, Li Qi Ye was popular not for the same reason as Jiang Zuo Hou and Nan Tian Hao. When talking about Li Qi Ye, people were gritting their teeth. It was especially so for the younger generation. When speaking about Li Qi Ye, they couldn’t help but to exclaim:

“What is so great about relying on a woman, pah! Losing face for men everywhere.”

Seeing Li Qi Ye and Li Shuang Yan together right now, many people’s eyes were reddened from jealousy.

In the eyes of spectators, Li Qi Ye riding the giant snail was trying to be in the limelight, so some of the young cultivators spat on the ground and contemptuously said:

“Why so arrogant? If you are so great, then go slay Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits. That would truly be worthy of being arrogant. Hmph, aren’t you only borrowing the power of the Immortal Emperor and having good enough luck to marry Goddess Li, and be backed by the Nine Saint demon Gate? What is there to brag about!”

Li Qi Ye embarked all the way east. He found that many cultivators were also heading east, as if there was a treasure that appeared towards this direction.

Seeing this, Li Qi Ye grimaced and Li Shuang Yan quickly gathered information for him.

“I heard that there was a great treasure appearing in the east, a treasure of the gods.”

Li Shuang Yan told Li Qi Ye.

“A treasures of the gods?”

Hearing this, Li QI Ye couldn’t help but laugh. He had not only been at the Evil Infested Ridge once. Whether there was a treasure from the gods or not, he knew very clearly.

Li Shuang Yan added:

“A few days ago, there was an earthquake, almost like there was a treasure escaping from underground. The last thing people saw was a light flying up towards the sky with extreme speed, and it was as beautiful as blood. Even Royal Nobles couldn’t clearly see where it was going.”